A Hebrew Verse Study and Interpretation
of Pentecost

by Luis B. Vega
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The Feast of New Wine is not on the 9th of Av. The purpose of this study is to reiterate one’s Understanding of how the Pentecost of Acts 2 was on the Feast of New Wine, but not on the 9th of Av. This added-on Supposition has taken the End Times Community by Storm, as the possible Rapture Event. This is not to diminish the Excitement for studying Prophecy of the End Times and Watching and Waiting for the Blessed Hope. But one was asked, is the 9th of Av when Pentecost was or is? In replying to that Question, it really boils down to what is one’s Start Date and why is one using that.

This study will attempt to show why the 9th of Av, cannot be the Acts 2 Pentecost and how Leviticus 23:15-16, although Ambiguous in English, have enough of an Inference to suggest when the True or Correct Day Sabbath Count should be started from, to then determine the Feast of New Grain. And? And from there, the subsequent 50 Day Counts would follow and fall in, correctly to correspond to the Feast of New Wine being in the Month of Tammuz, not Av. The Month of Av, to the Jews is a Curse Month and Day. One can be wrong, but one will try one’s best to show why the 7 Sabbaths (49 Days) + 50 Subsequent Day Count, for a total of 99 Days, cannot ever land on a 9th of Av.

Granted, as mentioned before in prior Pentecost New Wine Studies, the Issue why there is Discrepancy, is what determines the Start Date? Which Sabbath? And again, not to further Criticize the 9th of Av Theory, that has primarily come from Brothers Dr. Awe and Tyler at Generation 2434. But they chose a Non-Scriptural Supposition, of what one would call, one’s ‘Own Interpretation’. How so? They are aware of this Discrepancy, and although dismissed, one is in Unity and Support to their Efforts and Work. One has presented this Interpretation with Articles and Charts to Brother Tyler. He and Dr. Awe dismisses one’s Interpretation, but Tyler has been kind enough to post them as Links for People to Review on 1 of his Video Studies, which was ‘Dr. Awe-some’ for doing that. 

Most would agree that the Body of Christ, in these Last Days appreciates their Work, Energy, and Excitement in disseminating this new Understanding of how the Pentecost of Acts 2, was the Feast of New Wine, etc. And why the Big Deal? One supposes that it is tied to the possible Timing of the Rapture, as that is the Day the Church Age Started. One supposes, by mere Human Logic, that it is when the Church Age is to perhaps Conclude. That is one’s Working Theory and Understand that this point of one’s Learning Curve. So, how is the Day Count determined? From which Sabbath? If at least, 1 of the 2 main ways is how the Jews count, to know when Shavuot was to be determined, but they do not do that.

Lost in Translation
That Day should be based on Leviticus 23:15-16, which is the Day after the Waving of the Barley Samples. Instead, they have chosen what is called the ‘Counting of the Omer’. It is not based on the Clear Clue of the ‘Day after the Sabbath, the Day the Sheaf Wave Offering’, of the Barley, etc. It is based on the Day After Nisan 15. It commemorates the Exodus by Moses from Egypt.

So, here below is the Mosaic Law and YHVH’s Protocols about it. Sure, one would wish it was clearer. It is in the Hebrew. It is one of those verses that got ‘Lost in Translation’ from the Hebrew to the English. It is much like the Verse that documents the Resurrection, inferring a ‘Sunday’ but the Text actually mentioned the ‘Sabbath’, etc.

And the Heading, printed in the English Bibles should not read, ‘The Feast of Pentecost’, but rather that of Shavuot. The Word Pentecost is technically correct, as it means the ‘50th’ of anything. But it is that there are 3 ‘Pentecost’ or rather 2 more still to be Observed from what is known to the Jews as Shavuot. And they were both celebrated by the Jews and Early Jewish Christians. But when the Acts 2 Pentecost on the Feast of New Wine came along and 3000 Jews got saved? No more.

The Feast of Pentecost [Shavuot]

Leviticus 23
v15: From the Day after the Sabbath, the Day you brought the Sheaf of the Wave Offering, you are to count off 7 Full Weeks.

This Verse shows how to determine the Feast of New Grain or Shavuot and then that of the New Wine. It is a Direct and Valid Interpretation that it is the Day after the Sabbath, either that Sunday from the Weekly Sabbath after Passover. Or another Interpretation is how the Jews count from the Omer. Why the apparent Discrepancy? In the Hebrew, the Word ‘Sheaf’ means Omer. But the Jews Count is from the Day after Nisan 14, which is the Day of Unleavened Bread, Nisan 15. And the Day they came out of Egypt, etc.
v16: You shall count-off 50 Days until the Day after the 7th Sabbath, and then present an Offering of New Grain to YHVH…

Note that in the Original Hebrew, ‘New Grain’ is not in the Text. It is the Word, מִנְחָה which means just ‘An Offering’. The Translators just imposed their Interpretation as the Offering being that of New Grain. It is for the 49 Day Count, but not the 50th one. This is where the Confusion lies. This is to suggest that the 49th Day Count pertained to the Feast of the First Fruits of the New Grain. Then the 50th Day Count, subsequently pertained to the Feast of the First Fruits of New Wine, but the Translators named it ‘New Gain’.

