Wars and Rumors of War

  • When will World War 3 Begin? Has it started?
  • How is this World War different that prior ones?
  • What does Jesus have to say about it?

by Luis B. Vega
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If any of you have been in the Military or know of any Family Members that have or are currently Seasoned in War Preparations, this is it. The World is consistently creeping-up on having it go Kinetic. All this is very Serious and one does not really think the Average Joe in the USA is taking it. Those living in Europe are more attune to its ramifications as the Ukraine War is their Front Door and the Israel-Hamas War is just Around the Corner.

One has shared this Article below about ‘When will World War 3 Start?’ It has already. In this case, due to Modern Technology, one is seeing the Transition of Technology much like in prior World Wars. There is always a Transition to be worked-out. For example, In World War 1, Airplanes were used for the 1st Time. In the case of the USA Military Industrial Complex, the Weapons used for World War 1 were perfected out of the Civil War. And the Civil War Weapons were perfected out of the Mexican-American War.

Likewise in World War 2, the Weapons of the Nazi Germans were perfected out of World War 2. This was drastically seen as the Nazi Blitzkrieg went into Poland who were still charging with their Calvary. It was a Slaughter. Then the World War 2 Weapons were perfected for the duration of the Cold War with the Russian Soviets, etc. The Pont  that this is now what is occurring in preparation for the Final Stage of World War 3. The Ukraine Front was/is the 1st Stage. It is becoming clear that the World War 2 Conventional Tactics are not working. It is now all about A.I., High Tech Drone Wars, etc.

Then the Israel-Hamas War is the 2nd Stage of World War 3. Alongside Conventional Tactics that is the Common Denominator in any War, New Technology is presently being introduced and tested in these 2 Fronts. What is next is the 3rd Stage of World War 3. And that is when it will involve Nuclear Weapons. In all of one’s Political Science Study of World Affairs in relation to End Times Prophecy, one has not read and heard so much Nuclear Strike Rhetoric. And this go-around has not been like in the 1980s where there was, to a limited and only calculated level.

Now? It is on the Front Pages nearly every Day. What is daunting to compare is that Russia has real Nuclear Bomb Shelters that can shield a significant portion of its Population. Many such Underground Facilities are Prepared for massive Population Upheaves, deep in the Ural Mountains, for example. In the USA? Zero. Good Luck. Yes, there are DUMB’s, Deep Underground Military Bases, but that is for those that are in the ‘Club’, and ‘You are not in it’.

Wars Against Israel

As one was considering the latest Nuclear Strike Saber Rattling, one was reminded of how one Predicted when World War 3 would begin. This Notion was considered round 2012-3 when the End of the Mayan Calendar Frenzy occurred. It was also the Time when the 2014-15 Blood Moon Tetrad was to occur. One applied the Phi Ratio Theory to both and noticed now the Tetrad of 2014-15 was in Phi Ratio to those 2 Prior ones in 1949-50 and 1967-68, etc. One has shared now one is convinced that Prophecy occurs when there is a Triangulation of 3 Nodes of Time or Events. What one surmised is, what if World War 3 was to occur in such a similar Phi Ratio Pattern?

One then could approximate the Year that it would begin then. And that is what one plotted on a Timeline. One took the Beginning of World War 1, in correlation to the End of World War 2. These were the 2 Nodded of the Events in Time. In one then superimposed the Ruler of a Phi Ratio or Golden Section, then by knowing the 2 Nodes in Time will lead to the 3rd.  Thus, for a Visual, one used the Phi Ratio Spiral to get a better perspective to their Triangulation. And/ Well, according to the Phi Ratio Pattern, World War 3 was to have started in the 2022-2023-2024 Year Range. And in Retrospect, one can see how the 3 Years appear to be correlated to the 3 States of the War.

Stage 1: Ukraine
Stage 2: Israel
Stage 3: Syria

Notice that all 3 Wars deal with some aspect of Israel. But how is the Ukraine? Zelenski is Jews. Enough said. It is really a De Facto Gog-Magog War of the Prince of Russ with Israel already. It is just a Prelude, in one’s Eschatological Estimation. What one is now suggesting is that the Next Stage will go Nuclear. This is where one does filter the Narrative based on End Times Prophecy. Specifically, it is about how, perhaps Israel will destroy Damascus in the Isaiah 17 obliteration of the City overnight.

How one surmises this possible 3rd Stage is that if 2024 is the Year of the Rapture, it will serve several functions. It will serve as a Sign to Israel that Jesus’ Bride has been completed, finished, built and taken out of Harm's Way. Then it will be a Sign to the World, that the Hour of Testing has come, as Jesu stated. This means that for the USA, it will lose a significant amount of People to collapse the Society, Government and infrastructure, Services, etc. It will not recover to the level it has now of being the World Leader.

As Israel has relied on World Leaders for its ‘Peace and Security’, it will see that their Golden Goose has been ‘Cooked’ and will have to go at it alone in terms of the Israeli-Muslim Conflict. By having the USA out of the Fight, the Muslim Enemies of Israel will be emboldened to simultaneously attack Israel. This will be the Psalm 83 War. Thus as a Countermeasure, Israel will have no choice but to use the Samson Option and Nuke Damascus. It will serve as a Shot Across the Bow to Iran as the False AntiChrist, now Revealed after the Rapture Event will lead the World in making Peace with Israel.

