Rapture of the Brides of the Vineyard Typology

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Then I will send Rain on your Land in its Season, both Autumn and Spring rains, so that you may gather in your Grain, New Wine and Olive Oil’. -Deuteronomy 11:14.

The purpose of this study is to present Evidence that Pentecost corresponds to the Feast of New Wine, which occurs in the 4th Month, not the 5th Month. For 2022, the Jewish Calendar is not ‘off by a Month’. And consequently, how Tu B’Av is the Typology of the Rapture but celebrated, now arbitrarily incorrectly, as the Jews lost Count of when it actually occurred. One will present Evidence that what has come to be celebrated as Israel’s Valentine’s Day corresponded to the Feast of New Wine, and thus, also Pentecost.

And as such, it is a fitting Typology of when the Timing of the Rapture could very well occur, as it is when the Brides were ‘Snatched’ away from the Vineyard. Jesus said He is the Vine, and His Disciple are the Branches during the Church Age. One argues that presently, those who take it for Granted, Biblically, that the Feast of New Wine, is rather associated with the Feast of Tu B’Av have the Timeline approximately 1 Month shifted forward. This study will attempt to show that, based on the discovery of the Temple Scrolls, there are 3 Minor Feasts that corroborate with one’s Assertion.

It is how these 3 Feasts of the New Grain, New Wine and New Oil correspond and complement the Pentecost Double Count Theory and how not only is Pentecost not Shavuot but occurs in the 4th Month and converges with the Feast of New Wine. This study will first touch upon several of the Factors that will be introduced as Evidence as it is only a Rationale and Conjecture. One cannot definitely prove the Theory 100%. However, the Circumstantial Evidence is confirmatory, in one’s Assessment. For this purpose, the Temple Scrolls that speak to the 3 Feasts will be examined and defined.

Then, several Bible Translation Versions will be presented that show how Pentecost of Acts 2 was not, is not Shavuot. And in so much as the Term Shavuot can be applied to any 49 Day Count, which can technically be called true in all of the 3 Feasts in question.
Then, the Double Count Theory will be touched upon to have a Reference of how, the Theory, in the 1st place is considered ‘True Pentecost’ in the 4th Month and correlated to the Feast of New Wine as described and inferred to, clearly in Acts 2. Then one will look closely at what occurred on Pentecost of Acts 2 and how the Event connected, Biblically, with Joel and implied an Out-Pouring, just like one does with Wine.

3 Minor Feasts
The Festival called Tu B’Av, that is now celebrated in Modern Israel, is mis-Dated but nonetheless has Significance, as in the Rapture Typology. Consider the Prophetic Typology in how New Wine is alluded to in the Wedding of Cana. There is a ‘Code’ related to the 6 Large Jars of Water that Jesus turned into New Wine. And how Jesus promised not to partake of Wine and finish the Passover Meal with, until a Time of a New Wine correspondence completes it, starting in the ‘7th Jar’ or Millennial Kingdom.

One suggests that the Prophetic Pentecostal Intermission is about to conclude, perhaps in this present Year, with the culmination of the Church Age and Rapture occurring on the Feast of New Wine, i.e., ‘When Pentecost had fully come’. Thus, what one is suggesting, is that if such a Timeline is valid, then the Rapture occurs on True Pentecost, as the Feast of New Wine in 2022. The 3 Minor Feasts of New Grain, New Wine and New Oli are not listed in the Feasts of YHVH from Leviticus 23. There are inferences throughout the Old Testament that do refer and mention the Feast though.

How the World has come to know about these 3 Feasts came with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947. However, it was not until Decades later that the portion that spoke clearly about these 3 ‘Forgotten Feasts’ of YHVH were released to the Public. They are found in what is called the Temple Scroll - 11QT=11Q19, 20, 4Q365a – XVIII-XXI. The following will be Evidence that there were 3 Feasts that had 3 ‘Shavuot’ or 49 Day Counts, plus 1 Day to Celebrate them.

