Yom Kippur 100-Year Anniversary

  • Is the 2-State Solution a real viable Solution?
  • Have there been attempts in the past to make it so?
  • What does the Bible have to say about such Treaties?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘He will Confirm a Covenant with Many for one ‘7’. In the Middle of the ‘7’ he will put an End to Sacrifice and Offering. And at the Temple he will set up an Abomination that causes Desolation, until the End that is decreed is poured out on him’. -Daniel 9:27

One was asked to Comment and provide one’s Assessment about a Video Teaching by a Brother who believed that because the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals coincided with the Jubilee Year of the Yom Kippur War of 1973, that the Rapture had to have taken place by September 29, 2023.

The Brother from Worship and Watch YouTube Channel did amazing Research in bringing forth this Assertion based on the League of Nations Mandate, back in 1922. He found the former ‘2-State’ Solution Resolution and Mandate passed as a Blueprint of establishing a Jewish and Muslim State, side-by-side. It was to have been implemented on September 22, 1923.

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This Treaty or the League of Nations Mandate was predicated on a Resolution passed by the League in 1922. That Resolution, in turn, was based on the Balfour Declaration of 1917. The Name came from Lord Balfour, the United Kingdom Foreign Secretary’s ‘Promise’ to Lord Rothschild to Partition from their UK Middle East Land Holdings and Occupation, a Jewish and Muslim State.

These 2 Pieces of Land were referred to as Trans Jordan and Palestine. A short Word Study. ‘Trans’ comes from the Latin to mean, ‘Over there’ or the ‘Other Side’. In relation to that Position, ‘Cis’, from the Latin means ‘On this Side’ or ‘Here’. Thus, the Focal Point, being the Jordan River is what Delineates the 2 Pieces of Land. This will come into play later as the English double-crossed both the Jews and the Muslims.

The British later took-out the Trans-Jordan as part of the Partition Plan. Now, as to the Brother’s ‘Excited’ Premise? He believed that he made a very Important Discovery in that the Mandate was a 100-Year Match to how, based on the Solar Calendar, the ‘True’ Yom Kippur for 2023 was on September 29, 2023. And since the League of Nations was to have been Implemented on September 22, 2023, it appeared to be the match all the Revelation 12 Sign Rapture Asteroids and U.N. SDG Proponents.

Do Not Mock Me!

It was believed was to have been the Daniel 9:27 7-Year Treaty. That is what such were anticipating would have come to be played-out. Nothing wrong with Assertions. One was asked to Assess and Critique this Assertion. One obliged and is coming from a Political Scientist Point of View. To be clear and as a Disclaimer for the Critique, one is not commenting or addressing the Brethren’s Character or Personality. One is not Stifling the Excitement such Brethren have in possibly ascertaining a Rapture Date.

One does the same for a Conjectured Acts 2 Pentecost on the New Wine Feast for the Rapture. But as one states, Time will always Tell the Truth. Thus, as an Academic, Theories are just needing to be Testing. Where one has a Problem with Brethren is when their Theories are not Theories but ‘Jesus Told’ or ‘Thus Said the LORD’. In that case, one has only demand that the Church, as Commanded in Scripture to Test the Spirits.

If Brethren are declaring Divine Revelation, then that is another whole Evaluation. It does not matter how Sincere or ‘Nice’ of a Guy or Gale those Brethren are, for the sake of the Integrity of the Body of Christ, they must be held Accountable to their ‘Prophecies’. Is that Fair?

Or do they get a ‘Free Pass’ and a Double Standard continues to be the Standard in the Body of Christ? One is only Evaluating the Statements made. This is also done by others in Critiquing one's Work and Research. But when the Theory, Thesis, Claim or Statements are made to infer to the Researcher’s Work as either being intentionally Mis-Informing or Deceiving, that crosses the Line.

One has not done that of any Critique of the Years when asked to Critique others Work and Research. Just because a Theory or ‘Idea’ turns out to be ‘Wrong’ does not mean the Researcher had intentional Mis-Leading and Deceptive Purposed in mind of the Audience. Even those that espouse Direct Revelation from Jesus and turn out to be False Alarms, one does not interpret their Honest Attempts at discerning or lack thereof as being Malicious.

The other Guidelines is that one does not ‘Mock’ other Brethren for having Differing Points of View of the End Times, nor of their Rapture Date Setting. One could really care less. One just presents why one does not agree, provide the Evidence, Rationale or Opinion and move on. But as with every Critique, it seems one is asked to make, the Defensive Nature is to say, ‘One is Mocking’. Here are one’s initial Responses, based on the Statements made and the Rationale behind the Notion that the Rapture would have needed to have taken place on September 29, 2023.

