When is Ascension Day and New Wine?

  • When is Ascension Day after Passover??
  • When is the 40 Day Count based on?
  • How is the Feast of the New Wine factored in? 

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With every Passing Year that the End Times Community Watches for the Blessed Hope, or the Escape from Planet Earth, there is the unquestioned Supposition that the True Day Count is based on the Rabbinical one. One will just discuss some Points that will assert that the Church has predicted Rapture Days based on the Rabbinical Calendar that will most likely be wrong. As the Rabbinical Calendar is based on the Lunar Cycle, it is or will be ‘Off’ in its Synchronization to the Solar Calendar.

That is why one is more convinced that a Re-Calibration of the 2 Calendars was met with the Spring Equinox. Now one is not sure or can teach as to which variation of the Spring Equinox Solar Calendar is the most ‘Accurate’ or should be used. Within this Notion, there are several interpretations as to when that Start Date is to occur. What is known and Understood is that YHVH switches the Head of the Year to the Religious New Year, being Nisan.

Now when does that precise 1st Month occur? Some People say it is the 1st Day of the Spring Equinox, regardless. Other People assert that the 1st Day of the 1st Month needs to occur on the closest New Moon. Still others use the Wednesday closest to the Spring Equinox as that commemorates the giving of the Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars that precisely were noted to be used to keep Time, etc. So, realize that 'Passover', and any other Feast of YHVH, in any given Year are based on the Rabbinical Calendar.

One is convinced that the 'Real' one is based on the Spring Equinox Count or synchronized to it in some way. And that is why one is convinced that the subsequent Feast of what the Jews call 'Shavuot' or Pentecost is only the Feast of New Wheat Grain, accordingly. But it is not the Pentecost of Acts 2, as one has argued. Even according to the Torah Calendar, the Yearly Passover will not be the actual 'Passover'.
In some Years, the Rabbinical Calendar may be ‘Off’ as much as 1 Lunar Cycle behind. It made me remember this exact Conversation and Question 1 Year or 2 ago.

True, it depends on when the Start Date to the Ascension is to determine the actual 40 Day Period of Time mentioned in the Text. But what if one counts Backwards? As would Church Tradition have it, it would appear that the Ascension took place immediately after the Resurrection, counting forward. But one is not so sure. If one goes by one’s Sinai Pentecost Timeline from Nisan 15, then the following. The Israelites arrived at the Nuweiba Red Sea Crossing on the 40th Day. This is why what the Jews celebrate now as Shavuot, the Feast of New Grain was 10 Days later.

Reversing the Curse

But since the Law was not even given to them by then, they had no Ecclesiastical Reference to have known to celebrate it. They were not even close to arriving on Mount Sinai. And this is why if you pay Attention, the Jews will say that the ‘Celebrate’ the Giving of the Law’ on Shavuot, nonetheless, meaning the 1st 50 Day Count from Nisan 15 (the Omer Count).

But the Israelites arrived at the Foot of Mount Sinai, according to the Sinai Pentecost Timeline, on the 60th Day. Then 3 Days they were told to wait before they met YHVH’s Presence and He presented the Law to them in their Hearing, audibly. That must have been Amazing, but it scared them to almost Death. That is why they asked for a ‘Mediator’, Moses to be their ‘In-Between’.

So, here is one's Point. If one is saying that the 2nd Count of a 50 Days occurred then after the 3 Days and the 7 Days that Moses was told to wait, then from the 99th Day, being July 23, back-tracking these 10 Days is when the Ascension of Jesus occurred in Jerusalem. This is one's Theory. It was from that ‘Other’ Mountain, that of the Mount of Olives. But True, realize that the Ascension of Jesus was a Prophetic Echo of Sinai. How so?

Jesus was as YHVH, the Disciples was as the Throng of the Israelites, there were the Angels and ‘Commands’ given by Jesus as the Last Instructions. It was about, and is about a New Law, a New Covenant, etc. This means that the Ascension of Jesus, 40 Days prior from the July 23 2nd Count of 50 Days. That was when Moses came down with the 2 Physical Tablets of the Law, and that it was the Feast of New Wine.

It was thus, 10 Days prior to '723' when Moses ‘Ascended’ then up to the Mountain of YHVH, covered or ‘Disappeared’ in the Cloud and was seen no more, for 40 Days. And True to Form, as Moses or Jesus 'left', His Church basically will go or has gone Total 'Laodicea' at the End, full of the Spirit of Jezebel and the Nicolaitans. But Jesus will come back down to execute His Vengeance, i.e., Moses coming down and smashing the 2 Tablets of the Law, etc.

Moses enacted a Judgment upon YHVH's People and a Separation occurred, much like it will when Jesus returns. This is what will occur at the Resurrection-Rapture Event, a Separation and 'Judgment' of His Body, His People. Then the same will occur for the World. Notice that when Jesus returns, the Valley of the Kidron will be split in 2, from North to South as an Earthquake Faultline runs right through that divide. And that is exactly what occurred at Sinai when Moses came down. The Earth opened-up and swallowed the Rebels of Korah and the 3000 that Day.

