Why So Many?

  • What is Biblical Prophecy all about?
  • Why are there so many different Interpretations?
  • Why is Prophecy so Important in the Last Days?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘We also have the Word of the Prophets as confirmed beyond Doubt. And you will do well to pay Attention to it, as to a Lamp shining in a Dark Place, until the Day dawns and the Morning Star rises in your Hearts. Above all, you must understand that no Prophecy of Scripture comes from one’s own Interpretation. For no such Prophecy was ever brought forth by the Will of Man, but Men spoke from GOD as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit’. -2 Peter 1:19-21

As it pertains to the study of the End Times, Eschatology, one has asked about why there are so many different Interpretations among Christians, when it comes to such Topics as the Timing of the Rapture, when is the AntiChrist revealed? At the 6thh Seal? Is the Rapture Pre, Pre-Wrath, Mid or Post Tribulation, etc. Or what do certain Astronomical Signs mean like the Revelation 12 Sign or certain Asteroids and Comets mean? Such examples were the ‘X’ Great American Eclipse of 2024 or what the word ‘Falling Away’ in 2 Thessalonians means. In the Greek, a case can be made for it alluding to a Physical Departure or that of a Departure of the Faith, i.e., Apostasy. Since the Holy Spirit leads the Followers of Jesus into the All Truth, how come there are so many different Reasonings among Mature Believers in Christ?

So, as to Biblical Prophecy? It is that such Topics are very limited in Scope of Understanding their Details. Thus, that is why, unfortunately there has to be a Measure of Conjecture and Interpretation. And that is where the Discrepancies come into play. But even when Doctrine is very clear, over the course of Church History, there have been Schisms and Denominations come about as a result of ‘Not all Seeing it the Same’. As long as one is a Free Moral Soul, as a Mortal Agent with Free Will and Thought, People or Brethren can look and study the same Passage or see the same ‘Signs’ and come to totally different Conclusions based on one’s Interpretation of them. It is just that one has different ‘Filters’ that process the Information based on Bias, Experience, Opinion, and even Perception.

So, for example, every Difference of Opinion regarding Theology of the 2 Millenia just has become a ‘Denomination’. These same Questions were posed to the Early Church, in fact to the 1st Jerusalem Council in the Book of Acts. Not all the Brethren after the Ascension of Jesus were on the ‘Same Page’. The 1st Issue was about, ‘Should Brothers in Christ Jesus now be Circumcised? Can Brethren eat Meat that has been sacrificed to Idols in the Temple and then sold on the Market Places? From the very Beginning, at least in the Church Age, such Differences came about. And then with the Dynamic of how the Gospel has gone out to every Culture and Society since then, you have had Cultural Differences filtering the Word as Societies have handled the Word.

Armchair Theology
If one has gone to visit the Old Jerusalem Quarters, you will realize that in the Christian Sector, you have the Armenian, Greek, Roman Catholic Type of Christians. Why not just 1? And they have fought one another, with Brooms over the Space in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. It has gotten so bad that they agreed to give the Keys to the Church to the Muslims. Imagine that? How shameful. But it is because of the Sin Nature also. Then there was the ‘Great Schism’ that split the Latin and Greek Catholic Church. Then there was the Reformation and further Denominations. According to some estimates, there are approximately 45,000 different Christian Denominations worldwide as of 2024.

So, to a degree, that is why most Christians will not agree on Theology, let alone Prophecy, which is even more susceptible to Interpolations because oftentimes, it is veiled intentionally with Cryptic Meaning and has an Immediate and Future Dual Fulfillment aspect to it. This is why one states that, ‘Only Time Tells the Truth’. But for those that consider themselves ‘Teachers’, the Punishment will be all that more Severe. That is why one does not call oneself a ‘Teacher’.

But others do, as many have a Platform. And thanks to the advent of Social Media, everyone is now an ‘Armchair Theologian’, as they say. Then you have the Spiritual Element of Tares being allowed to be sown with the Wheat. It is part of Prophecy, as one would accept that is what was told to Daniel of how the End Days would be like in terms of ‘Knowledge Increasing’, but not necessarily Wisdom. That is the difference in one's Mind. Every Christians has their Opinion or Interpretation, but it is based on one’s Study or lack thereof, of the Scriptures. One can only speak for oneself when one presents one’s Theories. They are Ideas that need to be Tested. One is on a Learning Curve. No one has a Monopoly on Biblical and/or Prophetic Interpretation.

