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‘And when ye shall come into the Land and shall have Planted all manner of Trees for Food, then ye shall count the Fruit thereof as Uncircumcised: 3 Years shall it be as Uncircumcised unto you: it shall not be Eaten of. But in the 4 Year all the Fruit thereof shall be holy to Praise the Lord withal’. -Leviticus 19:23-24

When is Yom Kippur? In September of 2023, a Video from a Sister in Australia indicated that the 14th of September should have been the 1st Day, corresponding to the New Month and Year. And that based on that Start Date, the ‘Real’ Yom Kippur was to have been observed on the 24th of September, etc. That is not the Civil New Year that only the Rabbinical Jews observe. But one was happy how she showed the ‘Menorah’ Pattern or that Chiastic Fold of the 3 Spring Feasts in comparison to the 3 Fall Feasts of YHVH. She rightly noted how the ‘True’ Rosh HaShanah or Head of the Year reverted to Nisan per the Directive of YHVH to Moses on Mount Sinai during the Exodus, etc.

23rd of Sep, True Atonement, True Final Jubilee, the ploy to hide God's 10th day!
Rebecca Bee

The purpose of this Critique is to show how her explanation was very interesting and it goes along with the Debate, about how the Solar Calendar should be what the Feasts are to be based upon. But precisely, the Moon Phases did not correspond entirely to the 14th of September for the Year 2023, as being ‘Day 1’ for the Calendar Count, etc. Now, one does agree that the Solar Based Calendars are more accurate, at his Point, than the Rabbinical Calendar. It should be Synchronized, as there were before the Sanhedrin disbanded and set the Feasts of YHVH to a purely based on the Mathematical Lunar Calculation. The Months have been Calculated ever since that Time. Here is the Discrepancy of why the 14th of September for 2023 was not the 1st Day of the Civil Year and Month.

It was rather the 15th of September as the Lunar Calendars correctly assert. Consider that 2 of the Lunar Phase Calendars and Stellarium put the New Moon Phase at .01-.02% Illumination on the 15th of September. I am referencing the Earth’s Position from Jerusalem. So, based on how I see it, the New Moon was not on the 14. That Day still had 1% Illumination but in the Waning Phase. So, all that to say that the 23rd is the Yom Kippur, based on the Illumination Percentile. Again, if that is what she is going by. Now, the Jews do or did count the Civil New Year from the Evening of the 14th, as that is how they start the Days. All that is to say that even if the 14th as a Day is used, to the Rabbinical Count that Day practically was spent already by that Evening.

League of Nations Mandate

So, then it would be 10 Days later for Yom Kippur on the 24th Evening to the Evening of the 25th. But with the Zadak and Essene Solar Count, they factor in the 4 Days of the 2 Solstices and 2 Equinoxes to phase-in the Cycle. Thus, this is why for 2023, there is the alternate Day Count that suggests the 29th as being the True Day of Yom Kippur. And that was based on Rosh Hashanah having been on the 19th, as many surmised. Now, to suggest that the Rapture could have occurred on a Yom Kippur because of all that was Interpreted or Mis-Interpreted?

Could be, of course, but not in one’s Assessment given the already Biblical Parables of Jesus. The Rapture is about a Summer Harvest. But Time will always Tell the Truth. One personally does not see the Rapture occurring on a Day the Bride does not need to be Atoned for. Not to offend anyone but one sees it as an insult in the Finished Work on the Cross of Calvary where Jesus Atoned for Sin, as the High Priest, etc. One is still convinced that the Rapture Prophetic Typology is that which was given by Jesus, even by the Parable of the Fig Tree Generation.

The Context is Israel, a Summer and a Harvest then. But this is why the Body of Christ must put the Evidence to the Test and compare it to what Scripture says. It is always interesting to hear other Brethren’s Ideas about how they see things. Now if those who are saying that the Rapture Event is to have taken place on this ‘Alternate’ Solar Based Year Count, on a Yom Kippur Day, did not occur. But do realize that the Brethren, bless their Heart, had ‘Jumped Calendar Ships’, mid-Stream from the Rabbinical Calendar to the Solar-Based one. Just an Observation to point it out.