This will demonstrate that the 2nd 50-Day Count corresponds, not only to True Pentecost, as one presents that Argument for a Double Count, from the Day after Passover, that being Nisan 15 as patterned also from the Exodus Day Count, but that the 2nd 50 Day Count corresponded to the Feast of New Wine. This would then corroborate the Mockery endured of the Disciples for speaking in other Known Languages when the Holy Spirit came down as a ‘Deposit’, Sealed, etc. The Crowd thought the Disciples were ‘Drunk’ on the New Wine. Only on the 4th Month could the New Wine First Fruits of the Grapes be presented as the Wheat Harvest would be coming to a conclusion, etc. The following is the Temple Scroll Parchment Portion.

1. New Grain
You shall count-7 Complete Sabbaths from the Day of your bringing the Sheaf of [the Wave-Offering. You shall c]ount until the Morrow of the 7 Sabbath. You shall count [50] Days. You shall bring a New Grain-Offering….it is the Feast of Weeks and the Feast of First-Fruits, an Eterna[l] Memorial.

2. New Wine
You [shall count] 7 Weeks from the Day when you bring the New Grain-Offering… 7 full Sabbaths [shall elapse un]til you have counted 50 Days to the Morrow of the 7th Sabbath. [You] shall [bring] New Wine for a Drink-Offering.

3. New Oil
[You sha]ll count from that Day 7 Weeks, 7 Times, 49 Days; there shall be 7 full Sabbaths; until the Morrow of the 7th Sabbath you shall count 50 Days. You shall then offer New Oil.

Temple Scrolls
On January 26, 2018, Israel365News published an Article regarding this finding about the 3 Feasts that the Essenes kept and recorded. The News Agency realized and acknowledged that the Temple Scroll describes 2 Special Feasts not mentioned in the Bible. However, they were known and recognized from the other Dead Sea Scrolls Portions. These 2 Festivals were of the New Wine and New Oil. Here is the Evidence of how they, being Jewish, interpreted the Timing of when the 3 Feasts Occurred. It corroborates the point that one is arguing. And that is?

Pentecost coincided with the Feast of New Wine, as that was the 2nd Day Count of 50 Days. The 1st 50 Day Count was from Passover to the 1st Shavuot, Feast of Weeks being the Feast of New Grain. But realizing that a 2nd and 3rd ‘Shavuot’ Day Count of 49 Days + 1 Day would ensue to complete this Triple  Shavuot Count. This will be addressed in how there is a Mis-Interpretation of thinking that there was just 1 Shavuot, and that was Pentecost, the 50th Day after Shavuot. No. The following Interpretation from Israel 360 will bear this out, which one also would concur is the true Interpretation.

‘These Dates constituted an Extension of the Festival of Shavuot as we know it today, which celebrates the New Wheat, the Researchers said. According to this Calendar,

1. The Festival of New Wheat falls 50 Days after the first Sabbath following Passover.
2. The Festival of New Wine comes 50 Days later.
3. And after a further Interval of 50 Days, the Festival of New Oil is celebrated’.


Another Confirming Witness is the work of Dr. Ken Johnson. He has studied the Dead Sea Scrolls and such Temple Scroll Parchments. He has also written Books related to how the Essenes kept such Records of these 3 Feasts and how they went by a Solar Enochian Calendar that was pegged to the Spring Equinox etc. Dr. Johnson confirmed that the Festival of New Wine occurred in the 4th Month, that of Tammuz and correlated to July in the Gregorian Calendar. This corroborates not only the Double-Count Theory is correct, to suggest True Pentecost occurs in the 4th Month as Wheat is Harvested, but that it coincides with the First Fruits of the New Wine Grapes. The following is a Timeline based on the Year 2022 that one suggests is an extremely Rapture High Watch Season, if not Month and Day.

