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  • What is 'Shadow-Banning' and why is it done?
  • How are Books that are Controversial Banned?
  • Why is there Censorship when Truth is involved?

 by Luis B. Vega
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Apparently, Amazon is inflating the Price of 1 of my Books, at least in the Ordering Option Menu. One is aware that by inflating the Price of a Book, it is a form of Shadow Banning. It is believed by some, that it is done to ‘Controversial Books’ for Context that the Powers-That-Be, cannot out-right Ban. It is a Means, so it will be too expensive for People to buy the Book. Perhaps it is a Glitch but it is very interesting, nonetheless, see Screenshot at the End-Notes.

One became aware of this Price ‘Hike’ as one was going over the Book Inventory one has on the Website. One came across a very Odd Pricing Figure that was and is ‘Astronomical’. Talk about ‘Inflation’. It has to do with 1 of my Books, Self-Published entitled, ‘72 to Monkey – Zero Hour USA’. Sure, it was Published on April 1, 2024, but it presents some possible Geo-Political and Biblical Scenarios, about how the USA is headed to an unavoidable Civil War. The Topic or Notion is not anything ‘New’ or Sensational that has not already been discussed in the News Outlets, on Online Blogs or Social Media.

But, in one’s prior Experiences with Publishing Material, especially from a Christian and Biblical Point of View, it is an example of how Major Globalists Online Product Sellers or Merchandise Platforms like Amazon, ‘Shadow Bans’ Books. Evidence? One can only point the Price of a ‘Normal’ $30 U.S. Dollar Book. And consider that with such Selling Platforms, as it pertains to Books, one only receives about 1% of the Total Royalties of any Book sold.

It has been the case, that for those Books that cannot be banned outright, as mentioned, they inflate the Price so high that it prices-out most Buyers from ever purchasing a Copy of the Book. This ensures the Public will never read the Contents of the Book, etc. One thought this might be a Glitch, but it is one of the Prices being listed, at nearly $500 U.S. Dollars for the Book. Perhaps the Topic of how the USA might be headed for a Civil War is why.

And if one remembers, back in 2022, one’s whole Lulu Account and all of one’s Books, which have passed 50 Books, as of this Write-Up, were Banned and de-listed for Publication and Sales. It had to do with 6 Books one Self-Published about the Research one did during the Lock-Downs, about the Mask-Mandates and COVID Kill-shots. So, just to demonstrate that in an Age of Deception, attempting to Tell the Truth is a Revolutionary Act, Contraband.


72 to Monkey – Zero Hour USA.

If you all want to know what the Book contained, here is the Write-Up one made about it. A lot of the Chapters, one has shared online.

#920: 72 TO MONKEY
Zero Hour U.S.A.
The White, The Blue and The Red​

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