Banqueting Hall of Love - At the Rapture

  • What is a Marriage Covenant all about in the Bible?
  • How is the Pledge at Sinai the same as the Supper?
  • When will Jesus return for His Bride?

by Luis B. Vega
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'Like an Apple Tree among the Trees of the Forest is my Beloved among the Young Men. I delight to sit in his Shade, and his Fruit is sweet to my Taste. He has brought me to the House of Wine, and his Banner over me is Love. Sustain me with Raisins; refresh me with Apples, for I am Faint with Love’. -Song of Solomon 2:3-5

The purpose of this study is to provide a Prophetic Typology of the ‘Marriage Proposals’ made at Mount Sinai and Mount Zion. They were made respectfully by GOD the Father at Sinai, the then GOD the Son at Mount Zion in Jerusalem. The one at Mount Zion, is that of the LORD’s Supper. One will attempt to compare and correlate the Mount Sinai Marriage Proposal and how it ‘Mirrors’, in many ways, in what occurred at Mount Zion to the Last Supper. And then, how the Fulfillment of the Mount Zion ‘Marriage Proposal’ with Christ and His Bride will be fulfilled at the Rapture Event in the Clouds, etc.

One will attempt to show some Amazing Parallels that are Supernatural and what the Bride of Christ has to look forward to. It is really what occurred with the 70 Elders plus Moses and Aaron at the Mid-Way Point of Mount Sinai. That is where the ‘Cleft of the Rock’ Open Area was situated at and YHVH provided, as it were, a Banqueting Hall to have dined with them. One will compare this to the Banqueting Hall of the Upper Room and show how they correlate. One will be relying on some Poetic Freedom in this Endeavor.

Realize that the Israelites arrived at the Foot of Mount Sinai, on the same day they left Egypt, that being Nisan 15. It took them 60 Days, exactly to reach Sinai, or 3 Months. They were told to wait 3 Days, and to then appear, in their ‘Best’ to be presented to GOD Almighty, ‘Face-to-Face’. Image the Scene. Who out of all the Peoples of Earth since Adam had such an Invitation, or rather ‘Proposal’ as in Marriage Type to be before the King of the Universe. On the 3rd Day, all of the 3+ Million Israelites and Mixed Company gathered at the Foot of Mount Sinai.

Then YHVH appeared, and in an Audible Voice spoke to them and essentially Proposed to them. YHVH proclaimed the Contract, to be binding and the Conditions for the Relationship. It was a Call to a Vow, a Holy Matrimonial Vow. Israel accepted. She said, ‘I Do’. Then YHVH instructed Moses to wait 7 Days, before ascending to the Top to Meet YHVH, Face-to-Face and have that Vow, that Matrimonial Contract etched in Stone as a Witness to have and refer to, etc. It was during this 7 Day Period that YHVH instructed Moses to go-up about half-way, to the Area called the Cleft of the Rock. It could accommodate a Gathering. A Gathering of what?

Banner of Love
YHVH instructed Moses to call the Leaders of all the 12 Tribes of Israel. They were to be a Sample of Bride to be taken into the House of YHVH there and then. It was, as if it was the Upper Room with Jesus and His Token Number for the Bride to be. At Sinai, there were 6 Elders from every Tribe (6 x 12 = 72). This included Moses and Aaron. In actuality, they were the following.

70 Elders + Moses and Aaron = 72.

This Number is highly Significant and plays into the Prophetic Typology of Jesus with His Bride. This Concept will be developed later-on. But the Point is that the Call to ‘Come-Up’ to the Cleft of the Rock Area was a Prophetic Type of the Rapture. It was at this Mid-Point, between Earth and Heaven where YHVH came down to have the Marriage Dinner with. But where YHVH is, so is His Throne and House reside. It was there at the Half-Way Marker, as if suspended in the Air that YHVH provided the ‘Banqueting Hall’ and Tables for the 70 Elders plus Moses and Aaron to Dine.

This occasion was the Prelude to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. In this case, it was the Marriage Dinner of YHVH and His Bride, Israel. Consider the Imagery as Moses, Aaron and the 70 Elders went up to that Open Area. The YHVH came to meet them there. YHVH was using His movable version of His Throne called the Merkavah, etc. But imagine that in a Spiritual sense, that Tabernacle consisting of the Porch, Holies and Holy of Holies is what was superimposed upon the Elders of Zion, there and then.

It was as if the Tabernacle became the Chuppa or the Covering of the Marriage Ceremony that the Jews still observe in their Marriages. And realize that at the End of a Jewish Wedding, they Break the Wine Class. Why? It speaks of the 2 Tablets of the Marriage Vow given by YHVH to Israel, but that were Broken or shattered by Moses, due to the Rebellion on Mount Sinai. And when was that Date? According to one’s Acts 2 Pentecost Theory, it was on the Feast of New Wine, etc.

But take in the Scenery, that the Marriage Canopy came down upon them when YHVH came down to have their Marriage Dinner with the 72 Elders. They saw YHVH in His Glory seated on a Throne. The Ground became as Sapphire or Transparent Glass, of the Color Blue but ablaze in Fire. Then the Holies is where there is the Menorah of 7 Lights, the Altar of Incense and the Table of Bread. Here is where one takes some Poetic Liberty in insinuating that at this Mid-Point on the Mountain was thus as the Rapture, in that the Ground they were standing on was as if it was the Sky, the Clouds.

