Beast out of the Sea

  • Is the Tribulation tied to the Retrogrades of Saturn?
  • What is the Propehtic significnace of Cetus?
  • When will the Retrograds of Saturn in Cetus begin?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Then I stood on the Sand of the Sea. And I saw a Beast rising up out of the Sea, having 7 Heads and 10 Horns, and on his Horns 10 Crowns, and on his Heads a Blasphemous Name. Now the Beast which I saw was like a Leopard, his Feet were like the Feet of a Bear, and his Mouth like the Mouth of a Lion. The Dragon gave him his Power, his Throne, and Great Authority. And I saw one of his heads as if it had been Mortally Wounded, and his Deadly Wound was healed. And all the World marveled and followed the Beast. So they Worshiped the Dragon who gave Authority to the Beast; and they worshiped the Beast, saying, Who is like the Beast? Who is able to make War with him?’ -Revelation 13:1-4

The purpose of this study is to plot the 3 Major Retrogrades of Saturn in the Constellation of Cetus, the Sea Dragon or ‘Leviathan’. The Saturn Retrogrades will start from the October Month in 2025 to September of 2032. This when the Planet associated with Satan, the Adversary enters the Constellation of the Sea Beast, etc. One will suggest that it will signal the rise of the Biblical AntiChrist. And that in fact, the Bible precisely describes him as being the 1st Beast that rises out of the Sea. The Chart will plot the Retrogrades that will include the Constellation of Taurus as well.
In that case, there will be 4 Major Saturn Retrogrades occurring in the Constellation of Taurus. The Point is that the Saturn Retrogrades occurring from the Winter of 2025 to when Saturn crosses the Celestial Gate of GOD or the Golden Gate, will be approximately 7 Years. The Question is then, could this Span of Time correspond to the 7-Year Tribulation Period or Daniel’s 70th Week? One will examine correlation Prophetic inferences from a purely Astronomical Point of View and explanation. Before one delves into the core of the Interpretations, one will provide some Astronomical Context pertinent to the Planet Saturn and the Prophetic Meanings of Cetus and Taurus. The Planet Saturn is the 2nd largest Planet in the Solar System.

It is a Giant Gas Planet. It has the famous Rings that are Iconic from its identification. Saturn is the 6th Planet from the Sun. It takes about 10 Hours to make 1 complete Revolution or 1 Day. A Saturn Year is 29 Years that it takes for it to make 1 Revolution around the Sun, etc. In terms of Mythos, Saturn is associated with the Dark Forces, Time as in the God, Chronos or Kronos or Father Time. It is thus associated with Great Change. It is believed that during the ‘Golden Age’, Saturn was some sort of 2nd Sun and much closer to Earth. The Constellation of Cetus is just below the Ecliptic, opposite the Sign of Pisces. What is rather unique about this Cetus Sea Monster is that it is tied by the Chords of the 2 Fish of Pisces. For Pisces, 1 Fish is depicted going Up, while the other is depicted going along the Ecliptic.

Revelation 12 War

The Imagery of Cetus bound to Pisces is that of a Mutual Binding to each other. It is as both are restrained by the other. It is as much, Cetus withholding the Pisces Fish from being Liberated as Cetus is Restrained by the 2 Fish, etc. What is also unique about Cetus, is that it is a Motif of the Monster that comes out of the Sea, i.e., the AntiChrist Figure of Daniel and Revelation Beasts. Nonetheless, it is the Arch-Enemy of the Fish that signifies the Disciples and Followers of Jesus. Some argue that 1 of the Fish signifies the Earthly People of YHVH, Israel and the other signifies the Spiritual People, the Church.

Cetus has 18 Main Stars. This is a veiled 6-6-6 Code or possible Association to the Number of the Beast. According to the Research of E.W. Bullinger who wrote the Witness of the Stars, Cetus represents the following. Cetus represents Lucifer being Bound in Chains during the Millennial Kingdom on Earth. He was cast-out of Heaven during the Revelation 12 War and eventually will be cast into the Lake of Fire. Cetus is considered 1 of the Largest Constellations. The following are some Key Star Names and their Biblical Inferences.

The Brightest Star, α (in the Upper Mandible), is named Menkar, and means the Bound or Chained Enemy. The next, β (in the Tail), is called Diphda, or Deneb Kaitos, Overthrown, or Thrust Down. The star ο (in the Neck) is named Mira, which means the Rebel. Its Name is Ominous, for the Star is one of the most remarkable. It is very bright, but it was not till 1596 that it was discovered to be variable. It disappears periodically 7 Times in 6 Years!

It continues at its brightest for 15 Days together. M. Bade says that during 334 Days it shines with its Greatest Light, then it diminishes, till it entirely disappears for some Time (to the Naked Eye). In fact, during that Period, it passes through several Degrees of Magnitude, both increasing and diminishing. Indeed its variableness is so great as to make it appear unsteady!

With this Astronomical and Prophetic Context, one will thus assert and interpret that the 3 Main Retrogrades of Saturn occurring in the Constellation of Cetus, could very well correspond to the Revealing and Ascent of the Biblical AntiChrist. And it is in this Language that the Book of Revelation is revealing him as such, a Monster or Beast coming out of the Sea, the ‘Cetus Savior’. The 3 Retrogrades of Saturn in Cetus, starting in the Month of October in 2025 could or would correspond to the Beginning then of the 7-Year Tribulation Period. That will remain to be seen.

