Based on the Phi Ratio Cycles

  • When will the U.S. Financial Markets collapse?
  • Is there a Cyle or Pattern that Collapses are based on?
  • How is the Phi Ratio factored into the Collapse?

 by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to present the Argument that the World Wars, Economic Collapses and even Biblical Prophecy occur in Cycles. These Cycles or Patterns are based on the Amazing Mathematical Concept of the Phi Ratio or the Golden Mean. How so? The Golden Ratio, in mathematics, occurs when 2 Quantities are in the Golden Ratio, if their Ratio is the same as the Ratio of their Sum to the larger of the 2 Quantities. This Figure is illustrated in several depictions. There is the Geometric Relationship, the Spiral and can be expressed Algebraically, for quantities a and b with a > b > 0, etc.

The Phi Ratio is seen in Architecture, Nature, Space, Plant and Fish Life, and the Human Body. This is why it is called the Signature of GOD and with Good Reason. It appears to authenticate, at least, a Divine Creative Force or Intelligent Design. What one is postulating is that this Phi Ratio is also seen and/or incorporated in Economic Cycles of ‘Boom’ and ‘Bust’ Patterns. In this specific Cycle Concept, the Triangulation of 2 Points on a Timeline will automatically lead to the 3rd Point. And that is one’s Point. It is that this Phi Ratio can predict the Future in terms of whatever Event is plotted on the Timeline.

For example, one has presented Evidence of this Phi Ratio Pattern also occurring in how the World Wars are to be played-out. Consider that the Dates of both the 2 prior World Wars are known. Thus, having these 2 ‘Nodes’ on the Timeline will determine the 3rd Node or War. Now the ‘Devil is in the Details’, literally as one has to finagle with what was or is the Start Date. It can be that or the Mid-Date or End-Date.

This is the only Variable of Play or Discrepancy one cannot speak of. It is at this Specificity that those behind the Veil with the Black Hand are determining. Nonetheless, if one takes into account the Approximate Start of the 2 Prior World Wars, having World War 1 start in 1914. Then World War 2 started in 1938. Then, approximately, based on the Phi Ratio, World War 3 is to start in the Fall, sometime in 2024.

However, the 3rd World War is not like the 2 prior ones in that many Pundits argue that World War 3 has already begun. Then there is the Phi Ratio Pattern of how also the World Wars caused the Powers-That-Be to create World Orders after their World Wars. These were supposed to be Bodies of International Nations that would ensure ‘No More War’. Right.

It is those same Luciferian Globalists that run the World, given their Power and Authority by the very God of this World, Lucifer the Fallen Angel Cherub that makes War. After World War 1 there was the League of Nations. It failed to stop the next World War. After World War 2, there was the present United Nations. It will fail to stop the next World War. Thus, based on the Phi Ratio, after the next World War, there will be a New World Order set up. And based on the Bible, it will be the Last One, and led by none other than the Biblical AntiChrist.

The next Phi Ratio Cycle that one wishes to use is now, in terms of Biblical Prophecy, Prophecy marches-on or occurs likewise in Phi Ratio Cycles. How so? Consider the Rebirth of Modern Israel. One has presented studies and Books on how the Celestial Signs of the Sun, Moon and the Stars attested and accompanied the Prophetic Reconstitution of Israel National Redemption.

And that it occurred, is occurring and will occur in a Triangulation of a Phi Ratio Timeline. The Main Geo-Political Events that define this Cycle is the Rebirth of the Nation of Israel in 1948 that say the Jews establish their Sovereignty back in the Promised Land. Then in 1967, during the 6-Day War, the Jews recaptured the Old City of Jerusalem.

The Jews had not been back to the Western Wall since 70 AD when it was destroyed by the Prince Titus of Rome, etc. Thus, based on these 2 prior Nodes in the Timeline, the 3 Events can be Predicted, Prophetically. And that is the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple. Based on this Timeline, the Approximate rebuilding or 3rd Temple Dedication is calculated to be in the Fall of 2025. Perhaps.

What is also rather Amazing is that the Geo-Political Event concerning Israel’s 3 Triangulated Events on the Timeline were accompanied by 3 Series of Blood Moon Tetrad. They occurred before in Approximate Tandem in 1949-50, 1967-68 and lastly 2014-15. What remains is the Catalyst that will remove the present Restrain in building the 3rd Temple. One conjectures that the Event in Question will be the Rapture.

There have also been other Celestial Signs involving the Sun. For example, in the Year 2024, both the Religious New Year of April 8 and the Civil New Year of October 2 had a Total Solar Eclipse occur on those Days. This is extremely rare and in one’s Life’s Journey of Observing the Celestial Signs, one has not come across such a Phenomena in the same Year. And?

It speaks of the Biblical Concept and Axiom of how the ‘Beginning is as the End’, and the ‘End is as the Beginning’. This is to mean that the Year 2024 is a Milestone or a Pivotal Time Marker, at least in the Biblical Perspective. Now what one wishes to translate all the above over is to the National Economies. In this case, specifically to the USA. Why? On June 9, 2024, the Petro Dollar-Saudi Pack of 50 Years came to an end.


