Jesus outside of the Last Laodicean Type Church

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One is also of the Interpretation that the 3 ‘Harvests’, as mentioned go with the 3 Orders of the Resurrection. The 1st Order was Jesus with a few other Old Testament Jews as Tokens as First Fruits; Barley during Passover Week. This was the 1st Resurrection as Jesus is the ‘Head’. Then the 2nd Resurrection is/will be His Body, the Bride of Christ.

Thus, one is more convinced that the 2nd Resurrection will take place during Pentecost, the Wheat Summer Harvest. Then the 3rd Resurrection is the ‘Sickle Harvest’ that corresponds to the Wine Harvest. This occurs at the end of the 7-Year Tribulation Period of the Old Testament Saints that will then be ushered into the Kingdom, etc. See Articles #464 for a study on the Topic.

Rank and File Military and Harvest Typologies

This is why there is much Confusion in the Church about when is the Rapture as there are actually 7 Types of them all throughout the Book of Revelation. One has to step back and see them from a Long Distance rather than most Bible Students that only focus on 1 Segment of the Book of Revelation Timeline and Project of the Rapture or Translation Events to make an entire Doctrine out of it. This is where those who see only and believe in a Pre-Wrath or a Post Mid-Tribulation, and Post-Tribulation Rapture are technically correct.

One sees that as Jesus first fulfilled the Spring Feasts in that Week-Long Procession, so too will He return at the beginning of the Fall Feast Sequence to start at Yom Teruah, which is the Battle Cry to assemble and make War. It is only because all 3 are part of the overall 7 that occur in the Book of Revelation. Now, as to the Timing of the Rapture Summer ‘White Wheat Wedding’? The Question is what Year? See Articles #464 for a study on the Topic.

The Purpose of the Raptures in Prophecy

The Home Stretch
Consider that all the Fall Feasts are a Type of Reflection, Repentance and Atonement required. It is not a Time of a Marriage and Joy or Celebration. They are a Contrast to the Summer Minor 3 Shavuot or Pentecost as in 50 Day Feasts are about being ‘Merry’, Wine, Light and Life, etc. After Jesus returns with the Bride on Yom Teruah Time, there is Yom Kippur. That is when Jesus, as High Priest, will enter the Holy of Holies to cleanse the Temple. And after the 7 Days of Tabernacle, Jesus will abide literally with His People for 1000 Years. He is crowned King as He finishes off the Feasts by reading the Law during Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah.

This will Prophetically Echo what King Solomon did. As to the possible Timing or the Rapture that will close out the Church Age? This would thus coincide with the 2 events presented in the study of how the Unfruitful Fig Tree Parable would have 2025 (2018 + 7 Year Probation) be the start of the ‘Cutting Down’ of the Fig Tree Israel. Why from 2018? That was the Year that Israel reached 70 Years of Existence. The Numerical Coefficient of 70 is reminiscent of the 70 Year Captivity of Babylon and is the Number that is a Fractal of 7, the Number of Perfection or Completion, etc. This is alluding to the start of the Tribulation Period whose 2nd Half will constitute the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.

There is a sense of the Urgency of the Moment as the Church Age is in the Home-Stretch, as they say. If the whole Church Body of Christ would have been faithful to have been taught Prophecy more so, perhaps all this Deception of the Last Days and of being Hoodwinked about such Psy-Ops as the COVID Plandemic, in particular would have saved Lives. It is natural to not want to teach about Prophecy or the End of Days…it can be scary but with Prophecy comes a Promise. For example, the Book of Revelation bestows a Blessing on all those that Read it. One would say in this regard, where is the Church Age on the ‘Map’? Why has it not been effective in warding off Evil?

One clear Answer is that there has been Compromise and ‘Sin in the Camp’. It has made Relationship with her Earthly ‘Lovers’. This has allowed for Worldliness to influence the Church instead of the other way around. With the Cancel Culture becoming the norm, it will be used to censor and silence the Church, at least those that are still Teaching and Preaching the Gospel, such as through Online Platforms. In some Countries that were once considered ‘Safe’ for the Gospel or receptive like Canada, the UK , Finland or Australia, preaching certain Doctrines like Traditional Marriage is now considered Hate Speech.

