4 Months to a Mid-Summer Wheat Harvest

  • When is 'True' Pentecost an the Feast of New Wine?
  • Why is it important to have the 'Right' Calendar?
  • Will the Rapture occur on this Pentecost Anniversary?

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‘Jesus explained, My Food is to do the Will of Him who sent Me and to finish His Work. Do you not say. There are still 4 Months until the Harvest? I tell you, lift up your Eyes and look at the Fields, for they are Ripe for Harvest. Already the Reaper draws his Wages and gathers a Crop for Eternal Life, so that the Sower and the Reaper may rejoice together’. -1 John 4:34-36

One was asked about how the Essene Calendar celebrates the Feast of New Wine on Av 3. This is in the 5th Month and not in the 4th Month of Tammuz as one Calculates it. It is because one is more convinced that the Solar Calendar is more accurate than even the Essene one is, in one’s Estimation. One was asked about how the 120 Day Axiom could determine the Rapture’s Timing. One would agree. This Notion is based on Jesus saying that there are 4 Months to a Harvest. What Harvest Type then?

One is convinced He was referring specifically to the Summer What Harvest. And that Jesus made this Statement just Days after the Yearly Spring Equinox of March 20. One has based one’s Pentecost New Wine Theory on this Day Count. And then subsequently how the Rapture, if tied to this ‘Beginning and End’ Prophetic Symmetry is to play-out, would then occur on that Precise Anniversary, 4 Months later. It is all Conjecture and New Wine Theory will only be proven ‘Right’ when the Rapture happens, on that Day. The issue is ‘What Year’. But again, ‘What is your Start Date?’

Sure, if one interprets the Saying of Jesus to have occurred after Passover, then a Rapture in the Month of Av is doable, if one is counting by the Essene Calendar. In one’s Pentecost New Wine Theory, this 120 Coefficient is very Significant and is 1 of the Foundational Pieces of Evidence to support a July 23, 100 Day Count, corresponding to the Acts 2 Pentecost, etc. The Number 120 is Prophetic. It is the Number of Years YHVH gave to Noah of how long Humanity had before Divine Justice would fall.

4 Month (4 x 30 Day/Month) = 120 Days

One believes it was a Double Meaning in how long the Ark would take to build and how Human History was to be 120 Prophetic Years, taking into account Jubilees. Then, the 120 Numerical Factor, is for example the Age that Moses Died. It is what connects the 120 Disciples with Pentecost, because in one’s Interpretations, the 120 Degree correlates to the 4th Month, Tammuz, not Av. But that 120 Day Countdown to the Harvest is 1 of the Primary Arguments one has for a Mid-July Timing of the New Wine, and perhaps the Rapture Event. Realize that by the Time Av rolls around, the Summer Wheat Harvest has long passed and the New Wine is no longer ‘New’.

Solstice Synchronizations
Of course, it is one’s best Assessment and one is not saying one is ‘Right’, but here is why one is more convinced on the Proper Perspective of how to interpret the 120 Day Harvest Code. If one is into Ancient History and Archaeology, one will realize how all Civilizations had their Solar Wheels pegged to the Solstices and Equinoxes. It was their Calendar. Many had Pillars, Stones, such as Stonehenge, for example that tracked the Sun’s Trajectory. They did not go by the Moon Cycles as that would have been catastrophic in Agriculture. They delineated the Sky or Seans into 4 Quadrants.

1. Realize that in the Ancient World, their Survival was based on when to Plant their Crops.

2. Realize that all of YHVH’s Feast are Harvest Agrarian Types of Times.

The Point is that on the Spring Equinox, that was and still is the Time Marker to plant for a Summer Harvest. These 4 Nodes or Stations of the Sun Synchronized ‘Everything’. All that to say, that one interprets the Saying of Jesus, before the Passover and just a few Days after the Spring Equinox of March 20-21, depending. Thus, when Jesus said this Statement, all the Jews hearing this would automatically know and realize, comprehend that He was talking about the Wheat Harvest that Turns ‘White’.

This does not happen in Av. There is no Wheat still standing that is White to Harvest in Av. Sorry. And then there are several Key Wheat Passages in Scripture that specifically point to a Harvest of Souls and when the End Time is to conclude, etc. So, that is why one is more convinced, still that the 120 Day Count is from the Summer Solstice. It is based on the Creation Calendar that one should be going by.

