Why 2029 is Mid-Point of Tribulation Period

  • What is the Christ Star all about, is it Prohetic?
  • Why are Planets taken into account for Prophecy?
  • How is the Christ Star factored into the Tribulation?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to touch upon the Notion of the Christ Stars of 2024, the July 23 723 ‘Rapture Code’ and the possible Rapture Timing because of it. The 1st Time one saw that 723 Number appear with a Brush Stroke over a Gray Canvas, it is just that it was rather odd and peculiar. But it was then reiterated exactly the subsequent Time…like, ‘Get a Clue’. One felt like Samuel as a Young Boy with the High Priest Eli in the Tabernacle and YHVH called Samuel but went to Eli. It happened twice 2x.

But by then Eli realized it was YHVH calling him. Sad is that Eli was no longer listening and/or responding to YHVH’s Voice. The Relationship was Gone. And as the Bible teaches, where there is No Vision, the People Perish. And that is what happened to Eli and Israel. Anyway, I enjoyed the Video. One is only making an honest attempt in explaining what one sees/perceives. That is all one can do, honestly. But in one’s Assessment, the Rapture Event, in one’s Assessment is related to a Summer Wheat Harvest. Thus, that is why one is not keen in looking at how the Christ Star, i.e., the Jupiter-Venus Conjunction can be the Rapture Event.

Now, other End Times Watchmen considered the Astronomical Connection of the Conjunction of the Asteroid, Apophis with the Christ Star of 2024. In one’s Assessment, that was extremely Significant and perhaps Prophetic as it signaled ‘Chaos surely coming right after the Christ Star Conjunction of May 23, 2024. Also, based on the Rabbinical Calendar, the Christ Star did occur on 2nd Passover. That was rather interesting, but one is convinced the Rabbinical Calendar is off or not exactly synchronized to the Solar Cycles.

If one thinks the ‘Wheels’ of the World are falling off the Cart, it is like the Train barreling over the Tracks at the Edge of a Cliff. Also consider what one wrote about the Christ Star of 2015. One’s Conjecture then, as now, is that as a Christ Star heralded the Birth and Advent of the Christ, the True One, Jesus, will not the ‘Birth’ and Advent of the Anti-Christ likewise be signaled by a similar or ‘Copy-Cat’ Christ Star Conjunction?

And to have it conjoin with the Asteroid of Chaos in 2024? Nice. Also regarding the Ancient Egyptian ‘Snake God’ of Chaos, it is predicted to come near Earth or possibly strike Earth on Friday, April 13, 2029. Based on one’s Research, it is not the Star Wormwood of the Tribulation. What one found also interesting was that when one employed the Day Counts to the ‘723’ Numerical Factor that one’s Best Guess relates to a July 23 Rapture Date, then interesting Day Counts emerged.

Book of Revelation Intermission

Based on one’s latest Calculations, the Year 2029 is the Midst of the 7-Year Tribulation, if one’s Timeline stands to be correct. It is from Fall 2025 to Fall 2032, exactly 2000 Years from one’s presumed 32 AD Crucifixion Year. And that the Year 2029 is the exact Half-Way Year Marker. It is also when the True Revelation 12 Sign is Biblically fulfilled in its Totality.

May 23, 3034 (523) Christ Star Conjunction to July 23 (723)
= 60 Days or 2 Months
= 1440 Hours

Now as to the Apophis? Based on the Size of the Asteroid, it is only a City-Killer, not a Contentment Killer. Anyway, one is sticking to one’s ‘723’ WWW White Wheat Wedding Scenario. And remember, it is just a Scenario for the Possible Rapture Timing, and if at all. So what is so intriguing about the Year 2029 then? In one’s Estimation, the Revelation 12 Sign is Prophetically fulfilled in that Year. When exactly is the Rev 12 Sign in 2029? And what do you mean with 'True Fulfilment'?

