A Response and Critique

  • What are the Encampments really all about?
  • Why did the Campus capitulate to the Demands?
  • What is the Outcome of the University taking Sides?

by Luis B. Vega
for PostScripts News (PSN) | www.PostScripts.org
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The purpose of this write-up is to go over a Response and Critique Letter one wrote back to one’s University President in regards to the Demands of the Encampment at one’s University Campus. The Letter from the University President to the Campus Community, released on May 14, 2024, Israel’s Independence Day, basically stated how the University Administration has capitulated to the Demands of the Pro-Palestine University Encampment.

One is providing a Counter-Rebuttal to each of the Points, Decisions and Mandates made by the University President and the University. One is of the Opinion and Disposition, finding oneself as the Lutheran Pastor, Martin Niemöller just before the start of World War 2. He did not keep ‘Quiet’ and embodied what any Rational and Prudent Person of Jesus Christ should have done. One can still do in this case.

From Wikipedia, Martin Niemöller was a prominent Lutheran Pastor in Germany, in the 1920s and early 1930s. He sympathized with many Nazi ideas and supported Radically Right-Wing Political Movements. But after Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933, Niemöller became an Outspoken Critic of Hitler’s Interference in the Protestant Church. He spent the last 8 Years of Nazi rule, from 1937 to 1945, in Nazi Prisons and Concentration Camps for his Opposition to the Nazi Regime. Here below is his Famous Statement, attributed to him about, ‘And I did not speak-out’.

First they came for the Communists. And I did not speak out. Because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the Socialists. And I did not speak out. Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the trade unionists. And I did not speak out. Because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews. And I did not speak out. Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me. And there was no one left to speak out for me

So, given this Opportunity and Position at this Place and Time, one took it upon oneself to provide this Response and Critique to one’s University President. Nothing may change or be Retracted solely based on one’s Objections or Disappointments. But at least in one’s Mind, one was like a Martin Niemöller and spoke-out in this Last Generation. One’s Email was sent on May 15, 2024 at 9:11 AM PST and a Hard Copy was presented to the President’s Office to be forwarded to the President.

May 14, 2024

FROM: Luis B. Vega, Academic Advisor
Advising Center, Sonoma State University
TO: Mike Lee, President, Sonoma State University

RE: SSU Pro-Palestine Encampment and Demands Letter

Greetings Mr. President,
The purpose of this Message back to you, is to address your Letter of May 14, 2024, sent to the Campus regarding the Pro-Palestine Encampment. One wishes to voice one’s Concern, Disappointment and Apprehension of what you stated in the Letter. One wishes to address each Point in itemized fashion for your Review and Reconsideration. It is a Response and a Critique with hopes of meeting In-Person to discuss them.

1. You communicated this Letter to the Campus, in Support and Capitulation of the Demands of the Pro-Palestine Encampment on Israel’s Independence Day. Was that deliberate, if one may ask? Why? It comes across as very Insensitive to do so on the Day that Israel declared its Independence. This was based on the U.N. Partition Plan of 1947, which the Palestinians were also afforded a State of their own but rejected the U.N. Partition and declared War instead on Israel. Did someone advise you to do so on this Day? Or was it pure ‘Coincidence’? One is highly suspect because of it.

2. You stated in your Letter that, ‘Over the past week, senior administrators met with students and faculty to listen to and discuss student demands’. You then noted that you joined the Group to hear from them directly. One’s Objection is why are not the Staff also part of this Panel that was-set up to meet with the Students? Why not? One would have liked to have been in that Discussion as a former Participant in the Sar-El Program with the Israeli Defense Force, IDF. From your Letter, one is not sensing a Fair and Balance Voice is being allowed to part at the ‘Table’. Were the Jewish Students invited to hear their Concerns of how the Encampments have been intimidating towards them? How? By their Slogans and Signs. The Slogan, ‘From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free!’ is a call to Genocide the Jews. HAMAS is a Terrorist Organization. It has ruled Gaza with an Iron Fist where there are no Free and Fair Elections. There is no Freedom of Religion and no Jews are allowed to live in Gaza. There is no Free Speech and no Protests or Dissension is allowed. This is what the Encampments are supporting, and now tacitly the SSU by your Decision to capitulate to their Demands that are rooted in HAMAS’ Goals. And that is Jihad. Students at the Encampment at many Universities have spray-painted on the occupied School Buildings, ‘Jihad’ and Students chant, ‘We are HAMAS!’ SSU should be A-Political as you embark on a very dangerous path of Sectarianism in siding with 1 Political and Religious Side that supports the Objectives and Goals of a Terrorist Government, HAMAS.

