A 70-Year Plan Coming to Fruition of an Awakening

  • Is there Predictive Programming in the Captain America Movie?
  • If so, what are the hidden messages all about and do they mean?
  • Is there a nefarious hidden agenda behind the outcomes desired?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to consider the ending scene from the Movie, Captain America, The First Avenger. In that final scene, the Captain wakes-up 70 years into the future ‘New World’. It is mentioned that he had been ‘asleep’ or in hibernation due to the effects of his being injected with a Super Soldier Serum. This will be key and developed later as this study likens the Serum to the COVID vaccination program that is coming upon Humanity -to transform it. The scene takes place in a New York City secret Military Agency center. The Captain ‘wakes-up’, as in ‘born again’. He then tries to understand and make sense of the situation. It appears he has been in quarantine and the Agency had attempted to mimic his prior setting and time back in the 1940s. Upon discovering the façade, he ran from the military detention center where he was at.

The Captain ends-up in Times Square as the camera panned the street in a 360 degree rotational motion. It showed the hustle-and-bustle of the Square. However, in so doing, many believe that the Globalist agenda of what is to befall upon Humanity and has presently, was broadcast to the world as a forewarning. This is the concept of ‘Predictive Programming’. A forewarning about what? Many who decipher Predictive Programing in the mass media to include movies and music videos and/or commercials pointed to the subtlety of the many ‘Signs’ literally placed in the scene to announce the Cabal’s Endgame plans. And this is? The Corona Virus pandemic or in this case, plandemic and its connection to a ‘rebirth’ or ‘New World’. Since the movie came out in 2011, most would not have suspected this outright. The scene had many advertisements in the form of signs and billboards plastered all over the buildings of Times Square.

However, several advertisements will be considered. Since the release of the COVID-19 contagion, many have rightly pointed-out 2 unsuspecting billboards from where the Captain stood at that last scene. One of the billboards was on his right and the other was to his left. What were they depicting that is so ominous pertinent to the COVID hysteria? One billboard was of a popular Mexican beer called Corona. Which, by the way went bankrupt as a result of the Corona Virus outbreak. Then the other billboard was of a clear depiction of the Corona Virus contagion itself. It was depicted as a spherical ball with protrusions coming out like spikes. And this is where the contagion gets its name ‘Corona’ from the spikes that are like the classic depictions of royal crowns, etc. Thus, did the scene suggest Predictive Programming in the movie? Was it a broadcasting that a Corona Virus was to come on the scene literally in the near future? And that consequently, New York City would be one of the worse hot-spots in the world. Are there more subliminal messages then occurring with other signs? Yes

The Script
What this study will consider is the whole spectrum of the final scene that most have missed and does in fact convey a hidden and cryptic tapestry of what the narrative was and will be or in this case, still unfolding. Those that study the occult, or the Luciferian mysteries realize that they do broadcast their messages through Signs and Symbols. And that they hide their messages in plain sight. To them, it is a code of conduct they have to abide it seems, in how they have to forewarn the public of their evil plans. And their plans are always evil and nefarious. There Endgame is to acquire total power and control over Humanity. And the Predictive Programming within this movie, given the final scene can thus be interpreted that it will be done by way of a façade -of a Corona Virus contagion that will usher in the ‘rebirth’ of not only of their New World Order but their ‘New Humanity 2.0’ as the Captain epitomizes.

After all, the main plot of the movie was to demonstrate the hybridization of Captain America as he took injections to alter his DNA and obtain Super Soldier abilities. This is in fact what the COVID-19 vaccination will purport to do, change the very DNA of Humanity. Is this so bad or nefarious? Not if one does not believe in a Creator and how DNA is what makes humans, humans. This ties into the Biblical Plan of Redemption that stipulates that Jesus, actually took on the flesh and bones of a human, with DNA intact. Why? So that through the sacrifice of Jesus’ body and blood, Humanity could be saved from the consequence of sin that has destined it to Eternal Damnation. With this prophetic backdrop, this study will thus provide the rationale of how it is strongly believed that indeed the Luciferian Globalists have announced their plan to do just that and more, to alter the very genetic makeup of all of Humanity for a ‘New World Order’.