From Friday, April 14, 2022 – Day after Passover
Adding 3 Shavuot’s of 49 Days + 1 Day = 50 Days (Repeated 4 Times)

Result 1: June 3, 2022                        = Shavuot = Feast of New Grain (Wheat)
Result 2: July 23, 2022                       = Pentecost = Feast of New Wine
Result 3: September 11, 2022            = Feast of New Oil
Result 4: October 31, 2022                 = All Hollow’s Eve


Now, many People, Skeptics and Detractors might rightly bring-up the various Biblical Verses that clearly state that YHVH commanded Moses to instruct the Fighting Men of Israel to Assembly at Jerusalem, around the Temple on 3 Harvest Feast Days, that being Passover, ‘Feast of Weeks’, and Tabernacles. This is also seen and stated during Solomon’s Dedication to the House of YHVH. All this is True, but which ‘Shavuot’?

‘Then Solomon offered entirely Burned Offerings to the Lord on the LORD’s Altar that Solomon had built in front of the Porch, as each Day required, according to the Commandment of Moses for Sabbaths, New Moon Festivals, and the 3 Annual Festivals—Unleavened Bread, Weeks, and Booths’. – 2 Chronicles 8:12-13

The verse clearly is translated as, ‘Mitzvah, Shavuot and Sukkot’. So, from the outset, the whole Rationale for a Double Cunt and Pentecost not being ‘Shavuot’ and coinciding with the Feast of New Wine would appear to collapse. However, the following Verse Translation that comes from the Temple Dedication of Solomon, suggest the Shavuot of the 2nd Count, that corresponding to the Feast of New Wine, i.e., Acts 2.  

Contemporary English Version (CEV)
Festival of Thin Bread, the Harvest Festival, and the Festival of Shelters.

Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
Festival of Unleavened Bread, the Festival of Harvest, and the Festival of Shelters.

Good News Translation (GNT)
Festival of Unleavened Bread, the Harvest Festival, and the Festival of Shelters.

Traducción en Lenguaje Actual (TLA)
La Fiesta de los Panes Sin Levadura, la Fiesta de la Cosecha y la Fiesta de las Enramadas.

Reina Valera Actualizada (RVA-2015
La Fiesta de los Panes Sin Levadura, en la Fiesta de Pentecostés y en la Fiesta de los Tabernáculos.


The point is that the Traditional Shavuot that occurs in the 3rd Month of Sivan cannot be Pentecost as the Wheat is only then offered as the Frist Fruit. The Harvest of the Wheat occurs after the June 20 Summer Solstice, etc. In the New Testament, Jesus infer that Wheat Harvest occurs in the 4th Month. Wheat is likened to Church Age Harvest. A Bundle of Wheat is considered to have 24 Stalks, typifying the 24 Elders seated with Christ. It is not of Barley, as that was the Type of Jesus’ Resurrection and/or Fruit Type.

It is not Oil or Olives as that is a Pressing-out and reminiscent of the Garden of Gethsemane episode. That will pertain to Israel and the Word during the Tribulation Period. The 2 Harvest types in question are that of Wheat and Wine. It is for this reason that one has argued for a Double-Count of Pentecost being 99 Days from the ‘Marrow after the Sabbath, which is Passover. This is the Key and where all Day Counts depend.

4th Month
One holds to the interpretation that Nisan is determined by the 1st New Moon after the Spring Equinox. Thus, the Double-Count of 99 days is correct to have the Wheat Harvest begin after the Summer Solstice and end in late July. But it is in mid-July that the Wine Harvest begins, thus the Feast of New Wine convergence on the Acts 2 Pentecost. The gathering-in of the Wheat Harvest concludes for 2022 around July 23 (24th of Tammuz) in conjunction with the First Fruits Festival of New Wine.

Proverbs 3:9-10 may allude to this New Wine Festival. ‘Honor the LORD with your Substance, and with the First Fruits of all your Increase: So, shall your Barns be filled with Plenty, and your Presses shall burst out with New Wine’. With regard to the Rapture, and end of Church Age Pentecost of the 99th Day, was when the Covenants or Dispensation of YHVH ‘turned’. There are 3 since Mount Sinai that have occurred.

