A Critique and Commentary

  • Is the Rapture Event tied to a Harvest Feast?
  • Why is the Summer the best Typology for the Rapture?
  • What is the significance of a Wheat Harvest?

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‘After this, the Lord appointed 72 others and sent them 2-by-2 ahead of Him to every Town and Place He was about to visit. And He told them, the Harvest is plentiful, but the Workers are few. Ask the LORD of the Harvest, therefore, to send out Workers into His Harvest. Go! I am sending you out like Lambs among Wolves’. -Luke 10:1-3

One was asked to comment on the Post on 5 Doves regarding the ‘Summer of 2024’, ‘Daniel Drawing Board’ and the ‘Fig Tree is the Clue’ 3-Part Teaching. It was a 3 Part Series of Teaching insinuating that the Rapture and subsequent Tribulation will have commenced in the Summer of 2024. One had initially superficially read through it as it seemed interesting, only because one is also surmising a possible Summer Rapture Timing, but in the Month of July. For that very Reason, as one’s Timeline is based on the Leo New Year and Lion’s Gate Rapture Theory, one took a ‘Pass’. However, when asked about it, one will be itemizing the main Points to show why.

It is not that one believes one is ‘Right’ or that the Person who wrote-up the Timeline Scenario is Wrong. It is about one’s best Educated Prognostications and as such, one will only then critique, as one asks of others to do the same in regard to one’s Theories and Posts, just the same. The Posts start off with the Notion that there is a 1335 Day to Year Correlation and Timeline to be considered. It is based on the Prophecy of Daniel that is a Time Marker. It is based on the interpretation of the Posts that it has to do with the Abomination of Desolation Event.

The Main Premise of the Post, as best as one has understood them, is that the Rapture and subsequent Breaking of the Seal Judgments are predicated on a 1135 Year Timeline. And that Year is pegged to the Dome of the Rock Muslim Shrine that was erected in 688 AD. That said, the Year Calculation would then be the following.

688 AD + 1335 Year Coefficient = 2023

However, there is 1 Year of a Discrepancy that is arbitrarily added to suggest then that the Rapture Year is thus in 2024, and in the Summer Month of June. Why June? June is the Month that starts the Summer Season, precisely on the Summer Solstice of June 20th, etc. Why the Dome of the Rock? The Writer insinuates that the 1335 Day to Year correlation is tied to when the Abomination of Desolation occurs. Thus, to the Writer, this same ‘Parallel’ Day to Year Count is when the Abomination of Desolation is to occur. And that year is thus, the Summer Month of June, 2024.


The Writer equates that the Blessed Hope, i.e., the Rapture Event in seeing Jesus, is what is being insinuated is or will be what is to occur on the 1335th Day. One disagrees with all this. In one’s Opinion, there is a Convoluted attempt into fitting one’s Interpretation of Eschatology based on this 1335 Day to Year Factor. One will show why one does not agree with this Notion, further down in the Critique. As a Prelude, one’s Day and Year Count rather suggests that Jesus appears or Returns on the 2520th Day. This Day Count comprises the 2 Sets of 1260 Days. Jesus will not return on the 1335th Day, as that is the 75 Days ‘Extra’ that occurs after His Return.

Start of Tribulation Period         Abomination of Desolation                                 Return of Jesus
1 Day --------------------------------------- 1260ths Day -----------------------------------------2520th Day

The 1290th Day is 30 Days after Jesus returns.
The 1335th Day is 75 Days after Jesus returns.

There has been much speculation about what those 75 Days are all about. One suggests it will have to do with the Cleansing of the Temple, or how the Sheep and the Goat Judgment of the Nations will be occurring, or how the 4th Temple will be set up in preparation for entering and beginning the 1000 Year Millennium Kingdom on Earth, etc.

The Writer of the Post asserts that the Rapture, presumed to have been in 2023 based on the 688 Dome of the Rock Shrine erected on the Temple Mount is ‘Delayed’ 1 Year. It is presumed as that is how many events in the Bible occur, according to the Rationale. But in this Statement, the Writing asserts that the Rapture is in the Spring-Time. Later in the Discourse and subsequent Post, the Writer surmises a June 20 Rapture Timing. One does not follow the inconsistency. The following itemization is how the Writer then goes into explaining how the Breaking of the Seal Judgments occur then in the Summer of 2024.