Is the Ezekiel War during the Tribulation, Pre-Millennial?

In a Gesture of Good-Will, he Confirms the Mosaic Covenant to Israel who will be implementing the Noahide Laws to Non-Jews and the 3rd Temple will be built to rally the World around the ‘Houses’ of the 3 Abrahamic Faiths. This is to say that on the Temple Mount, it will serve to complete the 3 Temples, each for the 3 Main Abrahamic Faiths.

This will ensure ‘Peace and Security’ for 7 Year, guaranteed by the False Jewish Messiah and the world will enter into a New Economic Prosperity based on a New Currency that will be Biometric, etc. And the rest is History as they say, Prophetic History in this case though. So, back in 2012-13, one predicted this World War 3 Scenario Time-Frame, and it appears to be panning-out.

One is not 100% sure when the Russian-Led Invasion of Israel will occur. One can also say that no one else knows either. But there are some Clues to possibly consider. Note that the Passage in Ezekiel ‘infers’ that YHVH calling Israel, ‘His People’…In all of the Scripture of the New Testament, that has not been iterated. This Relationship has not been the case since 70 AD. But YHVH reiterating this during the 7-Year Tribulation is 1 of the Acts that will help National Israel turn away from the AntiChrist and see him for what he is really at the Mid-Point. Also the Confederation of Nations, which is presumed led by Russia is now in place.

But realize that there is just 1 Tribe left to deal with in the Last Days that has been Reconstituted and has Political and Sovereign Control over the Promised Land. Well, not really as the Ancient Sites of Judea and Samaria are not entirely under Jewish Sovereignty, but the Palestinian Authority. But the Last Tribe, that to Judah, is where most ‘Jews’ of the Modern Times would affiliate themselves with. Consider that YHVH knows who the supposed ‘Lost 10 Tribes’ are. The Reunification of the 12 Tribes of a United Israel will be realized during the Millennial Kingdom.

It has to, because Jesus will again partition the Land to the 12 Tribes and He must surely know who they will be. And that is to also say that of all the ‘Jews’ that call themselves that, no doubt, many are really of the other 10 Tribes, unbeknownst, perhaps. The Ezekiel War is Prophetic and Multilayered, it even says it is for the End Times…thus, Post Rapture but Pre-Millennial Prophetic Event. But what about the 7-Years of the Burning of the Super-Weapons for Energy? And if the Tribulation Period is 7 Years, it means that the War has to begin in ‘Year 1’ of the 7-Year Tribulation Period. One has asked that Question too and as of now, cannot find an Answer.

The best Antidote one can surmise, possibly is that the Burning of the Weapons for the 7 Years goes on into the Millennium. Sure, it could be absurd, but it is a Mystery to reconcile the Timeline yet to be fully Understood and realized, etc. It is just that we do not have all the Information and Details to correctly assess the Time-Frame. We only can See in Part and Know in Part, on this Side of the Rapture. So, is Ezekiel 37 Post Tribulation? Is Ezekiel 38-39 post Millennial perhaps? Yes, it is both. One is of the Interpretation that there are 2 Gog-Magog Wars. There was one during the 7-Year Tribulation Period led by the Confederations of the Outer-Ring of Muslim Nations. This is what is spearheaded by Russia, with Turkey and Iran. Then at the End of the Millennium, there is a Gog-Magog War 2.0. Why?

One is more convinced that it is the Spirit or Fallen Angel Power behind the Gog and Magog that uses the Circumstances against Rising-Up Against Jesus and His Land, City and Temple, etc. The Rationale is the same along the Lines of how in Daniel, one has a glimpse of the Actual Spiritual Powers behind Nations, i.e., Prince of Persia, Prince of Greece, etc. One believes that  the Weapons are Super-A.I. Type of Weapons. With the Technology of gong Hyper-Sonic and Destruction Power, the Fuel will be of the likes of CERN type of Technology. They already exist, one has been told.

Thus, the most likely one would subscribe to a Fall 2025 to a Fall 2032 Tribulation Time-Frame with the 2nd Coming in 2032. If this Rapture Timing Calculation has any Merit, the most likely Rapture High Watch Year, in one’s Calculations is in 2024. When exactly? At the Feast of New Wine. And that is? It is just after the Last Day of the Summer Wheat Harvest as the Astrological Leo New Year occurs on a July 23rd. Only Time will Tell the Truth, as one says.

It is one of those Theories that can only be proven by Time. One cannot Test it, as in the Scientific Method. But one does and can compare it to prior Prophetic Patterns, and that is what one has done. Consider that one’s Research, come to find out, has matched that of the Essene’s with their New Wine Calendar and Crucifixion Calculations. And precisely of the Factors involving a 32 AD Crucifixion Year and a 2025 Start of the Tribulation Period. So, all that to say, if they are also ‘Wrong’ in their Calculation and this Scenario does not play-out, one is the most Pitiful of those that study Prophecy of the End Days.




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