Inevitable World War

by Luis B. Vega
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‘I made it clear to the Israelis, don't move on Haifa!’ -U.S. President Biden, April 2024

As of the Passover, for the Year 2024, according to the Rabbinical Calendar, Israel is in a Predicament. On one Hand, Israel has ignited the Fury of the World against itself for defending its People for the October 7. 2023 HAMAS Attack. The Event united the Nation on the verge of Civil War, it appeared. However, on the other Hand, Iran has interjected itself out in the open and directly attacked Israel. It has been the only Nation to do so in 33 Years.

As Iran chose to Attack using Long Range Missile and Drones, it was reported that over 90% of the Projectiles were intercepted and Destroyed Thanks to the Military Coalition of the West, the USA, England, France and even the Jordanians managed to average large-scale Damage and Loss of Life for Israel. The Question is, will this Precedent continue? One does not see that. And Biblically, it will be a ‘No’. The Bible speaks that increasingly, Israel will be ‘Isolated’ and ‘Backed into a Corner’. All this is by Design, a ‘Grand Design’.

And what was Israel’s Response to Iran’s Attack? It stuck back. The ‘Empire’ that is Israel is a ‘Façade’ of sorts. Yes, Geo-Politically, ‘Israel’, as a Sovereign Nation is but the size of New Jersey in the USA or El Salvador of Central America. However, its ‘Inviable Power’, one would contend, is much larger and in fact is a World Empire and a real Super-Power. How so? Realize that ‘Empires’ are not just measured by Square Miles. Consider how the Israelis have a Hand and Say in almost all of the Major Constructs of what ‘Makes the World go Round’. One will leave it at that.

The other Questions remain, now what will Iran do? How will Iran Calculate or Recalibrate its Response to Israel? Iran did appear to ‘Save Face’ with the Attack, although Militarily it was a ‘Catastrophe’. Iran appeared to be the Shi’ite Muslim ‘Tip of the Spear’ in defending the Palestinians. However, their Interest is not so much to Defend the Cause of Gaza as it is to be seen as the True Heirs of Islam and Usurp the Authority and Dominion away from the Sunni Saudi Arabians.

It was for this Reason, among others, that they gave the ‘Green Light’ to HAMAS to attack Israel. Why? This Attack by HAMAS has now upset the Relationships that were forged by the Abraham Accords, between Israel and mostly the Gulf Arab Nations. It was increasingly a ‘Good Deal’ for Business as other Muslim Nations were starting to Line-Up and enter this ‘Deal with the Devil’, in the Eyes of the Persians and Gazans.

A Cold War Getting Hot

This Israeli-Aab ‘Lovefest’ had to be ‘Stopped’. And in that aspect, Iran and the Palestinians have succeeded. More than that, the Israeli incursion into Gaza to ‘Clear-Out’ HAMAS has united the World against Israel. Who would have ever thought that the Ivy League School Children of the Supposed Elite in the USA, in particular, would be taking-up the Palestinian Cause and their Charter Mandates. The Muslim Enemies of YHVH and Israel just have a Big Grin from Ear-to-Ear about it.

So, Israel struck back at Iran and destroyed their Russian Made Air Defense Systems that protected their Nuclear Reactor Facilities. In particular, it was reported that the Russian built Air Defense System in Isfahan was disabled. And that a ‘Shot Across the Bow’ was made in that the Israeli Strike was near the Facility. Many suspect it was just a ‘Warning’ of how Israel now has the Capacity to Destroy the Iranian Nuclear Facility without much Defense on the part of Iran.

Iran, who has a Military Pact with Russia is not too happy about having their S-3000 Air Defense essentially be worthless against an Israeli Strike now. One suspects that Iran is having to recalculate its Response and will be doing so in a more discrete way as they ‘Took the Bait’ and were lured-out to Openly Strike Israel, in one’s Estimation. Realize that in Military Warfare, one 1 or both Parties does that, it exposes their Strengths and Weaknesses. What is rather surreal is how this ‘Cold War’ between Iran and Israel has gone on, really since the Iranian Revolution is not being attributed to such.

Both Iran and Israel have not even claimed such were the Initiates of carrying-out the Strikes. This goes for the Bombing of the Consulate-Military Building in Damascus and the Iranian Strike against Israel, and then Israel’s Strike in return. Such is Modern Warfare now, one would guess that it is done and Interpreted through Social Media. What has also been very frustrating is that from a Political Science Point of View, Iran has been ‘nearly achieving a Nuclear Bomb’, merely weeks ago. Seriously?

One has heard this Tag-Line for over 10 Years now, that Iran is about to acquire a Nuclear Bomb within mere ‘Weeks’. If the CIA, NSA, MI6 does not know, for a Fact that Iran, has or has not a Nuclear Bomb, would be 1 of the most catastrophic Failures of these sort of Agencies that are set-up to know just that. They do. It is that, for some Reason they no doubt have, they have not made it abundantly clear to the Public. It is part of the Strategy of being Ambiguous. This goes for both Sides as Israel has also not officially divulged that it has Nuclear Weapons.

In fact, a few Years ago, a High-Ranking Israeli Official, accidently stated that Israel did indeed have the Weapon of Mass Destruction. And what is the Big Deal about Israel and Iran having them? As one has written about this Middle East Nuclear Arms Race, unlike the West with Détente, it is a Race of who will use it 1st. It is inevitable. According to how one has interpreted the End Times Scenario, based on Isaiah 17, it will be Israel what will be forced to use it. As the Cliché goes, it is not a Matter of If, but When the Bomb will go off in the Middle East. There has been a Degree of Détente concerning the Middle East Nuclear Arms Race.

