And the Cost of War

  • Why are the Palestinian Protests worldwide?
  • Can it be compared to the COVID Psychosis?
  • Are Wars and Rumors of War are coming to Pass?

by Luis B. Vega
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This Anti-Israel Spirit of Protest that is occurring around the World is Satanic. You notice how the same looking type of Crowd are all those who were and still are Pro-COVID Kill shots? They still wear their Masks, after 4 Years now? Or how in the New York Subway, they Chant ‘Thank You Iran for Bombing Israel!’ They have no clue what is coming their Way and can you all see why this Nation, the USA is doomed to suffer an eventual National Judgment?

With this Future Generation now about to take over in a Few Years, just in Time for the Tribulation Period, they will be gladly Chanting about the Christians, ‘Off with their Heads’. Here is a Video of what is even happening in my Home-Town back in Bakersfield, CA. Apparently this Palestinian Liberation Front, made-up of Woke Leftists have gone to the City Council and in the latest Meeting, 1 of them spoke and threatened the Mayor and Councilmen’s Lifer.

Woman Arrested after Threats against Bakersfield City Council Members:
'We'll Murder You.'
23 ABC News KERO


Where were they when Israelis were slaughtered, gunned-down indiscriminate and Raped? And the HAMAS Militants were not the only Conspirators. Average Civilians joined in droves as they used Golf Carts to Kidnap even Holocaust Survivors, entire Families and Babies. The Palestinians paraded half-naked Women on the back of Motorcycles as some kind of Hunting Trophy and all the Palestinian People from the Youngest to the Older, cheered. Now all of Gaza is experiencing the Wrath of Israel. And the entire World expects Israel to Feed and Attend to the entire Population under the Pretext of ‘Humanitarian Aid’. Did Hitler provide Humanitarian and was he held ‘Responsible’ for all the Belgian, French, Polish, Czech Civilians caught in the Crossfire?

Were the Imperial Japanese Soldiers during World War 2 asked the same as they terrorized and ravaged all of Asia? What the Israelis have acknowledged is how the Coordinated effort to thwart the 100s of Missiles and Drones was even ‘Biblical’. One considers this as a Prelude to what will occur during the Gog-Magog War. That is the Outer-Ring of Muslim Nations that will be led by Russia, Iran and Turkey. Now here is one’s Military Assessment. It was Reported that even Jordan and the Saudis helped Israel shoot down the Drones and Missiles with their own Air Defense System.

A Military Marvel?
Realize that Jordan has a Peace Accord with Israel. One was rather shocked King Abdullah actually did that. But one has read other Reports that Jordan is now denying such a Help. But in the Eyes of the Muslim World, he is now a ‘Traitor’, nonetheless. The Muslims are seeking to topple the Jordanian King and Assassinate him. This would open-up an Eastern Front that Israel would have to contend with. But from a purely Military Assessment, the coordinated Effort of the UK, the US, and IAF Jets intercepting over 90% of the 100s of Missiles and Drones was impressive.

This Maneuver will be studied for Decades in the Military Academies. One likens this to the Encirclement of the Egyptian 3rd Army in the Sinai during the Yom Kippur War, led by then, the Late Ariel Sharon. Now to be Critical of the Israeli Intelligence, one askes, where was that Coordination and Vigilance when they saw the Muslim Hordes ransacking the Israeli Border Fence in Real Time on October 7, 2023?

But as one has communicated to Colleagues also Pro-Palestinians, the War can be over in a matter of Days, if only HAMAS lays-down their Weapons, surrenders all the Hostages that are still left Alive and ‘Promises’ to not Attack Israel anymore. No Chance. It is in their DNA, in their Charter, which by the way, stands totally in contrast to the Protesters in the West who are the ‘Woke’. They presume incorrectly that HAMAS is Pro-Abortion, Pro-Feminism, Pro-LGBT, Pro-Free Speech, Pro-Free Elections.

Like all prior Tyrannical Dictators and Despots, they use Democracy and Fair Elections to get into Power. Then once in Power, they Dissipate their Opposition and become Draconian. This is what Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Mao, Pol-Pot, and some argue Obama and Biden have attempted to do in the USA. Biden has authorized the 3-Letter Agencies to challenge Citizens for Social Posts. Biden even made a Failed Attempt at forming the ‘Ministry of Truth’, etc.  It is just Amazing to see this Satanic Fervor that, ‘Where does it come from?’ As Bible Students, one knows exactly. It is a Spiritual Warfare and Contention. The Energy and Anger and Emotion comes from Lucifer as the Bible describes. The verse below signifies a Notion of how a Baby is Rocked to Sleep in the Arms of a Parent.

‘We know that we are of GOD, and the whole World lies under the Sway of the Wicked One [Lucifer]. And we know that the Son of God has come and has given us Understanding, so that we may know Him who is True; and we are in Him who is True—in His Son Jesus Christ. He is the True God and Eternal Life’. -John 5:19

‘Satan, who is the God of this World, has Blinded the Minds of those who do not Believe. They are unable to See the Glorious Light of the Good News. They do not Understand this Message about the Glory of Christ, who is the Exact Likeness of GOD’. -2 Corinthians 4:4

‘Put to Death, therefore, the Components of your Earthly Nature: Sexual Immorality, Impurity, Lust, Evil Desires, and Greed, which is Idolatry. Because of these, the Wrath Of God is coming on the Sons of Disobedience. When you lived among them, you also used to Walk in these Ways’. -Colossians 3:6


Now consider that one is convinced the Iran Attack on Israel, on April 13, 2024, was not the Psalm 83 Attack of the Inner-Ring of Muslim Paramilitary Factions. Why not? Consider that if it was, Iran would have ordered ‘All’ of 100,000+ Missiles Hezbollah has in Southern Lebanon to be Launched. No. They are saving it for a Future Time. Now, if one is an Iranian or Member of Hezbollah or HAMAS, it was embarrassing, Militarily what occurred with Iran’s Attack.

