4 Mysterious Signals From Deep Space

  • Is there a message in the 4 Signals from deep space?
  • Is the implications tied to the Rapture, End of Age?
  • What does the constellation of Aquarius convey?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘He shall pour the water out of His buckets, And His seed shall be in many waters, And His King shall be higher than Agag, And His Kingdom shall be exalted.’ -Numbers 24:7

Signals were discovered, coming from Deep Space. Although the Signals are purely a Scientific and Astronomical Find, it is being considered for their possible Biblical and/or Prophetic Inferences, if any. Why? One would not normally consider such a Phenomenon as being ‘Out of the Ordinary’, but the Finding is nothing ‘Normal’. Such a Phenomenon has not been discovered until now and where the 4 Signals are coming from is what is intriguing. The Astronomers are labeling these very peculiar objects as ‘Signals’. What if it could also be the stuff of Biblical ‘Signs’?

This study will thus seek to cross this Scientific Bridge into Biblical Astronomy to possibly ascertain what these ‘Signals’ might mean Prophetically. Based on the information available to Date, it was suggested that the 4 Signals found could possibly be alluding to a Connection of the coming and pending Revelation of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. How so? Many reading this might ‘ROLL their Eyes’ and tune-out but after considering such a possibility. But there does appear to be at least some Connotation that was Prophetic when the Correlations are presented in the Context of Biblical Astronomy. To set the Context and Background for this Argument and possible Prophetic Implications, a Review of the Scientific and Astronomical Findings will be summarized 1st. Then a study of the Quadrant of Space where the 4 Signals were discovered will be discussed.

Signals from Space

The Sign of Aquarius will be the Main Focus. Then the possible Inferences and Correlations will be made based on When and Where these newly discovered Astronomical 4 Signals could or seemingly appear to correlate to the Biblical Notion of the coming 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, at least Astronomically. The Discovery of the Anomalous 4 Signals coming from Deep Space were 1st Discovered in 2007 by the Parkers Radio Telescope in Australia. They tracked the Fast Radio Bursts FRBs.

These are very Bright Flashes or Pulses of Light that last only Milliseconds. They are believed to come from far away Dwarf Galaxies, not Black Holes. According to Astronomers, nothing like this has ever been Seen nor Recorded until now. It was Dr. Bhandari and her Team that Cataloged their Precise Location that is about 33 degrees East of the Galactic Equator and Below the Golden Gate. What is interesting is that the 4 Signals start at the ‘Heart ‘of the constellation of Aquarius, near the Star of Ancha. They then proceed, at relatively Equal Distances down as if being ‘Poured-Out’.

The 4 Signals span a large portion of the Universe and run along the Galactic Equator to the Constellation of Centaur. Thus, there are 4 Main Constellation Signs involved, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Lupus and Centaur. The accompanying Chart will plot those 4 Signals against the 4 Signs for a Visualization and Correlation. The Astronomers used the Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder ASKAP to zoom-in on the 4 FRB’s that are said to come from Small Dwarf Galaxies about 3 Billion Light Years from Earth. The Discovery came about with the New Project called The Evolutionary Map of the Universe EMU that is trying to Map-Out the entire Universe using Radio Waves back in November of 2019. The FRB’s are described to be Circular and Brighter along their Edges.

Based on what is known so far, all 4 ORCs show-up Bright with Radio Wavelengths, but are invisible in the visible, infrared and X-Ray Light. The 4 Signals or Fast Radio Bursts observed were the following with their corresponding Sign, Color and Seal Judgment Order.

1. FRB 180924 - located in Aquarius | correlates with Sagittarius: White – Seal 1: AntiChrist
2. FRB 181112 - located in Grus | correlates with Scorpio: Red – Seal 2: War
3. FRB 190102 - located in Indus | correlates with Lupus: Black – Seal 3: Famine/Plagues
4. FRB 190608 – located in Octans | correlates with Centaur: Green – Seal 4: Death

Thus, the 4 Signal’s Ring-Shaped Composition has deemed them Odd Radio Circles ORCs. Astronomers have yet to determine what is causing this ‘Signaling’ Phenomenon. This is when this study seeks to cross-over and take such Signals as exactly what they are, ‘Signs’. Now if they are somehow Biblical or Prophetic, that remains to be seen but nonetheless, based on Biblical Astronomy, this cross-over will be explained. But 1st, a Biblical Astronomical Array of Meaning ascribed to the Constellation of Aquarius will be presented for Context.