 One is just Observing, in general, that in the End Times Rapture Watching Community, any form or Evaluation, Criticism or Questioning of such Teachings, such as this one, for example, are said to be ‘Mocking’. It is especially important to note what those that explicitly proclaim, ‘Thus Said the LORD’ say. Let us do another short Word Study.

A 2 State Solution is not a Solution

One's Point? Asking Questions and Evaluating the Evidence and Rapture Statements is not Mocking. Every Time they are found to have been wrong in their Prophecy of,  'Thus Said the LORD', they say, ‘You are Mocking me!’ It is always their Safeguard and what they Fallback to Wash their Hands of any Accountability for their ‘Jesus Told Me’ Statements. And then there are always those other Brethren that defend such Teaching, when their ‘Jesus Told Me’ does not occur, because ‘We should not Mock’ them.

To Mock
- Verb
- Mocked; Mocking; Mocks
- To Laugh at someone, often by copying them in a Funny but unkind way:
- To Treat with Contempt or Ridicule
- To Imitate


As noted, in being asked to Assess, Evaluate, Critique other Brethren’s Work, never has one Laughed at them, treated them with Contempt or Ridiculed them to Imitate their ‘Discoveries’. Now, there are Detractors and Enemies of Christ Jesus that do truly Mock Rapture Date-Setters. They are the ones that Laugh, Ridicule, Inmate and Belittle the Character of Fellow Brethren.

But with Good Cause as it shames Jesus and Damages the Reputation of Prophecy that has been given to the Church to Handle and Rightly Discern. The Church has Failed at this, in one’s Assessment. Having that as a Foundation, here are my Responses to this League of Nations 2-State Solution Declaring to have been implicated on September 29, 1923.

1- The Brother from the YouTube Channel, Worship and Watch did some Good Research. As a Political Scientist by Degree and who has been an Instructor at 2 Universities, he would get an ‘A’ for his Findings.

2- It is True that most all or none of the End Times Watching Community do not know of this 2-State Solution from the League of Nations. Why not? It is because the League of Nations ‘Dissolved’. And thus, any Resolutions and Mandates became ‘Null and Void’.

3- Historically, note that In 1917, the Balfour ‘Promise’ was not given to the Jewish People. Instead, it was given to the Luciferian Dragon Bloodline of the Rothschilds who rule the World. An Aside Note, note that 100 Years after the Balfour Declaration is when the Revelation 12 Sign of September 23, 2017 appeared. One will speak about why 9-23 is so Emphasized by the Luciferians in their Predictive Programming.

4- The 100 Year Anniversary from the League of Nations, on September 22, 2023, that he tied it to the 100th Year Abrahm saw Issac, the Son of Promise, of Laughter be Born, is what is Compelling to him and a Confirmation of the Rapture ‘Birth’.

5- The Brother then went on to associate the Birth of Issac with that of the Child Asteroid that was identified by Brother Patrick from Hourly Watch. In that Celestial Correlation, it was and is Amazing, and Credit to Brother Patrick for bringing that out, that on the Rabbinical Calendar, September 15, 2023, being Rosh HaShanah, it typified a ‘Birthing’. However, Brother Patrick was convinced that the ‘Rapture’ was to have taken place at that time, as told to him by ‘Jesus’.

6- With the Brother from Worship and Watch, the Rapture Date got shifted forward and even the Calendar got shifted from the Rabbinical one to the Solar one. One did not see the Consistency in keeping to the same Calendars. But as one knows, of all those that followed one’s Research and Theories, one believes the Rapture is not Imminent nor pertains to the Fall Feasts of YHVH. And that when it will occur is tied to a Summer Pentecost Feast, a Harvest that is tied to the Feast of New Wine, etc.

7- As to the Brother’s Rationale for doing this Switch in Dates and Calendars? Again, it was based on is Research from the League of Nations 2-State Solution. And that it is corroborated by the Yom Kippur Date and the 2 Segments of those 50 Years to suggest 2023, etc.