Here was another Problem. The Calculations they used of those that believe the Rapture Event is to occur on a Jubilee Year was not correct, based on one’s own Year Interpretations. One could be ‘Wrong’ and this Jubilee Year Debate rages on. But, as suggested for 2023, based on the League of Nations 2-State Solution Mandate of September 29, 1923 Implementation Year, here is the Observation. If you start from 1923 and add the 7 Year Cycles, 7 Times, the Year would be 1972. It is True, 1973 is the Jubilee Year.

But as mentioned in other Articles addressing this same Discrepancy, it is also the 1st year of the next 7 Year Sabbath Cycle. This is just one’s Interpretation. Many do not agree with this Assessment. The Point? It is that when one then adds 49 Years to 1972, the year is 2021. Not 2022. Not 2023. Sorry. Therefore the last Jubilee Year, based on the Yom Kippur War of 1973, did coincide with the next 7-Year Sabbath Cycle, which started in the Fall of 1972. Thus, 49 Years later, the Gregorian Year of 2023 is when the 1st Year of the present Shemitah Cycle is at.

1972 + 49 Years (7 x 7) = 2021 with the 50th Year being 2022

Now it is one’s Conjecture that based on this Information and the Interpretation of Daniel 9:27, one believes that the Tribulation Period will indeed be 1 Prophetic Week, but that it will not be a Shemitah Year. Why not?

Partition Plans
Consider, as also mentioned in prior Articles, if that be the case that the Tribulation Period has to start on a Shemitah Beginning, then the Church Age will be dragged-out for another 7 Years as that is what those that insist on a Beginning of a Shemitah Daniel 70th Week are Teaching. One then has to wait until 2027. One is not in Agreement with this Assertion. This is why one is of the Understanding that there is a 3.5 Year Factor in play that is Transitioning or Synchronizing the Timelines to converge in 2025.

Here is another Problem that one sees with this Rationale of thinking 2023 was the General Jubilee Year, aside from the actual one based on the Yom Kippur War of 1973, 50 Years from the Yom Kippur of 2023. If 2023 is a ‘Jubilee Year’, then their surmised Return of Jesus 7 Years from Yom Kippur of 2023 cannot be a Jubilee Year. If this is the case due to the Jubilee Year Count, it would not be until 2072. One’s Point is that ‘You cannot have your Cake and Eat it Too’, as they say. It has to be one or the other.

2023 + 49 Years (7 x 7) = 2072 with the 50th Year being 2073

What one has always suggested for Years is that the ‘Countdown’ to the Last 7-Years of Daniel’s Week did not start in 1948. Consider the Verse in Leviticus wherein, the Context is about Entering the Promised Land. Consider that many Bible Scholars like Floyd Nolan Jones reason that there were 7 Years of a Difference before the Land Sabbaths were begun and thus determined the Jubilee Cycle. Here below is an Excerpt from the Article about how to determine the Jubilee Year since the Israelites crossed the River Jordan.

From Old Testament Chronology

‘Identifying the historic Sabbath and Jubilee year cycles is not as hard as it at first sounds. As we covered above, every Sabbath year must be a multiple of seven years from any other, just as every Jubilee year must be a multiple of 49 years from others. So, if you have evidence for enough such years across history, you can easily conclude the correct cycle. Establishing enough historic Sabbath or Jubilee years to do this requires a detailed painstaking study into ancient history, which is not my specialty, but it was for Floyd Nolan Jones’.

Now aside from the fact that Nolan subscribes to there being a Period of 7 Years in which the Israelites took to Battle their way into Possessing the Promised Land, there was no Time to Plant and Harvest. Yet, in Leviticus 23, the Protocols are set as to what is expected once Israel 1st Plants its Trees and Vineyards, etc. They were not to Eat of the Fruit for 3 Years. Then the 4th Year was to be Consecrated. But in the 5th Year, the Fruit could start to be eaten. What does all that mean and have to do with Yom Kippur, Israel and the Start of the Sabbath Cycles of the Land? Well, if one factors all that into the Equation of when the Nation was ‘Born’ and ‘Came back into the Promised Land, not just Individual Alyah’s as before, then the following. Then, if one adds the Factor of Psalms 90 Maximum 80 Year generation?