3. You stated that Student Activism, Protest and Dissent are Democratic Principles. One would agree and uphold those. But in analyzing the Sources of the Protesters, it has come to surface that Outside Non-Student Involvement and Funding is occurring on many Campuses. In some Encampments, Jewish Students have physically been prevented from stepping onto Campus Grounds and from attending Classes, etc. Many Students chant, ‘From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free’. Most cannot name the River nor the Sea. In many Encampments, there has been an infiltration of Marxist and Communist Agitators and Literature. Most Students are not aware of the HAMAS Charter, who the Palestinian voted to be their Government. But then, HAMAS suspended Free and Fair Elections. Their sole aim is a Religious Imposition of their Radicalized and Intolerant Islamic Rules and of the Destruction of Israel. It is a Charter of Genocide as the Charter implies. What the IDF has had to do, to protect their Civilians, is to go into Gaza to Illuminate HAMAS. It is not a Genocide. Please read the Definition of a Genocide. It is the ‘Deliberate irradiation of a People’. This is what Israel does not want to do. Rather it is exactly what HAMAS wants to do as itemized in their Charter. The U.S. State Department recognizes that the Israeli IDF Offensive into Gaza is not a Genocide. Yet many Students in the Encampments shout, ‘We are HAMAS’! https://www.reuters.com/world/us-not-seeing-acts-genocide-gaza-state-dept-says-2024-01-03/ For HAMAS to obtain their Charter Goals, no Jew is to exist between the ‘River and the Sea’. One just wishes to point-out; what the Pro-Palestine Protesters are championing is not a Political Change based on Democratic Principles. On the Contrary. And that is what the U.S. Universities have capitulated to. It is what you on behalf of SSU have done. Please reconsider the Action Items you have now implemented or have allowed.

4. You then stated that …’and the one battle we should all be engaged in is the fight for inclusion, respect, and freedom for all people, regardless of their background or identity’. Again, one would agree and uphold such Principals. But when it comes to the Pro-Palestine Protesters, it does not apply to the ‘Jew’. There are Slogans and Signs that specifically state, the ‘Zionist State must be Irradicated’, etc. ‘We don’t want 2 States, we want 48!' This is in reference to the Land when it was under the U.N. Mandate and the Geo-Political Implication is that the Jews do not have any recourse or Right to their own State. This is despite a Historical, Cultural and Biblical Record going back 3000 Years. Please do not allow SSU to align its Business with the Demands of HAMAS.

5. You then stated that based on the Meetings with the Protesters, an ‘Advisory Council of Students for Justice in Palestine’ was set-up. You mentioned that the ‘SJP Advisory Council is to work closely with the SSU administration to review progress on the initiatives listed below’. This is where one read about the SSU Staff being mentioned that will be part of the Participation. One would like to be on that Council. What are the Procedures and/or the Contact Person?

6. You then stated that because of this New Council, there are now ‘Mandatory Protections’ in place. Is this by Executive Order? Who has authorized this Council? One would respectfully like to see how this Body was Created and what, On-Paper is its legitimacy based on and from whom? Did you authorize it? If so, can one see the Email or Letter of Correspondence please. Why? As you state that you champion Transparency, one would like to have that for the Record.

7. One does not have an Issue or Problem in capitulating to the Pro-Palestine Protester’s request to Audit or Review SSU’s Investments, Vendor Contracts, etc. One does have an Issue if SSU, upon pressure from the Pro-Palestine Protests, divests because of such Political Pressures. You are setting-up a Precedence that is taking sides in the Political Spectrum. This goes for any type of Student Group that demands the Divestiture of any Dealings with Israel, or any other Nation. One is of the Opinion and Conviction that SSU should not be embroiled in Political Issues that has now evidently taken ‘Sides, or will take the Sides of a very Complicated Issue that is to Collectively Punish Israel, our SSU Students and Jewish Students in Israel, etc. Our University should be Politically Neutral as capitulating to 1 Side and Protesters will harm and affect the other Student’s Side. One wishes to just point this out. In taking ‘Sides’, there is a No-Win Outcome. One respectfully asks that you withdraw the Decisions made, in particular as it pertains to Student Exchanges in Israel, Campus Divestiture and inviting Pro-Palestine ‘Lecturers’ that seek the Destruction of Israel. Here could be the Test. If any invited Guest, Pro-Palestine commits to Peace and the Right to Israel to have a State of their own, will that be asked? If not, how can the Campus allow those People, in favor of Palestine and the eradication of the Jewish State a Platform to spread their Hate and Intolerance? It is rather hypocritical as they do that without also supporting the Provision of the Jews to have what they are demanding of themselves.