One thinks 2029 is or will be the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation Period and why 2029 is when the ‘True’ Revelation 12 Sign occurs. In one’s Thinking, the Key is when the Planet of the Messiah, Jupiter is next in the Constellation of Virgo doing its Retrograde in the ‘Womb’ Area, etc. It is known that Jupiter has a 12 Year Cycle. Meaning that since the Astronomical Alignment of the Revelation 12 Sign back on September 23, 2017, the next Jupiter-Virgo Alignment will be in 2029.

That being said, the details of the 2029 Astronomical Alignment does have a Jupiter Retrograde in Virgo. Since the Jupiter Retrograde lasts approximately 9 Months, it starts around late March and ends around October of 2029. What one wishes to highlight is that on the Passover of March 31/April 1, 2029, the Planet of the Messiah crosses the ‘Womb’ Threshold’ as if to be ‘Birthed’. It is precisely on September 11, 2029 that the ‘Revelation 12 Sign’ configures with the Sun in the Head area and the Moon in the Feet area, along with the Planet Jupiter already having been Birthed, as it were. So, to answer the Questions posed.

1. One is basing the 7 Year Tribulation Period on one’s latest Calculation, being from an October, 2025 to a September 2032 Time-Frame.

2. This 7-Year Timeline would make March 31/April 1, 2029 the exact Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation Period.

3. If that be the ‘True’ Case, then 2029 is the Mid-Point of the Tribulation. Based on the Book of Revelations, it is then the ‘Intermission’ or Half-Way Point.

4. This Scriptural Half-Way Point is then the Revelation 12 War ensues and Lucifer is thrown down to Earth, losing his Judicial Access to the Throne of Accusations to do so no more.

5. This correlates, Geo-Politically to when Lucifer embodies his AntiChrist False Messiah to the World. Lucifer then seeks to Persecute and Destroy Israel, the ‘Woman’ who Birthed Messiah and any who Follow the Lamb, i.e., Jesus.

6. This is when the Remnants of the Surviving and Faithful Jews to Jesus are led into the Wilderness, as a Sinai 2.0 for Protection and Provision. It is for 1260 Days and corroborates why this Time-Marker delineates the 2nd Half of the Tribulation Period.

7. In one’s Calculations, the 75 Days to reach the 1290th Day and the 1335th Day are after Jesus returns. Those Extra Days have to do with the Cleansing of the Temple and the Sheep and Goats Judgment, perhaps in one’s Assessment.


So, this is why the True Revelation 12 Sign is more Significant at Passover 2029 as that is what one is more convinced, is and will be when the Fulfillment of the Revelation 12 Sign Phenomena actually is Prophetically fulfilled, on Passover of March 31/April 1, 2029. It will be the 1260th Day into the 7-Year Tribulation Period. This is when the Correlating Prophecy occurs on Earth. As mentioned, the Revelation12 War ensues in Heaven as Lucifer is cast down to Earth.

This Event is when the Celestial Thrones of Lucifer and this 33% of the Fallen Angels are having to be Vacated to make room for the Saints, i.e., the Bride of Christ. This is after the Bride has had to face her accuser and is Vindicated by the Lamb on the Judicial Throne that is breaking the Seal Judgments, etc. This is when the Remnant Persecution begins, the Mark of the Beast is Mandated and anyone Worshipping Jesus as ‘GOD and LORD’ will be hunted down.

The Revelation 12 Sign is configured up to October of 2029. But one just highlighted the September 11, 2029 Astronomical Position as that is the Supposed Birth-Day of Jesus in -3 BC. One did that Depiction, Astronomically to show the possible Correlation. And because the Retrograde of Jupiter, being 9 Months, covers both the Month of March/April through October of 2029.But it is not the Halfway Time Marker one is using, Fall 2025 to Fall 2032. The Mid-Point one is tracking precisely the following.

Start of Daily Sacrifices-Temple Dedication
October 18, 2025 +1260 Days = March 31/April 1, 2029
Passover (Stop of Daily Sacrifices)
+ 1260 Days = September 11, 2032
Return of Jesus on Birthday Anniversary?

