A Divine Sign to Israel and the World

  • Why does one beleive the Rapture is on New Wine?
  • Does the Rapture Event close-out the Church Age?
  • Will the Rapture Event be a Sign to Israel and World?

 by Luis B. Vega
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Here is one’s Rationale for why the Rapture Event correlates to the Acts 2 Pentecost New Wine (Not Shavuot). The Acts 2 New Wine Pentecost marks the ‘Birth’ of the Church when the Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles at the Temple Precinct, not the Upper Room, etc. Having the Rapture Event of having the Bride of Christ snatched-up on Pentecost would provide a Profound Prophetic Symmetry. It would signal the Completion of the Church’s Commission on Earth. It is a Passing of the Batton in how it will then be the Beginning or rather the End of YHVH's renewed Focus on Israel.

This subsequent Time-Frame will constitute the Last Week of Daniel’s 70 Year Prophecy. By having the Bride of their Messiah leave Earth in a ‘Retreat’ or Apostasia will impact the Religious Psyche of the Jew. The Disappearance of Millions of specific People that had only 1 Trait in Common, that they were Believers and Followers of Jesus  would be an unmistakable, Divine Sign. Yet most of Israel will rather go the way of Accepting ‘He who comes in his own Name’. No doubt, many Jewish People will not ignore this Sign and Event that will shake the very Foundations of all Nations on the Planet.

It does speak of the Provocation to Jealousy spoken in Romans 11:11. The Jews know from Scripture that 1 Day, the Gentiles would enter the same Covenant of Abraham they were privileged with. When confronted by the Religious Jews, Paul took the opportunity to expound from the Old Testament how this very Day would come in which there would be a ‘New Man in Jesus Christ’. It was for this very reason that a Riot broke-out when the Apostle Paul took that Fellow Believer up to the Temple Mount to fulfill a Vow.

Once the Religious Jews found out about the Jewish Mob nearly killed them both. It took a Roman Garrison from Fort Antonia to rescue them. And why the Riot for such Words coming from Paul? It is that the Exclusivity of the Jews being the ‘Chosen People’ would no longer apply. The Special Status would be afforded to any single Person from then on and no longer based on a Genetic Bloodline and Ancestry.

Notwithstanding, the Religious Jews, because they have presently a Veil or Scales on their Eyes to not fully See nor Understand unless Jesus is presented and accepted, fail likewise to comprehend that the Salvation of the Gentiles was and is ‘Part of the Plan’. Perhaps many Jews after the Rapture, as well as many Backsliding Christians will seek Jesus and put their Full Trust and Faith in Him.  They will need it as what is coming during the Tribulation Period will cost them their Head.  

Pentecostal Bookends

One’s Pentecost New Wine Theory is just a Model, a Theory. One cannot prove it. It is all Conjecture. And as I say to others that ask, it is based on one’s Learning Curb and Journey about this Topic. It has been 40 Years worth, and I still cannot pin-point it, other than have come across possible Clues that do factor a Triangulation of Discoveries. But even then, one cannot prove them.

I will include the 2 Charts again that show how one has determined the Day Count. Now realize that there is a Discrepancy because of so many Calendars, and which one, one is using and are they exactly 30 Day Months? So, the Devil is in the Details. As to your specific Question about how a July 23 Date is attained for 2024? Here is the Calculation. It is a fixed Day Count April 14, as it was in 32 AD.

April 14, 2024 + 100 Days = July 23, 2024

But if one is using the present Calendar and its conversion Equation, then as April 9 was Passover, and then you start your Omer Count on the Day after, being April 10, then + 100 Days = July 19. This is 3-4 Days of a Difference. Not sure how to explain that.  But if you count the Omer from the Day after the Weekly Sabbath, then you get: April 14, a Sunday + 100 Days = July 23, 2024.

So, there you have it. But again, one is stressing that one is only going off a Projected Model. One is not saying one is ‘Right’ or ‘Follow  Me’. But to that end, one has now written 3 Books about this. It has just been a Quest to study and research the Possibilities as to the Timing of the Rapture. The 3 Books on the Subject of the Pentecost New Wine are Free to Download if one has a Financial Hardship.




Rendezvous at the Lion's Gate
People often say the following when asked about, ‘When is the Rapture to occur?’ They say, ‘No One Knows the Day or the Hour’? Does that Verse in the Bible really pertain to the Rapture Timing? The purpose of this Book is to delve deep into this Question that has been Contemplated, Contested and Consternated for nearly 2000 Years, since the Church Age began or was Initiated with ‘Power from on High’ in Acts 2.

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Summer White Wheat Wedding
The purpose of this Book is to provide a Compilation of Articles over several Years of ‘Discovery into the Journey of Identifying where and when the True Count of Leviticus 23:15-16 occurred, i.e., the Feast of New Wine, precisely at a 99th Day Count. The challenge that his Book tackles is what is the Start Date? Why? This initial Start Date will determine the exact Day in which the Feast of New Wine, on a July 23 Date.

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​Conclusion of the Commission
A study of the Astronomical and Mathematical Patterns heralding the End of the Church Age and the coming Transference of Testimony and the witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The 7-year Sabbatical Cycle of time suggests that the Church Age is about to conclude and transfer the Gospel Witness back to the Dispensation of Israel to finish the 70th Week of Years. This specific time is predicated on the Convergence of several Prophetic Timelines will be presented to highlight this time of the Synchronization of Biblical prophecy.

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