The Writer posts that the AntiChrist will appear Immediately after the Rapture. One would agree on this Point that the AntiChrist will embark on a Quest to establish a False Peace. But realize that it has to occur based on there being an absence of Peace, i.e., War and Conflicts, etc. The Writer then asserts that after the Rapture, the US and the EU will disentangle and reconfigure itself into the 10 Horn where the AntiChrist will be leading it. One would concur in that the last iteration of the 4th Beast, being Rome will consist of the 10 Toe Confederation wherein, the Little Horn will come out of.


The Writer asserts that the 2nd Seal will then be broken and will correspond to Regional Wars. One would concur. One would also agree that due to the Rapture, the U.S. will suffer the most and a Crisis of the Financial Markets will ensue. There will be Hyper-Inflation, etc.


The 4th Seal will then follow with the Famines, Pestilences and Wars to follow. One would concur that these initial 4 Seals occurred after the Rapture and are because of its consequence. Now if they all ‘Dominate’ the Summer of 2024 as the Writer asserts?

One is not so sure as one more convinced the Seals are sequential and dove-tail off each other, not simultaneously. One’s Interpretation stems from realizing that the advent of the AntiChrist will have to establish a Peace and Security arrangement with Israel and the Muslims, foremost. This does not involve the entire World, just yet.


The Writer then asserts that the 6th Seal is when the Gog-Magog War occurs. The Writer believes that after the Rapture, that is when the Outer-Ring of the Muslim Nations, led by Russia, Iran and Turkey will attack Israel. One disagrees. One believes the Writer is confusing the Inner-Ring of Muslim Nations, i.e., the Psalm 83 War and Isaiah 17 Nuclear Attack on Damascus with the Gog-Magog Ezekiel 38-39 War. One is more convinced that the Gog War occurs sometime around the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation Period. Why?

Consider that the AntiChrist’s initial ‘Charm’ and Diplomacy establishes the ‘Peace and Security’ it will use to fool Israel with. It will be the Set-Up that the Elders of Zion will make that ‘Deal with the Devil’ that establishes the ‘False Sense of Peace’. It will be enough so that Israel will lower its Guard and Walls. Also, it will be a War where YHVH will show Himself to be still, the GOD of Israel and its only Defender. It will be a Wake-Up Call for an Unbelieving Israel to bring it 1 Step closer to its Redemption and realization that is Jesus who they are needing and must call upon.

The Writer asserts that to understand the Prophecies that Jesus and the Apostles were referring to, one has to consider the Context in light of the Old Testament Prophecies. One would agree. And that specifically, the Olivet Discourse is the Key, especially when considering the Prophecies of Daniel. One would agree. The Center Point is the ‘Abomination of Desolation’ Event. The Writer links the Fig Tree Parable with the Beginning of the Great Tribulation to the Abomination Event. One would agree.

Now, specific to the Abomination Timeline suggested by the Writer, the Day Count of 1290 Days is used to determine when that Abomination is set-up. One is presuming that it will be the ‘Golden Statue’ that mimics that of Nebuchadnezzar erected back in the Days of Daniel. However, realize that this is not when the Daily Sacrifices ended. That Time Marker was at the 1260th Day. What this really means is that 30 Days later or 1 Biblical Month is when the Golden A.I. Idol will be fixed on the Temple Mount. And this Idol will be the cause of having the 2nd Beast, that of the False Prophet make all Human Worship the 1st Beast, that is the AntiChrist.

Now at this Point in Time, the Writer believes that from this 1290th Day, will be when the Rapture will occur due to its correlation based on this Day to Year Theory of 1335 Days and at the 1290th Day, etc. One disagrees. One is not sure how the Writer went from the 688 AD Year that the Dome of the Rock Muslim Shine was erected to 689 AD. This is only surmised to get to the Year 2024 because using the 688 AD Year has already passed. Nonetheless, the Writer is asserting that the Rapture Year is thus in 2024 because of this Equation.

689 AD + 1335 Day to Year Theory = 2024

Back To The Daniel 12 Drawing Board
The Writer emphasizes that this is what Jesus Meant. One Disagrees. One is of the Interpretation that Jesus warned the Jews of the Tribulation Period that exactly at the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation, that it was going to be at the 1260th Day that the Daily Sacrifices would cease. And that thereafter, once the Abomination of Desolation is set up, to flee to the Hills. This Abomination of Desolation is really not the Golden A.I. Statue reminiscent of Nebuchadnezzar’s. The Abomination of Desolation is when the AntiChrist himself 1st Stands in the Holies, and then enters the Holy of Holies and sits on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant.