Pastors are being Arrested, churches are being burned-down, etc. But Online Platforms can and do reach many more People and even from around the World. It is a Tool of Modern Technology, that is great to take advantage of, while one can. But like in China, with the stroke of a Button, Millions of People will be locked-out of Bible Apps or Bible-Teaching Platforms. Bible related Websites will be taken down for sure at some Point in Time, at least the ‘Christian Content’ that stands for Biblical Principles will be banned. People do gravitate toward wanting a Normalcy Bias, especially after the Plandemic that was COVID. But News-Flash. The Luciferian Globalists are planning subsequent COVID’s. But from this point on, due to COVID, Deception is the New ‘Normal’.

Do Not be Deceived
Even many Christians did, have and will still be buying the Lie/Deception of ‘Official Government’ Narratives instead of listening to what the Head of the Body has to say through the Working of the Holy Spirit, etc. One does not see any Hope, in the West for the most part of there ever being a Nation-Wide Revival. What is left of the Last Iteration of the Church, that of the Laodicean has capitulated to the World’s Narrative - at least more so in the West. In the USA in particular, the Body of Christ has not known ‘Suffering’ as compared to those that do suffer daily in other Countries. So, it is uncomfortable as many Christians just want to ‘Think’ things are ‘Normal’.

They are not. However, a lot have been ‘Woken-Up’ or rather been Un-Plugged from the Matrix because of all that has been happening in the World, with Israel, etc. Why is Biblical Prophecy important then? It gives one hope of how Jesus forewarned what would happen as to not lose one’s Peace and have World Events in Perspective. There are many Templates given in the Bible that are clues as to how to compare and filter YHVH’s Schedule of when the Dispensations or of Ages ‘Begin and End’ or ‘End and Begin’, etc. For example, there are the 7 Feasts of YHVH. The whole Plan of Redemption can be found in the Prophetic Type of the 7 Feasts. One can use the Menorah Pattern as a Guide.

It is a template of the sequence and order of the Restoration and Resurrections, for example. And the 3 Orders of the Resurrections pertaining to Jesus, the Bride of Christ extracted from the Church Age and the Old Testament Saints at the end of the Tribulation Period, just before His Return, etc. As to the ‘Gatherings’ or Resurrections? They occur at the 1st Branch, the 4th Branch or Middle Stem, and at the 7th Branch. They correspond to the Passover. Then there is the Resurrection or the Rapture Sequence at Pentecost. But one has argued for Years that it is the 2nd Shavuot or the 99 Day Count from Nisan 15 that was the Acts 2 New Wine Pentecost Event.

Then there is the one pertaining to the Feast of Tabernacles, etc. Given this prophetic template, one is thus not of the belief that the Rapture will occur not on a Yom Teruah but on an Acts 2 New Wine Pentecost. And that there is a Double-Count. Counting from the ‘Day after the Sabbath’ from the Sheave Wave Offering, there is the 7 Counts of 7’s or 49 Days that is a Feast of Weeks. But the Jewish Shavuot is not the New Wine Pentecost of Acts 2. The Confusion arises in the Terming. The Jewish Word for ‘Shavuot’ just implies a Time Period of 50 Days.

The same Principle of Meaning is inferred in Pentecost where ‘Pente’ means 5. What correctly determines the Acts 2 Pentecost being a Double-Count or the 99th Day from the Omer, per another Interpretation of the Start Date, is how the Scripture references New Wine. It is not a Coincidence. This is the Key and Solution to when the Timing of the Rapture could be had, in one’s Estimation and Interpretation, etc. It says in Leviticus to then count 50 Days after the 7 Counts of 7’s. The Menorah Pattern is also prophetic of the 7 Churches of Asia as that is whom Christ Jesus will ‘Marry’, the Bride of Christ. The LORD’s Supper was the occasion for the Marriage Contract as the Cups of Wine were drunk and there is 1 Cup yet to be taken by Jesus to complete the Wedding.
Pentecostal Intermission’