8- The Jubilees did not stop in its Count just because the 2nd Temple was Destroyed. Although most reasons are that there were ‘No Jews’ any longer in the Promised Land, that is not entirely correct. There were Jews, although miniscule in comparison to the once Nation of Israel, or in its last Iteration of Judea and Samaria.
9- The Jews have been there in the Promised Land since 70 AD. As in prior Diasporas, not all the Jews were Deported. This was the Practice of the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians to always leave some behind as Puppet Rulers, mostly to pay Tribute and leave the Infirm, Elderly to their own Fate. Why? It was too costly and Expensive to invest in such People for a Financial Return. Most would Die in any Journey and they had to be fed, etc.

10- As mentioned the Brother switched the Calendar Counts. This is the only way the Rationale Presented could have made sense. But one is just Questioning, why ‘Change at Mid-Stream? It would appear, in one’s Opinion that such are innocently but intentionally attempting to fit the 'Square' Rapture Date in a 'Circle' Calendar Date, and that being a different one that is actually not as it was Presented. How so?


Consider that for that League of Nations Anniversary of September 29,1923? It was Tishri 18. And? It is thus not a Precise Anniversary as September 29, 2023 was Tishri 14. Now as to Squaring the Rapture Attempt?

One has done that before but never, 'The Rapture IS going to take place because Jesus told me so. And? As mentioned, in numerous Critiques, one is not attempting to Stifle the Excitement in seeing other Brethren Watch what they Believe the Rapture will occur. But one is Critiquing their Reasons why, as most default that it is because of Direct Divine Revelation.

And then when the Rapture Event does not take place, and one asks Questions, it now become Mocking. Question is Mocking. It is really no different than the Reaction that has Spellbound the COVID Hysteria, just the same. Only in this case of Pinning the Rapture on an Asteroid 'Donkey'.

Bait and Switch

It is no different a Mentality and Defense of the Body of Christ, in one's Opinion. It is any Wonder why the Church, in its Last Iteration, that of Laodicea cannot stand to Hear Sound Doctrine but rather wants to Hear Teachers that just Tickle their Ears? And? Like Israel, the Last Days Church will end-up Apostate, it already has.

The difference is that it always states a Disclaimer that it is one's Research, Understanding and/or Rationale up to that certain Point in Time. Such is the case, one would agree with what other Brethren are doing. One Watches with the Community alongside each other. However, it is when those that then Assert that they are being given Special Revelation and Direct Communication from Jesus, then one is then obligated to Test the Spirits because of what they Claim.

Is that Fair. Or is there a Double Standard in the Church and such 'Revelations' are what 'GOD' just was showing them? Actually, if one subscribes to the current Understanding and Interpretation of the Sabbath Cycles or Shemitahs, the Sabbath Cycle, corresponding to the Year 2022 makes the Year 2023 being the 1st Year of the Subsequent one. All that to say, from the Gregorian Fall of 2022 to the Fall of 2023 is the 50th Year, all inclusive.

This is 1 Interpretation as there is on-going dispute about it that it is the Fall of 2023 when the Jubilee Year occurs. But note that in the Jewish reckoning of Years, it is already 5784. Then, let us consider the Geo-Politics of what occurred with the League of Nations’ 2- State Solution and Mandate. What happened? It was a Double Cross. The Mandate was to have given the ‘Lion’s Share’ of the Land, that being Trans-Jordan to the Muslims.

 This ‘Trans-Jordan’ is what is now the Fake Kingdom of Jordan. The English did it as a Divide and Conquer Implementation because they found Oil there. This left the Partitioning of the ‘Other State’, that of ‘Palestine’, that was to have been given to the Jews entirely, now needing to be carved-out in Half to accommodate the Muslim Arabs there. This is where the Successor to the League of Nations, the United Nations, U.N., made the subsequent 2-State Solution still in Partitioning ‘Palestine’ between the 2 Groups out of what was pertaining to the Jews.

The Jews accepted the Proposal anyway. And guess what the ‘Muslims’ in Palestine said? ‘No’. They wanted it all and still do. That is why every Time Israel has relented by Appeasing the Muslims with Land-for-Peace, it falls right into the Luciferian Tactic of eventually Eradicating Israel from off the Map. Why?

As one has written about this before, above all, the Geo-Political Overtones of the Israeli-Muslim Conflict, what is at the Core of the Matter is a Spiritual War. It is about who will Possess the Promised Land, the City and the Temple. It is about the Birth-Right and it is about ‘Winner Takes All’, etc. To be sure, one is not wanting to diminish how the World is pressuring Israel to Divide its Land, again. And those that support the Division will themselves by Divided. YHVH explicitly warned about this.