The coming Luciferian human hybridization will be broadcast as an ‘upgrade’ much like Captain America achieved through his vaccinations. It will be a ‘rebirth’ of a new Humanity for a COVID World Order. The study will begin with the what the movie series of Captain America is predicated on and how that plays into what is occurring now with the plandemic in the guise of upgrading Humanity 2.0, but all the while will be destroying it and damning it to Hell. That is what is at stake here. And all the while solidifying a ‘Reset’ and acquiring total power and control over all humans. This is what this study strongly suggests the full spectrum of the billboard announcements conveyed. Thus, this study will be deciphering their storyline and agenda. It will try to piece together what that broadcast is, at least a lot clearer than first thought beyond just a subliminal message of ‘Corona–Virus’ that everyone obviously understood.

According to research, Captain America is a Superhero appearing in American comic books since the early 1940s. He is depicted as fighting the Axis Powers during World War 2. The character was revived by Marvel Comics in the 1960s. Captain America is the embodiment of American Patriotism as his costume and indestructible disc-shield made of Vibranium are arrayed with the U.S. flat motif color schemes. Based on the plot of the comic book series, Captain America is the alter ego of Steve Rogers from New York City. He is naturally a young frail body but wants to enlist in the U.S. Army. Upon multiple rejections, he is chosen to be injected with an enhanced Military Experimental Serum that alters his DNA and transforms him into a Super Soldier.

The Super Serum
Near the end of the war, the Captain gets trapped in an ice shield while on a mission and survived in suspended animation. It was not until 70 years later that he revives in modern times. It is rather interesting how there is a certain degree of overlap in how the coming COVID vaccine is also experimental. How so? It has been revealed by many scientific papers and patents that the coming vaccine being pushed under the pretext of a COVID pandemic is to have an array of amazing technological features. In comparison, the Super Soldier Serum enhanced all the metabolic functions of the body. It helped prevent the build-up of fatigue poisons in the muscles, etc. This gave Captain America amazing endurance far in excess of an ordinary human being.

So too, will the coming COVID vaccine in the matter of how at the DNA level, it will replace certain genes. This will cause the body to produce its own ‘medicine’ among other conveniences, for example. It will be the case that the vaccine will be infused with Nanotechnology that will facilitate an eventual connection to digital currency, GPS and biometrics. Then there were the Mutant Registration Act and others. They were the fictional Legislative Bills that sought to control those that had mutations. Is that not what the Globalists are up to in wanting to vaccinate all humans and have them then acquire a COVIDPass to verify that they have been vaccinated? It is really not about the virus but acquiring total control of the People by it. Eventually the aim of all such legislation of implants to the body was to control even the thoughts and actions of all Mutants.

Biblically speaking, such a scenario is foretold will occur. It is occurring now. The book of Revelation introduces the Mark of the Beast for such purposes of total control of body, soul and spirit of humans at that time. And this storyline depicted in the very heart of New York City’s Time Square is exactly broadcasting how it will get there as an example of pure Predictive Programming at its finest. In considering the full panoramic view of the final scene in Times Square, there will be 7 depictions of billboards that this study will attempt to decipher. The 2 obvious ones are already mentioned and noted, that of the Corona beer bottle billboard to the left of Captain America. The other billboard is that of the Corona Virus pathogen to the right. As billboards go, the purpose of them is to inform. They are to provide a message and a visualization combination. The information can be of what has happened, what is currently happening or what still to happen in the future. As billboards go, they are essentially a ‘Sign’.

And in the prophetic sense, such are understood to be given information of what is to come in the future. Thus, given the Predictive Programming within such movies, the panorama depiction of the final scene was a broadcasting of what would be coming in the future and frankly has arrived. It has come true after all and still will. The movie came out in 2011. And more precisely on July 19th. That date is the 200th day of a year and 8 years from the release of the virus in China in the winter of 2019. In numerology, the number 8 speaks of ‘New Beginnings’. It is attributed primarily to the 8 souls that survived the global flood of Noah of which only they emerged, ‘awakened’ into a ‘New Beginning’. Thus, it was a ‘Reset’, a rebirth into a ‘New World Order’. And it will be. And that is one of the points of this study. The Predictive Programming was conveying that a ‘New World Order’ is coming to ‘Reset’ not only the ‘Old World’ but Humanity.

A Great Awakening
And in particular how that ‘Great Awakening’ effect will be affecting the human body directly by a scheme to hybridizing it by way of the coming COVID-19 vaccines. And how has that has started? Consider now the movie final scene with the billboard announcements starting from the left side of the screen shot. The 1st announcement depicts a billboard that states in part, ‘Step Inside to Get Your Face’… This is a clear signal that in the coming plandemic, there would be the need to have massive quarantine schemes in place. It has come in the form of all the unlawful Lockdowns being implemented worldwide. All of Humanity has been told to ‘stay home’, stay inside. And this is not acknowledging the devastation it has resulted with the virtual collapse of the economies of entire Nations and people’s livelihoods.