8. Then you stated that ‘Academic Affairs and Strategic Enrollment will evaluate any potential exchange partnerships on an annual basis, in conversation with the Advisory Council of SJP’. One’s Question to you is, why on Earth would SSU be considering doing that? This is Discriminatory and in one’s Frank Assessment of your Decision in this specific Matter, it is targeting a Racial and Religious People, the Jews and restricting Potential SSU Students wanting to Study in Israel. You are punishing SSU Students and Jewish Students that would wish to study in the USA, at Sonoma State, for example. It is a Collective Punishment purely based on Emotion and Political Expediency of the Moment. It is being based on what the Political Decisions the Israeli Government and Military are doing to Protect their Citizens from the HAMAS desire to Genocide them and not release their Jewish Hostages. And by the way, Hostages are also from around the World. The Incursion on Gaza was a result of HAMAS and Palestinian Civilians breaching the Israeli Border and Massacring Jews on October 7, 2023, because they were Jews. The Palestinians claim they only want to Attack Israel and not the Jews. This is an Oxymoron. If that were the case, the HAMAS Paragliders and the Palestinian Civilians in the 1000s that crossed into Israel would have only then attacked and killed IDF Soldiers. They did not stop there. They killed innocent Jewish Civilians and massacred an entire Student Encampment that was there for a Peace Music Festival to ‘Make Peace with the Palestinians’. HAMAS and the ‘Average Palestinian’ interviewed in Gaza does not want Peace nor a 2 State Solution with Israel. They want a 1 State Solution, and that is only Palestine, no Israel for the Jews.

9. Thus, your Decision to exclude any SSU Student from studying in Israel? Where is the ‘Democracy’ in that? Has it been presented before the SSU Senate or a Referendum of the Student Body? Apparently not. One finds this Decision rather Hypocritical, based on what you stated to the Campus that you espouse ‘Democracy’. You stated, ‘SSU will not pursue or engage in any study abroad programs, faculty exchanges, or other formal collaborations that are sponsored by, or represent, the Israeli state academic and research institutions’. So, if SSU Students take Online Courses, say at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, those Units will not be admissible to SSU? If that will be the case and no SSU Student can participate in Israeli Student Educational Exchanges, you are Collectively Punishing all Jews as well as SSU Students. This is Irrational and Mis-Guided. Please reconsider. One finds this Decision, Grotesque. One asks that you Retract it as it does not reflect the Core Values of a Higher Institution of Learning. SSU should be held to the Ideals it espouses, at least On-Paper, where Diverging Opinions and Ideals or Politics that goes contrary to the Objection of the Few are Protected. Last Time one looked-up, Israel is a Member of the United Nation. The Institution should not be bound by the Tyranny of the Few. In this case, HAMAS and their U.S. University Student Mouthpieces. May one ask, was this Point or Demand, part of what the Pro-Palestine Students at SSU demanded? If so, who are they and you to dictate what Students and where Students can study?

10. To actively order that the SSU update the SSU Pamphlets of possible Israeli Host Campuses is a Discriminatory Act, in one’s Opinion. It is not Democratic and rather Hypocritical in stating that you supposedly uphold to such Standards and Ideal and at of all places, at an Institution that fosters Dialog, Acceptance, Tolerance, of other’s Opposing Views. At least that is what is said and written. In Practice? Not so much. What happened to the ‘Solidarity’ for the Massacred Jews and the Jewish Hostages that HAMAS still has and refuses to release? In one’s Opinion, this Sole Action, concretely made, is an example of how not to foster Political Change and uphold Democratic Principles, regardless of not agreeing with Israel’s Government Decision-Making. One is truly Disappointed in this ‘Mandate’ of yours. Please Reconsider. As one has studied abroad 3 Times, in England, Sweden and Spain, it makes for a very Irrational Decision without Due-Process of all those SSU Stake-Holders involved, to include the Jewish Students. It epitomizes why State Universities need to be Neutral, A-Political.

11. To remove any Searchable Online Venues and Links from having SSU Students access Israeli Exchange Programs is not exemplary of fostering an Inclusive and Tolerant Disposition of Higher Education at SSU. It is ‘Big-Brother’ Antics in one’s Political Science Assessment. Shameful. Again, this is Discriminatory, Racist, Exclusivity and Intolerant, at its best. Totally Hypocritical. You then stated that, ‘SSU will make it clear to any students that any such programs are terminated until further notice and not simply suspended’. One hopes the Jews will sue you and SSU for this Egregious Unilateral Decision. But to state that, ‘SSU remains committed to upholding principles of academic freedom and open scholarly exchange’, while sanctioning Programs that actually ‘Terminate’ access to Students, that because they are wanting to study in Israel? This is so irrational and absurd in one’s Opinion. One is sincerely embarrassed for you. Seriously. What a Contradiction of Terms. One would think that one works in an Institution that honors and values what it espouses, In-Print at least, but in one’s 30 Years working at the CSU’s, it is really a Farce. It is all Identity Politics and although the ‘Fine Print’ states that the University is a place, a ‘Safe Place’ for Tolerance, Acceptance, Democracy, Due Process, it is a Ruse. One just wishes to point these Items out to you, for the Record and to not be swayed by the current Political Emotional Demands. The Solution and the End of the War plainly calls for HAMAS to release the Hostages, stop their Rocket Attacks on Israel and make Peace with the Jews.