The Bride is already Atoned For

Since the Context is being argued based on the Prior League of Nations 2-State Solution Partition Plan, one will use the League’s Successor’s Mandate, the U.N. Partition Mandate of 1947 as the Reference Time Marker.

1947 U.N. Partition Plan + 5 = 1952 + 80 (Psalm 90) = 2032 – 7 Years = 2025

Now, back to which Calendar Debate? Why was October 14, 2023 noteworthy? It was because October 4, 2023, based on the Dead Sea Scrolls Essene Solar Calendar, was the ’True’ Tishrei 1, Yom Teruah or Feast of Trumpets. And? Then 10 Dats later, it happens to be the 2nd of the 3 Great American Eclipses. The Solar Calendar is based on the Spring and Fall Equinoxes. To determine the 1st Day of the New Year and Month, it was determined by the Phase of the 1st New Moon as mentioned.


There are those that are Watching the End Times using the Zadok or other Solar Calendar Counts in doing so. And? Those that follow the Zadok one, Rosh HaShanah was on September 20th, a Wednesday. But if one goes by the 1st Day after the Fall Equinox, that was September 23, 2023. It is the Revelation 12 Sign Anniversary that is or should be the True 1st Day of the Jewish Civil New Year and Month of Tishrei. So?, if on then counts the 10 Days to the Eve of Yom Kippur, on this Solar Calendar Day Count, that will be October 4, 2023.

Then 10 Days later is the 2nd Great American Solar Eclipse Day. It is the Total Solar Eclipse over the USA, exiting out of Corpus Christi and then in Belen, Brazil. Just an Observation. As to the October 4 Date? FEMA, in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), conducted a Nationwide Test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA). As to Connecting the Dots, the Powers-That-Be just do not choose any random Day to do their Drills. So, if based on the Solar Equinox Calendar, the 4th of October for 2023 was Yom Kippur. It would appear to make sense on 1 Level. This was the Day the heard that the 5G Frequency Emissions by FEMA will be Global too? Can anyone confirm that?

If the Frequencies then ‘Activate’ all those that got Injected due to the Graphene Oxide in them, that could trigger the COVID Symptom like Response. The Scenario could be used thereafter to justify the next Round of Lock-Downs and even the new Mandatory Injection Requirements. Who knows what will be the result to ‘Flipping the Switch’, now as they had anticipation in doing so, at their Appointed Time. It reminds one of their Luciferian Predictive Programing Cartoon that is geared for the Children. See Link on BitChute.

Predictive programming in cartoons

‘Truth is in the Fiction of Media and the Lies are on Evening News’.

The question was and is, was it before or after the Spring Equinox? Or was it Nearest to? The Essenes relegated their Quandary by pegging the Start Day to a Wednesday of that Equinox Week, etc. But here is one’s Personal Critique about all this and how the Rapture is always attempted to be Pegged to the Fall Feasts of YHVH. And primarily, for 2023, aside from the September 15 Revelation 12 Sign ‘Birthing’ of the Child Asteroid, it was then relegated to Yom Kippur because of its Prophetic Typology of needing ‘Atonement’ and the ‘Books’ being Opened and YHVH’s People being Judged.

Why is the Evangelical Church, especially those that call themselves Teachers, taught that the Rapture was going to be on Yom Kippur, which is probably the Least Prophetic Typology of the Bride of Christ to be associated with her Rescue? It is a Dreadful Day in which All of Israel is ‘Holding its Breath’ to see if YHVH grants them ‘Atonement’ or Covering their National and Personal Sins.

Has that not been done already for the Bride of Christ at the Cross? Just asking Questions. Why are the Teachers insisting that the Rapture of the Bride of Christ is pegged to a Jewish Sabbath Cycle Count of the Land in which the Church has no Earthly Inheritance to be Pegged to? Moreover, not even the Rabbinical Orthodox Jews adhere to this Ancient Mosaic Law Tradition. In the 6th Year, did the Jews observe leaving their Fields Fallow? No. Did they obtain it from Harvesting them? No.