According to the work and Biblical Research of E.W. Bullinger, the following Nomenclature will be discussed and presented pertaining to the Prophetic Implication and Interpretation of the Sign of Aquarius. The Discourse will be in Summary Form. Aquarius has been called the ‘Water Bearer’ since Ancient Times. The Sign is that of a Man carrying a Jar of Water that is being Poured-Out onto Fish. Biblically Speaking, this Sign composes 1 of the 4 main Celestial Coordinates or ‘Corners’ of the Universe. It has its corresponding Star Guardian, Fomalhaut. The other 3 Celestial Sentinels are Scorpio with Star Antares, Leo with Regulus and Taurus with Aldebaran.

The Sign

These Astronomical Sentinels of the Known Universe are a Copy of the True Types that are said to be guarding the throne of YHVH, the Creator of all in Heaven. From many Depictions found in Bible Scriptures, one can see the Imagery given to show how there are 4 Living Creatures, that of a Man, Eagle, Lion and Bull. These in turn also have a Scriptural Inference to the 4 Gospels that display a Facet and/or Character Dimension of Jesus’s Ministry while on Earth. It is that of a Man, a Servant, a King and GOD.

According to the findings of Bullinger, Aquarius, the Man with the Jar of Water speaks of the Atonement of Jesus Christ made for His People, the Redeemed ‘Fish’, comprised of Israel and the Gentiles. This is why in the most Ancient Depictions of Aquarius, there were 2 Urns and 2 Corresponding Fish. Aquarius in the Biblical Sense speaks of the Blessings being poured-out. The Dendera Zodiac of Egypt named him Hupei Tirion, which means, ‘The Place of him coming down to pour forth’. The Aquarius Sign speaks of how Jesus is the Fountain of True Living and Satisfying Water. This Echoes the Encounter Jesus had with the Samaritan Woman at Jacob’s Well.

It also speaks to the Flow of the Holy Spirit that is Promised to be as a Living Source of Water and Life that satiates the Redeemed in Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Well of Life. Yet there has been a complaint made by YHVH against His People. Israel and often the Followers of Jesus seek other cisterns that are broken and cannot hold water as Jeremiah 2:13 states.

‘My People have exchanged their Glorious GOD for Worthless Idols, said YHVH. They have Forsaken Me, the Spring of Living Water, and have dug their own Cisterns, Broken Cisterns that cannot hold Water. Like idols, broken Cisterns leave us Thirsty and longing for Living Water, a Gushing Spring that never runs Dry’. The following Stars of Aquarius are categorized along with their Ancient Astronomical Name and Prophetic Meaning in reference to the Work accomplished by Jesus Christ.

The Star α Sa'ad al Melik = The Record of the pouring forth.
The Star β Saad al Sund = Who Goes and Returns.
The Star δ Scheat = Who Goes and Returns.
The Star Mon or Meon = An Urn.

Those who know and have studied Biblical Astronomy realize that the 12 Signs or 13 now with Ophiuchus are the Markers or ‘Signals’ of YHVH’s Plan of Redemption for the Human Race brought about by the work of Jesus Christ. Each Sign is a Facet of the Nature and Outcome of Jesus’ Work, Astronomically displayed in the Heavens as a Giant Storyline told without Words.

Aquarius is the Picture of Jesus, humbling Himself to become a Man to suffer as a Servant to the Point of an Unjust Death. Why? To pour-out a Blessing and Source of Eternal Life back to Adam and Eve’s Fallen Race. This was due to the Expulsion of the Garden of Eden that resulted in Death, both Physical and Spiritual. And eventually, He will pour-out His Wrath during the Tribulation Period.

It was Jesus, who stated from the Cross of Calvary, ‘I AM poured-out like Water’, fulfilling Psalm 22 Prophetically. It Echoed how the Lamb of YHVH, the Man would be given for the ‘Fish’. And thus, it has been the Age of Pisces ever since, until now. Interestingly, Aquarius has 3 Minor Constellations that it Rules, Piscis Australis, Pegasus and Cygnus. This is how Aquarius is tied to the End of the Church Age and the Rapture Event of the Bride of Christ. The Star named Fom al Haut, or the ‘Mouth of the Fish’ is what Christ came to provide as noted.

It is in Pegasus or Pe Ka Sus in the Ancient Renditions that is a Winged Horse. It speaks of ‘Being brought Near’, ‘Swiftly’. It speaks of a coming Rescue as one of the Fish of Pisces, the smaller one is on Horseback and being ‘Raptured’ Away. Pegasus is also attached to Andromeda, the Chained Woman that speaks of the current Earthly Bound Condition of the Church Age. One Day the Deliverance will occur. This has actually already occurred at the Cross of Calvary. The actual Glorification will not occur until the point of the Resurrection and Rapture.

