Jesus does not Call the Qualified,
He Qualifies the Called

  • What is the Amro or GOD and how to put it on?
  • What is the Spiritual Warfare all about in the Church?
  • What Qualifies a Follower to be Commissioned?

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'For the Foolishness of God is wiser than Man’s Wisdom, and the Weakness of GOD is stronger than Man’s Strength. Brothers, consider the Time of your Calling: Not many of you were Wise by Human Standards; not many were Powerful; not many were of Noble Birth. But God chose the Foolish Things of the World to shame the Wise; God chose the Weak Things of the World to shame the Strong'. 1 Corinthians 1:25-27

The purpose of this write-up is to provide a Word of Encouragement to the Church, the Bride within to be extracted like Eve was from the side of Adam. The Bride of Christ is to be crowned with Honor and Glory by Christ at the End of her Royal Commission. A Poster will accompany this study to illustrate that Jesus is the Shield of one’s Faith.

There are several Biblical Parallels that correlate to the present Church’s Spiritual War, from without and from within. Christ, the King has instructed His Queen that until He summons for her to His Eternal Side, she is to contend for the Faith on Earth as a Witness of the Finished Work of Christ Jesus on the Cross of Calvary. Although the tendency is to ‘Fall Asleep’ because the ‘Body is weak, but the Spirit is willing’, the Bride of Christ needs to have extra ‘Oil’ in these Dark Days, enough so when the Groom, the King calls, the Queen is prepared Spiritually. In Ecclesiastes 9:11, Solomon states the following.

‘I saw something else under the Sun: The Race is not to the Swift, nor the Battle to the Strong; neither is the Bread to the Wise, nor the Wealth to the Intelligent, nor the favor to the Skillful. For Time and Chance happen to all’.

This Spiritual Conditioning should be the Daily Preparation, done by anchoring in the Faith of Jesus Christ. This is done through the Spiritual Amour given by Christ Jesus that has to be put on every Day, if not Moment-by-Moment, Spiritually. This implies an Application of the study in the Word, Prayer, Fellowship and Worship, which are indispensable. Why?

It is because the Church is in a constant State of Spiritual War against the Evil One, the Anointed Christ Cherub, Lucifer. This Exercise has to be consistently applied to fortify the Church for the constant Spiritual Warfare, or else the Church succumbs to Error, Sin and Compromise. Jesus Christ has a Message to the World, communicated through this Church of Love, Light and Immortality. It was, is and will be a Gift of Redemption.

All is Seen at in the House
It was the costliest Price ever paid by the Creator Himself. The Bride of Christ, should not ‘Grow Weary in Well-Doing’ and Watching for Jesus’ return by standing for what is Righteous, or what is Right. This Christian Stance, in a midst of ever-increasing Social, Religious and Political opposition to it Testimony to Jesus Christ has always been.

It will be directly challenged in the Prophetic Days to come. Within the Church, the Anointed Queen of the King should not be disheartened or dismayed when it seems that it seems that only the Wicked prosper and do well or get ahead. Remember the legitimate complaint of King David in Psalm 10 and how his Perspective about the Wicked was changed. It was only when he encountered YHVH in His House that David received Perspective of this State of Spiritual Warfare.

‘Truly YHVH is Good to Israel, to those who are Pure in Heart. But as for me, my Feet had almost stumbled, my Steps had nearly slipped. For I was envious of the Arrogant when I saw the Prosperity of the Wicked. For they have no Pangs until Death; their Bodies are fat and sleek. They are not in Trouble as others are; they are not stricken like the rest of Mankind. And they say, How can GOD know? Is there Knowledge in the Most High? Behold, these are the Wicked; always at ease, they increase in Riches. 

…All in vain have I kept my Heart clean and washed my Hands in Innocence. For all the Day long I have been Stricken and Rebuked every Morning. But when I thought how to understand this, it seemed to me a wearisome task, until I went into the Sanctuary of YHVH; then I discerned their End. Truly you set them in Slippery Places; you make them fall to ruin. How they are destroyed in a moment, swept away utterly by Terrors!’ -Psalm 37 States in Summary

As the Days keep getting Spiritually Darker and it appears or seems that YHVH’s People are having no or little Effect in this World, the Bride of Christ’s ‘Light’ as a Menorah Candlestick of Revelation must all the more burn Purer, so it can burn brighter. The Church cannot ‘let it go out’ in this 11th Hour. The Church’s Candlestick should not get clogged with the Soot of Worldliness, Reputation, Prosperity, etc. It needs ‘Anointing Oil’. The Church needs to remove/clean Sin to not have it impede the ‘River of Living Water’ and Light. It comes from Jesus that transforms the World and quenches the Flaming Darts of Lucifer.