Also, realize that since writing that initial Book on the Revelation 12 Sign, one has had New Information considered. It has mostly been a recalibration of the possible Timeline of the Tribulation, being from a Fall 2025 to a Fall 2032 Time-Frame. So, although one noted the Revelation 12 Sign of September 11, 2029, it is just to highlight that in that Year, it is a Half-Way Year, given a 2025-2032 Timeline. Again, one is considering the Mid-Point being on the Passover of 2029.

This is the Depiction of the Revelation 12 Sign at the supposed Passover 2029 Mid-Point based on the Fall 2025 to Fall 2032 Tribulation Period


This is the Depiction of the Revelation 12 Sign at the supposed 2029 Mid-Point of the Fall 2025 to Fall 2032 Tribulation Period as depicted on September 11, 2029 of that Year.


Not sure if one has shared the Sequel to one’s Original Revelation 12 Sign Book? Here it is as a PDF Download. It is just the continued Research that has developed since the 1st Book. It does touch upon the Theory that 2029 is the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation Period. And all one does, really is to Reverse Engineer the Start Time and the End Time, based on that Mid-Point Year of 2029. That is where one is at on that Learning Curve.

Note that this ‘Midst’ of the Week, when the ‘Daily’ will be taken away, is when the Literal Prophetic Fulfillment of the Revelation 12 Sign occurs’. One does have to ‘Connect the Dots’, as they say, in linking the Timing of Daniel ‘Midst with John’s ‘Midst’. One does believe they Synchronize on the same Event. But as a background to the Question? Yes. One believed the Revelation 12 Sign that occurred in 2017 was just that, a Sign. But what a Sign. One published then, that one believed then, as one still believes now, that it was and is the Greatest ‘Sign’ to the Church’, and Israel also.

Since 32 AD when the Church Age Started with the Pentecost of New Wine in Acts 2, no Such Celestial Sign, specific to the Church has been Configured, until 2017. And for what Reason? For the Reason that it was a Wake-Up Call to the Sleeping Church to be on Notice. On Notice for what? The Rapture! One likened the Sign to the 10 Sleeping Virgins. But here is where one Differ and Parted Ways with those that Believed the Sign was the Rapture. One did not Judge, and just left it at that.

The Sign did Wake-Up many Sleeping Saints and gave Impetus to those already Watching. It was neat how Sheila shared her Experience and how she was Watching and Waiting, at that very Moment. One cannot argue with that. But, one believes and still does, that the Sign was ‘Fulfilled’ only Astronomically. Many Brethren said that the Sign was the Fulfilment of Revelation 12, to this Day. Not so, in one’s Assessment.

If it was, then where have the Jews gone to Petra? It is also assuming the AntiChrist has already been Revealed and actively seeking-out the Jews and those not having his Mark, to Destroy them. Where has all that occurred? Sure, Biblically Speaking, it is an ongoing Spiritual Battle, but not to the Point that the Remnant is Fleeing and those Claiming Jesus as LORD are having their Heads Decapitated, yet. And if this Scenario were to be so, that means also, that the Bride of Christ is thrown into the Mix of ‘Lucifer’s Wrath’, and one is already in the Tribulation period.

Sinai 2.0

Mind you some Brethren think this is now the case and the Seals have already been Broken, etc. So, as to the Timing of the Rapture? As the Sign came and went, the Proponents that Sensationalized, just then threw it to the Curve, under the Bus. What one Surmises, is that the Sign is still in Play. Why? Yes, one believes it was and is a Warning, and a Countdown to the Rapture. Now as to how many Years? Will one was somewhat excited that if one added the 1260 Day Count that is specifically pegged to it, that came to March 6, 2021. And?

That was exactly the Day the Pope went to Ur of the Chaldees, and in the very House of Abraham made a ‘Pack’ with Islam. Coincidence? No Way! But all that was just the Signaling of Lucifer’s Moves. And then the whole Revelation 12 Wikipedia Page got Scrubbed. Really? Why? Because the Sign is still In-Play suggesting the Countdown to the Rapture! See, what one has heard, really is how as the Day of the Blessed Hope approaches, it is getting Prophetically Clearer.