It is at that time that He proclaims that he is ‘God’ and will demand the Absolute Worship of all the Humans on Earth, i.e., enforcing the Mark of the Beast into one’s Body, via the Mark, etc. The Writer then asserts that the Fig Tree Prophecy is the Key. One would concur. The Writer links the Fig Tree Prophecy to when the Rapture Timing is to occur. True, perhaps. However, the Writer at this Point in the Study is convinced that the Month of June is when the Prophecy is to correspond. One would disagree. Now it is True, that Astronomically, the Summer starts on the Summer Solstice, June 21, etc.

The Writer takes the description of when the Figs put forth their early Leaves and then equates that to when the Rapture is to occur, as in the Appearing of Jesus. The Writing unwisely asserts that Jesus, not appearing during a Spring Time, as the Writer asserts, would be Misleading of Jesus. This is Absurd, in one’s Opinion. At this Point, one is being a bit Presumptuous, in one’s Opinion. The Writer goes on to provide 2 Scriptural Verses, Proverbs 26:18 and Revelation 6:13 as a justification of the ‘Early Figs’ that will see about the Rapture Timing. One wholeheartedly disagrees.

The mere Notion of the Passages alluding to an Untimely or Early Figs is not what the Rapture or the Appearing of Jesus is all about. No. The Rapture and the 2nd Coming of Jesus will occur, right on Time, not Early, nor a Late Time-Frame, in one’s interpretation of the Prophecies. The mere Fact that the Scriptures used pertain to an Untimely Fruit is caused to not attribute those Inferences to the Rapture and Advent of Jesus. The Writer is then confusing the Rapture Event of when the Believers of Jesus are taken up to when, simultaneously, Lucifer and his Fallen Angels are cast down, like the Untimely Figs. This is the Scene of the Revelation 12 War where Lucifer is cast down to Earth. This is after a last failed attempt at invading Heaven or having that last Stance in keeping their Thrones and Seats of Power. Why at this Point in Time?

It is because that is when the Adjudication of Lucifer is made as the Bride of Christ has had to confront her Accuser. And that is when, the breaking of the Seals, is like the Last Will and Testament and a Pronouncement of Judgment against the Accuser of the Brethren. After the Breaking of the 1st 6 Seals, that is when Lucifer is forever Evicted from Heaven and not to have any more Judicial Right and Access to the Judicial Throne of YHVH. Lucifer will naturally resist and embark on 1 last attempt in retaining this Power and Position in Heaven. It will be of no avail as he will be thrust down to Earth. This is the Seal 6 Time-Frame and correlation on Earth.

The Fig Tree Is The  Clue

It is when the Abomination of Desolation occurs and the AntiChrist is then bodily Possessed by Lucifer to enter the Holy of Holies to demand Worship, etc. The Writer then uses the Song of Solomon 2:13 to link the possible Timing of the Rapture, tied to the 1st Appearance of the Figs. And this Timing corresponds to the Late Month of June. However, as one has written about his misconceived Notion of the Rapture being tied to the Spring-Time, the Readers of the Song of Solomon do not realize the whole Context of the Typology. And that is?.

Yes, the King, the Type of Solomon, and the Shulamite, the Type of the Bride was called to ‘Come Away’, etc. But did she? No. She ran away. And that is what started the Dialog and ‘Chasing’ of Solomon. It was not until the Summer Fruit that the Shulamite finally was ‘Caught’ and they Embraced. It is when she, finally surrendered and Matured, has the King come in this Train or Escorts and comes to pick her up and take her back to Jerusalem, to the Palace as his Queen Bride. This Time-Frame happens after June 20, after the Summer Solstice that marks the Start of Summer, etc.

Then the Writer uses Micah 7:1 to reiterate and show evidence of a Spring Rapture Timing, but this is a bit misleading. How so? The verse does not allude to a Spring Harvest, but rather a Summer one. It talks about how the Vineyards and Figs are compared to Righteous Men, that will be ‘Gone’ as in the Rapture. Now one does agree that the Prophetic Typology can be filtered in this way, but it is not of a Spring Timing as the Grapes are but a whole month away from even being ‘New’.