Mount Sinai
1-The 1st was the Pentecost of Mount Sinai wherein, Moses came down with the 10 Commandments. Israel entered into the Dispensation of the Law. One is still of the interpretation that the True Count of Pentecost is corroborated by Exodus 32. Aaron declared a Festival to be on Tammuz 24, the 4th Month. It was the day Moses came down with the original 10 Commandments. This was the Day, the Israelites set-up the Golden Calf and 3000 Died. On Pentecost of Acts, the Holy Spirit came down and 3000 got Saved.  

Mount Moriah
2-Then there was the Pentecost of Mount Moriah, wherein the Disciples gathered at the House of YHVH, that the Temple Precinct, as was there custom, on the 99th Day since Passover of 32 AD, they were endowed by the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit. This constituted the change in Dispensation from the Law of Moses to the Age of Grace, i.e., the Church Age, etc.

Mount Zion
3-But then the 3rd Pentecost that is to come will be the occasion where the Age of Grace reverberates back to the Age of Law. Why? This is to complete the Interrupted and Intermission of Daniel’s 70th Week. And this, to occur in the 70th Year of the Sabbath Cycle for Israel, since it returned to the Promised Land and was ‘Birthed’ in 1948. However, the 1st Sabbath Year in the Count occurred in 1952. This is the true 70 Year Countdown to Daniel’s 70the Year, etc.


August 1947 Partition Plan Report + 888 Months (‘Jesus’ in Greek) = July 2022

July 23, 1947 + July 23, 2022 = 75 Years or 
900 Months

This Rationale presented is challenging the Traditional Teaching that the Year 1948 was and is the Conventional Year most then to count from the 70 Years to 'figure out' the Last Generation. One believes the Alternative Year is 1952, affirming also that the Fig Tree is Israel. And to reiterate, notice that there were 120 Days from the Spring Equinox to the proposed Pentecost that would then fall in the 4th Month. This is as Jesus stated of the Wheat Harvest, that being in a July or the 4th Month of Tammuz, etc. The main significance of the number 120 is that it is Prophetically Indicative of how long the Maturing Process of the Wheat Harvest is. It has to do with the Resurrections.

Orders of the Resurrections

Jesus states that there would be 4 Months and then the Harvest. The number 120 is significant as that is how many Disciples were present when Pentecost, ‘had fully come’ and the Holy Spirit came down on the Disciples as they met in the Temple Precinct. As the Holy Spirit came down, the Disciples were speaking in other Known Languages, most supposed they were Drunk with the ‘New Wine’, being only 9am. This suggests that Pentecost, 'Fully Came' was when the New Wine Feast commenced. What one also argues, to corroborate the Double Count to determine True Pentecost is in the 4th Month, is that the Harvest Types determine the Order of the Resurrection. How so?

This Acts 2 Pentecost will account for the Order of the next Resurrection, which will be the Bride of Christ. This will have constituted all those in Jesus throughout the Church Age as a type for the Summer Wheat Harvest to gather-in, in the 4th Month. The Apostle Paul taught, ‘But now Christ is risen from the Dead, and has become the First Fruits of those who have fallen Asleep . . . For as in Adam all Die, even so in Christ all shall be made Alive. But each one in his own Order: Christ the First Fruits, afterward those who are Christ's at His Coming’. [Resurrection-Rapture] (1 Corinthians 15:20-23).

1. First Fruits of Barley – Jesus’ Resurrection along with others
This Barley Grain Waving after Passover was typified by the Resurrection of Jesus on the 3rd Day. This is when the Frist Fruits of the Barley were waved before the Temple. This is why when Jesus rose, there were several other Saints that rose along with Jesus. These were the Token of the Resurrected Saints that served as a ‘Down Payment’ of the whole Harvest of Souls. God gave to Ancient Israel this Typology in the Barley Harvest to represent Jesus Christ's acceptance by the Father as, ‘The First Fruits of those who have Fallen Asleep.’ (1 Corinthians 15:20).