Duel to the Death
But this Détente has been mainly due to Israel’s constant Sabotaging the Advancement of Iran’s Nuclear Capacity. It has only forestalled the Outcome. It has served to delay the eventual acquisition of the Nuclear Device that Iran will use once it has it. This is why Israel will have to Strike 1st as it did during the 6 Day War. It is like a Classic Western Mexican Stand-Off. It is who will draw first and is the Fastest at the Draw. There will be no 2nd Chances. As one has done some Nuclear Detonation Calculations with the Software, NukeMap, it would only take 3 Medium Size Nuclear Detonations to kill-off 90% of all the Jews living in Israel.

This is why Israel will have to Strike 1st. The Empire will need to keep striking back, because the Muslims are not done, just yet. As one has also written about this Dynamic, it is from a Biblical Worldview that the Western Media and its People refuse to accept or consider. It is foremost a Spiritual Battle for the Birth-Right. It is about ‘Winner Takes All’. It is a Duel to the Death. And this is why this Middle East Nuclear Arms Race will take the World into World War. The Birth-Right is over who will Possess and Control the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Why?

If a Nation or Peoples control all 3 Aspects, they will control the World. The 3 Components are what the Bible teaches the World will end-up at, as the Armies of the World, under the Control and Authority of Lucifer seek to retain Possession and Control over them. They were lost to Lucifer through Adam but regained in Jesus at the Cross of Calvary. The Luciferians are using the Energies of the Hatred that the Muslims have or need to have, according to their Book, against Israel. It is their Muslim Duty to Destroy Israel, at all costs. And that is even if it plunges the World into a Nuclear World War. They will. Why? It is because, as mentioned, it is a Spiritual War

How is this seen? Evidence? In the context of the HAMAS War of 2023, one can see how in the case of Israel, it was reported that the USA imposed Sanctions on just 1 particular IDF Unit. And which one was that? The Netzah Yehuda one. It means Judah’s Victory’. In April of 2024, it was reported that the USA, but in particular the State Department imposed ‘Sanctions’ on the Unit for supposed ‘Human Rights’ Violations during the HAMAS War in Gaza. However, no specific Details have been released. And? It so happens that his Unit is the only Religious One in the IDF. It is made-up of Orthodox Observing Jews.

They are called the Netzah Yehuda Battalion (97th). Coincidence? No. The Sanctions will not allow for any U.S. Military Aid or Training. This Sanction is based on the 1997 Leahy Law that forbids U.S. Aid from being given to Foreign Military or Police Units that have been suspected of Human Rights Violations. If that is the case, then the CIA should be Sanctioned for aiding and abetting all the Latin American and other Nation’s Death Squads that have murdered countless Civilians in the Name of ‘Protecting Democracy’. All the while, it has been a Rouse to Protect the Luciferian Globalist Corporate Interests and Assets. According to the IDF, the Israel Defense Force, the Kfir Brigade (900th) is the largest Infantry Brigade in the Israel Defense Forces, which is at the forefront of the War against Palestinian Terrorism.

Netzah Yehuda
It is one of the 5 Infantry Brigades that operate under the Central Command. Kfir Soldiers wear Red Berets and Red Boots. The Brigade is composed of 5 Battalions that are stationed in Judea and Samaria. The Brigade was established in 2005 as a response to the need to combat Palestinian Terror in Judea and Samaria. Today, the Brigade trains in Urban and Guerrilla Warfare, specializing in Complex Areas, such as Gaza. This has been the Condition since the HAMAS War of 2023. The Battalions of the Kfir Brigade are the following.

Nachshon Battalion                (90th)
Shimshon Battalion                (92th)
Haruv Battalion                       (93th)
Duchifat Battalion                   (94th)
Netzah Yehuda Battalion        (97th)

To be Fair, there are Abuses that occur during War. That is what War is about, unfortunately and ‘Collateral Damage’ is an Ugly Reality. But so is Abuse and Crimes committed by the Government, the Police and its Military against its very own Citizens during Peace-Time. There is the ‘Good, the Bad, and the Ugly’. How many incidents occur of Corrupt ‘Cops’ taking Bribes, planting Drugs, Framing Innocent People? How many Police Agencies are Compromised, for example in the World through the Luciferian Cabal of the Freemasonic Brotherhoods? Why are they not being ‘Sanctioned’? It is all rigged.

But this Nuclear Arms Race in the Middle East will escalate to the Isaiah 17 Nuclear Detonation of the Destruction of Damascus. It will be due to the Inner-Ring of Muslim Para-Military Factions that will simultaneously Strike at Israel. The Bible foretells that Israel will miraculously prevail and this will set the Stage for the World Leader to bring in ‘Peace and Security’. Israel, being War-Weary and in need of a ‘Savior’ will make this Deal with the Devil. This Jewish Messiah will guarantee their Peace and Security for only a 7 Year Duration. It will not deliver as it will be Broken, as the Bible teaches.

But all that to say, that the Seeds of a subsequent World War, that of the Gog-Magog War will ensue. This will be the Outer-Ring of Muslim Nations that will come to take the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Treasures of the Temple as Spoils. It will be led by Russia, as it will prevail in its own War with the Ukraine. Ultimately, the War is against the True Messiah, Jesus that the Luciferians know is to Return.

It has to be prevented at all costs so that the Luciferians can retain their Present and Temporal Authority and Control over the Planet and its People. What the HAMAS War of 2023 has done is to set this Biblical and Prophetic Course into Action. It has become a Point of No Return. Situations and Conditions in the World will only Snowball out of Control. But that is the Plan. Remember. ‘Order out of Chaos’. It is not ‘Falling Apart’, but ‘Falling into Place’.




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