That is why, on that Feast of New Wine, in Acts 2, GOD the Holy Spirit then 'Reversed the Curse' and redeemed 3000 on that other Mountain, Moriah. That is where Jesus was lifted-up as the Bronze Snake. And that anyone who ‘Looked’ at it would be cured of their Greater Venom, called Sin. This is why, to a large extent, Jesus is allowing Sin to run its course, until the ‘Full Measure of the Amalekites’ is reached, etc.

Is the 9th of Av New Wine?

And this was all due to Mercy that the Church Age has been all about, but not for long. What is next is for the Body of Jesus to Physically join Him, as the Head, Figuratively Speaking. And His Bride, like a Moses Type too, will go up to the Mountain of YHVH and will disappear into the Clouds as it leaves this Wicked World behind. All the while, the World will revel in the 3 Sins that will constitute what will be the Character of People during the Tribulation Period. Can one guess what those 3 Sins are? Hint. It will be as in the Days of Noah.

Not to Disrespect Dr. Awe’s Assessment, but it is just that he is convinced that the Feast of New Wine is on the 9th of Av. One did address this in the Book and showed how in that same Sinai Pentecost Timeline, the 9th of Av, which was the Day the 10 Spies gave the Bad Report did create the ‘Curse’ that would follow Israel throughout all of its History. And it was in particular that the 2 Temples were Destroyed on that very Anniversary. But, if one considers the 99 Day Count from Nisan 15, that being in a July 23 Date, it is ‘Impossible’ to then be convinced that it was the Month of Av and not Tammuz still.

What one argues in one’s Interpretation and Theory about the New Wine Pentecost Theory is that the 99th Day from Nisan 15, (7 Sabbath or 49 Days and then Number 50 Days) was when the Golden Calf Incident occurred. But that was not the 9th of Av. The other reason why Dr. Awe and Brother Tyler are convinced the Feast of New Wine is the same as when the 9th of Av occurs and that they, like most, are using the Rabbinical Calendar Day Count. As mentioned in prior Posts, there is the Torah Calendar that pegged Passover with the Full Moon, after the Spring Equinox.

And that Passover had a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse about it. It is also how the Zadok, Enochian and Essene rather base the Year with, to varying degrees, but just to point it out. So, as April 29 is the Last Day of the Passover Week, they are counting the 99 Days. And that is why then, that Day equates to the 9th of Av for 2024, which is August 13, 2024. The following is how Dr. Awe arrives at equating the Feast of New Wine 99 Day Count to be the same as being on the 9th of Av. One respectfully disagrees but just to show how he is deriving this Calculation, specifically to the Day.

Rabbinical Passover: April 22, 2024
+7 Days = April 29, 2024
+7 Days (They are counting 1 Sabbath after Passover Weekly Sabbath) = May 6, 2024
+ 49 Days = June 24, 2023 (‘Feast of New Grain’)
+ 50 Days = August 13, 2023 (‘New Wine’ and 9th of Av)

But as one has argued, that the New Wine would not be ‘New’ by this Time of the Year in August, as opposed to a Mid-July (723) when they would be. By Mid-August, the Grapes are no longer ‘New’ and are about half-way in their Maturing Process. Also, one is going off of the Ancient Wedding Metaphor in that it was around Mid-Summer that most Traditional Jewish Weddings occurred.

May Day, May Day

This is seen in the Prophetic Typology of Boaz and Ruth, etc. It is because a Key Clue is how Scripture notes how they waited for both the end of the Barley and Wheat Harvest. There was not a mention of waiting for the Grape Harvest. Thus, in one’s Calculations based on one’s New Wine Rapture Theory, the supposed 9th Av Rapture Interpretation and Attribution is too late in the Year.

Here is a Hebrew-Gregorian Date Converter one uses.

But one could be wrong as it is just a Theory. There is even an alternative Celebration of the Feast of New Wine that is based on the Essene Calendar. Based on the Temple Scrolls, it is now known that the Essenes celebrated that Feast, every Year on the 3rd of Av. So, consider the following Day Count. From May 1, 'Beltane Pagan Day and Communist Day'...just saying… to the End of Summer Wheat Harvest?

May 1 to July 23 (723)
= 83 Days
= 2 Months, 22 Days excluding the End Date. (222)
= ~119,000 Minutes
= 1992 Hours
= 11 Weeks and 6 Days (119 or 911?)

If one converts the 1992 Hours to = Years? Guess what Year, if we subtract this Numerical Coefficient from Year '2024'?

= Year 32

Perhaps pure Coincidence but wanted to share. One is still 'Cautiously Optimistic' though.




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