A Critique about Imminency of the Rapture

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Who knows the Power of Your Anger? Your Wrath matches the Fear You are due. So teach us to Number our Days, that we may present a Heart of Wisdom. Return, O LORD! How long will it be? Have Compassion on Your Servants’. -Psalm 90-11-13

One was asked  the Question. ‘How do we reconcile the Doctrine of Imminency with every other Major Feast associated fulfillments/events happening on GOD'S Appointed Times/Moedim? Like many things I have always just accepted Imminency without really studying it, but the Orderliness/Planned Events of God just seems to argue for the End of the Church Age being on a Moed (Pentecost, in my view), Date/Calendar Differences notwithstanding?’

‘I just can't get past the Idea that God had a specific…Date for the Church, and surely He has a specific End-Date as well--that isn't just Out of the Blue. The idea of Imminency just feels out of sync with GOD's set Orderliness. Of course nothing is Random with Him, and Imminency certainly keeps us guessing, but it just doesn't seem to fit Patterns’.

Good Question. As to the Doctrine or Notion of Imminency of the Rapture? One has not specifically written about it, exclusively but have mentioned it in some Articles, here and there. Here is one’s Stance on the Rapture’s Imminency.

1. One does not subscribe to that Understanding that the Rapture Event is Imminent, meaning that it can happen at an ‘Random’ Time and Place. Mostly, based exclusively on what you rightly noted. One would agree that nothing that occurs in Prophetic Time is ‘Random’. For example, in that Sinai Pentecost Day Count Chart, the purpose was exactly to show the Correlation of a Divine Appointment and Events precisely repeating themselves, to the Day.

2. Most if not all of YHVH’s Major Feasts and Events are Time-Stamped by, for example, ‘In the 15th Day of the 3rd Month’, in the 1st Day, the 2nd Day, the 3rd Day, in the 480th Year of the Exodus, Abraham left Haram in his 75th Year, etc. There is always a specific Time-Frame associated with YHVH's Movements. There are even specific Verses where the Bible even stresses how, ‘To the Very Day’, or Anniversary, a Major Prophetic Event occurred.

‘The People of Israel had lived in Egypt for 430 Years; on the very Day the 430 Years ended, the LORD’S Divisions of People left Egypt’. -Exodus 12:41

GOD of Numbers and Dates
What if the Church Age Believers and Followers of Jesus are to likewise ‘Exodus’ out of this ‘Egypt’? What if it will be ‘To the Day’, on the Anniversary when the Church Age started?

‘In the third month, on the same day of the month that the Israelites had left the land of Egypt, they came to the Wilderness of Sinai’. -Exodus 19:1

Or in the very case of the Rapture of Elijah? The School of the Prophets and Elisha knew the exact Day when Elijah was to be taken-up, in that ‘Celestial Limousine’, the Chariot of Israel. Could this also not be the case for the Rapture of the Bride of Christ?

‘Then the sons of the prophets who were at Bethel came out to Elisha and said, “Do you know that the LORD will take your master away from you today? He said, Yes, I know. Be quiet’. -2 Kings 2:3

3. However, the subject of the Rapture’s Imminency is a Secondary Issue, much like the Rapture Doctrine itself. And one does not see any Issue or Problem of those Brethren that do subscribe that the Rapture can ‘Happen at any Time’. It is just that Mathematics is not ‘Random’ and one makes a case that the Rapture is and will occur, Mathematically on Time. For example, Brother Tyler at Generation 2434 staunchly holds to the Belief that the Rapture is an Imminent Event. Yet, Dr. Awe, in this case does not and believes it will occur on an ‘Appointed Time’.

4. Here is an example of how another Brother addressed the Issue of Imminency of the Rapture. It was in an Article published in 2015 where Marty A. Cauley mentions my Work. It is when one started to go Public about the 49 Day and 50 Day ‘Double-Count’ Interpretation of Leviticus 23:16 that implies Acts 2 was on the 100th Day from the Day after Passover and coincided with the Feast of New Wine, etc. Here is the Article if anyone cares to read it. The Article is rather long but it is a Deep Dive and very Academic…so Fair Warning.