The 2nd announcement of the final scene has in the billboard, a copy of the famous Emanuel Leutze painting of Washington crossing the Delaware. This event occurred on Christmas night on December 25, 1776, during the American Revolutionary War. It was the first move by George Washington in a well-organized surprise attack against the British allied German Hessian forces in Trenton, New Jersey. This was one of the major turning points of the Revolution. It speaks now of how the battle for the Republic would be the backdrop, literally of the COVID-19 plandemic, at least in the USA. The timing has an echo of the Masonic year their Illuminati Body was ‘birthed’ or ‘awoken’. And as the Revolutionary Army used such tactics, so too are the Globalists employing the same tactics of their Cabal, well organized surprise attack upon Humanity.

And why focus on the USA? It has been presented in prior studies, but that the USA is the current leader or head of the present World Order. Thus, in order for the ‘Reset’ to occur and have a ‘New Humanity’ enter a New World or ‘Rebirth’, the Old Order has to be dismantled. The USA thus must be destroyed, burned as in a Phoenix allegory to then have the New World be ‘reborn’ or awakened like Captain America to rise from its ashes. Meaning? Sooner or later, the USA will be imploded as a Phoenix motif to the point that its grandeur of power and control over the world in all areas, military, political, social, religious will have come to an end. In its place will arise the COVID World Order. The 3rd billboard announcement fits with this narrative as at the center of the final scene is the Captain staring in bewilderment having had just woken-up or ‘reborn’ to a New York City 70 years into the future.

The number 70 in Biblical numbering signifies a generation or a perfect segment of time completed. It is comprised of the ‘Perfect Number’, that of 7. It beckons back to the Creation Week of 7 Days and now Humanity was first created, genetically, etc. The number 70 also is a set of 7 repetitions of the number 10. The number 10, in turn is made up of 4, the number of the physical creation, think DNA and 6, the Number of Man. This has some amazing implications as the coming Mark of the Beast is the ‘Number of a Man’, 666. It also implies a physical attribute of the Humanity 2.0 the Globalists will hybridize so to have the Mark ether on the right hand or forehead to participate in their grid to exist. As such, 10 signifies testimony, law, and the completeness of order. In the Bible, the number 70 was the duration of the Jews being captives as slaves in Babylon for their rebellion and disobedience against YHVH.

A Coming Captivity
The timespan of this 70-year during is one that speaks of a Spirit of Rebellion and of certain captivity of all of Humanity coming upon the entire world and how it has been orchestrated behind the scenes to now be ‘birthed’ in plain sight. This coming ‘Phoenix’ rebirth innuendo is encapsulated in the Captain’s t-Shirt that has a very inconspicuous motif or logo on it. It is of a ‘Phoenix’ type of motif dead center on his chest. This for sure confirms that the Predictive Programing desired to be seen and broadcast is that of their Endgame objective. And that is will happen due to this COVID-19 plandemic as that is what will be used to usher in the New World Order ‘Reset’. Or how Klaus Schwab has deemed, the Great Economic Reset. The other motif that is being broadcast is to make sure it is known who is behind this tapestry of travesty cast upon Humanity.

The Cabal is unsuspecting found in the form of the Acura branding. To the right of the Captain in the final scene, there is a black SUV Acura. The model vehicle with headlights on is piercing directly toward the viewers. At the center of the grill is the well-known brand or the company’s logo. The company is well known for its quality and has a reputation for its services. The logo is that of a Compass that stands for the letter ‘A’ in Acura. However, many have come out and shown that it is in fact a cryptic inference to the Masonic Compass. Thus, what is the message? What other ‘company’ or ‘Agency’ have their ‘Priests’ dress in black and is known for its quality and reputation of services? The Freemasons for one. And not only them but whom they are in league with. It is also all the Secret Societies that in fact operate in such a stealth language of secrets and innuendos. They broadcast the ‘secret plans’ and put them in plain sight.