The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend

Consider what happened in 2005. The former U.S. President George Bush, Jr., pressured Ariel Sharon to withdraw all Jewish Settlements from Gaza. As the Jewish were being forced out of their Homes, by the IDF and Police Security, Hurricane Katrina hit the USA and it appeared YHVH 'Forced' many Americans out of their Homes. Coincidence?

Some Brethren argued a Direct Connection of National Judgment due to the Warning from YHVH, NOT to Divide His Land, specifically given to the Descendants of Abraham, through Issac and Jacob, etc. But every Time Israel is forced to do Divide what little is left, based on a ‘Lasting Peace and Security’, guaranteed by the Muslims, they want more. The Muslims actually want all of it. Realize that from the Muslim’s Perspective, you make Peace to Destroy. This is the Islamic Protocols of Conquest.

This is what the late Chuck Missler would always stress about such ‘Peace Deals’, and even Walid Shoebat, who was a former Muslim ‘Palestinian’ Terrorist who came to Faith in Jesus. He Understands when one stated that unless you Kill a Muslim, they see themselves as 'Winning' no matter how ‘Down and Out’ they become. If they are still ‘Standing’, they have 'Won' over you and their Circumstances etc.

So, all that to say that any ‘Deal’, presently in the works, as this is in an attempt to Revitalize the Israel-Muslim Talks, will also lead to Disaster for Israel and Judgment for those Nations fostering this Division. But also consider what the Timeline involves. One thinks this is the ‘Meat of the Matter’ in this Effort.

‘Times of Israel reported today, Final details on a potential Normalization deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia could be worked out as soon as early 2024, according to Foreign Minister Eli Cohen’.

Did you all catch that? ‘As early as 2024’. So, for sure one can hear the ‘Footsteps’ of the AntiChrist becoming louder and louder. It is here. If one could or would Weigh-in on all this, is that the ‘Restrainer’ is Restraining still. Thank Goodness or Thank GOD. One cannot deny that from Political Point of view, all these Efforts and Workings will eventually lead to the Condition that will make it all Possible for when the Rapture does occur and then Chaos and the War against Israel is to follow, that the AntiChrist is then Revealed, only then and basically, is then handed the ‘Keys’ to the 'World Kingdom’ already set. Here is another Quote in reference to 2024 still on a possible peace deal with Saudi Arabia.

‘The gaps can be bridged. It will take time. But there is progress," Cohen said. "I think there is certainly a likelihood that, in the first quarter of 2024, four or five months hence, we will be able to be at a point where the details (of a deal) are finalized’. -Israeli FM Eli Cohen 

Now, if this Scenario is to be triggered by the Isaiah 17 Destruction of Damascus, or the Psalm 83 War still on this side of the Rapture? Time will have to Tell. But 1 thing we all can agree upon, Eschatologically, is that the Focal Point of all Prophecy is reverting back to Israel. And all these Efforts are exactly what has to happen.

What one sees as the Key Component is the 'Blessing' of Saudi Arabia, via Prince Mohammad and how they made it clear to Israel, that it will cost Israel a ‘High Price’ to make Peace with Islam. And that ‘Peace and Security’ will require the Division of Israel to accommodate the State of Palestine. But if all other Muslim Land-for-Peace Agreements are the same, then it is a Rouse. The Muslims cannot just settle for a State of Palestine with the Existence of a Jewish State. For them, it is All or Nothing.

This was their Disposition with the U.N. Partition Plan they rejected since the Beginning. Now here is the difference this Time around. It will be the AntiChrist, False Jewish Messiah that will ‘Guarantee’ Israel’s ‘Peace and Safety’ Deal of Daniel 9:27. And because he will not be a Muslim, on one’s Estimation, that is why the Peace Deal will ‘Stick’, at least for the 1st 3.5 Years. Nonetheless, it is just a Delayed Forfeiture of the Covenant with Death, etc.

But regardless, these Steps of Satan to usher-in his AntiChrist upon the 'United Nations', is being Restrained in one's Estimation. It is amazing and unheard of, that even the Defenders of Islam, the Saudis could ever even entertain the Notion of a ‘Deal with the Jews’. Here is one's Analysis of the Israeli-Muslim Conflict over the Years.

It is mainly from a Political Science Point of View but with Inroads to the Spiritual and Occult undercurrent of what is at the Center of Prophecy in these Last Days, the Land, the City and the Temple, etc. The following Book delves deeper into this ‘War of the Seed’, that at the core, is a Spiritual Battle for the Birth-Right. Winner Takes All.




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