Debut of the Antichrist

  • What is Nova Explosion and will affect Earth?
  • How is the Nova interpreted through Biblical Lense?
  • Does this Nova have any Occult Connections?

 by Luis B. Vega
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‘But seek His Kingdom, and these Things will be added unto you. Do not be afraid, Little Flock, for your Father is pleased to give you the Kingdom’. -Luke 12:31

The following is a study about the Nova Event that will cause the Giant Red Dwarf and the T Corona Borealis White Dwarf to ignite and cause a ‘Flash’. This Nova keeps the White Dwarf intact and why it is not a Super-Nova. The T CrB White Dwarf is situated in the Constellation in-between Hercules and Perseus, some 3000 Light Years from Earth. This Nova is called the ‘Blazing Star’ for this repeating Cycle of Flashes and Brightness. However, it is not ‘Birthing’ or creating a New Star as would a Super-Nova. Astronomers predict a 90% Probably that the next Flash from T CrB will occur in September of 2024.

Now this ‘Flashing’ of Light that can be seen as a Celestial Beacon is not new as the Flash of Light emitted or the Nova occurs in Cycles of every 80 Years. What one is wanting to point out is what the Celestial Imagery conveys as the Crown is just part of the Sky that portrays the War of the Seeds as set forth in the 1st Prophecy given to Humanity. This was given by YHVH in the Garden of Eden when He had recreated the Earth that had ‘Become Formless and Void’, etc.

This Seed War was to be between the Seed of the Woman, Eve who was Deceived by Lucifer, the Shining One and the Seed of Lucifer, the Serpent. That is how he chose to appear to Humanity or Eve, in particular. The Seed War was to eventually come down to a Human Descendant on both Sides, that although they would be Born Human, they would be Hybrids in the sense that in Jesus’ case, He had no Human Chromosomes from the Genetic Line of the Father. Why not?

Theologically, this Hypostatic Union of Jesus, who was and is the Seed of the Woman, Eve, would His Male Chromosomes provided by the Holy Spirit. It is because it is through the Male Genes, through Adam that the Sin Nature is transmuted to every Human Being. Jesus, as a Human, had to be Pure and Sinless to be the Candidate to Redeem a Contaminated Humanity, down to the Genetic Level. Conversely, the Human Descendant of Lucifer would have his Genes. And who will that Person be?

Theologically, again, it is surmised that it will be the coming AntiChrist that the Jews will ‘Accept in his Own Name’, etc. This other Hybrid will do and speak Wonder, the Book of Daniel and Revelation declare. He, along with the False Prophet will work Miracles and call Fire to come down from Heaven. They will deceive the World, much like Eve into thinking that they will become Gods.

War of the Seeds
Or at least more than frail Humanity. And that is where the Mark of the Beast comes in. Essentially, Lucifer will transfer his Fallen DNA and have it be Biological Transfused with that of the Human Genome. So, this War of the Seeds, since Genesis 3:15 has been raging on Earth ever since. Humanity’s Soul is in the Balance and Humanity has the Free Will to choose Sides. And everyone has automatically chosen already. How so? By Default, everyone is born under the Power, Authority and Dominion of Lucifer.

It is incumbent now, since Jesus’ Death and Resurrection, that a Man or Woman have the Option of coming out of the Bondage of Darkens and be put in the Marvelous Light and Life that Jesus offers, Free of Charge. Sadly, dispute this Reality and Option, most Humans, Jesus stated will reject His Provision and follow Lucifer to his Destruction. Consider that after the Rapture and the that during the 7-Year Tribulation Period is happening, there are Billions Dying due to Nuclear War. There are Worldwide Geological Catastrophes, like Massive Earthquakes and Tsunamis, etc.

There will be Celestial Disturbances, Global Warming due to Planet X approaching. There will be Hyper-Inflation where a Loaf of Bread will cost a Days’ Wage, if even one finds and can keep a Job. Yet for all these Judgments, and that the People realize and recognize are Divine Judgments coming from Jesus, they will refuse to Repent of their Sins. Rather, they will shake their Fists at Heaven because of their Suffering due to their Hardening of their Heart. And to a large part, this Human Disposition to Rebel and Sin is what has caused Innocent Humanity to Suffer in this War of the Seeds.

And all that to say and put into Context, Celestial Context is that this War of the Seeds is seen Astronomically. And the Prize is the Grown, the Corona Borealis. In the Celestial Quadrant that the Corona Borealis is situated at is where you have Ophiuchus that is wrestling with the Snake or Serpents. But in this Struggle, Scorpio, the Enemy that is down-trodden by Ophiuchus’ Foot that is crushing the Head of the Scorpion to Death, does not go down without inflicting also a Mortal Blow to Ophiuchus at the Heel.

This is what occurred, exactly at the Cross of Calvary. It is a depiction of how Lucifer or Serpens in this Iteration seeks the Crown. The Crown represents the Victory of Winner-Take-All. And of how Lucifer seeks to usurp the Throne of YHVH in Heaven and on Earth. So, this is why, the ‘Flash’ of T CrB is fascinating to contemplate as it could be a Precursor or Warning that the Debut of the AntiChrist has finally arrived. Consider that the next ‘Flash’ or Beacon will not occur for another 80 Years.