Many believe that the Age of Aquarius has started and the End of the Age of Pisces of the ‘Fish’, or Christianity as in the Church Age, has come to an End or ‘Harvest’. Did the 4 Signals coming from Deep Space, thus signal such a Time is fast approaching? Remember that as far as ‘Signs’ go, they are not the Event themselves, but speak of the Inference to occur sometime in the Future.

Did these 4 Signals coming from Deep Space perhaps Signal an end of an Age? Consider the Meaning of the Number 4 Biblically. This is taken from BibleStudy.org. The Number 4 derives its Meaning from Creation. On the 4th Day of what is called 'Creation Week', YHVH completed the Material Universe. On that Day YHVH brought into existence the Sun, Moon, and the Stars.

End of a Prophetic Time?

Their purpose was to give-off Light, but also to Divide the Day from the Night on Earth, thus becoming a basic Demarcation of Time and Ages. They ‘Signal’ the Marking-Off of Days, Years and Seasons, etc. Interestingly, the Hebrew word for 'Seasons' is Moed that literally translates as ‘Appointed Times’ or Divine Appointments. This is directly referenced to YHVH's 7 Main Feasts. The 4th of the 10 Commandments is to ‘Remember and keep YHVH's holy Sabbath Day.

Thus, the Sabbath is a Completion of Time. As one can sense also, the Number 4 is tied to the Dispensations of the Ages. And how during that last Passover with Jesus, there was a ‘Changing of the Ages’ to occur. Thus, perhaps the Age now of the ‘Fish’ with Aquarius as its ‘Sign’ is Signaling that the next Age is about to Begin. This changing of Dispensations is alluded to as in Revelation 4 whereby, in Jewish Gematria the Number 4 signifies the 4th Letter, Dalet and thus a 'Door'. It is in the sense of leaving one State of Being for a subsequent one. This Notion of a Door Analogy is not Far-Fetched as the Astronomical Array occurs just ‘outside’ the Golden Gate.

It is the ‘Door’ to and from Heaven -Astronomically and as Revelation 4 depicts, such a pouring-out of the Seal Judgments to begin after the Rapture. It is from the Throne that Judgments then start with the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse that appear to be ‘Coming out of the Gates’. The Age now of the ‘Fish’ with Aquarius as its ‘Sign’ is Signaling that the Next Age is about to Begin. Many believe it Astrologically began on the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2020 when the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter occurred with Saturn and Pluto at 0 Degrees Aquarius.

How one likes to connect the 4 Signals found in Deep Space with the Biblical Prophecy stems from the Meaning of one of Aquarius’ Domain, that for Cygnus. One of its Stars, Sadr means, ‘Who Returns as in a Circle’. This is exactly how the Signals are being described Scientifically. All this is by way of presenting the following Astronomical Correlations to the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Consider where and when these Deep Space 4 Signals occurred. They Start at the very Heart of Aquarius, with FRB 1900608 near the Star, Ancha.

The Signals occur down as if being ‘Poured-Out’ with FRB 180924 in Grus, then with FRB 181112 in Indus. The last Signal, FRB 190102 was found in Octans. This is not to say more will not be found. This is especially True as the Technology now exists and is ever becoming more sophisticated to detect such Space Anomalies.

Thus, what is fascinating to ascertain is that the positions of each of the 4 Signals 1st Discovered appear to correspond to the 1st 4 Constellation Signs that run from the Ecliptic downwards and alongside the Galactic Equator. Perhaps. But if one then applies a Biblical correlate of the 1st 4 Seal Judgments to each of these 4 Signs, they appear to match. How so? The 1st Seal Judgment is that of the White Horse Prince. It speaks of a false peace the coming AntiChrist leader; a Man will sway the World with pure Deception.

New Covenant Code

Interesting, many have rightly noted that the Greek Word for the Archery, that Sagittarius holds has no bow. However, the root word suggests not only a Bow but a Poison. Many believe that the COVID-19 Plandemic and the subsequent ones released will be 1 of the main causes to usher-in the coming AntiChrist, to be revealed after the Rapture Event. The 2nd Signaling, that of FRB 180924 appears to correlate to the same Latitude as Scorpio. It is rather interesting or if by Coincidence that the Star of Scorpio is Antares, the Giant Red Sun.