12. You stated that Sonoma State will commit to working with the Ethnic Studies and WGS Faculty to build Curriculum, Palestine Studies, Resources, Funds for Guest Lectures who are Pro-Palestine, etc. One just likes to point-out that in one’s Opinion, the worst place to house any Pro-Palestine Academic Resource or Quest to incorporate that into a Department, Minor or other Venue, would be in the SSU Ethnic Studies and Women and Gender Studies Domain. See Article about how such Departments on U.S. University Campuses are radicalized to the point of Hatred and overt Bigotry against Jews and the State of Israel. https://worldisraelnews.com/u-maryland-department-of-women-gender-and-sexuality-studies-a-case-study-in-jew-hatred. It is another example of the Dichotomy of Irony in that the WGS Departments, that extoll the Virtues of Feminism, Same Sex Marriages, Tolerance and Inclusions, are Pro-Palestine against the Jews of Israel and their State. It so happens that Israel is the only Democracy in the Sea of Muslim Totalitarian Regimes that seeks the annihilation of the Jews. The Jews of Israel are bombarded constantly in the North by Hezbollah, the ‘Army of Allah’. They have been told that the sole aim of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard of Iran is the Capture of Jerusalem and destruction of the ‘Zionist Entity’, etc. And in Gaza, the HAMAS Charter is anti-Feminist, where Women are relitigated to only be the ‘Bearers of Men’ and Homemakers. It is Anti-Abortionist, Patriarchal, Anti-Gay as they thrown them off their buildings, etc. Yet the Port City of Tel-Aviv in Israel is the Gay-Capital of the World. It is very Ironic that the WGS Departments align themselves to the Pro-Palestine Platform, that given the chance to be a State, would outlaw any WGS Departments in Palestine. It has been reported that ‘Gays for Palestine’ Students, Signs and Flags have been met with Violent Backlashes in Public Protests by the very Palestinians they come out to support. Rather, one Highly Suggests that such a Venue to offer Palestinian Resources should be housed in the Political Science Department.  

13. One respects your Statement that, ‘Both SSU Students for Justice in Palestine and I, President Mike Lee, oppose and condemn all acts of genocide, ethnic cleansing, racism, antisemitism, and other activities that violate fundamental human rights. And thus, I call for a cease-fire so that a process for permanent, peaceful resolution can be established’. However, there is a Problem with this Statement. It is Contradictory. As noted, the Israelis are not conducting a Genocide. Granted the loss of Life of Innocent Women, Men, Children and the Elderly in Gaza is a Tragedy. But those Palestinians that have paid with their Lives? The Blood of them are on the Hands of HAMAS who shields behind them. All that HAMAS has to do to end the War is to hand over the Hostages and stop their Border Raids and barraging Jewish Civilians with Rocket Attacks. That is the Act of Genocide and Indiscrete War as they Target Civilians. That is a War Crime. Where is the Uproar and Demands about that? HAMAS will not hand over the Hostages freely nor stop their Rocket Attacks against Jews in Israel. They want all of Israel and for the Jews to not have their own State and not return to their Ancestral Land. In one’s Opinion, as a Political Scientist and World Traveler and who has served in the Israel Defense Force, the IDF, it is really a Religious War. That is what the HAMAS Charter opens with. See Charter. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1988_Hamas_charter. One’s Point is that the Desire for Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, Racism, and Anti-Semitism is stated, in Black-and-White, in the Charter. Then, Polls show that 70% of Palestinians support HAMAS, as do those living in Gaza support their Actions and their ‘Forever War’ with Israel etc. The crowds in Gaza all cheered as HAMAS paraded half-naked and raped Jewish Women in back of Motorcycles as Trophies.