That puts the Timeline at about the Year 2100+. One could safely say that the Prophetic Shelf-Life of this possible Prophetic Sign will have Expired by then. Nonetheless, this War of the Seeds has occurred all throughout Human History. But it was at the Resurrection of Jesus that it all came to a Head, and Jesus won, on behalf of Adams’ Fall. Jesus came as the Seed of the Woman to Rescue her and Adam. It was to restore Eden and all that YHVH had planned for Humanity. It is incredible. But that is what Lucifer sought to deter and Distract from. It worked, until Jesus.

Star or ‘Beacon’ of the Christ

But Lucifer is not done and has several Last Campaigns against Jesus and Humanity. A primary one is to enable his Son, the AntiChrist, to rally the World to prevent Jesus from returning to take the Promised Kingdom of David. Jesus is allowing this course to occur and play-out its eventual Sad End. And not without the Majority of Humanity having sided with Lucifer’s Rebellion and Effort to rule Humanity and the Universe, etc. So, that is why one is very interested to see about this Nova that Astronomers assess will be 90% to occur by September of 2024. Nova means ‘New’ in Latin.

One wonders then, if that ‘Flash’ in the Corona Borealis will then Prophetically signal the Debut of the AntiChrist. Could this Celestial Sign or ‘Flash’ be much like the Star of Bethlehem was for Jesus Christ? Time will tell the Truth. Consider that as Jesus had a Star appear, many End Time Students of Prophecy are also looking for  a corresponding Star. This could fit the Depiction as the Flash of this ‘Star’ occurs int-between Hercules and Perseus. Here is where one will then make an Occult Freemason Connection.

Consider again where the ‘Flash’ occurs, that is called the ‘Blazing Star’ and 1 of the 7 Stars that make-up the Corona is called the ‘Shining One’, i.e., ‘Lucifer’. It then has direct association with Lucifer as he is called or known as the Shining One. Coincidence? Not likely in one’s Estimation. From the Research and interpretation of E.W. Bullinger.

‘Its Arabic Name is Al Iclil, meaning an ‘Ornament’, or ‘Jewel’. It has 21 Stars. It is easily known by the Stars J, b, a, g, d and e, which form a Crescent. Its Brightest Star, a, has the Arabic Name of Al Phecca, ‘The Shining’. Thus ends this Solemn Chapter of Libra, which describes the Great Work of Redemption, beginning with the Cross and ending with the Crown. The Redeemer's Work of Atonement is most blessedly set forth, and He alone is seen as the Substitute for Lost Sinners’.

It occurs in-between Hercules and Perseus. These are 2 Legends of how Hercules was a Nephilim, or Angel God-Human Hybrid Mix. Perseus is the Rescuer of Andromeda, the Chained Woman and in this Prophetic Scenario, it is the AntiChrist Usurper that is to come and ‘Rescue’ Israel from Trouble. For sure, it is striking to contemplate how Corona Borealis is part of the Complete Celestial Context mentioned. The Centerpiece is Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer. It is a throw-back to the Genesis 3:15 War of the Seeds. The other Reason why one is very interested in this Celestial Nova or ‘Flash’ is how the Names are referenced to the Work of the Luciferians. How so?

In the Luciferian Freemason Ethos, for example, the Columbia Statue atop the Capitol Building of the USA is a Depiction of the Star of Sirius. It is also referred to as the  Blazing Star. It is a Veiled Motif of Lucifer, the Light Bearer whose 2 Pillars represent Hercules and Perseus. It is what is depicted in the Luciferian Freemason Tracing Boards and Cards, etc. Now to the Technical Aspects of this Nova. A Nova is a Giant Stellar Explosion when Matter from 1 Sun is transferred to another and the amount is enough to cause a Reaction, but not destroying the Sun that the Matter was released to. It is predicted by Astronomers that the ‘Flash’ is likely going to shine in the Night Sky.

Ignition On
One has heard that before. But giving the Benefit of the Doubt, it is said that the Nova is expected to be so bright that it will be visible even from Major Cities where the City Lights and Pollution can and does usually obstruct a Celestial Event like this. A Nova is different from a Super-Nova. Instead of blasting out of a Metal Shell, a Nova’s explosion happens on the surface of a White Dwarf Star. White Dwarfs are the smoldering remains of Stars like the Sun. The Nuclear Fusion of Hydrogen in the Sun’s Core produces Energy to push back the Gravity. It keeps the Sun from falling-in on itself.

At that point, the Sun is not able to get any denser without forcing its Electrons past a limit set by Quantum Mechanics, so the Physicists say. So, when a Star or Sun enters this Stable, Ultra-Dense Phase, it becomes a White Dwarf, etc. On its own, a White Dwarf cannot make a Nova occur. There has to be a Binary System, where Material like Hydrogen can be pulled-in by the White Dwarf. The System consists of a White Dwarf and a Red Giant Star located about 800 Light-Years from Earth to be precise. This is when the White Dwarf’s Gravity will suck-in that Energy.