2. First Fruits of Wheat – 1st Shavuot Count (49 Days + 1 Day = 50 Days)
Pentecost is now interpreted and celebrated as a Day Count of 7 Weeks from the Day after Passover, on Nisan 15. This is when the Shavuot is celebrated as the Feast of Weeks, or Pentecost, on the 50th Day (Deuteronomy. 16:8-11). This was the Wave-Sheaf Ceremony of the First Fruits of Wheat. But it was not the Pentecost of Acts 2. As noted, the Temple Scrolls found among the Dead Sea Scrolls, teach that there were 2 other 50 Day Count Festivals after ‘Pentecost’. The 1st being New Wine or the First Fruits of the Grape Harvest, and 50 Days later, the New Oil of the Olive Harvest.

3. First Fruits of New Wine – 2nd Shavuot Count (49 Days + 1 Day = 50 Days)

One is arguing that this Feast was/is the Pentecost account of Acts 2. It stresses that the Disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit and is the fulfilment of Joel 2:28. ‘And it shall come to pass in the Last Days, says GOD, that I will pour out of My Spirit on all Flesh.’ (Acts 2:17;). Joel 2 is complimentary of Acts 2 as the Language and Typology of Joel also deals with Wine Metaphors. Paul also referred to the Members of the Church as those, ‘Who have the First Fruits of the Spirit.’ (Romans 8:23).

3. First Fruits of New Oil – 3rd Shavuot Count (49 Days + 1 Day = 50 Days)

This is why one is arguing that the Term, ‘Shavuot’ is indicative of a 49 Day +1 Day count. But regardless of what is now just fixed as a 1-Time Feast, being after Passover.


Tu B’Av
The verses the Apostle Paul used in 1 Corinthians 15 are clearly inferring the Rapture Appearing, not the 2nd Coming Appearing, etc. This is why Pentecost, the 1st 50 Day Count from the ‘Shavuot’ from the Day after Passover is going to be commemorative of the 2nd Part of the 1st Resurrection of Jesus, which was the First Fruit. His Disciples will then experience at the Resurrection-Rapture Event thereafter. It will be the completion of the Wheat Harvest of Souls having, been planted, watered of the Gentile Grafting into the Commonwealth of Israel, throughout the Church Age. The Bride of Christ is now ready for Harvesting, to be ‘Plucked’ or Extracted-away, etc.

So, how does Tu B’Av factor into the Argument that Pentecost is in the 4th Month and corresponds to the 2nd Half of the Resurrection Order since Christ? One will argue that the Feast of Tu B’Av took place also on the Feast of New Wine and thus correlating to Pentecost of Acts 2. That it is a Typology of the Rapture of the Brides taken from the Vineyard, etc. The Typology and Imagery of the Vineyard is the next best correlation of what Jesus is doing during the Church Age, as he is Grafting-in the Gentiles that were excluded. The problem is that all End Times Students of Biblical Prophecy take at Face-Value the notion that Tu B’Av occurs in August, in the Month of Av. This is not the case.

The Jews will admit that the Date is ‘Unknown’. The Month of August or Av has just been arbitrarily chosen since Israel returned to the Promised Land, etc. And? Av starts the Season of Mourning, in which NO Weddings are allowed. The Point is that as the Day Counts are being determined, this Feast is throwing-off all Day Counts. In that, the Feast is being forced to comply with the various Estimates of when the Timing of the Rapture is to take place. One agrees that it is a ‘Rapture’ Type but wrong Month. And so much so, that one argues had taken place on the Feast of New Wine. Evidence? ________________________________

Mount Sinai
Note that the Festival of New Wine is the Wedding Festival. It is not listed in Leviticus 23. But it echoes the Wedding Theme of what happened at Mount Sinai with YHVH and the 70 Elders that meet for a Meal and exchange ‘Vows’. Then thereafter, the Law came down on the 99th Day after leaving Egypt on Nisan 15.