14. The Cease Fire is not the Solution. Why not? So long as HAMAS rules Gaza and they are adamant about their Charter’s Goals, there will always be a ‘Forever War’. A Cease Fire will only buy the HAMAS Time to reload, rearm and re-engage in the War against the Jews. Realize that Gaza is not Occupied. There are no Jews living in Gaza nor would they be allowed to. In 2005, the Small Communities of Jews that did live there in Gaza were forced out in an Agreement. The International Agreement was that the IDF would pull-out of Gaza in exchange for ‘Peace’. ‘Land for Peace’. The Palestinians would not make any more Border Crossing Raids to Murder Jews in Israel. No more Suicide Bombers, Public Stabbings of Israelis or Rocks Barrages on a Daily Basis would occur, etc. Did that happen? No. In the Muslim Mindset, it is ‘All Victory’ or Nothing. It is 1 State Solution, Palestine and no Israel. And this is what U.S. College Students are supporting. The Cease Fire Rouse and the 2-State Solution is a repeated Failed Policy. On 7 Prior Occasions, through International Negotiations, the Palestinians have been offered their own State, since that was the original U.N. Partition Plan. And as they rejected that Partition Plan from on the onset, so too have they in every opportunity given. It is not about ‘Peace’. It is about the Land, the whole Land and the Jews cannot have it, etc. The Pro-Palestine Encampment represents this Prejudice. Their Demands for a ‘Ceasefire’ is only a Façade. They should be protesting HAMAS’ Totalitarian Rule, the release of the Hostages and championing a Peace Agreement with Israel as Egypt and Jordan have.  

15. If you state and actually believe that ‘We ask that everyone do their part to support one another, to ensure that Sonoma State is a safe and inclusive place for all’. Then why Sanction the Study Abroad Programs where no SSU Student can study in Israel? Why succumb to the Pro-Palestine Demands to audit the University’s Business Arrangements to the point it Demands a Termination of them with Israel or any other Nation? University Students have a Represented Body and President to address Grievances. Will the next Student Protest and Encampment that Demands Divestiture of, say Mexico because the University Students are overdosing on Fentanyl, smuggled at the Border, thus have SSU ban SSU Students from eating across the Street at Taco Bell? One is using this Absurd Analogy to convey, that the U.S. Public Universities, as is SSU, should not cave-in to Emotional and 1-Sided Political Persuasion. By caving into their ‘Demands’, you are essentially taking-up their Political Stance and the Aims of HAMAS. SSU needs to be ‘A-Political’ and not at the expense of a Particular Racial and Religious Group, mutually. It should not be because of the Jews for merely being Jews and because the State of Israel is conducting and making Decisions that are contrary to a counter Group of People that are Polarizing and Politicized.

16. You stated, ‘I am pleased to witness that our students have effectively chosen to not be on the sidelines of history during this critical moment. They have peacefully utilized their agency, knowledge, and passion to effect change, and for that I am grateful.’ One could not disagree more. In one’s Humble Opinion, it is the Contrary occurring in one’s Eyes. As a Former Communist Youth who lived in the Former USSR, the Ideologizing and Indoctrination is beyond Belief. The Pro-Palestine Protests are on the ‘Wrong Side of History’. And as one says often, ‘Time will always Tell the Truth’. No, the Pro-Palestine Movement, overall has not been ‘Peaceful’, but Violent. That is what Jihad is all about. They have occupied Buildings, Public Spaces, Vandalized Campus Property, refused Entry to Jews on Campus, etc. No, they have not used their Agency nor are Knowledgeable of a very complex Political Struggle that is 3000 Year Old and is rooted in deep Religious Contention. In the case of most of these Students, one has tried to engage in a Civil Conversation, but they have refused to talk about the Issue, the Hostages, the HAMAS Charter, etc. One item is correct, it is all about Passion and Emotion to the Point that, in one’s Opinion, the Pro-Palestine Protesters are being manipulated and used for a greater Social-Political Agenda. It is not only Anti-Israel, but Anti-Jew and Anti-American as they call for their Destruction. In some Campuses, Students in the Encampments were chanting, ‘Death to Israel! Death to America!’ They hide their Faces behind Face Masks. How is that Pro-Democracy, Tolerant, Accepting, and Inclusive? And that is what the SSU Campus is capitulating to? One is ashamed of SSU. As a Libertarian, one is a staunch Supporter of Free Speech, but not at the expense of Disruptions, blocking Access or impeding Jewish Students or any Students solely based on their Religious and/or their Racial Makeup and Nation’s Geo-Politics. At our Graduation, could you please send out a Message to condemn such Disruptions, as it infringes on all other Student’s Time and Effort in Celebrating their Graduation? If you have Time, one would like to set-up a Meeting to go over these Points with you.

Lus B. Vega
Academic Advisor
Advising and Transfer Center
Sonoma State University. 


Encampment Update

Sonoma State University
7:39 PM                 
to All-Employees, All-Seawolves

May 14, 2024

To: Campus Community
From: Mike Lee, President
Re: Encampment

Nineteen days ago, like many students across the globe, our students set up an encampment on Person Lawn to express their solidarity with the Palestinian people, registering a campus chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine. Over the past week, senior administrators met with students and faculty to listen to and discuss student demands. On Friday, May 10 and Tuesday, May 14, I joined the group to hear directly from them.