Over Time, this ‘Fuel’ accumulates on the surface of the White Dwarf and heats-up. When the Matter gets hot enough, it will ignite. This Thermo-Nuclear Reaction is what then releases the Giant Burst of Radiation. This is how in a Nova Explosion, the Explosion does not destroy either Star. With this condition and Binary Connection, a Pattern or Cycle is created, whereby the Burst or Flash is repeated. This is the Beacon Effect then. It is as if this portion of the Sky is signaling one to look at much like Flashing Lights do of Advertisement and/or Signs. And that is one’s Point.

This T Corona Borealis, in particular, repeats its nova cycle roughly every 80 years. And if this Luciferian ‘Blazing Star’, the ‘Shining One’ coincides with the Year that the Biblical AntiChrist is to finally debut? That would be amazing. People have recorded these Nova Flashes from T Corona Borealis in the past. It is known that in 1217, an Abbot in Germany wrote about it. He described this ‘Blazing Star’ as a ‘Wonderful Sign’. So, it was in 2015 that Astronomers noticed that T Corona Borealis was entering the same sort of Phase that preceded its 1946 outburst by 8 Years.

2024 - 80 Year Cycle = 1944 + 8 Year Difference in Calculation = 1952

Thus, they predicted the System going Nova by the Mid-2020s. The Star has been growing brighter since 2015, followed by a visible dimming in March of  2023. This familiar Pattern suggests that another Explosion is Imminent. Consider the Numbers here and their possible Association with the Birth of Israel in 1948. If one has studied one’s Research, one will recognize that according to one’s Calculations, it is 1952, not 1948 that the Prophetic Countdown to the Return of Jesus is to occur, perhaps. It is how, by applying the Biblical Principle of 80 Years, if by Strength per Psalm 90 that one arrives at the Year 2032. This by summing 1952 + 80 Year Generation. Then one subtracts the 7-Year Tribulation Period and the result is 2025.This happens to be the Year in the Fall that consists of one’s Current Tribulation Timeline then, from Fall 2025 to Fall 2032 with the Year 2029 being the Mid-Point.

Star of Lucifer

According to Research, the Nova will be about as bright as Polaris, the North Star when it goes off and the News Headlines will be writing about it. However, This part of the Celestial Sky, being visible from most places on Earth, will not be seen in the Southern Hemisphere, if one subscribes to a Globe Model. So, this Celestial Flash by the Shining One, the Blazing Star, the Serpent that seeks to grasp the ‘Crown’ of Heaven will be a Once-in-a-Lifetime Event. In September of 2024, if the Flash is to occur, as predicted it is projected to have a Magnitude Range of +10 to +2, according to NASA.

The following will delve deeper into the Occult and Luciferian inference of the Blazing Star, and its connection to the Occult. References to the Blazing Star can be found in the Hebrew Torah. It is when YHVH scolds Israel for their False Worship and False Piety, saying the following. This Chastisement is when, initially Moses came down with the 2 Stone Tablets of the 10 Commandments. And upon returning after 40 Days, he encountered the New Wine Festival that had all of Israel celebrate around the Golden Calf, etc. According to one’s Estimations, the Day was July 23, the Feast of New Wine and the Astrological Leo New Year, etc.

‘I hate, I despise your Feasts! I cannot stand the Stench of your Solemn Assemblies. Even though you offer Me Burnt Offerings and Grain Offerings, I will not accept them; for your Peace Offerings of Fattened Cattle I will have no Regard. Take away from Me the Noise of your Songs! I will not listen to the Music of your Harps. But let Justice roll on like a River, and Righteousness like an Ever-Flowing Stream. Did you bring Me Sacrifices and Offerings 40 Years in the Wilderness, O House of Israel? You have taken along Sakkuth your King and Kaiwan your Star God, the Idols you made for yourselves Ye have borne the Tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiam, our Images, and the Star of your God, which ye made to yourselves’. -Amos 5:22-26

For example, in the Prestonian Lecture of the Grand Lodge of England, the Blazing Star is described as the Ornaments of the Lodge. And it is supposedly attributed to the Bible. Its Significance is explained in the following Supposition of the Luciferian Freemasons. They are Gas-Lighting you. Do not call ‘Holy’ that which is Profane.

‘The Blazing Star, or Glory in the Center, reminds us of that Awful Period when the Almighty delivered the 2 Tables of Stone, containing the 10 Commandments, to His Faithful Servant Moses on Mount Sinai, when the Rays of His divine ORY shone so bright that none could behold it without Fear and Trembling. It also reminds us of the Omnipresence of the Almighty, overshadowing us with His Divine Love, and dispensing His Blessings amongst us; and by its being placed in the Center, it further reminds us, that wherever we may be assembled together, God is in the midst of us, seeing our Actions, and observing the Secret Intents and Movements of our Hearts’. -The Great Architect of the Universe. Page 292.



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NASA, Global Astronomers Await Rare Nova Explosion





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