At best, most Orthodox Farmers Lease-Out their Vineyards and Orchards to the Arab Muslims until the Shemitah is completed and then they take it all back. So, one asks, how is the Jubilee Requirements, that is pegged to the Jewish Sabbaths of the Land, being applied to the Bride of Christ on a Day that the Jewish still, in fear expect the Blood of Animals to Cover their Sins, that they do not even observe because they have no Temple? The Body of Christ on Earth, especially in this Last Hour needs Teachers that ‘Understand the Time’.

Here is an example. There are many Good Bible Teachers and especially those that Discern Eschatology. But those are what the Church is not paying attention to. If 90% of the People who call themselves Followers of Jesus know their Bible and Prophecy, they would not be swept-away by every Doctrine that the Wind tosses that has become a Rapture Roulette. One is sharing the Material/Messages of the Late Brother Ed Hindson. One agrees with his assessment of the Revelation 12 Sign.

It is no different than what one has been saying and has also assessed. And as many Brethren are exchanging it with what pertains to Israel with the Church, that is why there is much Confusion and Consternation regarding the Revelation 12 Sign, in one’s Opinion. In his Lecture, as he goes over what will happen after the Rapture. Consider that if the Rapture occurs during what remains of the Gregorian Calendar Year of 2023 or next Year’s Summer Season, as one Conjectures, the Bride of Christ will be Off-Planet for more than 7 Years. As one recalls how in the Ancient Jewish Marriage Typology, it was at the Wedding Ceremony and Supper, where the Guests were given the ‘White Robes’. Then the Bride would be given the Gifts by the Groom.

The Bride is already Bought and Paid for

Then they would go off to the Wedding Chamber for 7 Days, etc. It was there that the Doors were closed behind them, as referenced by Isaiah of that Chamber Typology. But it would be the Best Man that would stand Guard. This is the Language and Motif that John the Baptist used to describe his Role in relation to that of the Bride of Christ and Jesus. So, it would make sense that after the Rapture, as inferred by Hindson, the following would occur before the actual Synchronization of the 7 Years would correspond to those on Earth. Perhaps. Here is the possible Rapture Sequence thereafter of the Rapture-Resurrection Event.

1-Rendezvous with Jesus in the Clouds at a Point in the Air above Earth.
2-Bema Seat of Christ where prepared Works and Gifts will be Evaluated for Rewards.
3-Wedding Ceremony in some Celestial Capacity and Location.
4-Wedding Supper of the Lamb wherein the Bride is given the White Robes.
5-Groom and Bride enter the Wedding Chamber for ‘7 Days’.

The following is what one has shared before and how this plays out in how thereafter, the Bride of Christ must face her Accuser, Lucifer. This is when the Lamb and the Bride and the Judicial Court in Heaven take their Seats and the Lamb proceeds to Break the Seals as a Last Will and Testament occasion. Amazing, this Lamb, the Son of GOD, the Jewish Messiah will be the Judge. It is after all the Seals are broken that the Bride is Adjudicated and Lucifer is cast forever out of Heaven.

6-Judicial Court is presided over by Jesus who takes the Seat of the Judge.
7-Bride faces Accuser of the Brethren, Lucifer.
8-Jesus by way of the 7-Fold Seal, Adjudicates the Bride.
9-Lucifer it cast out of Heaven, permanently down to Earth.
10-Bride possesses the Vacant Thrones to take her Seat next to Jesus.
11-Bride returns with Jesus to Earth at Armageddon.
12-The 1000-Year Reign of Jesus on Earth begins.

This Point in the Occasion that the Bride is Adjudicated, in Time and Space translates to the Revelation 12 War, as one has called it. It is wherein Lucifer is cast down to Earth. It is at that point that the Bride, collectively, will sit in all those Thrones that were vacated as the Great Eviction of Heaven occurs. This is where Lucifer seeks to regain his Access to the Judicial Throne, where he had Accused the Brethren, Day and Night, etc.

This will be the Counter-Attack against Heaven, amassing his .33 Fallen Angels and at that Time, perhaps with his Hybridized Humans, mRNA as well. This would correspond to the Mid-Point of the Tribulation, just after the Revealtion12 Sign wherein the Jewish Remnant flees to be Protected for that 2nd Half of the 2520 Day Tribulation Period. This is just one’s Interpretation.




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