Student activism, protest, and dissent in service of social and political change are key democratic principles that allow us to imagine a more perfect union -- not only for ourselves, but also for others. None of us should be on the sidelines when human beings are subject to mass killing and destruction. I have said this before and it merits repeating: There is no political, religious, or cultural principle that merits the murder of the innocent, and the one battle we should all be engaged in is the fight for inclusion, respect, and freedom for all people, regardless of their background or identity. I appreciated the civility and respect that centered our conversations, which opened the door to new ideas and opportunities. As a result of our conversations, we have reached the following points of agreement:

Advisory Council of Students for Justice in Palestine

The Advisory Council of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) will be established as a mechanism to ensure SSU administration accountability for all agreements. The main goal of the SJP Advisory Council is to work closely with the SSU administration to review progress on the initiatives listed below. 

The Advisory Council of SJP will be established through a collaboration between SJP and Sonoma State and will be composed of members from the encampment, faculty, staff, administrators, Palestinian alumni, and other interested students, as determined by Students for Justice in Palestine. The Advisory Council of SJP will meet regularly beginning Fall 2024 with administrators and researchers in accordance with the following Mandatory Protections: 

Mandatory Protections:

1)  Regular meetings with an agenda set and approved by the SJP Advisory Council.

2)  It is the public’s right to attend and participate in official Sonoma State meetings, which are required to meet the transparency requirements of the CSU policies and regulations. Meeting materials are to be disclosed to the Advisory Council of SJP in keeping with the law. Meetings will be recorded.

3)  Preserve the future of the Advisory Council of SJP.

The first meeting date will occur in late August with a presentation from the appropriate SSU Foundation Committee as determined by the VP for University Advancement. The Advisory Council of SJP and SSU Foundation leadership will meet regularly in Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 to review progress. The Advisory Council of SJP will be extended into additional semesters as needed and by mutual agreement between Sonoma State leadership and student leaders.

Disclosure and Divestment

Sonoma State is in the process of launching research on and a review of all SSU Foundation investments, to be released in a meeting between the Committee of SJP and members of the Investment Committee of the SSU Foundation in early Fall 2024. This also includes research on and review of all Sonoma State vendor contracts, to be released in a meeting between the Advisory Council of SJP and the Vice President of Administration and Finance. After the review, the Advisory Council of SJP and SSU administrators will meet with proper officials to determine a course of action leading to divestment strategies that include seeking ethical alternatives. 

SSU will post and disseminate a Disclosure Statement related to funding amounts, the use of funding, and conditions attached to funds. 

Academic Boycott

Currently, the CSU International Programs are not engaging in exchange with Israeli universities, and Sonoma State has no other faculty or student exchange agreements in Israel. Academic Affairs and Strategic Enrollment will evaluate any potential exchange partnerships on an annual basis, in conversation with the Advisory Council of SJP. 

SSU will not pursue or engage in any study abroad programs, faculty exchanges, or other formal collaborations that are sponsored by, or represent, the Israeli state academic and research institutions. 

SSU also commits to immediately updating any SSU pamphlets and SSU-hosted websites that may still be circulating or searchable and to remove hosting or linking to any pamphlets, flyers, or brochures advertising the study abroad program where students are encouraged to study abroad in Israel.

SSU will make it clear to any students that any such programs are terminated until further notice and not simply suspended. 

SSU remains committed to upholding principles of academic freedom and open scholarly exchange. As such, SSU welcomes opportunities to engage Palestinian scholars and students, as well as individual Israeli scholars acting in a personal capacity.

Recognize Palestinian Identity and Introduce Historic Curriculum

Sonoma State commits to working with Ethnic Studies and WGS faculties to build out the curriculum and programming for Palestine Studies within SWANA Studies at SSU beginning in Fall 2024. 

SSU will provide support and resources to develop curriculum and programming on Palestine and a future Palestine Studies program within SWANA Studies that will be taught and housed within the School of Ethnic Studies and Languages. Support will include: annual funding of guest lecture series on Palestine and faculty hires (for example, lecturers, visiting assistant professors, and tenure-track hires) in Palestine Studies within SWANA Studies.

The Office of Academic Programs, the Provost, the President, and Ethnic Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies faculty will create a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) confirming that there will be support for the development of Palestine Studies within SWANA Studies courses and programs as they move through the governance process.

Statement for Permanent Cease-fire in Gaza

Both SSU Students for Justice in Palestine and I, President Mike Lee, oppose and condemn all acts of genocide, ethnic cleansing, racism, antisemitism, and other activities that violate fundamental human rights. And thus, I call for a cease-fire so that a process for permanent, peaceful resolution can be established. 

Student protests and political action are cornerstones of higher education and democracy, and we unequivocally condemn hate and bias in all forms. SSU administration supports students' right to engage in peaceful activism without fear for their personal safety or any form of retaliation. We understand that many people feel anxious and fearful, particularly when standing for what they believe. We ask that everyone do their part to support one another, to ensure that Sonoma State is a safe and inclusive place for all.  

