Based on the Essene Calendar

  • Is the Theory that Acts 2 Pentecost was/is New Wine?
  • What is the True Date of the New Wine if True?
  • What did the Essenes have to say about the Date?

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A Question was posed regarding Article #951. It was about, what was and is the 'Correct Date' of the Pentecost New Wine?

Year, Month, Day and Time?​

'You mentioned on about Page 2 that, the Essene Date for the New Wine was always Av 3. And for 2024, that Date was August 7, 2024? I am looking at this online Essene Calendar and they have the date as Av 3 is July 21, 2024. Am I missing something? I know I could be'.



The following is one's Reply. Thanks for some Feed-Back on one’s Work about the Acts 2 being the True Pentecost and corresponding Feast of the First Fruit of the New Wine. And that the Date corresponds to the Astronomical Leo New Year. That commemorates the End of the Summer Wheat Harvest and the Start of the Wine Harvest, etc. There are really none out there or no People that one can ‘Test’ or Vet one’s Theories with. Not to say, arrogantly that one is above all, but not too many venture this Deep or on the Subjects that are Controversial to begin with. So, Good Question. Here is one’s Rationale or more explanation about it one’s Decade’s worth of Research on the New Wine Theory.

1. Solely based on the current Rabbinical Calendar, the Av 3, when the Essenes ‘Celebrate’ the Feast of New Wine is equivalent to August 7. See online Date Converter too.


My Rationale is to show that there is much Confusion or Overlap in Calendars and muddies the Waters, as they say in truly discerning when the New Wine is actually occurring.

Look to Sinai as the Standard Day Count
My Thought is that, although one is grateful for the Essenes and their Calendar, the Feast of New Wine does not actually occur precisely on Av 3, as they teach.

They Essenes just Commemorate it on that Date as the Jews Commemorate and Celebrate the Giving of the Law at only the 1st 50-Day Count that is Shavuot. Realize that the Jews had not yet arrived on Mount Sinai by that Time to have been given, at least the Oral Law, directly by YHVH on the 3rd Day of Assembly.

2. One’s Rationale also attempted to show the other Discrepancy, that although the Essene and the Solar Calendar are Excellent, they are ‘Off’ by 1-2 Days as it is from the Spring Equinox.  Yes, this is very Bold, but one totally basis it on the actual Day Count from when the Israelites left Egypt, on Nisan 15, to when they Crossed the Red Sea, to when they arrived at Mount Sinai, to when they met YHVH, Face-to-Face in the Audible Proclamation of the Law and Petition to Marriage, in a sense.

Then Moses was asked to wait 7 Days, and then went up for 40 Days. If one sticks to this Day Count, as one firmly does, it synchronizes the Days exactly to show that when Moses came down with the 2 Tablets of the Law and it coincided with the Golden Calf Incident, that was the Feast of New Wine. Thus, that corresponded to a July 23.

Technically, as one may have read from one’s Research on the New Wine Theory, it is actually the 22nd of July, as that then corresponds to the End of the Summer Wheat Harvest. It would then make for the Celebration of that End Harvest to occur the Next Day in anticipation for the Celebration of the subsequent Harvest Type, which would be the Wine, etc. Then one discovered that in the Ancient Traditions, the July 23 Date, which is always fixed, was and is the Astrological Leo New Year.


So, by mentioning that the Essene Date for the New Wine is always Av 3. And that for the Year 2024, that Date Correspondence would be on August 7, 2024, one just wanted to show that there is no Synchronization about those 2 differing Day Counts based on the 2 Essene and Rabbinical Calendars. And that the True Day Count has to match, rather than July 22-23 New Wine Timing. And if one then Reverse-Engineers the Day Counts, 100 Days, all-inclusive, you can figure-out the True Start Date based on the Spring Equinox.

This will ‘Prove’ or Challenge the Essene Notion of how they arbitrarily chose the “Wednesday’ of that Spring Equinox to be the Bench-Marked for the Day Count. It is based on the Rationale of how the Sun was created on the 4th Day. But realize that it is not the Sun that started the Creation Days of what defines what a ‘Day’ was, begun by the Light that already was Created, independent of the Sun and how the Days were Defined from Day 1 already. So, it was and is to show that this Wednesday 4th Day designation, although permissible is not Proper in one’s Estimation and why the New Wine and all other Prior and subsequent Feast Days of YHVH will be and are off.