Thus, one conjectures that after YHVH ‘Proposed’ to Israel on the 3rd Day, at the Foot of Mount Sinai, YHVH then had the Marriage Dinner and actual ‘Ceremony’. This was the occasion where YHVH called the Representatives of the 12 Tribes to assemble half-way up the Mountain. And in that area, YHVH came down, supernaturally and enveloped them as with a Banner of Love. This Banqueting Hall transfixed Space and Time to have their Marriage Supper with YHVH. Given this Interpretation of what happened at Mount Sinai, one will the Compare and Correlate how that same Marriage Proposal occurred on the other Mountain, Zion in Jerusalem, i.e., the Upper Room.

Between Earth and Heaven

Consider that in Jerusalem, Mount Zion is 1 of the highest Points of the Old City. When Jesus instructed His Disciples to secure a Place so they could observe the Passover early, they went ‘Up’ to Mount Zion as if the 70 Elders + Moses and Aaron went up to Mount Sinai, between Earth and Heaven. Now what transpired at the Upper Room in terms of it being a Wedding Proposal is not anything new.

What one wishes to use that Reference for, is to show how, likewise, Jesus had ‘Proposed’ to the Bride at that Place and Time. And these 12 Disciples were as the 70 Elders, representing the 12 Tribes of Israel, in a sense. Now here is where again, one will utilize some Poetic Freedom. Consider that in the Book of Revelation, the Typology of the Bride of Christ is directly associated with what was in the Holies. There was the Menorah of 7 Lights and Testimony. The 7 Lights were also known as the 7 Churches of Asia. Then there are the 7 Stars in the Hands of Jesus that one has argued, referenced to the Pleiades Star Cluster. You had the 7 Churches, Jesus and John on the Scene.

But here is one’s Conjecture. If one drops the ‘0’ in the 70 Elders, then one would have 7 + Moses and Aaron, or 9 rather than 72. And? Upon correlating the Sinai Proposal and Marriage Dinner, now the corresponding 7 Star of the Pleiades Motif plus Moses and Aaron would be as Atlas and Pleione. These 2 Stars of the Pleiades are attributed to the Shepherd and Shepherd Dog. And that is exactly what Moses and Aaron were to Israel in the Days of Sinai. Moses was the Faithful Shepherd, a Type of Jesus, the Great Shepherd of the Flock. And Aaron was Moses’ Attendant or Lieutenant. It was Aaron that rallied the Tribes, etc. He was the Type of the Holy Spirit.

Now one does not know the entire Sequence after the Rapture, if for example the Bema Seat of Christ will occur next. Will it be before the Bride takes her Throne next to the Lamb of YHVH? But nonetheless, Jesus is now the Conquering Lion of Judah. And it is at that Time and Place that He will then dispense with opening-up the Seal Judgments, etc. In the End-Notes, there are several Charts one did in a Study about the Prophetic Coordinates of the Exodus Journey of the Jews to Mount Sinai.

So, one is saying that the Picture of Sinai, the Marriage Proposal and Dinner with the 70 Elders was what also occurred, Prophetically at the Upper Room. At the LORD’s Supper, you had a Place as if between Earth and Heaven. You had the Groom, and the Banqueting Hall, as it where like the Holies of the Tabernacle of YHVH. You had the Table of Bread, Lights and Worship in the Closing Hymn Jesus ended the Meal with. Here is what one is insinuating based on the Sinai Marriage Proposal Typology.

At the Rapture of the Bride of Jesus, it will be like the gathering of the Elders at the Cleft of the Rock. It will be made up of the 7 Churches of Asia, all Prophetically Inclusive. And it will be along with the Great Shepherd of the Flock, Jesus. It will be the Holy Spirit that will have gathered her to Jesus in the Clouds, the Midpoint between Earth and Heaven. And one will be standing on Air, as if on the Transparent Sapphire Sea will be the Clouds. What an Amazing Sight and Experience that will be. Realize that Sinai was a Forerunner of the Real that is to come.

Jesus’ Proposal
Although it was Supernatural and Real for the 70 Elders + Moses and Aaron, how much more for the End of the Church Age that finishes-off with the Rapture. And then, it will be the Time and Place where Faith becomes Sight, as Jesus and the Holy Spirit ushers the Bride to be presented to the Father in His House, the True Tabernacle in Heaven. It will be a House full of Wine. New Wine? One will see Him Face-to-Face, without Sin, standing the True Sappier Sea of Transparent Fire. Now how is all this Typology of Sinai, Zion and the Rapture Marriage Proposals and Dinners relevant to Today?

Consider that the Gospel of Jesus is His ‘Proposal’ to you to be Married. It is a Holy Covenant, a Contract that is bound by one’s Faithful Promises to keep Jesus and Him alone as Savior and LORD, etc. It is to have no other ‘Lovers’ or ‘Gods’ to play with on the side. So, when a Person says, ‘Yes’ to the Gospel Invitation of Jesus, they are essentially saying ‘I Do’. And what are the Provisions or Tangible Promises of what is to come presently that one can See, Touch and Consume even? They are the Tokens od the coming Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Consider that as often as one participates in the Elements of the Bread and the Wine, or what is called ‘Communion’, one is taking the Time to Rehearse the Proposal, the Promises that the Groom is returning 1 Day for the Bride. And that you are still Pledging your Faithfulness in waiting until the Call.

And when is that? Consider the Clues of when it is dealing with the New Wine Timeframe. Did not Jesus say at the Last Supper, that He would not drink of the Wine, but at the Kingdom, ‘anew’? Is that the Time of the ‘New Wine’? And if one studies the Song of Solomon 2:3-5, does it not hint at when seeing Jesus, who was/is as a Solomon and the Shulamite, as the Bride? When? When the King brings the Bride into the House of His Father. It is when the House is filled with Wine. May one dare to extrapolate that it could be insinuating the Time and Place when the Wine is New? 

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