Finally, I am pleased to witness that our students have effectively chosen to not be on the sidelines of history during this critical moment. They have peacefully utilized their agency, knowledge, and passion to effect change, and for that I am grateful.

Message from the President

Sonoma State University
3:51 PM
to All-Employees, All-Seawolves

May 15, 2024

To: Campus Community
From: Mike Lee, President
Re: Message from the President

As president, my focus is on how to best serve our students and our campus community. My goal when meeting with students at the encampment was to explore opportunities to make meaningful change, identify common ground, and create a safe and inclusive campus for all. I now realize that many of the statements I made in my campuswide message did just the opposite.

In my attempt to find agreement with one group of students, I marginalized other members of our student population and community. I realize the harm that this has caused, and I take full ownership of it. I deeply regret the unintended consequences of my actions.

I want to be clear: The message was drafted and sent without the approval of, or consultation with, the Chancellor or other system leaders. The points outlined in the message were mine alone, and do not represent the views of my colleagues or the CSU.

In my message, I stated: “We understand that many people feel anxious and fearful, particularly when standing for what they believe. We ask that everyone do their part to support one another, to ensure that Sonoma State is a safe and inclusive place for all.” I stand by that statement. I realize now that my message has caused more fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. This was not my intent.

As I step away on a leave, I will reflect on the harm this has caused and will be working with the Chancellor’s Office to determine next steps. Meantime, I look forward to supporting Dr. Nathan Evans, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs and Chief Academic Officer, as he serves as Acting President of Sonoma State.

RE: University President Letter – Pro Palestine Encampments.

So, one had reported that on May 15, 2024, our University President sent out a Letter to the Campus, basically capitulating to the Demands of the Pro-Palestine Protesters, etc. That very night one wrote a Rebuttal on every Point made and provided Facts, Evidence and Links to the Contrary. One sent the Letter the next Morning and upon seeing the Date Stamp,  it was 9:11 AM PST. Neat. One then printed-out a Hard Copy and walked it over, personally to the President’s Office, etc.

Then just before the Work-Day was over, on May 15, 2024, which is Nakba Day, in which the Muslims mourn the Loss of their War with Israel in 1948, it appears the Jewish Messiah, Jesus turned the Pro-Palestine ‘Victory’ on the 15th to a Defeat on the 16th of May. How So? The President sent-out to the Campus Community a Follow-Up Letter basically retracting from said Statements made.

One would hope that one’s Letter had a Positive Effect on this Decision. The Backlash was immediate in having those in support of the Jews and their Right to Exist and Fight Back, to have called, wrote Letters or presented themselves at his Office has made an apparent Change. But it took the decisive Decision on the part of the CSU Cal State University Chancellor to immediate place President Lee, On-Leave.

However, the Battle is not Won entirely as one is now anticipating a Backlash and improvised ways of ensuring the Pro-Palestine Protesters achieve their Demands. One will keep you all posted as any Significant Developments are made. Here is the Letter one wrote. It is very long but goes to show you how Christ Jesus can turn a Defeat into a Victory! …And the very Next Day!


The Sonoma State University President being placed on Administrative Leave is just an example of what the Institutions of Higher Learning have become, an Entrenchment of Woke Madness and Identity Politics. One does feel sorry for the President, Mike Lee, as he is a 'Good Guy' but was thrown into the last Debacle. He was weak and easily manipulated by the Woke Administrators that basically ran the University. It has been finally Uncovered in all these Pro-Palestine Protesters who are being used as Paws in the bigger Chessboard Game. One is saddened how, once again one’s University is embroiled in Controversy as the Campus celebrates Graduation in the same Weekend.


Morale is low now again...and it is not the Time to be playing Identity Politics when our Universities are suffering from Under-Enrollment. We need strong Leadership with a Vision, a Plan that is based on A-Political Stances, Biological Science and Morality that is not Relative, etc. It demonstrates how polarized and biased the University Administration is toward Woke and Leftist Ideology has become at any Cost. The Provost of the University, Karen Moranski is who saw the Demotion of one’s Position being relegated now to just a mere Entry Level Academic Advisor.

As one did not capitulate to Celebrate Same Sex Marriage or LGBT Agenda on Campus, one was ousted from the Directorship Position that one worked so hard for and was next in-line to assume. And this is after 30 Years of working in the CSU Cal State University System as one started off as that. It is rather telling what they are willing to do to make sure no Christian or Center Right Political View is affecting Decision-Making in America’ Higher Educational Institutions. She rather allowed the Position to be given to an Under-Qualified, Under-Experienced and Pro-LGBT Colleague that one trained.