Thus, one is more convinced of one’s New Wine Acts 2 Pentecost. That this Event of when the Holy Spirit came down, as a Prophetic Metaphor for the New Wine occurring on the 99th Day after Passover. And this specific Day correlates to a July 23, 723 Leo New Year and the Opening of the Lion’s Gate. Now if the Notion of Jesus giving the Rapture Clue is based on a Summer Wheat Harvest, that is predicated on when He said, ‘Are there not 4 Months and then the Harvest?’

If that Statement was made before Passover and around the Spring Equinox of a March 21 Date, then 4 Months out, assuming a 30 Day Month would be 120 Days out or on a July 18 Date. This is already approximately 1 Month off from the June 20 Summer Solstice Date. But one’s Point is that it is not the Beginning of the Wheat Summer Harvest that begins around the June 20 Summer Solstice Date, but rather its End. And that End of the Summer Wheat Harvest takes about 1 Month to bring in the Crop or the Harvest of the Summer Wheat that ends on a July 23rd Date.

This Date is what also happens to correspond to the Astrological Leo New Year and the Opening of the Lion’s Gate. Sure, one can be wrong, but one is just showing why one does not agree with this Spring Rapture Timeline. And that the Writer is arbitrarily adding 1 Year to the 688 AD Muslim Shrine that is assumed to be the ‘Abomination of Desolation’ set up in the Temple Mount to fit the Timeline. Lastly the Writer presumes that in the Summer of 2024, immediately after the Rapture Event, it is when the Gog-Magog War ensues.

Abomination Timeline

That the Rapture will leave the USA and the EU so ‘crippled’, that the Outer-Ring of Nations of Russia led Muslim Confederation attacks Israel. One disagrees with this Timeline. One has written that before that occurs, there has to be the Inner-Ring of the Muslim-Led Paramilitary Factions that attack Israel. It is the Inner-Ring that is what the AntiChrist will negotiate Peace from. The Gog World War comes later around the Mid-Point of the Tribulation where Israel has been ‘Set-Up’ to take down its Guard and even its Walls.

Presently, Israel has Walls up around Gaza and what is called the West Bank. One conjectures that it will be the Psalm 83 War, in approximate Tandem with the Isaiah 17 Nuclear Attack of Damascus that Israel will have to resort to for its Self-Preservation. It is thereafter that the AntiChrist sets-up the Peace and Security arraignment as it ‘Confirms the Covenant’ with the Many, which one interprets as the Many Jewish ‘Teachers’ or the Elders of Zion, i.e., the Sanhedrin.

The Writer states, ‘Again, to understand  Jesus’ and the apostles' New Testament Prophecies, one must  be thoroughly familiar with the Old Testament Prophecies  that they are referencing and clarifying. Jesus went out of  His way to single out Daniel for particular attention in the Olivet Discourse’. One would agree with all this. But notice again that the ‘Abomination of Desolation’ is a Person, not the Idol that is set up, 1290 Days from the Start of the Tribulation Period.

The Writer states, ‘In the Fig-Tree Parable, the time of Great Tribulation is linked to an Abomination that causes Desolation. One would agree with this Statement. The Event that causes the Daily Sacrifice to Cease is the Command of the AntiChrist, who started them with the Dedication exactly 1260 Days Prior to cease. It is the 2nd Half of the entire 7 Year Tribulation, all-inclusive wherein, at the Mid-Point, exactly on the 1260th Day is when thereafter you have the corresponding 1260 Days of the 2nd Half begin.

This is the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. This is when the Revelation 12 War occurs in the Heavens and Lucifer is thrust down to Earth. This is when the Revelation 12 Woman, i.e., the Remnant Jews having Faith in Jesus as their True Messiah flee to the Wilderness to be protected for that 2nd Time-Frame of the 3.5 Years or 42 Months or the 1260 Days. However, the Writer again confuses the Day Count with what the Abomination of Desolation is.

It is the Golden Idol or Image that is ‘Set-Up’ in the Temple Mount, on the ‘Wing’ of the Temple, 30 Days after the AntiChrist enters the Holy of Holies and sits on the Ark’s Mercy Seat. That is the Desolation Event, exactly on the 1260th Day. To reiterate, it is the Image that is thereafter set-up, precisely 20 Days later or 1 Month. Again, the Writer reiterates that the 688 AD Muslim Shine is the Year it began to be constructed on the Temple Mount. And that it was in 689 AD that it ‘Stood’. And that this Shine is what made the Temple Mount ‘Desolate’. Not to be condescending, but if the Writer knew his Ancient History, this Statement would not have been made. How So?