But here is the Deal. Consider that the Persians are the Masters of Chess. They invented it. They have perhaps done the following, in terms of Strategy. All their Drones were very Low-Tech and Slow. They were easily shot down. They came in 1st so as to expend all of the Intercepting Power and Shield Israel and its Allies could afford. Thereafter, the Ballistic Missiles were launched. And? The Point is that with this Amazing Military Coordination on the part of Israel and Allies, it was reported that 7 Ballistic Missiles did get through the ‘Shield’ of Defense.

Consider that from a purely Military Cost-Benefit-Analysis, the 3rd World Muslim Nations like Iran, and all the Muslim Paramilitary Factions like Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Houthis are ‘Winning’. How so? According to a Politico Article in 2023 that compared the Cost of War, here is the Breakdown. The U.S. Military will go Bankrupt. The Nation is already with not over 35 Trillion Dollars in Debt. And the vast majority of its Budget goes to the Military Industrial Complex.

Standard Missile – Medium Range Air Defense        $2.1 Million per Launch
Sea Sparrow Missile – Close Range Defense           $1.8 Million per Launch
AH-64E Apache Guardian Helicopter                        $35 Million Purchase/$500 per Hour
F-35 Jet Fighter                                                          $6.2 Million Purchase/$34,000 per Hour

Iranian Shahed-136 Missile                                        $20000 per Launch
Iranian made Drones                                                  $2000 per Launch
HAMAS Qassam Rockets                                          $500 per Launch

The Point is that when you have Israeli $6.2 Million Purchase of their F-35 at $34,000 per Hour shooting down an Iranian $2000 Drone or $20,000 Missile, you are ‘Losing’. And this is the Tactic in that Iran and its Proxies are deliberately exhausting the Fire-Power of Israel and the West with their Cheap Arsenals for that precise Reason. This is now the intel that was gathered because now Iran knows what they are capable of and how they need to Recalibrate their Assault.

They were provided with a New Calculus for the Next Iranian Assault that is sure to come. And with mounting Pressure from the World, one has read that there will be a ‘Next Round’. There will always be one. But in this instance, the USA and the UK will not provide Air-Support nor Cover. But that will be another Opportunity for the GOD of Israel, YHVH and their True Messiah, Jesus to ‘Fight’ for Israel’s Behalf. One is sensing that YHVH is increasingly showing or Revealing His Strong Arm and Hand of Deliverance to His Earthly and Rebellious People.

Iraqi Rocket Attacks on Israel
Israel has many Wars yet to fight before it can truly exist with ‘Peace and Security’. Marker in Human and History of Israel. What is Historical, in particular is that Iran is the 1st Nation that has attacked Israel, directly since the Gulf War 1 of 1991. Some Context and History repeating itself. This Iranian Attack has most assuredly insured the Psalm 83 War is to come.

On  January 17, 1991, Iraq initiated a Missile Campaign against Israel. Over the course of the next Month, approximately 42 Scud Missiles were fired into Israeli Territory, primarily at the Cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa. The Missile Attacks began on the same Day as the Gulf War Aerial Bombardment Campaign, which was targeting Military Infrastructure within Iraq-Occupied Kuwait.

Consider the Numerical Significance in the following Day Count. And Prophetically, the Spirit of Babylon and that of Nebuchadnezzar rose-up against the Jews. Saddam Hussein made it very plain and clear that he was the Successor to the Golden Head Monarch of Daniel’s Dream. Why? Nebuchadnezzar was the 1st to Subdue and Conquer Judah. 

January 17, 1991 to  April 13, 2024
= 12,140 Days
= 33 Years, 2 Months, 27 Days excluding the End Date.
= 398 Months, 27 Days

So, is it a ‘Coincidence’ that exactly 33 Years from the Spirit of Nebuchadnezzar attempting to Terrorize Israel, the Spirit of Haman has risen to attempt to do the same? But if one knows Bible History, Nebuchadnezzar got Saved, thanks to the Efforts and Disposition of Daniel. Here is the Proclamation that the Lion-King, being associated with the Winged Lion of the 4 Statue and Animal Empires had to say about YHVH, the GOD of Daniel, Israel and of all Creation.




Nebuchadnezzar learned what True Humility is. And so did Haman during the time the Jews were in Persia. History, Prophetic History will be repeating itself. It is that foremost, this Contention is a Luciferian one. The Spirit of Babylon and Haman of Ancient Persia is still, 'Alive and Well'.  And although Israel is not Perfect and in a State of Unbelief, all these Mile-Markers in History eventually also bring Her back to YHVH, as in the Story of Hosea. It is about Redemption.

But Israel will unfortunately have Wars all the way up to the very Day Jesus, her Messiah returns and His Foot Touches the Mount of Olives. See A.I. Poster one made in an attempt to capture that Moment. But what Israel will increasingly rely on is its own Military Capability and the Coalitions it makes with the West. IDF spokesperson Hagari boasted about the Israeli Superiority and the Technology of the IDF.


For example, it is believed by some Military Strategists that the IDF jammed the Iranian Mapping Software. This rendered the Ballistic Missiles mostly ineffective. He did attribute the Military Success of thwarting 99% the Iranian Barrage of Missile and Drone Attacks to the Coalition who helped Israel, and that included Jordan. It was reported that there were no Israeli Casualties and minor Infrastructure Damage.


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