This signaled that the Propped-Up U.S. Dollar will be left alone, ‘Naked’ and bear to all the World to see just how ‘Nothing’ has been ‘Dressing’ it. It has no Value as it was taken off the Silver and then Gold Standard, as instructed to the U.S. Presidents by the Luciferian Globalists that own the Printing Presses and print the Money. In this case, the World has decided to no longer use the Dollar as a Viable Reserve Currency of Exchange, etc. This will spell an Economic Armageddon, once the Timeline catches-up with Real Life. And here is where one wishes to interject how the coming Financial Collapse will occur, or Approximately when. How so? The Phi Ratio.

This Concept or Theory is based on how one will show this Pattern back in 2001 with the Inside Job of the September 11, 2001 Twin Tower Attack. The Stock Market Crashed and sent the World Finances in a Tail-Spin. A National and even Global Recession set in. The Financial Cycles are based on Cycles of 7 Years or Sabbath. Why is that? It is because those in Wall Street are 1 in the Same Money Changers as they were in Jesus’ Day. Thus, Right on Time. The next Financial Meltdown occurred 7 Years later in 2008.

There was another Stock Market Crash, and once again, the same People sent the World Finances into a Tail-Spin. Here is one’s Point and Evidence of how these National Financial Collapses are orchestrated, using this Phi Ratio Principle. Based on the 2 Prior Economic Collapses, one then knows 2 Nodes on the Timeline. Thus, if one applies the Triangulation based on the Phi Ratio, one can Approximate when the next Financial Meltdown or Recession is to occur.


Consider the Evidence from the Data acquired at the Federal Reserve. See Chart in the End-Notes that visualize this Phi Ratio Triangulation. Notice that the ‘Spread’ of the ‘Fall’ spans 2-3 Years. Consider how the 1st Node or Recession occurred from 1999 to 2001. And it was in 2001 that the 9-11 Attacks occurred. And that was when the Palestinians all over the World came out to the Streets to Chant and Celebrate the Attack against the USA. But so were some Jews that were caught Filming the Collapse of the Towers.

Then the next Node in the Timeline occurs in the Spread from 2005 to 2009. And it was in 2008, especially, that the Collapse occurred. So, here is one’s Point, just like the World Wars, the World Orders, Israels’ Recantation, and Blood Moon Tetrads and Biblical Prophecy all occur in Phi Ratio of Time, so too has, is and will the next coming Economic Collapse occur, approximately. And that Spread of Years is? Based on the Chart and Triangulation of the Year, that Collapse that will occur in the USA 1st, the Europe will occur in the Fall or into 2025.

The Year Spread is from 2022-2025 Notice that this Spread of Years follows the Shemitah Cycles of Release and Jubilee Cycles themselves. Coincidence? No, it was the COVID Attack. COVID was the ‘Beginning of the End’ for this current Financial Order that is centered on the USA or was. And? What will make this 3rd and final Collapse and Recession the worst in USA History is because of the Artificial Propping-Up of the U.S. Dollar, the National Debt that is over 33+ Trillion Dollars. The USA cannot even pay the Interest, which is at least 1 Trillion.

By Comparison, as of Mid-2014, the USA is spending 1 Trillion Dollars every 100 Days. Consider that. No other Nation on the Planet and in Human History finds itself in this Predicament. And. If you think Food and Fuel Prices are High now, it will become Astronomical. And there is no Remedy or ‘Gong Back’. What will be needed is an Economic Reset and New Currency. So? Is that not Good. Yes, if the Powers-That-Be were Benevolent and caring truly about Humanity’s Well-Being.

No, on the Contrary, the Luciferian Globalists want to Genocide as many Humans as possible because they are ‘Useless Eaters’ consuming the Earth’s Limited Resources, etc. And this is where, from this Point Forward, the Inflation will be so bad, that it will lead-up to the Description of how a Loaf of Bread will be valued the same as 1 Day’s Wages of Work, if one can find Work. And all that will be by Design. Food and Fuel will be used as a Weapon to Control People.

So, this is in the 'Not to Scare but Prepare' Department.  As you all now, 1 of other ‘Out There’ Theories I have is that the Phi Ratio Mathematical Principle is very relevant to how Time Progresses. That included Prophetic Events, Celestial Events, and even World Wars, Israel and the Economic Collapses. Evidence? Below is a Chart one did that illustrates this.

One took the Chart already made and just extended it to show what would Approximate the Recession? No, it is the Depression this Country, the USA is about to go into. The USA has been in a Recession since the COVID 'Attack'. If the Phi Ratio Pattern is True and Valid based on what is projected this Fall, based on the Termination of the Petro Dollar.

The purpose of this Chart is to illustrate that based on one’s Theory of the Phi Ratio being a Pattern of ‘GOD’s Signature’, it can be applied to the Collapses of Economies. In this case, that of the Financial Meltdown of the USA. One theorizes that by knowing 2 Events on a Timeline, the 3rd Event will follow, approximately. One has applied this Phi Ratio Pattern to predict when World War 3 is to occur. This in turn will also follow how the World Orders after the World Wars have ensured and will again, based on the Phi Ratio Pattern Theory.

Applying this Principle to Biblical Prophecy, one theorizes that Events such as when the 3rd Temple in Israel is to be built, for example can be ascertained. This Phi Ratio Pattern is seen in Creation and was the Cycle observed in the 3 Series of Blood Moon Tetrad. One has taken the Chart, plotting the Recession Odds based on Federal Reserve Data for the USA. It exemplifies this Phi Ratio Pattern. If what the Triangulation is suggesting, this coming Recession will be a Depression.



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