Scorpio speaks of War and Contention, etc. Then there is the 3rd Signal, FRB 181112 that appears to correlate to the Constellation of Lupus. Lupus is the Victim that corresponds to the 3rd Seal Judgment being opened and the 3rd Horsemen is seen as a Black Horse. It represents Famine and Plagues, etc. Then the 4th Signal, FRB 190102, appears to correspond in Latitude to the Centaur. The Southern Cross or Crux is situated here, apropos for the Symbol of Death. This in turn ,would correspond to the 4th Horseman of the Apocalypse, the Green Horse whose Riders are both Death and Hades. This Horse’s Pale Coloring is in essence a ‘Chlorine’ or Greenish Color.

As one can begin to sense, there is ‘More than meets the Eye’, Astronomically as one looks-up to contemplate the Stars above. The next Section will attempt to bridge the Deep Space 4 Signals with the Sign of Aquarius that started the Signals from its ‘Heart’ with Biblical Typologies found during the Passover event as described in the Gospels just before Jesus went to the Cross of Calvary.

This study would like to reference a 10-Year Old Study written about Passover and its possible Aquarius Code. ‘The Aquarian Code found in Passover’. How so? Consider that there were 2 ‘Signs’ Jesus told His Disciple to take note of in knowing Where and When, to prepare for the Passover Meal. It was to be celebrated early before the actual Passover. The 2nd Sign was to find a ‘Man carrying a Jar of Water’. This Person would in turn show them where a large ‘Upper Room’ would be situated at. Why is this Important? The Number 4 is all about Time as noted.

Consider that it was at the Passover Meal that Jesus set in motion the Protocols for the coming Church Age of Pisces. He established the New Covenant and Promised to ‘Go and Return’, just like Aquarius. And He would be ‘poured-out’ and like Pegasus, Jesus would Himself come to Dispatch the Bride, as the ‘Andromeda’ to lose her from the Centuries of Oppression at the Hands of her many Enemies and Adversaries.

Like the Small Fish riding Pegasus, the Signal of Aquarius is thus connected to the Place and Timing of the ‘Great Escape’, the Snatching-Away Rapture. Realize that what began at Passover with the Betrothal Marriage Ceremony with the 4 Cups, all to be completed at a future Pentecostal Wheat Harvest Time and that of a New Wine. This will be accomplished after the Rapture. Thus, the Signals coming from the ‘Heart’ of Aquarius Astronomically can be Translated Prophetically starting with the Meaning of Passover and the End of the Church Age.

Prophetic Parallels?
Thus, this study briefly seeks to depict a Prophetic Correlation of the 3 Passover Cups to the Church Age Dispensation, of its Sanctification, Purification and Redemption (Rapture) Time Sequence. The Passover Account in the 1st Century is striking. Jesus Christ, the ‘Greater Aquarius’ took His Outer Garment and wrapped Himself with a Towel. He carried a Jar or Urn of Water. He then poured Water on a Basin to wash the Disciple’s feet, the ‘Fish’ in Preparation for the Meal.

With this, Christ showed that He was the Passover hidden ‘Code of Aquarius’. Jesus not only poured-out Water to wash outwardly, but His Blood at the Cross of Calvary was poured-out to cleanse inwardly. And if the Times are to be a Parallel, the Bride of Christ should be Cleansing herself in these Last Days. Like the 4 Signals from Deep Space, YHVH ‘Signaled’ to Humanity a coming Message.

Jesus was that Message, a Double Entendre, of a Blessing to be poured-out to His People for Redemption and a pouring-out of Wrath for those wishing to continue in their Rebellion after the End of the Church Age. This study thus argues that as the 1st Pouring-Out has occurred is about to be completed with the End of the Church Age New Covenant.

The 2nd Pouring-Out of the Lamb’s Wrath is about to begin with the Breaking of the Seal Judgments that perhaps, Astronomically YHVH was ‘Signaling’ even now with the 4 Signals from Deep Space. Is it of the coming 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse? They will commence the 70th Week of Years per Daniel after the Rapture takes place 1st. With the 3 Cups of Passover, Jesus is Prophetically utilizing a 3-Step Initiation of Transforming His Redeemed throughout from Israel to the Church Age. The 4th Cup or Age will be that of the Glorification. This time corresponds to the Millennial Kingdom to come.