The Day of the Feast of New Grain is the 1st of the 3 Pentecosts or Shavuots. Granted, the Verses do not delineate the Feast of New Gain, Wine and Oil, etc. But thanks to the Dead Sea Scrolls, at least the Essence kept the 3 50-Day Feasts of the Summer First Fruits. And this is where one then has to Reverse Engineer the Leviticus 13:15-16 Sabbath Day Counts to reconcile the apparent Disparity of appearing to be only 1 Shavuot or Pentecost at only a 50 Day Count from the Day after the Marrow of a Sabbath and that it is only of New Grain.

So, to be clear and to reiterate, although the Leviticus 23:16 stipulates, at least in English that the Offering on the 99th Day was that of the ‘New Grain’, in the Hebrew it just means ‘Offering’, not specific to Grain at all. It should be that of the New Wine that the ‘Offering’ is to be correlated to. This is based on the Double Count of 49 Day and 50 Days where it should rather correspond to the Offering of the First Fruits of the New Wine, i.e., the Pentecost of Acts 2.

Numbers 28:26
v26: On the Day of First Fruits, when you present an Offering of New Grain to YHVH during the Feast of Weeks, you are to hold a Sacred Assembly; you must not do any Regular Work.

Which ‘First Fruits? Grain, Wine or Oil? Notice again that the same Word for ‘New Grain’ is not in the Original Hebrew. And it means the same as in Leviticus 23, as just ‘An Offering’. It is this Term that adds to the Confusion of what Feast is what, Shavuot or Pentecost? As a clue to what Feast it was referring to, consider when the Fighting Age Men of Israel had to Assemble around the Temple in Jerusalem to be Counted. It was as in a Military Review of the Rank and File.

It was to be on the Feast of the First Fruits of the New Wine, on the 99th Day from the Sheaf Wave Offering back at that Day after the Weekly Sabbath, being the Sunday, etc. This is the other Half of the New Understanding that has not been vetted-out yet. The Term, ‘New Grain’ can just as well mean a Generic, All-Encompassing Offering. But when it comes to specifically delineating the Summer 3 Feasts of 50-Day First Fruit Assemblies, then it makes a huge difference.  
Deuteronomy 16:9
v9: You are to count-off 7 Weeks from the Time you 1st put the Sickle to the Standing Grain.

Notice that this is a Reiteration of Leviticus 23, in ‘Short Form’, as the Details are presumed to have already been Presented, Taught and Understood, etc. But that is the Clue. Again, here is a 2nd Witness of how the Day Count is from the Time when the High Priest would go to the Barley Field and Sickle a Sample to then have it be Waved before YHVH in the Temple. It was a Gesture of the Blessing of how the whole Field and Harvest were to be Secured and Accepted.

This Prophetic Typology, by the way, is what Jesus did after His Crucifixion, Death, Burial, and Resurrection. He taught that He was to be like that Mustard Seed, that unless Died and be buried in the Ground, He could not produce New Life, New Wine Fruit of the Vine. But that by His Death, now a whole Amazing Tree and Vine Stock has come about with Life and Fruit, etc.

And, literally fulfilling the Prophetic Typology, Jesus, as that Token or Sample of the Barley Harvest, took some ‘Human Samples’ with Him to Heaven to present them before the Father. Why? They were as a Guarantee of the Summer White Wheat Wedding Harvest of Souls, etc.

This is why when Jesus Died, at that very moment, the Earthquake was so severe, that the Tombs of many of the Dead around Jerusalem just busted-open and were Witnesses of the Event. And by the way, that the Earthquake was Worldwide, caused by the Flyby of the Death Star Destroyer, as it will again occur during the 2nd Portion of the 7-Year Tribulation Period, etc.

Acts 2:1
When the Day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place.

In the original Hebrew, it does not say ‘Pentecost’ but that the ‘50th had fully come’.


Day of the Cursing? Av 9

So, ‘All That’ was Introduction and Context to then discuss the Question. What Sabbath? If one just goes by Scripture, then one can reasonably assert that it is that Sunday after the Resurrection. That is it. But one is assuming a Sabbath Resurrection as presented here before. But part of the Confusion is because of Church Tradition, it cannot be that same ‘Sunday’ that is presumed to be the Day Jesus rose.

So, they skip a whole Week to then start on the Subsequent Sunday. That is approximately how one can get to a 9th of Av. But one’s Critique of the 9th of Av Theory is that it is not based on counting the Moon Cycles. Nowhere in Leviticus does it say that other than the Day Counts are contingent upon actual Day Counts, regardless of what Phase the Moon is in. And then the justification is taught by Dr. Awe that the 1st 3 Days of a New Moon are not ‘Counted’. What? Are you serious?