‘Therefore take up the whole Armor of GOD that you may be able to withstand in the Evil Day, and having done all, to Stand firm. Stand therefore, having fastened on the Belt of Truth, and having put on the Breastplate of Righteousness, and, as Shoes for your feet, having put on the readiness given by the Gospel of Peace.

In all circumstances take up the Shield of Faith, with which you can extinguish all the Flaming Darts of the Evil One; and take the Helmet of Salvation, and the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of GOD, Praying at all times in the Spirit, with all Prayer and Supplication’. - Ephesians 6:10-18

Royal Commission
The Shield of the Faith is based on the Finished Work of Jesus. It is paramount to shield against all the Assaults of the Evil One that come against the Church of Christ in many forms. The Evil One will challenge one’s Calling, with Deceptive ‘Light’ to full-on ‘Doctrines of Demons’. False Religions purporting to replace Jesus’ preeminence abounds and severely persecute Christ’s Followers around the World. Daily, Christians are Martyred for this Faith in Jesus Christ.

There are also those that are of the False Synagogues of Satan that come against Jesus Christ’s Testimony. Jesus warned His Church that many in the World will claim to worship ‘GOD’ but their Father is Lucifer. There are many other Foes that seek to harm the Church, the Body of Christ that the Son of GOD took on Flesh and Blood to die and redeem Adam’s Race for. It cost Jesus a Crown of Thorns upon His Head to bestow Crowns on the Bride’s Head. Christ’s ‘Heel’ was bruised in the process but Lucifer’s ‘Head’ has been crushed. 

Soon the Church’s Royal Commission of Testifying to the Love and Light of Jesus Christ to this current Age will be coming to a close. The Church is weary putting on the Full Armor of Jesus Christ, but it is by the Power of the Indwelling and the Enabling of the Holy Spirit that the Bride of Christ, both personally and corporately can and has extinguished the Flaming Arrows of Lucifer. It is through the Light of the Word that this ‘Fire’, like the Menorah in the Temple of Old, illuminated and dispelled the Darkness of the Evil One in this World.

This is how one stays True to the Calling as the Days are getting more ominous with Signs of Perdition, Lawlessness, Immorality and Complacency. The Bride of Christ must hold on like the Church of Philadelphia. Although they had ‘Little Strength’, that Menorah of ‘Light’ was faithful to keep the Faith entirely without Compromise. This was despite the immense Pressures from the World, as it is now and with the constant barrages of Satanic Flaming Arrows. For example, there is severe persecution in the Middle East at the hands of the Army of Mohammed in an attempt to get the Church to give-in and to Compromise.

Jesus, the Captain of Salvation, like Joshua of old, leads His Church, His Queen, crowned and finding Favor, yet Weak and Meek in the Flesh presently, seemingly ‘Unqualified’. However, one day the Bride of Christ will be summoned to the side as a Warrior of the LORD, the Lamb, and the Lion. She is to co-rule the Age to come in Holiness and Righteousness. Christ is standing before His Church, shielding her, leading her as Joshua did with the Israelites right into the Promised Land. To the Church in Philadelphia, Jesus said this to her.

‘And to the Angel of the Church in Philadelphia write: The Words of the Holy One, the True One, who has the Key of David, who opens and no one will shut, who shuts and no one opens. I know your Works. Behold, I have set before you an Open Door, which no one is able to shut. I know that you have but Little Power, and yet you have kept my Word and have not denied my Name. Behold, I will make those of the Synagogue of Satan who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie—

Of Little Strength
Behold, I will make them come and bow down before your Feet and they will learn that I have Loved You. Because you have kept my Word about Patient Endurance, I will keep you from the Hour of Trial that is coming on the whole World, to try those who dwell on the Earth.’ –Revelation 4

The Believers of the Type of the Church of Philadelphia possesses the Key to the Kingdom of Jesus and is the reward for those Faithful Witnesses. To such, Jesus promises a ‘Great Escape’. The Word of Jesus’ Testimony is the Sword of the Spirit that dispels Lucifer’s Ploys and the Occult’s Opposition. Jesus Christ defended, is defending and will defend His Church. Although the Mystery of Suffering and Persecution allowed to occur against the Church persists to this Day on Earth, the Bride of Christ will one Day be vindicated.

Until that Day of the ‘Departing’ or the Blessed Hope, the Bride of Christ within the Churches must be Faithful to uphold the Scripture, the Love and Light of the Gospel, to fight the ‘Good Fight’ against the ‘Dark Light’ with the Light of the Word, Jesus Christ. The World is so Evil. But despite the Current Circumstances one might be in or deal with the Nation or the World, the LORD Jesus does bless and allow for His Disciples to enjoy the blessing of the Command to ‘Rejoice in all Things’. This is to be the Mindset even though the World around is collapsing, etc. Why?