The  Key To The Cryptogram

If the issue is, making the Temple Mount ‘Desolate’ as in a Desecration, then realize that soon after the Destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD, the Roman refurbished what remained of the Temple and converted it to the Temple of Zeus, and statue of Zeus and Eagle, all-inclusive. Then, later in the Roman Catholic Crusades, the Church set-up by the Templars is what was erected on the Southside of the Temple Mount that is now the al-Aqsa Mosque, etc. 

The Point is that the Dome of the Rock is not, specifically what pertains to the Abomination of Desolation. If one seeks to make such a Correlation, so be it. Who is one to say it cannot. But also then consider the Royal Decree that mirrors the Prophecy of Daniel in that the Muslim Suleiman or ‘Solomon’ made in 1535. If one then applies the Year Calculation given in Daniel, that time-Frame equals 2025.

1535 Suleiman Decree to Rebuild walls of Jerusalem + Daniel’s 70 X 7 (490) Years = 2025

Would not a 2025 Year Calculation fit better? Now a Rapture Year of a Summer 2024 would be in line with one’s Leo New Year Rapture Theory. But only because one’s 7-Year Tribulation Period is from a Fall 2025 to a Fall 2032 Time-Frame. This accounts for a Gap of Time that the coming AntiChrist, revealed right after the Rapture Event will need to establish the False Peace and Security need to fool Israel and the World with.

The Writer equates the 689 AD Dome of the Rock Muslim Shrine with 2024 being the Rapture Year because the 1335th Day deals with  Blessing of those that reach that Day, or Year in this case. One can perhaps accept the Typology in that the Rapture will be a Blessing. But the initial 1335 pertains to those that will make it alive despite all the Worldwide Persecution of Jesus Believers during the Tribulation. And the Day Difference is only 75 Days after Jesus returns in one’s Timeline, that being the 2nd Half of the 2520 Day Tribulation Period as one already noted.

One is not sure why the Rapture is being pegged to a Muslim Shine on the Temple Mount. One would rather be more convinced of the Suleiman Decree or the Prophetess Ana Year Count one has presented in the past. See Link to Article in the End Notes. Now one will say that the Dome of the Rock is ‘Significant’ Prophetically, so much as it is really a ‘Place Holder’ that is mirroring the absence of a Physical Temple of YHVH. That being that during the Church Age, there has not been such a Physical Temple on the Temple Mount. But rather, it has been one of a Spiritual one based on Spiritual Dimension one that Jesus is constructing, collectively.

The Writer states the following. ‘I have noticed  several prophecy researches have focused on June with increasing interest lately, and my own studies have led me to look at this June as a time of importance. The fig  tree is the key to understanding when the rapture will  occur. The young leaves and first ripe figs appear about  the first of June, late spring, with summer starting in  just a few days on the 21st of June’. One would agree with all that. But again, the Rapture, in one’s Opinion and Research fits more with the Wheat Grain Harvest. And that is in the Month of July that it concludes. It is in June that the Summer White Wheat Harvest begins.

It is a matter, more so of when the Harvest is completed, not when it starts. One is surprised in how the Writer even notes how the Parable of the Fig Tree is all about the Summer, not the Spring. Yet the Conclusion is that the Rapture has to occur, not in the Summer, that the Fig Tree Parable and Prophetic Typology is pegged to, but rather the Spring when it is Premature. One believes that the Writer is sincerely applying the Fig Tree Parable to the Rapture Timing, but wrong Season of a Spring Time-Frame that is off. And when the Writer states, ‘It is when the LORD is coming’. Is that the Rapture or the 2nd Coming?

Thus, one was interested in this Teaching because he mentioned the Summer 2024 Rapture, but in studying the details, there is not a Consistency in that he goes back-and-forth to a Spring Rapture to then the Summer Rapture and adds 1 Year to that 688 AD Dome of the Rock. So, it got too long to post on Email. And then he uses the 1335th Day as Years, OK but that is after Jesus' Return back to Earth. If it can be transposed onto the Rapture Event because it is a 'Blessed' Event? Well, that will remain to be Tested and seen.


Main Source

Muir Taylor (5 May 2024)

Muir Taylor (5 May 2024)

Muir Taylor (5 May 2024)




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