Burial Tombs of Queen Esther and Mordecai

  • What will the Martian-Motif Theory about?
  • Is there a 'Star-Gate' in all such Sacred Sites?
  • How is the Story of Esther in Persia relevent?

by Luis B. Vega
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When Iran attacked Israel with their Barrage of over 500 Missiles and Drones on April 13, 2024, it was reported that one Iranian Military Launch Site was from Hamadan. Interesting and perhaps Prophetic. How so? Since the Topic of Hamadan came up, one wanted to share that Locale is in Iran, as it is a Triangulation on Earth found where the Ley-Lines are based on Energy Vortexes that produce a ‘Star-Gate’. They are Points on the Planet where the 'Crossing-Over' into Dimension are more likely to occur, due to the Sacred Geometric Configuration of the Locale.

Not sure how it all works but it is seen and replicated all throughout the World. They are mostly situated over Sacred Religious Sites. One has shared before, such Sacred Sites on Earth that are based off of the Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Triangulation found there. So far, one has cataloged over 500 such ‘Star-Gates’ on Earth. They range from the Ancient Megalithic Bronze Age Sites to Temples of the Ancient World, to the Medieval Palaces and Star Castles, to the Modern Skyscraper Cities, etc. The Triangulation of the Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Complex is not Novel in itself.

What one has done is taken that Triangulated Geometry and applied it to, not just a few Sacred Ancient Sites found on Earth, but to all those are found in all Sites of Spiritual, Financial and Military Importance, for the most part. And that one’s Theory strongly suggests that it is a Divine Blueprint of how Heaven is configured. Is it Biblical? Is such a Notion found in the Bible? One would argue, ‘Yes’. The Bible states that there are 3 that Bear Witness in Heaven. This is the Trinity of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. One would dare say, each has a corresponding Structure or Temple, House, etc.

Now, the Bible states that in Heaven, there is a House or Temple in which the very Throne of YHVH is situated at. Since the Dimension is Spiritual, it is hard to wrap one’s Mind around it as the Mortal World is defined by concrete Physical Structure. Nonetheless, that is what Jacob also understood. When he reached the place in the Promised Land called Bethel, he put a Stone as a Pillow to rest his Head. And? Realize that in a Human Brain, the Pineal Gland is essentially the 3rd Eye. It actually has an Oculus even. And the Stone has Quartz in it.

One is suggesting that this Combination, in some way activated the ability that Humanity had, before the Fall, in how Adam could ‘Walk’ with GOD in the Cool of the Day. It served as an Interphase of sorts. This is why Jacob could see the Ladder or Portal or Star-Gate go up to Heaven. And who was there at the very Pinnacle? Jesus. And what did Jacob say after he came to? ‘This is none other than the House of YHVH’.

​Dimensional Doorways
Thus, one’s Theory is that the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation is a Divine Template of what is in Heaven, replicated in Pleiades Star Cluster, copied on Mars and then found all over on Earth, as in Hamadan, Iran. As to how it got on Mars? That is where one can infer to the Ancient Mythos of the ‘Gods’ or Angels that perhaps were stationed there. Or there could have been a Civilization, Pre-Adamic.

But they had direct Connection and Communication with Earth, as that is what the Sumerian Tablets assert. And others even claim that the Ancient Civilizations of Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis were based upon. Thus, have a look at the Configuration of Ancient Hamadan, the Burial Resting Places of the Jewish Queen Esther of the Bible and Mordecai.



In the case of Hamadan, the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation consists of the following correspondence. The Pleiades Pyramid City Complex corresponds to the area that has several Ancient Christian Churches. Mainly, they are the Church of Saint and Saint Stephen’s Church, etc. Realize that this are of Iran is the Christian Portion that had been heavily influenced by the Jewish and Christian Presence since Daniel and Esther. The Giant D&M Pentagon Pyramid Fortress corresponds to the what is now the place that situates the National Library.

The 3 Areas that constitute the Triangulation are in exact Size Proportions of what is found in Cydonia, Mars. Lastly, the Face on Mars corresponds to the Ali Sina Tomb area. Interestingly, the Face Orientation is such that the Spiral or Memorial of the Tomb corresponds to the ‘3rd Eye’ location of the Forehead. It is as if a ‘Little Horn’ is protruding from the Head. The Tombs of Esther and Mordecai are located next to the Round-About that is the Center of a Hexagram Delineation of the entire City Street Grid. Biblically Speaking, the Life and Times of Esther consists of how the Seed War from Genesis 3:15 came to play in the Story and Book of Esther.