But this Span of Time will take the Retrograde of Saturn to a Mid-Point, that when it reaches the start of the Constellation of Taurus, that Year will be 2029. And? That is the Mid-Point of the Fall 2025 to Fall 2032 7-Year Time Duration of the Tribulation. This is the actual Year one is more convinced that the Revelation 12 War actually occurs. It is because Jupiter, the Planet of the Messiah is once again in the Constellation of Virgo. It is exactly 12 Years from the Revelation 12 Sign of 2017. Thus, one is interpreting that 2029, on Passover is when the Daily Sacrifices will cease and the Reign of Terror will begin upon the Earth. This Reign of Terror will be the Time of Jacob’s Trouble that will comprise the 2nd Half of the 7-Year Tribulation Period. And this is the Time and Place where Saturn then begins its 4 Retrogrades through the Constellation of Taurus.

Worldwide Holocaust

It means that it will take about 4 Years for Saturn to reach the Golden Gate. And around 2030 is when Saturn will be in Alignment with the Pleiades. That is the Motif that is associated with the Congregation of the King. During the Church Age since Jesus, the Pleiades has functioned as the Prophetic Euphemism for the Church or Bride of Christ. It is the Maiden in Distress that has been captured by this other ‘Beast, that of Taurus. It is Orion, the Champion of the ‘Celestial Matador’, as one also calls him, that comes to confront the Wrath of the Bull.

In the Prophetic Timeline of Biblical Prophecy, based on a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Scenario, the Bride of Christ will have been Resurrected and Rapture before Saturn began its 7 Retrogrades, heading towards the Golden Gate. Thus, in this Context, the ‘Bride’ in question is that of the Bride of YHVH, or Israel. This is the Remnant that will be left on Earth to then have YHVH finish their National Redemption. Unfortunately, like the 3 Friends of Daniel in Ancient Babylon, the Jews will have to go through a Fiery Furnace of a Worldwide Holocaust.

This Time of Jacob’s Trouble is when Lucifer will be given Full Power and Absolute Authority on Earth for what Time is left before Jesus returns. According to Zechariah, 2/3rds of the Jews will perish. It is the Small Remnant that will be led to Escape to the Wilderness and is protected for those 1260 Days. This is when the Revelation 12 Woman is taken to be looked after and whom Jesus comes back to save, etc. But as Saturn is traversing Taurus, this is what is occurring down on Earth. Here are the Prophetic Implications of what Taurus signifies according to E.W. Bullinger.

The Bull is clearly represented, and in all the Zodiacs which have come down to us is always in the act of Pushing, or Rushing. The Name of the Sign in Chaldee is תּוֹר, Tor. Hence, Arabic, Al Thaur; Greek, Tauros; Latin, Taurus, etc. The more Common Hebrew Name was שׁוּר, Shur, which is from a Root which means both Coming and Ruling. There are several Hebrew Words for Bulls and Oxen, etc. But the common Poetical Term for all is ראם, Reem, conveying the idea of Loftiness, Exaltation, Power, and Pre-Eminence.

The Brightest Star, α (in the Bull's Eye), has a Chaldee Name—Al Debaran, and means the Leader or Governor. The Star β (at the Tip of the Left Horn) has an Arabic name—El Nath, meaning Wounded or Slain. Another Prophetic Intimation that this coming LORD should be 1st Slain as a Sacrifice. Then there is the Cluster of Stars known as the Pleiades. This word, which means the Congregation of the Judge or Ruler, comes to us through the Greek Septuagint as the translation of the Hebrew כִּימָה, Chima, which means the Heap or Accumulation, and occurs in Job ix. 9; xxxviii. 31, 32, and Amos v. 8.

It consists of a Number of Stars (in the Neck of Taurus) which appear to be near together. The Brightest of them, marked η in all the maps, has come down to us with an Arabic Name—Al Cyone, which means the Centre, and has given the Idea to some Astronomers that it is the Centre of the whole Universe. The Syriac Name for the Pleiades is Succoth, which means Booths. Another Group of Stars (on the Face of the Bull) is known as The Hyades, which has the similar Meaning of the Congregated.

Door of Escape

As one can sense the Prophetic Overtones, Taurus is about a Judgment occurring. And that is what is precisely occurring on Earth, wholescale at this Place and Time. It is about that 1 Hour of Trial that Jesus stated would be occurring to the Church of Philadelphia. But that a Door of Escape would be provided for those that have Kept Jesus’ Name and Commitments, despite having Little Strength. Surely the Jewish Remnant will be ‘Congregated’ or Clustered together. And that Generation is the one that will see their Pierced Messiah, the ‘El Nath’ One, etc.

This portion of the Study will now show how towards the end of this 7-Retrograde of Saturn through Cetus and Taurus, spanning 7 Years will conclude at the Golden Gate. The following are some Amazing Observations connected to a Recurring Date that one has come across in all the Decades of Research into the End Times. It so happens that the Planet Saturn conjoins the Golden Gate on July 23, 2032. And? That is when the Leo New Year occurs at not only the Celestial Golden Gate of the Universe, but also the Astrological Lion’s Gate.

And it is at the Apex of ‘Opening’ this Lion’s Gate that occurs on August 8, 2032. Thus the Question remains. Is 2032 the Year that Jesus is to return back to Earth? Will the speculative Fall 2025 to Fall 2032 Tribulation Timeline correspond to the 7-Year Retrogrades of Saturn traversing through Cetus and then Taurus to end at the Golden Gate? If so, then the expected Year, Month and Day will correspond to the Sabbath of Return, on September 11, 2032. If this Conjecture turns out to be correct, then Jesus’ Return to Earth will coincide with His 1st Advent or appearing in the Flesh on Earth, back on September 11, -3 BC.


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