What Prophetic Time is it?

How is the Language of Math used in the Creation?
How are Numbers Prophetic and used in the Bible?
Can one predict Fuure Events by Mathematical Factors?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Do not harm the Land or Sea or Trees until we have Sealed the Foreheads of the Servants of our GOD. And I heard the Number of those who were Sealed, 144,000 from all the Tribes of Israel’. –Revelation 7:3-4

In the Bible, the Creator, YHVH, when fashioning Creation, used a Segment of Time and Space that He called a Day. It is considered to be a Period of 12 Hours of the Day Light ruled by the Sun. The 2nd Portion of the Time consisted of 12 Hours of the Night, ruled by the Moon. Note, however, that the Luminaries were not created until the 4th Day of Creation Week, or that which could be interpreted as the Re-Creation of Earth. This is due to the Gap Theory wherein a Cosmic War ravished the then Created Universe that was before Adam in Eden, etc. Thus, Time or a Day was and is based on a Numerical Factor of 60.

There are 60 Minutes per Hour in a 24 Hour Day and equates to 1,440 Minutes per Day. Thus, if one factors-out the 3 Days Jesus was Died, that would be 72 Hours. If 7 Hours are added every Year for 2000 Years it will be 144,000 Hours. One surmises that Jesus was Crucified in the Year 32 AD. And if one applies the 1 Day = 1000 Year Prophetic Template, then Jesus is to Return in the Year 2032.

32 AD Crucifixion + 2000 Years or 2 Days = 2032

Note how the Numbers are amazingly Synchronized to each other as Fractals of Time. It goes to show the Symmetry and Divine Order of Creation that uses Mathematics as its Language and Construct. Truly YHVH is the Great Mathematician of the Universe. The Number 72 is the Number of Completion. But the last 2000 Years has been a deliberate Obfuscation of the Calendar to confuse Mankind as to not correctly discern the Times of the End, mainly the Return of Jesus, etc.

The following are various Delineations of Time Markers that will help to discern Time and how it is derived based on Sacred Gematria. It is part of the Divine Order and is considered the ‘Language’ of the Creator. In the Bible and in the Book of Jubilees, it states a Time Axiom that 1 Day is as 1000 Years to the Creator. And that 1000 Years is, as 1 Day, etc. Having that Prophetic Blueprint, one can surmise the Dispensations of Prophetic Time that have been observed since Adam in Eden. The Data Points are mainly taken from a Summary from the Work of Philip Benson 4099.


If one takes 524,160 Minutes that makes 1 current Gregorian Time Calendar Year minus the 518,400 Minutes from the Solar Year Calendar of 360 Days, the result will be 5,760 Minutes. This Time Factor, when added to every Year, based on the current Gregorian Calendar, will have a Time Factor of needing to add an extra 72 Hours every Year.

2000 Years = 720,000 Days
60 Minutes per Hour at 24 Hours a Day = 1,440 Minutes per Day
10,080 Minutes per Week and at 52 Weeks = 524,160 Minutes
1 Solar Year = 360 Days
1 Original Lunar Cycle = 30 Days
360 = Complete Circle and a Complete Cycle of Time
80 Minutes per Hour with an 18 Hour Clock Day = 1,440 Minutes per Day
5 Day Weeks = 7,200 Minutes per Week
72 Week year we get 518,400 Minutes.

Thus, if 72 Hours are added every Year for 2000 Years will be 144,000 Hours. This is 8,000 Days extra added to the Solar Cycle of 360 Days. This Time-Frame is also based on the Vitruvian Man's Body Proportions of a 72/27 Ratio. For example, it has been noted that if one applies this Ratio every 15 Degrees, the Time or Numerical Factor will move up 40 Numbers every Time.

15 Degrees x 72 ÷ 27 = 40
30 x 72 ÷ 27 = 80
45 x 72 ÷ 27 = 120
60 x 72 ÷ 27 = 160
75 x 72 ÷ 27 = 200…

Note that the Number 40 goes into 1440 Minutes (Minutes in 1 Day) 36 Times, which is how many Time Segments fit into 1440 Minutes per Day. There are 36 Segments of Time of 1440 Minutes per Day. The Sequence, as follows, will only highlight certain Hours for emphasis.

  1 Hour   @ 1440 Minutes
   2 Hours  @ 720 Minutes
   4 Hours  @ 360 Minutes
   8 Hours  @ 180 min
 10 Hours  @ 144 min
 12 Hours  @ 120 min
  16 Hours  @ 90 min
  20 Hours  @ 72 min
  24 Hours  @ 60 min
  30 Hours  @ 48 min
  32 Hours  @ 45 min
  36 Hours  @ 40 min
  48 Hours  @ 30 min
  60 Hours  @ 24 min
  72 Hours  @ 20 min
  90 Hours  @ 16 min
120 Hours  @ 12 min
144 Hours  @ 10 min
180 Hours  @   8 min
360 Hours  @   4 min
720 Hours  @   2 min
1440 Hours @ 1 min

These are the different Time Intervals but based on the same ‘Master Clock’. There is a Master Clock because there is a Master Designer and Clock-Smith. It is YHVH that has created Times, Space and Matter. And He has allotted Mankind 7000 Years of History wherein Jesus will thereafter ‘Make all Things New’. Ironically, there will come a Time, when Time will cease to be no more. This Notion is often referred to as ‘Eternity Future’. It is what Jesus was referring to when ‘No One Knows the Day or the Hour’. It pertains to when YHVH would be making the New Heavens and the New Earth, etc.




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