Sadly, Lucifer is also using a Counterfeit 3-Step Transition of Humanity presently. It is based on the Hegelian Dialectic of Problem, Reaction Solution. Or in occultic terms, this 3-Stage Ritual is being used for the coming 5th Age of Aquarius: Separation, Transformation, Incorporation. This is the Satanic Spell and Strategy to have all of Humanity be Transformed and Conditioned to usher-in their Luciferian New World Order. And this is what is occurring now with the Plandemics in preparation of the coming Worldwide Reset. Humanity in the World is being subjected to a Satanic Ritual.

It had been a Time where Humans are told to Separate, Cover-Up, what they can Buy and Sell, where they can Work, and what they can Think and/or Say, etc. They are tearing-down Humanity, Genetically, created in the Image and Likeness of YHVH. Then reconstituting it in their own Luciferian Image. How are these 3 Stages of Transformation related to the 3 Cups of Passover? Realize that what took place at the Passover was a Ritual also.

The Point is that if the 3 Types of Cups started at the Last Supper, initiated the coming Church Age, then it could End with Pentecost for the largely Gentile Church Age Period. And all this tied to the 4 Signs Astronomically appearing to correlate to the Deep Space 4 Signals starting from Aquarius. It might be a possibility that, as Jesus provided ‘Codes’ or Signs to His Disciples regarding the Passover Preparations for the Upper Room Celebration then, is He now possibly doing the same in preparation for the Heavenly one?

How so? Has not the Celestial Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars, especially since the last Decade, been Amazing? Then one has seen the Revelation 12 Sign, the Triad of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses, the Blood Moon Tetrads, Comets, and Conjunctions. Then one of the Lunar Eclipses was over the American Capital on its Independence Day.

Then the various comets, Atlas that conjoined the Pleiades as did Venus in 2020. Then there was the Roar of the Lion Super Flare Phenomenon recorded in Leo. Then the Comet NEOWISE that many are saying means, ‘New Wine’ as a possible inference to the fulfillment of the last Passover with Jesus to be concluded at a future Pentecost Time perhaps. Now, as to the 4 Signals coming from DEEP Space? It all depends Where and When these Signals come to Light. If the Correlations to the pending 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse are True, then such a cross-over to Biblical Astronomy is legitimate to ascertain from.

YHVH is divulging the Signs in Rapid Successive Order and does seem to correlate Prophetically to the Storyline Astronomically. It is occurring in Sequence of how they are portrayed to happen in the Bible even. This cannot be mere Coincidence. Thus, the 4 Signals found in deep Space are keeping with the sequence of Prophetic Events yet to occur, especially with the initial 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. If at least Astronomically, but if the subsequent portion of the Storyline is to take place, perhaps then it is to be soon. One cannot know the exact Year. However, such Astronomical Signs are becoming more frequent.

Meaning? That after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ, the Risen and Conquering Lamb of YHVH, Jesus and the Bride by His side will then pour-out the Seal Judgments upon the Earth. This will be for sure. They will start with the 4 Main Trumpet Blasts and these will constitute the unleashing of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. They will be poured-out like an Aquarius. So, to reiterate, as Christ gave those Signs to His Disciples of what to look for in the 1st century Passover Room, perhaps with the same sort of ‘Signals’ Astronomically now being recorded could be a ‘Code’.

 This New Finding could attest to the Prophetic Relevance to the End Times Disciples in the End of Days of the Church Age. Or in other words, to say that the Disciples in these Last Days, need to be like the Disciples that were close to Jesus then, especially at His Final Hours. So as to be keen and recognize the ‘Signs’ given to them specifically -of the ‘Man with the Jar of Water’, and then to know Where and When the Upper Room needed to be prepared, i.e., the Rapture Rendezvous in Heavenly Upper Room.

It is really a reflection of Disciples in the Last Days needing to keep their Focus on the 'Greater Aquarius' for Direction and to be prepared for the ‘Upper Room', in this case the Throne Room. Thus, to say that End Times Disciples still need to keep Watching, focusing on Jesus' Leading and not miss such Signs even in our ‘Last Hours’ that could even be given Astronomically.

If the Rapture be in the Years still to come, LORD willing, and so desired, but if not, to still be ‘Prepping’ Spiritually at least. These ‘Codes’ or Signals coming from Deep Space could very well be Foreshadowing the ‘Last’ Passover of the Christian Church Age in the Year that the ‘Sign’ of the ‘Man carrying a Jar of Water’ is to occur in. Will this be the Year that this ‘Sign of Aquarius’ occurs, Heralding the End of the Church Age and the Rapture of the Church then?


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The Aquarian Code found in Passover

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