That is the best one can and should do. One cannot speak for those that go beyond and start declaring, ‘In the Name of’… or make Predictions that are ‘Guaranteed’ or are adamant about their Interpretation and expect everyone to Agree of Convert. For example, there are countless, supposed well-versed and ‘Mature Christian’ that think Differently. Here is some Perspective. On 1 Hand, that is expected and welcomed. Realize that the Church is compared to a Body. And as it is understood, the Body is very Complex and Intricate, Delicate, Sophisticated and Plural. Awesome.

The Body Analogy is befitting of how there are many Parts but 1 Head. So, one would agree that, why is the ‘Head’ sending so many ‘Wrong’ or Different Messages, Teachings? It is not. That is not the Question. The Answer is found in, ‘Why is the Body not Taking Direction from the 1 Head? It is known, Medically that when certain Parts of the Body are ‘Acting’ or Thinking on their own, that is a Problem. There is then a Neurological Complication, such as Palsy or other Ailments, etc. So, on the other Hand, the Independence of having Free Will and Thought, which is a Blessing to have, is also the Churches’ Achilles Heel. It is when differing Interpretations come to a Point of a ‘Divorce’ that People go their separate ways and become Denominations, for example. As to Popular Preachers out there? One has seen and heard some of their Teachings. A lot of it, one would agree.

Problem of Perspective

But on other Points, they are so way-off, in one’s Opinion. But one’s ‘Job’ is not to ‘Correct’ them. One primary example is how many Preachers did not ‘Believe’ that the ‘X’ across the USA will signal a Pending Judgment. Are you kidding me? But here is the Issue. Many Preachers are not Astronomers. They have not studied the Topic, formally to one’s presumed Assumption to have that ‘Filter’ as one does. And because of that Astronomical Knowledge and Frame of Mind, one could with a Measure of Confidence say that, on the Contrary, the ‘X’ over the USA is nothing but a ‘Nineveh’ Type of Judgment to come. Some state that such Hype is a ‘Christian Fearmongering’ Tactic to create Fear. One would sure hope so, so it would make the USA Repent.

As to Brethren believing and teaching that the ‘Falling Away’ in 2 Thessalonians is just in regard to an Apostasy of the Faith? That is correct, technically. One has discussed this Topic before. But just the same, other Great Teachers like Andy Woods of Texas teaches that it is also or can be interpreted as a Departure, as in the Rapture. Who is Right? Well, like one just does, one presents the Evidence and Argument and allow the Persons to Decide. But the Key is, are the People listening ‘connected’ to the Head and Holy Spirit? And what about those Brethren that would say ’Yes’ and just see that Departure as going away from Scriptural Truth only, and not of the Bride of Christ? They just then have a Differing View. How is that Possible?

One can clearly say that the Proper Interpretation can be best Understood based on the Context of the Topic being presented in Scripture. This is especially the case when Doctrine or Issues of Debate. The Context of the Departure or the Apostasy was not of Scripture. Apostasy occurred since the Beginning of the Church. The Apostle Paul even had to Write about it in Ephesians and other Accounts of how that even started from the Onset. Apostasy is nothing ‘New’. What is ‘New’ is that in the Greek, it is Singular, ‘The’, as in, ‘The Apostasy’. And the Context? Paul is not addressing the leaving from one’s Spot of the Scriptures but of Dead Loved Ones. It pertains to the Departure of the Dead. Thus, the Rapture was the most appropriate Answer to comfort them with.

It was that they will not be Leaving or Apostatizing as in ‘Leaving’ without those that will Remain Alive. It is about the Order of the Resurrections, etc. That, one cannot answer. But the same Issue has occurred with the Revelation 12 Sign or even all the Topics one had listed that go contrary to Conventional Theology and nearly 2000 Years of Church History. So, that is why one always qualifies one’s ‘Studies’, not Teachings as such, and that one is on the ‘Learning Curve’. For example, one is adamant about one’s ‘Findings’ and Conclusions, like that of the Acts 2 Pentecost being New Wine or Leo New Year July 23 Date. But one is not Set on it that it is ‘Gospel’ and everyone has to Agree to it.

But realize that this Problem of Perspective is an Issue or can be to the Point of not Seeing what is Important about all Prophecy, that is seeing Jesus. See Revelation 19:10. So, even YHVH had this Issue with Israel when Jesus was with them in the Flesh. Israel could See, Hear, Touch and Listen to Jesus’ Teachings Directly. Then why did Israel not Believe Jesus? Many Jews did. But why do People now Refuse and Reject Jesus? It is an issue of the Human Heart. It is because of Sin that Seeing, Hearing and Listening to Jesus’ Teachings is challenging and abstracted. See this visual Account of how Jesus addressed Israel in John 8.



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