Perfect or Complete Love casts-out all Fear. This is the Key. This is Lucifer’s greatest Weapon, Fear that comes from Doubt or lack of knowing Jesus’ Word and the Promises it contains. Why many Followers and Believers of Jesus falter in their Faith is that they do not know Jesus. One cannot know a person without spending Time with, much less ending-up in Love or ‘Loving’ and desiring a Relationship. Such are seeing the World’s Circumstances and succumb to alternative ‘Saviors’ instead. The World is full of Trouble and a dire 'Tribulation Period' is coming to judge the World, Israel and Lucifer.

As far as the Body of Christ? It is promised to Escape this Wrath. But the Church on the Earth presently, is being persecuted as intense at its End now as it was at its Beginning. The Christ Jesus did and has given His Church, in general ‘Peace’. Why? It is because of Prophecy that foretells what is going on and what is coming before the Rapture event. Jesus has left Instructions on how to deal and respond against the onslaught of Lucifer’s Satanic Campaigns as he opposes the ‘Little Flock’.

In part, Jesus left the Church Prophecy to know what is coming and what she should do about it. One must be reminded of Jeremiah in how the ruling Evil King of Israel threw him in the ‘Pit’ of the Palace Courtyard in Jerusalem. This happened just before the Babylonians would come to destroy YHVH’s Temple, City and People. Here is the other side Prophecy. Jeremiah, in tears was warning Judah to return to YHVH, all that Time.

Warning to Laodiceans
YHVH’s People did not want to hear him. Jeremiah seemed to be forgotten but then the Armies of Babylon, of ‘Judgment’ came and deposed the Evil Rulers over Israel. The Guards of the Army were alerted of Jeremiah in the Pit as finally someone bothered to take notice. Amazingly the Enemy Guards gave Favor and let Jeremiah go. Thereafter is when YHVH commanded and promised Jeremiah to ‘plant and sow, harvest and settle-down’ as he was to live in a Blessing from that point on even.

This occurred even though the Nation of YHVH' People were in a State of Occupation due to their Complacency or Rebellion. Likewise, the World was coming to a Judgment. In similar fashion and Prophetic Typology, the Bride of Christ has been like a Jeremiah having warned the Church Leaders, the World of the Rapture and coming Tribulation Period. How has the Body of Christ and the World largely responded?

It has instead isolated the Faithful Remnant in an attempt to marginalize and silence her. She has essentially been thrown-down to the ‘Pit’ to be forgotten by the Evil Rulers of this World, both within and without the Church Body. This will also be True with the Architype, when the AntiChrist comes during the Tribulation Period in regard to the Tribulation Saints. A World Leader is due to arrive. All circumstances in the World are being orchestrated for this Debut.

As Persecution against Christians becomes commonplace by Laws, the only Hope will be the Blessed Hope. The Situation on the ground will be that the only Solution is for Jesus to directly intervene. As the ‘Departing’ of the Bride of Christ occurs and is raised-up or Raptured ‘Out of the Pit’ like Jeremiah, the world will be judged. The Deliverance of the Bride of Christ like that of Jeremiah will come and will coincide with the Judgment of the World and its Evil ‘King Ruler’.

Even though the Church Age has been like a Jeremiah all these Centuries, in the Pit, Jesus has been taking notice. The Bride of Christ thereafter, like Jeremiah is commanded a Blessing. She will 1 Day enjoy the literal Company of her Savior, LORD, Friend, Lover and Groom, whom she grew to know through His Love Letters, the Bible. And what made it possible was that she was Faithful and Prudent to habitually apply or out on the Spiritual Armor given to her for that precise Reason. Despite one’s perceived Inabilities or Lacking, it is Jesus who has called you, not because you are Qualified, but because He Qualified you.


Jesus Qualifies the Called

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Conclusion of the Commission
A study of the Astronomical and Mathematical Patterns heralding the End of the Church Age and the coming Transference of Testimony and the witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The 7-year Sabbatical Cycle of time suggests that the Church Age is about to conclude and transfer the Gospel Witness back to the Dispensation of Israel to finish the 70th Week of Years. This specific time is predicated on the Convergence of several Prophetic Timelines will be presented to highlight this time of the Synchronization of Biblical prophecy.

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Divine Patterns of Christ
The purpose of this Book is to illustrate the various Divine Patterns in the Bible whose Theme and Purpose is to Testify of Jesus. This study attempts to ascertain some possible Correlations in terms of Measurements and Coordinates related to various Locations ranging from Mount Sinai, Jerusalem to concepts as the Menorah Prophetic Pattern, the Church Age and several Astronomical Events. These 'Hidden' Divine Blueprints are what are seen in the Bible and how the Bible speaks about the ultimate Purpose and Destiny of Humanity.

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