So, then one thought that perhaps there was to be a 5 Year Countdown? Where one is at present, is that one is more convinced now, based on other Timelines Studies, that it is a 7 Year Warning. As to the other Linked Celestial Signs? One is Surmising that the Revelation 12 Sign is occurring in Tandem with the Great American Eclipses, from 2017 to 2024, which is another 6.66 specific Timing. In fact, the Revelation 12 Sign was Linked to its start by exactly 33 Days. The Eclipse also started right at the Heart of Leo, at the King Star of Regulus. You cannot make this up, by mere Chance or Coincidence.

And as noted in prior Posts, the next 2 Great American Eclipse will center on Virgo and end with Pisces. This to me, as an Amateur Astronomer, would be saying, the End of the Age of Pisces has been Completed. It is after all that the Rapture is what will close-out the Church Age. Thus, indeed, it would mean that the Revelation 12 Sign was a Wakeup Call. It was as a Sign one would encounter approaching a city, to warn or Alert of how much longer it will be until the ‘Arrival’.

In the case of the Revelation 12 Sign, it was of the ‘Birth’. That is the main Depiction of the Sign as Core Motif. It is of a Birth and Rapture Sequence. It is a Birthing of the Man-Child that has multiple Meanings. So, if the Revelation 12 Sign was and is ‘The Sign’ of the Rapture pending, then it will be the Birth of the Bride, the Completion of the Spiritual Temple, etc. This means the following in terms of the Rapture Timing.

2017 + 7 Years or 1 Sabbath (Cycle of Time) = 2024

This is 1 Reason why one is Excited about the July 23 Summer Rapture Timing. And during a July White Wheat Wedding Harvest. At this point of one’s Learning Curve, one is just Surmising the Year Count, not the Specific Day. Realize that the ‘Birthing’ of Jupiter that was the Motif, that many alluded to the Birthing of the Church and thus the Rapture Date of September 23, 2027 precisely was not Correct. This is another of the Technicalities one tried to Bring to Light, to no avail. How so? The actual Birthing of Jupiter did not occur on that Day, it was much Earlier, due to Jupiter’s Retrogrades, etc.

Revelation 12 War

This is another Reason why one was sure that the Rapture was NOT going to occur on that September 23 Date. When one 1st started handling Stellarium Software around 2008, as well as Google Earth, one was like a ‘Child in a Candy Store’. Having an Amateur Astronomy background, when the Revelation 12 Sign Appeared, it was really nothing out of the Ordinary, except.

What made it Unique is that Jupiter is in each Sign for approximately 9 Months, every 12 Years. And? And the Sun will always be approximately at the Head/Shoulder Region every Year, as will the Moon at the Feet area, etc. What made the Configuration special is that all the major Factors came together at that Time. The Sun, Moon, and ‘Stars’, as in the 3 Planets lined up and they all Converged.

One picked-up on this Configuration as did others, as this is the Motif given in Revelation 12. But then the Sign was made out to be the possibility of what that would mean Prophetically, Biblically for the Church. And from there, the ‘Rest is History’ as they also say. So that became the Prevailing Narrative, that the Rapture was going to take place at that Time, precisely. One did not agree because the Main Axioms one has into the Research of Eschatology is that the ‘Sign is Not the Event’.

One got squeezed-out of the ‘Party’ for bringing it up, but one knew there was going to be a Great Disappointment. So, yes, by the mere virtue that YHVH’s Signs are for what is to come, meaning that the Rapture is yet to occur then. Now where in Revelation 12 does one presume that it will be in the Midst of the 7-Year Tribulation? Will that be the Literal Fulfillment of the Revelation 12 Sign? How so? Here are the specific Verses from Revelation 12.

4 His Tail swept a 1/3 of the Stars from the Sky, tossing them to the Earth. And the Dragon stood before the Woman who was about to give Birth, ready to devour her Child as soon as she gave Birth. 

