New Economic Order Reset is Here

  • What will the Death of the Petro Dollar Mean?
  • Will this spell Economic Disaster finally come?
  • Will this Milestone cause the Collapse of the USA?

 by Luis B. Vega
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‘I believe that Banking Institutions are more Dangerous to our Liberties than Standing Armies. If the American People ever allow Private Banks to control the issue of their Currency, first by Inflation, then by Deflation, the Banks and Corporations that will grow up around [the Banks] will deprive the People of all Property until their children wake-up Homeless on the Continent their Fathers conquered. The Issuing Power should be taken from the Banks and restored to the People, to whom it properly belongs’. -Thomas Jefferson, 3rd president of USA 1743 – 1826

On June 6, 1974, the U.S. and the Saudi Arabian Governments signed a Pact. The Deal was that the USA would provide Military Protection for the Saudi Klan in exchange for having the Saudis require all other Nations of the World to buy their Oil in U.S. Dollars. What that meant is that the Military Protection was not from Outside Sources attempting to invade or take-over Arabia. It was to ensure no Internal Strife would topple the Strangle-Hold the Saudi Family had over all of the Arabian Peninsula.

And in turn for this Protection, paid by U.S. Taxpayers in the form of Military Bases in Arabia, Nations were forced to convert their National Currency to buy U.S. Dollars. And? This Ponzi Pyramid Scheme keep the U.S. Dollar artificially propped-up. It fostered the Higher Standard of Living most American grew to be accustomed to. Now Geo-Politically and Financially, what that meant is that in the meanwhile, these International Bankers pulled the “Rug out from Under the USA and its People.

The Dollar was gradually being intentionally Killed as it was taken off the Silver Standard. This was 1 of the Reasons they Assassinated John Kennedy. He introduced the Silver Certificates and guaranteed the U.S. Dollar was to be pegged to the Silver Standard. That was not allowed. And it was Johnson who took the U.S. Dollar out of the Silver Standard. He also committed a Protracted War in Vietnam with no objective or Goal of Winning. It was used to introduce the Miliary and the America’s Youth to the Drug Culture.

Then in 1974, under the Republican Nixon Administration, he was Bamboozled into this Saudi Petro-Dollar Scheme. It was at that Time and Place that the U.S. Dollar was taken off the Gold Standard. And? If it were not for the Saudi Pact to guarantee the U.S. Petro Dollar, the U.S. Dollar Currency would be left in a Free-Fall. Since it was no longer backed by a Silver Gold Standard, it is actually worthless. And now the ‘Dollar Chickens are coming Home to Roost’, as they say. Meaning that now that the 50 Year Petro-Dollar has come to an end, all the U.S. Dollars will be coming back to the USA as no one in the World will be buying them or converting them form their own Currencies.

Economic Catastrophe
This will spell Economic and Financial Disaster for the USA, as it is People will eventually need a Wheel Barrow to buy a Loaf of Bread. It will be like the Days of the Weimer German Republic. And the other Death Blow or Nail in the U.S. Dollar Coffin has to do with how many Nations bought the Debt, in terms of U.S. Treasury Bonds. It so happened that as soon as the 50 Year or Jubilee Reset has occurred now, those nations hold the Treasury Bonds will be dumping them back to the USA.

For example, China also has just dumped over $55 Billion with a ‘B’ worth of Treasury Bonds. With the End of the Petro-Dollar, the Days of the U.S. Dollar being the Preeminent Currency of the World is over. Just in Time for the Rapture Event, no? The 50 Year U.S.-Saudi Deal to have the World all buy the Oil of the World in U.S. Dollars kept the Fiat, which means ‘Out of Nothing or Air’, U.S. Dollar that was taken off the Gold Standard, will now see the ‘Gradual’ and then ‘Sudden’ Death of the U.S. Dollar.


Note why the Saudi Deal was set to 50 Years? At the end of the 50th Sabbatical 7-Year Cycle, all Debts and Properties were to be returned. An Economic Reset was to occur to ensure no Economic Collapses occurred and that Debt or Slavery was not to continue in perpetuity. Historically, Israel’s Elders did not abide by these stipulations of YHVH. It is Biblically based to save Money, at least for those that have any in the Bank. 