Moranski was more than happy to oblige with the Pro-Palestine Students as those are ‘Her People’. Most of the Sonoma State University Protesters are Upper Middle Class White Females with Blue Hair Types. One truly feels sorry for our Students of Asian Ancestry as it is now, ‘Strike 2’ for their Community as the Prior Sonoma State University President, Judi Sakaki was forced to resign in the midst of Payments being made to ‘hush’ the Female Colleagues and hide ‘Under the Rug’, their Sexual Discrimination Cases leveled against SSU, and her Husband, etc. She was the 1st University President in the whole of U.S. History to come from Japanese Ancestry and Heritage. She left in Disgrace.

Not that the Actions or Failures of 1 Person defines the whole Race or Nation but being that the Community is rather small in the USA, the effects were magnified to the Nth Degree, as they say. But this is exactly the Proof and Evidence of why and how Decision-Making is not based on who is Most-Qualified, Talented, Experienced, Educated. No. It is based on Woke Identity Politics. And sooner or later, Time always Tells the Truth. Well, Sonoma State University has made U.S. and World History, apparently by being the 1st U.S. and World University to capitulate to the Pro-Palestine Encampment Demands. It is all over the News now, going Viral and even Al Jazeera is loathing over it.


President Lee is not likely coming back. His Respect and Reputation is gone and that will impact any Decision-Making if he would be granted the Provision to Return. One would be surprised if he does return or want to return. Well, the University President did ‘Apologize’ of sort, but then reiterated his Personal Stance on the Issue.

Nothing wrong with that, but the mistake he made was that he listened to his Senior Administrators that egged him along to make Unilateral Decisions on behalf of the whole University. This was done independent of Due Process and Review and/or Student-Staff-Faculty Referendum, etc. One truly feels sorry for this Guy as who really needs to be put On-Leave, permanently are his whole handful of ‘Senior Admitnistrators’.

One knows who exactly they are. They are the Problem. One did send an Email to the CSU  California State University Chancellor, Dr. Mildred Garcia. One informed her that it is they, the Sonoma State University Senior Administrators who should be put On-Leave. It is they, with their $150,000-$200,000 Dollar Yearly Salaries that are the real Culprits. It is the University President takes the Fall and the Instigators remain.

That has been and is the Issue and Problem at Sonoma State University. This Drama has now dampened the Spirits for this Year’s Graduation. One suspects that the Senior Administrators will ‘Lay-Low’ for now as they do not want to jeopardize their Position of Power and Salary.

As a Staff Member at Sonoma State University, here are one’s Personal take on the matter of the Pro-Palestine Encampment Demands and the Leave of the SSU President as a result. The War in Gaza could and would End Immediately if all HAMAS has to do is release the Hostages, pledge to stop Cross-Border Raids, lob Rocket Attacks and make a Peace Treaty with Israel as Egypt and Jordan have.

-One Feels Bad for Asian-Americans due to 2 CSU Presidents having to step-down now from SSU.

-The University President was the ‘Fall-Guy’ in all this, mis-guided, mis-used by his Senior Administrators he consulted with.

-He listened to his Senior Administration that needs to be investigated and Step-Down as well.

-One calls for a CSU Chancellor and SSU Internal Investigation of the SSU Senior Administrators that led to this Circumstance.

-The Academic Boycott goes contrary to Goals of Inclusion, Acceptance of SSU.

-University Students have their Government and Representative to voice Protests and/or Demands.

-If Protestors want to see California Universities ‘Divest’ in Israel, they should encamp at State Capital and petition their Local State Legislative Representatives.

-Universities should be A-Political.

Luis B. Vega
Academic Advisor
Sonoma State University

So, as to the latest in how our small University made History by being the 1st U.S. University to agree, publicly to all of the Pro-Palestine Demands, the University President is now not coming back. Sonoma State has been appointed an Interim Acting President. Protests are planned because of this decision during the End of the Semester Saturday Commencement.

Because of one’s Letter to the Sonoma State President, one was interviewed and quoted in the local Sonoma County Press Democrat Newspaper. As one’s Letter to the President made the Rounds, one did get a Reply about it from several of the Jewish Faculty on Campus. They were very appreciative, enough so to be asked to join their Jewish Faculty and Staff Allied Affinity Group. So, this latest Campus Debacle is a New Mile Marker in the History of the University.

One had said a lot but only 1 Sound-Bite made to print. In one’s Assessment, the University President became the ‘Scapegoat’ and one is calling for the New President to investigate the Senior Administration that were the Perpetrators of the Capitulation to the Pro-Palestine Demands. They were Bias and they too need to be hand-in their Resignation. Here is the Link to the Article if interesting in the Drama.

‘Dangerous Precedent’: SSU President’s Agreement, then Ouster, Sparks Local, Global Controversy
SSU President Mike Lee’s agreement, then leave, sparks local, global controversy - The Press Democrat


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