Mount Zion
Fast forward to the LORD’s Supper. This was reminiscent of how now on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, Jesus essentially ‘Proposed’ to the Disciples in a Typology of acquiring a Bride for the Son. Notice how the Last Cup was postponed. Why? Here is the clue in that Jesus stated that He would not drink of that Cup, until it would be Wine that is New, in the Kingdom to come.

Mount Moriah

After the Supper and Passover, likewise, 99 Days later, in the 4th Month, at the start of the New Wine Harvest, the Holy Spirit came down to indwell the Disciples. And this has been the Course throughout the 7-Fold Church Age that has lasted for nearly 2000 Years. One thus conjectures, that the Resurrection-Rapture event to complete the 2nd Half of the Order of the Resurrection. It will likewise be commemorated on the Day the Holy Spirit came down, i.e., Acts 2 when ‘Pentecost had fully Come’, in the Season of the start of the New Wine Festival. Perhaps. 


Wedding at Cana
To reiterate, one is arguing that there is a direct relationship to Tu B’Av and the supposed connections to Pentecost and its possible Timing of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. Presently, the Minor Jewish Feast called Tu B’Av is celebrated on the 15th of Av on the Jewish Rabbinical Calendar. This notion will be in the context of how some are linking the New Wine Feast to Tu B’Av to the end of the Pentecost Wheat Harvest. In actuality, one is arguing that the New Wine Feast is when Pentecost ‘had fully come’. If so, it commemorates the taking of Maidens in the Vineyards around Shiloh for the Tribe of Benjamin. Evidence?

Due to the brief Israeli Tribal Civil War and Discipline against the Tribe of Benjamin, the majority of Fighting Men were Decimated. The Tribe was on the verge of going Extinct and for the sake of the whole Nation of Israel, a Compromise was reached for their Fellow Tribesmen to continue the Tribal Lineage of Benjamin. As the Bible Account goes, the Virgin Women taken from Jabesh Gilead dressed-up in White and were told to Dance in the Vineyards when the Grapes were Tender, as in the New Wine Season and Time of Year. This would correspond to Mid-July in the 4th Month, etc.

‘But look, they said, there is a Yearly Feast to YHVH in Shiloh, so they commanded the Benjamites:  Go, hide in the Vineyards and watch.  When you see the Daughters of Shiloh come out to Perform their Dances, each of you is to come out of the Vineyards, catch for himself a Wife from the Daughters of Shiloh, and go to the Land of Benjamin....the Benjamites did as instructed and carried away the Number of Women they needed from the Dancers they caught.  They went back to their own Inheritance, rebuilt their Cities, and settled them’. -Judges 21:19-23

According to the Biblical Account the Men of Benjamin that were left alive were instructed to lie-in-wait and to ‘Snatch’ or as some see it, ‘Rapture’ their Bride away. However, some critics of the Elder’s Decision insinuated that it was a ‘Rape’ rather than ‘Rapture’. So, Typologies can only go so far. In this case, the Women were taken from the City of Benjamin that did not meet at the Required Times before YHVH at Shiloh. And all their Men of Benjamin were killed for not attending. It was these Women that were given to the surviving Men of Benjamin. 

The next Piece of Evidence for a New Wine Typology of the Timing of the Rapture and Conclusion of the Church Age and Age of Man, really since Adam, that being 6000 Years, is what many see in John 2, the Wedding of Cana. For context, the Bible associates New Wine with a Harvest. The Wedding of Cana occurred in the End of the Wheat Harvest. The New Wine was Miraculous, saved for Last and was the Best. This speaks, Prophetically, how during the Church Age, Jesus has saved the ‘Best for Last’.

The 6 Empty Jars of Wine symbolize the ‘Emptiness’ of Humanity without Jesus Christ. It is a Metaphor for the 6000 Years since Adam that has left Humanity ‘Void’. And only when the New Wine comes at the End will the 7th Day or the Millennial Kingdom be a Time of New Wine, etc. Notice that the occasion took place on the 3rd Day. This is exactly how on Mount Sinai, it was on the 3rd Day that Israel was instructed to Prepare, be Purified to meet the YHVH from the Mountain and hear His Marriage Proposal, etc.