In the movie, the overarching world Agency trying to take over the world was HYDRA. Interestingly, their logo was that of an Octopus. It is the same concept of Spectre in the Bond 007 movies. If one inverts the logo motifs, it is really a depiction of a Menorah. This was the same effect in the Charlie Hebdo’s, ‘ils ont les armes’ edition. This is what started the Muslim attacks a few years ago in France. It is their craft and signature. As it is, the final scene did not take place in some dark alley or smoke-filled backroom, but in broad daylight and in the crossroads of Humanity in one of the premiere cities on the planet, New York City. Thus, what these Luciferians are essentially broadcasting is that this plan of theirs to usher in their Reset through the Corona Virus plandemic to raise their Phoenix as is the Captain will be done and is being done in plain sight of day.

And they will soon impose a false narrative also pertaining to the coming mandated COVID vaccine with its ‘many benefits’ that will literally transform the human body, much like Captain America’s was. The last billboard that this study will consider is that of the depiction of the Broadway play, The Mask. Its full title is, The Art of the Mask - The Phantom of the Opera – Broadway. Does that not sound like another somewhat now famous book tile? That one of a U.S. President? The Art of the Deal perhaps? Well, that is for another study. Suffice to say that the connection of The Mask with the mandatory laws now in place to force all of Humanity to wear masks is uncanny. Is there then a possible connection to the plot of The Phantom of the Opera perhaps then? The play was made in the 1880s and took place in France. It was about a disfigured ‘Phantom’ that chooses a beautiful woman to conduce his dance and music through.

He is infatuated with her. And she believes he is some sort of ‘Bright Light Angel’. She is torn between the Phantom and a mere mortal that is also pursuing her despite the Phantom's ominous warnings against it. Thus, there is a dual between the two powers for her soul, her body and mind as a ‘Prince Charming’ character vies for her affection. It is a classic case of a tragic love story and love triangle. However, it has a throwback to the Garden of Eden, one would suggest. One could see how the Phantom is Lucifer, the Shining One that transforms himself as an Angel of Light. He is the Master of Music and dance. He seduces Eve to turn away from Jesus Christ, the Prince Charming figure. Ultimately, it is a dual of the Saviors of who will get the prize, Humanity as in Eve’s totality, mind, body and soul? As one can sense, there is more than meets the eye here and not wanting to ‘read too much into it’.

However, it does suggest a correlation of a greater ‘Phantom’ or Power beyond the panorama of perplexity that has been initiated due to the façade of the Corona Virus plandemic. In essence, the whole event is like a stage and Humanity are the chess pieces, the characters forced or subdued to perform for the Masters of the Mask. It is like the mythical Pan, or Lucifer ultimately that is the true Phantom. It is he that has become disfigured by his pride in falling in love within himself, truly the first Narcissist. And the mythical Pan is where the word ‘Pan-demic’ and ‘Pan-ic’ are derived from. No coincidence. And how Lucifer, being the Master of Music has lured the Woman, the Eve type, the beautiful. This is what is occurring now Biblically to Humanity with the pretext or threat more like, it that all the Earth will be ‘burnt down’ if the Reset is rejected.

And such is the storyline that the Luciferians Globalist have broadcast to the world through this small unapparent depiction of billboard announcements in the hit movie, Captain America, the 1st Avenger. The question is, is seeing believing? Where is one in the scene and from what vantage point is one participating or playing a part perhaps or not? It would appear that having such a scene and Predictive Programing in broad day light in the midst of the crowds would have the ‘average person’ take notice, but they do not. It is only the police that show-up and in force as that is what is occurring in this present Lockdown. There is now a draconian World Police State forming that is enforcing the Predictive Programs of the Cabal. Sadly, they are the arms and feet of the conspiracy, to their shame and of which ironically, the Captain America gave his life and body to fight such evil in the world to prevent such a HYDRA type of tyranny to prevail.

The storyline depicted in the last scene of this type of movie demonstrates the soon arrival of their Super Human AntiChrist. He will come on the stage to lead the Reset, their COVID World Order. He will be the true Phantom that the Bible refers to as the AntiChrist. It is he that will embody the ‘Phoenix’ reborn and how he will lead a New Humanity with the vaccinations that will likewise mimic the transformation of Captain America with the Super Solder Serum, etc. As it has been noted in prior studies, such a vaccine regimen will render a human, more than that as the DNA in the body will be reconfigured. And ultimately certain abilities that were not possibly naturally nor human will then be realized, but at a cost, one’s soul and Eternity. That decision is virtually here now. The question is, will one fall for this storyline and play the part in their theatrical production of their horrific Phantom of their Opera? If so, continue to wear the Mask.

Main Sources
Captain America, 1st Avenger: Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)



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