So, for example, if one subtracts the 120 Days from a July 23 Date, the Start Date is March 24, just a few Days after the Spring Solstice when the Summer Wheat was to be planted. If the Jews waited until after Passover to Plant it, they would have starved for the Germination of the Cold Ground needed, would not have been possible. As an Aside Note, realize that for the Year 2024, the Spring Equinox has been the earliest solstice in 228 Years.

Time Divided equally into 4 Quadrants of the Sky Above and 4 Season Below

1-Spring Equinox        = March 20
2-Summer Solstice     = June 20
3- Fall Equinox           = September 20
4- Winter Solstice       = December 20

One is just attempting to ‘Fine-Tune’ the Dates of the Acts 2 Pentecost that one is arguing was the Feast of New Wine, etc., and that has been the Challenge. But with additional Insights as to how July 22, is traditionally the Last Day of the Summer Wheat Harvest, and then how July 23, is the Astrological Leo New Year, it appears to confirm one’s Theory. And consider that these Feasts are accompanied by Celestial Events, aside from the Normal Moon Cycles. Now one understands that this Pentecost New Wine Theory and/or Interpretation is being received with Mixed Reactions.

Celestial Confirmations?
It is expected of such a New Understanding of Scripture. Although one differs with the other few Brethren that also subscribe to the Pentecost New Wine Theory is dealing with the Interpretations of the counting of the Sabbaths. One is highly concerned about it but is it worth arguing about. One likes the fact that there is only a 2 Week Difference.

And for some Brethren, that is ‘Good Enough’. True, what is 2 Weeks in comparison to Eternity to look forward to? For the Year 2024, here are the following Calendar Days pegged to Celestial Confirmation, in one’s Estimation of how the Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars appear to confirm the Solar Calendar instead.

= Solar Eclipse, the Great American one and last in the 3 Part Series.

What the Jews celebrate and Christians consider as being the Same as Pentecost
= Great Planetary Alignment

What was the Acts 2 end of the Mid-Summer Wheat Harvest and the Beginning of the Wine Harvest by commemorating and dedicating the New Wine Offering.
=Astrological Leo New Year

And this Subject is not a Salvific one, so, All Good. One just finds it sad and disheartening how other so-called Christians are Berating and Mocking the few that now do teach it on YouTube. It is for the General Principle of how the True Pentecost is a 100 Day Count and on the Feast of New Wine Festival. On that, one has Common Ground. But unfortunate as with every New Understanding, like the Pentecost New Wine, there is 1st Ridicule, then Mockery, then Acceptance and finally the same People will say, ‘Oh, we knew it all along’.

One has to take into account that there are at least 8 Major Calendars to choose from. So, if you are tracking with the Essene One, then ‘Yes’, New Wine is on the 3rd of Av. But this is solely based on Principle in how they are only Commemorating it or Celebrating it. It is a Fixed Time regardless of when it actually happened. It is the same Principle in how the Jews presently ‘Celebrate’ or again, Commemorate the ‘Giving of the Law’ on Shavuot. This is despite the fact that based on the Sinai Day Count, the Jews had not even reached the Foot of Mount Sinai yet.

One’s whole Thesis about the Pentecost New Wine is based on the Spring Equinox. And even then, there is so much Discrepancy about it. But, in one’s Estimation, one is more convinced that the Solar Calendar is the more accurate one, even over the Essene one. It is a matter of ‘Take your Pick’. But in the Solar Calendar, one will see that for the Year 2024, the Feast of New Wine is on July 21. It is really 21-22 as that is the Jewish Day straddling a Gregorian Day. And July 22, is exactly the End of the Mid-Summer Wheat Harvest. Then the New Wine starts the Next Day, July 23rd. So, to argue that the New Wine then starts some 15 Days later in the 5th Month of Av?

Av 3 Essene New Wine?

Ask an Israeli Farmer if the New Wine or the start of the Wine Harvest occurs at the Beginning of the Month of Av? See what they will say back to you. That is why one said that for 2024, by the Time Av 3 or August 8th comes, in the Wine Harvest Process, the New Wine has long passed by 15 Days or 1 Moon Cycle. See Date Converter below.

Av 3 is August 8th, so, from July 23rd to August 8th is 15 Days. Again, not saying one is ‘Right’, just more convinced based on one’s Learning Cure at this Point in Time. And even if one is hovering over the Target, as they say, what Year? One is Cautiously Expectant of 2024, but it could be a ‘Nothing Burger’ and the Rapture is still in the Future.






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