The Jews understand plainly that Sinai is when Israel Married YHVH. It was a Marriage Covenant much like with Jesus proposed and enacted the Marriage Covenant, called the ’New Covenant’. In Jewish Tradition, a Marriage Covenant begins with a Written Contract. At Sinai, that was the 10 Commandments. In the LORD’s Supper, it was called a Ketubah, and a Wedding Ceremony is conducted under a Canopy, Chuppah in Hebrew. And?

1. Golden Calf – New Wine
The Pentecost of Acts 2 did not occur in the 5 Month as some calculate it. Nor is the Feast of New Wine in the 5th Month, it is ‘Impossible’. Again, the Key is determined by when Passover was. For 2022, the Jewish Year, having added Adar II synchronized with the Gregorian Calendar. Thus, making April 1 the same as Nisan 1. The Calendar and thus Feasts are NOT off by 1 Month for 2022. This then would put Pentecost and the Feast of New Wine in the 4th Month.

The Exodus 32:17 Account is that of the 99th Day that Moses likewise alluded to the Revelry of the Camp being consumed with ‘The Banquet of Wine’, or New Wine in this case. It is a Parody of what occurred or inferred took place in Acts 2 with the similar inference to a supposed ‘Revelry’ by the Disciples who were accused of being Drunk on the New Wine, etc.

2. Jesus – New Wine

The Temple Scroll states that no one could drink new wine until the offering had been made at the Temple. This reminded me of our Messiah and Bridegroom saying after communion with His disciples that last Passover, “But I say to you, I will not drink from now on of this fruit of the vine, until that day when I drink it 'New' with you in my Father's kingdom.” (Matthew 26:29)

With the Feast of Trumpets being after this festival, that would be certain. Another passage came to mind which speaks to me of the restoration of the fellowship of believers as God's Holy Spirit intends it. So, one does want to reiterate the argument because it can get confusing with all the 50 Day Counts and how there can technically be 3 ‘Shavuot’, based just on Terminology.


Thus, one is arguing that Pentecost is not the 50th Day, or 1 Day after the Shavuot of the 49 Days, from the Day after Passover. One would agree that this is the ‘1st Shavuot’ Count that corresponds to the 1st Feast of New Grain and occurs in Sivan.

If that be the case, then the Feast of New Wine, being the ‘2nd Shavuot’ Day Count of the 49 Days + 1 Day or 50 Day Count, according to the Temple Scrolls, would occur in July, the 4th Month of Tammuz. This is precisely why the 2nd Shavuot 50 Day Count would be correct. This would then be Evidence that both the 2nd Feast of New Wine does indeed coincide with the Pentecost of Acts 2, being in the 4th Month of Tammuz.

If this be the case, that is precisely what one is arguing. Then from the 2nd Shavuot 49 Day Count + 1 Day is the True Pentecost of Acts 2 and corresponds to the Feast of New Wine. From there, the ‘3rd Shavuot’ 49 Day Count + 1 Day Count would correspond to the 3rd Feast of New Oil in the 6th Month of Elul.

                                   Feast of New Grain            Feast of New Wine           Feast of New Oil
Day after Passover          1st Shavuot                          2nd Shavuot                      3rd Shavuot
     Nisan 14-------------------- Sivan 3 ----------------------  Tammuz 24  -------------------- Elul 15

The point is that when the Holy Spirit came down on the Pentecost of Acts 2, that one is arguing, corresponded to the Feast of New Wine, is likened to New Wine Spiritually, i.e., the New Covenant. It is a Time when the Harvest of Souls is occurring during the Church Age. It is the New Covenant that has been operating but is to conclude. When? Pentecost, as that is the Feast where the change in Dispensation or Covenants change. This to infer that in an up-coming True Pentecost Feast, as Acts 2, The New Covenant will revert back to the Sinai Covenant as Israel will be under the Mosaic Law during the Tribulation Period.


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Tu B'Av

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