Marty A. Cauley © Copyright 2015

5. In one’s Research of 40 Years, not that Years are any indication of Validity, one has seen the Patterns in Prophecy, that they essentially are Mathematical in its pure form. As Pythagoras stated, ‘All is Numbers’. This is where one’s Theory states that Prophecy is or occurs in Phi Ratio of Time. For example, all the Feasts of YHVH are not only pegged to the Yearly Agricultural Cycles, but they occur in Mathematical Relation to each other. And there is Symmetry. This Phi Ratio is the following. It is also called the Golden Ratio and how it is the Divine Pattern of how All Things Grow, etc.

1 + Square Root of 5 / 2 = 1.1618…

Prophecy is about Specific Numbers and Dates
6. See the Chart below, entitled the Sinai Pentecost Day Count. One has superimposed it with Phi Ratio ‘Spirals’ for a visual to illustrate this Ratio. It shows how YHVH marks Prophecy or how Time or Divine Movements or Appointments occur in relation to each other, Mathematically. It is pure Mathematics and thus, it cannot support the Notion of Imminency, in one’s Opinion. It is only Circumstantial Evidence, but that is one’s Theory of how Prophecy occurs in Time. Nothing that YHVH has done, is doing and will do is Imminent, but Prescribed. May one even dares say ‘Predestined’? But one is not a Calvinist. So there.


Based on a Phi Ratio of Time and Triangulation

Obviously, the Points made and the attempts at the Rapture Year Calculations proved to be incorrect. But it was what the prevailing Conjecture was all about around 2014. The Point one wanted to make was that such Writers and Watchers were more inclined that the Rapture Event can be Mathematically surmised. Perhaps.

Based on the Information known back in 2014-15, the Writer of the article believed the Rapture was going to take place in 2015 and that Jesus was to Return in 2025. He based a lot of his Mathematics and Variables from Doug Krieger. One used to have a Correspondence with him and he used some of my Findings for one of his Books even.


Signs in the Heavens and on the Earth: Man’s Days are Numbered
Sacramento, CA: Tribnet Publications, 2014

But their Math is based on a 33 AD Crucifixion Year and a Year of when Adam was Created, etc. So, just to say that one did not agree with those Prophetic Variables, but in Principle, the topic of the Rapture’s Imminency is what one wanted to just point out. This ‘Pentecost’ or 50 Day Count called Shavuot of June 2-3 is just the Half-Way to the July 23 Acts 2 2nd 50 Day Count. This is of course, if one bases the Day Count on the Solar Calendar. So, as you all know, one is more convinced about the Season, but the issue is what Year.

Just the other Day, one was reminded of the Prophetess Anna Code. Rember, if Prophecy is Pattern, then it is a real good one to consider. Anna was 84 Year Old when she met Jesus at the Temple, 8 `Dyas after his Birth. So, in terms of Mathematics, consider that the Scripture states that she was only married to her Husband for 7 Year, then he Died. Thus, if one correlates that Math to the Prophecy of how the Modern Birth of Israel is as ‘Jesus’, and the 84 Years is from that Year, 1948, then given that Israel will be without a Husband as in YHVH who was since Mount Sinai but how Israel was Divorced because of Israel’s Unfaithfulness, then consider the following Prophetic Equation, perhaps.

1948 Birth of Israel + 84 Year Anna Code = 2032 – 7 Year Husband had Died = 2025

Jesus is the Solution to the Number Equations

This Equation could narrow down the Year of the Rapture then, solely based on one’s Conjecture that there has to be a Time-Gap, of approximately 1 Year to allow for the Transition to the New World Order and the 3rd Temple and how the False AntiChrist Messiah will rally the World around the Temple, which one surmise will be used as a Modern Tower of Bebel. One does not see the Rapture Event and the immediately thereafter the Tribulation Period starting that soon.

So, this is one’s best Conjecture that suggesting then that the Rapture Year should be 2024 then. As to my Back-Up Plan if the July 23 is a ‘Nothing Burger’? Well, yes. The Back-Up Plan will be July 23, 2025, lol. One is totally Stubborn and Set on the Summer White Wheat Wedding, Boaz-Ruth, Rapture Timing, on the New Wine that corresponds, Astrologically to the Leo New Year and end of the Summer Wheat Harvest when the Lion’s Gate begins to Open and the Bodies are Transformed and Transferred to the Stars.

If 2024 does not pan-out to be the Rapture Year as one Calculates, then one will continue to Recalibrate knowing that one’s Learning Curve has inched a bit more, nonetheless. And remember that one will be disappointed but not distraught as one is only seeking He, who is the Blessed Hope. One’s Hope is not in the Rapture but He who will Rapture.

To Infinity and Beyond!






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