5 And she gave Birth to a Son, a Male-Child, who will Rule all the Nations with an Iron Scepter. And her Child was Caught-Up to GOD and to His Throne.

6 And the Woman Fled into the Wilderness, where GOD had prepared a Place for her to be Nourished for 1,260 Days.


Now, notice these Verses are Prophetic and Layered. It is Describing what occurred in the Past, the Present and what will occur in the Future. This is 1 Level of Interpretation. How so? One Understands that Lucifer Literally Fell from Heaven before Humanity was Created. It is understood that Jesus was Literally Birthed to a Virgin and was Born a Man on Earth. Thus, one can have Assurance, that in the Future, the Literal Fleeing of this ‘Woman’, i.e., Israel will occur. It is Israel that ‘Birthed’ the Messiah, not the Church. Here is the Crux of the Layered Prophecy, the Timing is given. That is 1260 Days.

A Pattern of 3’s

Using Deductive Reasoning, it is assumed that the 1st Segment of the 7 Year Tribulation Period, also being 1260, in comparison, will be the ‘Honeymoon’ between the False Messiah and Israel, the ‘Woman’. Thus, one can reasonably conclude that this 1260 Day Marker, is the ‘Midst’, and is from the Mid-Point or the 7-Year Tribulation Period to the end of it when Jesus returns.

So, that Christ Star Conjunction of Jupiter with Venus was Prophetically Significant in one’s Estimation. Consider some Perspectives. Now, in one’s Opinion, if one is taking the Christ Star as the Sign, and all things being Equal as it 1st Appeared to announce Jesus’ Birth, then that is the Template, a 1 Month Duration for a 'Birth' to occur. That is to say that the Christ-Star is just an ‘Announcement’ then. This is to say that it was on August 11, -3 BC when the Christ Star 1st Appeared and the Magi took note of it and took Action, etc. 

Then exactly 1 Month later, on September 11, -3 BC, that is when Jesus was Born, on Yom Teruah of that Year, etc. This is, of course, if one subscribes to this being the actual Date if one goes by merely the Astronomical Conjunctions that occurred in Leo and Virgo at that Time. Thus, if 'Prophecy is Pattern', then 1 Month from 523 is 623 or June 23 and then 723, July 23, etc. In considering such Astronomical Signs, one always asks, ‘What on Earth will that Astronomical Sign be correlated to or mean?'

Well, for what it is worth, the single most significant aspect about this Christ Star is how it is a Trifecta of sorts. As illustrated in the Chart shared, it is a Celestial Triangulation of 3 Factors and/or Elements: the Sun, the Pleiades and the Jupiter-Venus Christ Star Conjunction. Interestingly, on the Eve of 523 of the Christ Star Celestial Event, 3 European Nations, Spain, Ireland and Norway have capitulated to the 2 State Solution, despite HAMAS not wanting that.

The 3 Unwise 'Kings' have announced that they will recognize Palestine, as a State. The HAMAS Charter calls for only a 1 State Solution, and that is not Israel, but ‘Palestine’, etc. Then 3 Days later after May 23, ‘523’, on May 28, it is reported that the Announcement will be made ‘Official’. This Precedent will surely lead to other Nations of the World doing the same and imposing such a Division of the Land that is foretold in Joel would be occurring. One feels very sorry for what is about to occur in Spain, Ireland and Norway.

Then consider that when the AntiChrist does rise to Power in the World and especially in the Revived Roman Empire, there are 3 Nations that will oppose him, apparently. So, perhaps that is the Answer to the Question, ‘What did this Christ-Star signify, Biblically in these Last Days?’ It also means that all is going according to the Divine Plan in this Celestial Chess-Match of sorts. But if the Christ-Star Template is in play, then look for a June 23 ‘623’ Birthing of something or someone to fulfill, in part or to a large part, the Significance of this Christ-Star Conjunction of Jupiter with Venus.



Christ Star – 2024 Jupiter and Venus

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