It was a Time and Place that the Enemies at the Gate, or even at this Star Gate attempted to Genocide the Earthly People of YHVH. As Haman and his Conspirators attempted to annihilate the Jews, YHVH turned the Tables on them, literally and what the Enemy meant for Evil, YHVH turned to a Blessing. This is where the Minor Feast of Purim is derived from. The Word comes from, ‘To cast the Die’. It was as if the Fate of the Faith of the Jews was to be played and see who would ‘Win’. Jesus Won.

Sadly, the same Spirit of Haman is Alive and Well in the 21st Century as the attempt to annihilate the Jews by the Mullahs of Iran will lead the World to World War. Geo-Politically, the attack of Iran against Israel is unprecedented as it is 33 Years, as of April 13, 2024 that the last Empire, that of Iraq and the Spirit of Nebuchadnezzar launched Scud Missiles at Israel. That was during the Gulf War. The Reason Iran launched approximately 500 Projectiles at Israel is that they believe Israel was behind the Bombing of the Iranian Consulate in Damascus.

Persian Prince
However, there is no concrete Proof. It is just a Supposition and Conjecture. But enough to warrant such an Attack. This is what the IDF Israel Defense Forces Spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari stated on this matter. ‘According to our Intelligence, this is no Consulate and this is no Embassy. This is a Military Building of Quds Forces disguised as a civilian Building in Damascus’. However, as Bible Students should be able to discern, all that is happening on the World Stage is not a mere ‘Accident’ or Happenstance. It may appear to look that way. That is part of the Deception. This is all the Preparatory Period.

Think of the COVID Plandemic. It is really a Psy-Op that is being unfolded as a True Conspiracy as it was in the Days of Esther and Mordecai. What is occurring in the World is that the Super-Powers, mainly the USA and Europe are experiencing a Protracted Stage of Sabotage. This is to Sow the Seeds of Division, Chaos, Distrust and Disrupt the Supply Chains. An Intended Effect is Inflation that will drain what little Financial Resources the Average Family has saved-up. This Type of Warfare is Low-Cost and only requires Limited Actions, but Precise Objectives and Targets.

In the case of Iran, it has a Military Pact with Russia. According to the Bible, it will be Russia that will lead a Coalition of mainly Muslim Nations, of the Outer-Ring that will attack Israel. This is the Spirit of Haman. It will be a World War as all the Nations, it says in Zechariah will seek to surround Jerusalem. And this is not even the Final Battle when they will almost succeed. In that case, it will be led by the Biblical AntiChrist that gathers the Nations to prevent the Return of Jesus at the Battle of Armageddon, etc.

What ‘Saved’ Israel was all the U.S. and U.K. Jets that helped Israel intercept the Missiles. Next Time, that will probably not be the case as Russian Jets will engage over the Air Spaces of Iraq and Iran. What was reported during the Iranian Attack is that like the USA and Russian, Israel also has a ‘Doomsday Airplane’. And that Plane was airborne during the Barrage of the Iranian Missile and Drone Attacks.

And what is the Moral of the Story? Like with Esther, Mordecai and the Jews in Ancient Persian, they Prepared. They knew the Attack was coming. The Royal Decree was issued. The Counter-Decree was also. It was now in the Hands of every Jew to legitimately Defend themselves. And they did. ‘What the Enemy means for Evil, YHVH will turn it for the Good’. -Genesis 50:20



Possessing the Portals
This book will show how such Martian Motif triangulations served and serve as ‘Gates’ and/or ‘Portals’ on one level and Luciferian ‘Spiritual Strongholds’ in another. As a type of Jesus to come, Joshua conquered such ‘Gates’ of the Guardians as they entered the Promised Land. This book suggests that the triangulations were points of contention as a euphemism for the Spiritual Warfare over the Strongholds that are in the world in general but specifically in the Promised Land, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

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Unmasking of the Rebel King Ala-Lu
The purpose of this book is to present a case for ‘unmasking’ who is behind the ‘Face of Mars’ from a Biblical point of view. The book will incorporate a comprehensive array of Astro-Archeological studies compiled using motifs of the Pyramid on Mars that are replicated on Earth’s sacred sites, past, present and future. This study will hopefully help explain what the coming Deception that the Bible speaks about will be in part, the ‘return of the Martian Saviors’.

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Star Markers of a Prior Prophetic Time
The purpose of this book is to ascertain the cosmic motifs of the Pleiades and Orion as they pertain to the pyramid designs of the ancient sacred sites on Earth, past, present and future. The various illustrations will attempt to demonstrate that there is an on-going cosmic conspiracy regarding what is the true narrative of the interpretation of such sacred designs that are aligned to the stars. The study will involve a large degree of Astro-Archeology pertaining to the coming of the celestial Gate Keepers and Guardians of the Galaxy.

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