Not a Financial Advisor, but if one had U.S. Dollars, Paper Money noted in a Bank or Credit Union, one would convert that to Gold or Silver or buy some Commodities like Oil, Wheat, etc. Not sure when it will completely collapse but it is a foregone conclusion as the Deal was not Renewed. The Saudis since about the last Term of Obama have been gradually winning themselves off the U.S. Dollar. That is why they made the BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Notice when the 50 Year U.S.-Saudi Petro-Dollar Pact ended on June 9, 2024. This was the 6th Month and 9th Day, a Mirror of each Number, ‘As Above, So Below’. The Petro-Dollar Pact was signed on June 6, 1974. And this was from the ‘Punishment’ the Muslims, led by Oil Rich Saudis protested the Support of the USA for helping Israel win the Yom Kippur War of 1973.

June 9 is the 160th Day of the Year in the Gregorian Calendar.

From April 8, 2024 Great American ‘Nineveh’ Eclipse to June 9, 2024 Death of U.S. Petro-Dollar

= 60 Days, with End Day Included

= 2 Months

6-6-60 (666)

Business Not As Usual
In that War, Israel won all of the Golan Heights, Gaza, the Ancient Home land of Samaria and Judea, along with all of the Sinai Peninsula, up to the Cairo Outskirts. It took the Soviets and the U.N. to pressure the USA to stop Israel from entering Cairo. Perhaps but the 50 Year expiration also follows the Biblical Limit of a Jubilee Reset. It is not Coincidental, in one’s Assessment.

Increasingly, other Nations have joined or are lining-up because it is the Base or Foundation for the coming Reset and New Financial World Order, after the Rapture. As one has seen over the few Years along, the biggest Bank Failures have occurred in the USA. It is a Leak in the Hoover Dam that is unstoppable and Un-Pluggable. It is by Design. How so? Consider one’s Coin Act of 1792 Theory. It is predicated that the U.S. Dollar that started there and then was to last for 33 Cycles of 7 Years.

1793 + (7 Years X 33 Sabbaths = 231 Years) = 2024

This is what one has argued since the Obama Presidency, that around 2024 is when the U.S. Dollar was to ‘End’. It was in 1792 that Congress ordered the Printing of its Money to be issued by the U.S. Treasury. However, the Luciferian Globalists bought Politicians made it so that the U.S. Government sourced-out the Printing of this Money to 3rd Person Entities. How? The Central Bank. And?

These are not owned by Americans but Foreigners, all Old-Money Europeans. And worse, they charged Interest. This meant that for every 1 U.S. Dollar Printed, it cost the Taxpayers, 1.02 Cents to Print and Circulate. This meant also that the U.S. Government would be forever in Debt with just the Principle to be paid by the Taxpayers, forever. It was and is designed for the Debt to never be Paid-Off. That is the sole Reason for Banks.

They do not want you to ever pay-off your Credit Card Debt, just keep paying the Minimum, etc. Nonetheless, if 2024 is the ‘End’ of the U.S. Dollar, it will be just in Time for the Rapture. It is all about Numbers and that is how the Luciferians move around in the Chess Board. Consider the Sentencing Date for Trump. It is scheduled to be on July 11 at 10 am. Can anyone sense the Hidden Meaning or Code here?

April 8, 2024 Great American Eclipse to July 11, 2024 Trump Sentencing
= 94 Days

= 3 Months, 3 Days Excluding the End Date. (33)

= 13 Weeks And 3 Days (1-33)

What one is seeing in the USA, is the Deliberate Demolition of the USA. It has succumbed to the former Soviet Plan on how to Subvert a Nation. It has been transformed into a 3rd World Nation Hell-Hole and with the Devaluation of the U.S. Dollar, Hyperinflation will set in, massive Unemployment, etc. And with that, the rise of Crime, Murder, Immorality, Drug Consumption will go off the Charts. What will be the solution? World War. Nothing but a ‘Good War’ to send Unemployed Men and Women to their Deaths.



In the 33rd Sabbath


Orchestrated National Collapse
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