A Gordian Knot 

But in this case, as to the ‘correct’ Acts 2 Pentecost New Wine, it is only 1 Day of a Difference, and that one can wait to find out. Hope that all this sheds more Light and Rationale into the Subject of when is the Feast of New Wine. Based on one’s Calculations, it is on a July 23 of ‘Some Year’. But also realize that one is as a lone Island’ in the Ocean concerning this New Understanding that not only goes against nearly 2000 Years of Church Tradition and ‘Shavuot’ Interpretation, but also of the Essenes that have it ‘Right’ but, in one’s Humble Estimation, 1-2 Days off, only based on when they Religiously decided to always start their Count from the Spring Equinox.

One may come across as being Stubborn, but one's Sinai Pentecost Day Count is a Solid and Biblical 'Ruler' that recalibrates any Calendar. So, one is Religiously sticking to as a Principle Guide of how the True Day Count should reflect when the Feast of New Wine actually occurred, to the very Day. See Chart for a visual and Day Count. I will post this in a subsequent Article to help others also see where one is coming from, thanks to your Question as others might be thinking and wanting to ask the same.

Rapture at the Golden Calf Time Marker​​

Here is one’s Rationale. One is comparing oneself to Alexander the Great. Not that one is Haughty and Presumption about do so, but to prove one’s Point about what is the True Date of the Feast of New Wine, regardless of when it was decided by the Essenes to have it celebrated on a Fixed Day, other when one strongly suggests otherwise. When Alexander ventured to conquer the Known World, he 1st had to go through some ‘Tests’ of sorts. According to Research, the cutting of the Gordian Knot is an Ancient Greek legend associated with Alexander the Great in Gordium in Phrygia.

It pertains to a Complex Knot that was tied to an Ox-Cart. Reputedly, whoever could untie it would be destined to rule all of Asia. In 333 BC Alexander was challenged to untie the Knot. Instead of untangling it laboriously as expected, he dramatically cut through it with his Sword. He thus exercised another form of Mental Genius, it is reported. It is thus used as a Metaphor for solving a seemingly Intractable Problem which is solved by exercising ‘Brute Force’. This is how one has approached the Predicament of having to consider all the various Jewish, Rabbinical, Essene, Zadok, Enochian, Solar, Lunar Calendars that seem to be in competition.

Each other attempts to discern, ‘What Time it is’ and which one is the ‘Correct’ one. The Sinai Pentecost Day Count is that ‘Sword’’ that Synchronizes them all, in one’s Estimation. For Decades, one has contemplated and as many End Times Students of Biblical Prophecy, one has been Frustrated and perplexed as the Calendar Question and Debate is as the Gordian Knot of Old. What one has surmised, based on the study of discerning the True Day of the Acts 2 Pentecost and then being the New Wine Feast Day, one has come to the conclusion that the Sinai Pentecost Day Count is as that Sword of Alexander that ‘Cuts’ through the mire of the Calendar Complexities.

One is of the persuasion, as to one’s Learning Curve on this Subject Matter, that the Sinai Day Count Timeline provided, demonstrates what the True Day Count should be Celebrated to. This is the same Notion that goes for calculating the True Year of Jesus’ Crucifixion, as that Year, that one calculates was in 32 AD, matches the Sinai Pentecost Timeline, as a Confirming Template of Time, as it were.  Why one is adamant about these to 2 Pieces of Day Count is that in so doing, one is convinced that they can Triangulate then, when the Rapture is to occur.

This is also assuming a Prophetic Symmetry and Anniversary of the New Wine Feast that will correspond to the Anniversary of the Church Beginning and thus Ending. And thereafter when the Return Year of Jesus is to occur. And based on such a Triangulation based on the Sinai Pentecost Day Count, the Church Age started on July 23, 32 AD and the Return of Jesus, will correspond thus, to the 2-Day to 2000 Year Template Axiom, to be on September 11, 2032, exactly 2000 Years to the Year. 


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