Thus, all that is one’s Rationale as to why one believes that the Age of the Church is still experiencing the ‘Pentecostal Intermission’. It is because this Time-Frame pertains to the Harvesting of the Gentiles that is building-up the Temple of Jesus’ Bride, Metaphorically Speaking, this Age of Pentecost is not over yet. It is Present Tense Salvation, as it is also with what one has received individually in terms of one’s Salvation, all inclusive. It is a 3-Fold Salvation of a Past, Present and Future Salvation. Theologically, these Terms are Justification, Sanctification and Glorification.

In the Past
One’s Spirit was Redeemed or Saved in what Jesus accomplished at the Cross of Calvary with this Dead, Burial and Resurrection, unconditionally.

In the Future
The Believers and Followers of Jesus await one’s Glorified Bodies as they will be ‘Changed’ to inhabit Eternity.

In the Present
Disciples of Jesus, ‘Are Being Saved’. It is in the ‘Saving’ of one’s Soul and one gets to be part in this Process or ‘Sanctification’. This is a Theological Term to mean being set aside, not inferring of ‘Sinless Perfect’ in that a Believer of Jesus will never Sin, ever, etc.

This Theology goes along the lines of the 3 Offices Jesus has fulfilled, is fulfilling, and will at His return. Jesus was Prophet, is Priest and will be King. All this has been the Background to suggest that it is at Yom Teruah that then Jesus returns with Bride at His 2nd Coming. And that the Church Age will end with the Resurrection-Rapture Sequence that corresponds to an End as well.

And that ‘End’, one is more convinced corroborates with a July 23 Astronomical End or Beginning of a New Year in the Constellation of Leo. It is Leo that is the Motif of the King or Lord of the Summer Wheat Harvest whose Sickle is in His Hand and will Harvest the Souls that have made-up the Church Age Believers that have been used, as Living Stones to construct His ‘Eve’, as with Adam



To End the Church Age
The Bible describes that when the Rapture Event happens, it will coincide with a 'Sudden Destruction'. What is that? Will it be a Nuclear Exchange? Will it be World War 3 or a Regional Conflict? The purpose of this Book is to investigate and present possible Scenarios of the Signs that have occurred Above and Below. What are those Signs about? The Signs Above pertain to the Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars. The Signs Below pertain to the Geo-Political Events that center around Israel in particular. Why Israel?


Coming Hour of Testing
The purpose of this Book will Chronicle various Events that are preparing Humanity to be Transitioned into the Tribulations Period. It is a Timeframe of 7-Years where the Luciferian Globalists, Israel and the World will be Tested for 1 Prophetic Hour. Jesus warned that this Last Sabbath Cycle to conclude Man’s Rule on Earth will be the worst and most Horrific Time that Mankind has experienced. See and Read how Jesus will Rescue His Bride as the Signs approach the End of the Church Age that is concluded by the Rapture Rescue as Promised to the Philadelphian Church.


Vengeance of Jesus
The purpose of this Book is to Chronicle the Reasons, Evidence and Events that will cause the Wrath of the Lamb to fall on Humanity. The Wrath of what Lamb? Jesus. One will present the Evidence and Clues of what that will look like as it is chronicled across the Daily News Wires and throughout the Bible. But also, how it has been foretold in detail in the Book of Revelation. What is the Wrath of the Lamb and who is the Lamb? In the Book of Revelation, specifically, the revealing of who this ‘Lamb’ is unveiled.


Rise of the Prison Planet
The purpose of this Book is to chronicle the Events, Places, People and Issues that are making Earth into a Prison Planet. In fact, it already is. And to this end, this Book will thus present various chapters of Topics, Events and or Occurrences that deal with Geo-Politic, Astronomical Nuances and Theological Constructs that show how the Prison Planet will be moving in a direction where the entire Earth into a Prison Planet. How so? How do you Imprison all the Humans on Planet Earth? You Lie to them. It is called the Great Delusion, the Great Lie. 


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