So these 3 Days magically just then ‘vanish’ into a Black Hole and the Yearly Calendar is that much shorter then? One is an Amateur Astronomer and one would say, respectfully, that this is not ‘Good Astronomy’, rather than to say that it is totally Absurd. It is only by not counting the 3 Lunar Days of the Phases of the Moon and then Counting by what he deems, ‘Complete Sabbaths’ that will lead to a 9th of Av Day Count. But one is just pointing out that it is instead of what the Scripture Protocols stipulate.

Their Count goes beyond the ‘Marrow after the Sabbath’, Scripturally. They have stretched and ‘Forced’ the Day Counts to reach the 9th of Av. In one’s Humble Opinion, this is Bad Exegesis. If this Theory of the 9th of Av were to be the case and be consistent with its Prophetic Pattern, which one does wholeheartedly agree, then back in Genesis 3:15 would have had to have been the 9th of Av too. Perhaps as that was the Day of Curses. But if one is using the ‘Complete Sabbaths’ pegged to the Moon Cycles, then, sure, one will get a 9th of Av.

But one’s Point is that is not Scripture and is going beyond it, in one’s Humble Opinion. So, again, if one uses the Leviticus 23 Interpretation of what Sabbath to go by, you have 2 Main Start Dates to pick from. The Day after Passover, which is a Sabbath or the Day after the Weekly Sabbath. Here are the Equations for each Option, this Year. And again, one is presuming and interjecting the Rapture Event as an Outcome for a Summer White Wheat Wedding Time. One will use the Hebrew Day Count which straddles 1 Gregorian Day.

Passover April 5-6, 2023. Day after Sabbath
= April 7-8 + 49 Days = May 25-26, 2023.

This is the Day the Jews celebrate the Traditional Shavuot and Traditional Christianity called it ‘Pentecost. Except the Roman Catholic Church ‘Fixed’ the Count to always be on the nearest Sunday regardless what Day the actual Shavuot Day landed on.

+ 50 Subsequent Days = July 13-14, 2023

Bad Exegesis
This would then be the Feast of New Wine or the Day Anniversary of the Acts 2 Pentecost. This is how the Jews currently calculate the Shavuot. They do not use the Day after the Weekly Sabbath, being a Sunday because it would ‘validate’ the Resurrection of Jesus to them.

Now if one uses the Day after the Weekly Sabbath, the Sunday after Passover, which is when the Samples of the Barley were Waved, then the following would start the Day Count from the Day after Nisan 17. This would be Nisan 18. Thus, for this Year, here is the Discrepancy. It is only a 3-4 Day Difference as mentioned in various other Posts, etc.

Passover April 5-6, 2023. Day after the Weekly Sabbath
= April 18-19 + 49 Days = June 6-7, 2023.

Notice a Prophetic Echo of the 6 Day War that Liberated Old Jerusalem for the 1st Time since 70 AD in 1967. And during that Year, it was on Shavuot, like it was also during the Declaration of Independence of Israel, on May 14, 1948. Surely ‘Something Biblical’ is going on there and here now in these Last Days. Pentecost is the Key, not the 9th of Av.

+ 50 Subsequent Days = July 26, 2023

NOTE: Did you all see the July 26 Date? This is why July 23 and the 26 might be some incredible Prophetic Mile Stones, but it is PROOF that the Acts 2 Pentecost on the Feast of New Wine was not and is not the 9th of Av. Just an Aside Observation here. This 9th of Av ‘Thing’ has taken the Watcher Community by Storm. As one of the 1st Researchers to present this Double Count of Pentecost truly occurring on the Feast of New Wine, one is glad for the Excitement of the New Wine Understanding part about it that has now gone out.

It has gone out to all the World, much like what happened with the Revelation 12 Sign, that one too was one of the 1st to Publish about. But like it happened with the Revelation 12 Sign back then, as most were Resistant or even accusatory for verging on Astrology, now this New Wine Understanding? Since 2019, when one 1stt presented this Interpretation, one only experienced Resistance and that it was an Absurdity. But now? Now it seems like the Revelation 12 Sign, everyone is teaching it. Such is the case now with the New Understanding of the Feast of New Wine being the True Day of Pentecost, per Acts 2.

And? It is that ‘Ah, of course we knew it all along, what is wrong with you!’ Nonetheless, as it was also the case that the Revelation 12 Sign took a Life of its own and those that Sensationalized it, taught that it was going to be the Rapture, one tried to present the case that it was not so. Why not? The 1st Rule of Eschatology or the Study of End Times is that ‘The Sign is not the Event’. The point is that in a similar vein, this 9th of Av Hype, sadly added to the New Wine Revelation will also Fail. One is just again, pointing this out and encouraging the Watchman Community to just be a Berean and Vet this 9th of Av Supposition through Scripture, to Sharpen Iron with Iron.

Here is the ‘Reading List’ of Articles one has written over 4 Years’ worth, if you want to delve into the Rationale for why the Acts Pentecost was during the Feast of New Wine ‘Rabbit Trail’. All these Articles, since 2020, have been shared here and posted to this Community as well.

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