When Faith Becomes Sight

  • What is 'Rapturitis' all about and is it real?
  • Wha tis the 'Blessed Hope; or rather who is the Hope?
  • How close is the Rapture Event to occur?

by Luis B. Vega
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One can understand how many End-Time Watchers ‘Feel’ about the uncertainty of not having an Absolute or Concreted Year, Month, Day and Hour concerning the Rapture Event. But as one also often states, on this ‘Side’ of the Rapture, it can never give a 100% Proof. We can only Approximate to near ‘0’ or a ‘1’ as a Best Guess. One, cannot claim or ‘Guarantee’ such a Time as others do. It is not possible no matter how convincing the Logic or Math or Prophetic Pattern one comes-up with.

So, one needs to reemphasize that one’s Hope is not the Rapture itself. All of the High Watch Days of others are just as valid in their Probability, some more than others. And one is only sharing one’s Learning Curve, and mostly when asked. Remember also that if People do not want to know one’s Disposition about the Rapture’s Timing, then do not ask, right? But that is the ‘Best’ one can provide, because it is all Conjecture and Speculation of a High Watch Year, Month and Day only.

There is a Biblical Remedy for Rapturitiis you know. It is called, ‘Walking by Faith, and not by Sight’. On this side of the Rapture Event, Jesus designed our Walk of Faith to be based on Trust, on His Promises and that is why Prophecy comes into play. Soon, and at the Point of the Rapture Event, our Collective Faith will turn to Sight as we see Jesus ang are In-Gathered ‘Like’ a Summer White Wheat Harvest at that Rendezvous Place in the Clouds. It will be a Staging Ground in the Enemy’s very own Domain, the Air, before being escorted into Heaven and through the Golden Gate itself of the Father’s House.

That is why our Faith, in the Journey is not ‘Blind’ Faith nor something that is not Concrete or Absolute. Faith is something based on Facts. The issue is that the Rapture Event is something that Jesus chose not to elaborate enough, as other Doctrines and the Church collectively only can see in Part. It is by Divine Design. So, to ‘Push’ it and demand or expect a Verdict is ‘Out of Bounds’. This is one’s Estimation and Outlook on the whole ‘Trying to Discover’ or Pinpoint the Rapture Year, Month, Day and Time.

One does not think it is Futile or Prohibited if this Bride attempts to know or have a Peak. What Bride does not or would not venture to know the Schedule of when the Groom appears, or the Wedding Ceremony is to begin. Now as to that Metaphor, many Brides have total control, knowledge of the Schedule as they are 100% involved with the Wedding Planning. But in Jesus’ Case, the Church has been told that not even the Groom, Jesus knows, at least when He was on Earth on this Side of the Cross or when His own Wedding was to occur. He and the Bride mutually have to be Ready, all the Time.

It is all a Rehearsal
It is only when the Father commands that Should of that Arch-Angel Trumpet that the Time will be up. And that is precisely when it will be known, on Earth as it will be in all of Heaven.  So, as to any Consolation? Just realize that Jesus is more enthusiastic, one would conjecture, to finally see His Bride ‘Built’; finished and ready to be presented to Himself.

What Groom does not long for his Wedding Day and see his Bride come down the Aisle? And consider all the Preparations on Heaven’s Side as all the Myriads of Angels and Creature are preparing for the Bride to Come to this Divine Counsel to Co-Rule with the Son of GOD, the Creator? No Angel will have or has this Privilege and Position. This is why Lucifer, who wanted it all in Heaven and on Earth detests the Bride.

He will seek to prevent the Rapture or fool the entire World of what is about to happen at this Historical Junction of the Human Race since its Creation. It is like he Stole Eve in Eden, he seeks to Steel the Bride of Christ. This can be done by disqualifying many by Shipwrecking their Faith or Divorcing Jesus and putting Him outside the Church like the Laodiceans did, etc. Now to be fair, one’s Statement that ‘I’ will be watching for next Year’s New Wine Pentecost in July is only because, as one has shared before, is based on one’s Logic and Personal Conviction, as mentioned.

But as one often states too, one can be wrong and that is why one supports and roots for all other possible Rapture High Watch Days. One is in the Race, nonetheless. So, no, one is not saying ‘Stop Watching’. On the Contrary. And as one also has stated many Times, at no Time has one said, ‘I am Right’. ‘Follow Me’. As stated before, one is just sharing Publicly, the Studies and the ‘Intel’ one attains in one’s Daily Meditations. It was at the bequest of Family and Friends that one was only sharing with to go Public with. One reluctantly agreed. But one only reaches a Small Audience.

So, one just leaves the Marketing to the Holy Spirit to direct all those that could appreciate it and be edified by it. One had a Sense of Direction to not to go the YouTube Video Platform Route. But the Internet, by way of a Website provides the best venue for such a Platform because not even in one’s Church was one’s Teaching allowed. To Reiterate one’s Position that since the early 1990s, one has been convinced in a Summer Wheat Harvest Rapture Timing.

It is just one’s High Watch Season, and the Studies along the Learning Curve have just seemed to narrow the possible Details, if at all. If any Criticism of others that do present possible Rapture High Watch Days goes, one has honestly tried to stay to Scripture as much as Possible. And it is precisely through the Promises and Prophetic Patterns that one believes one can only go be and stay True, with a measure of Confidence. Now what one has incorporated, is the Aspect of Astronomy to compliment, as much as possible, within reason particular Factors that could support one’s Rapture Theory. But you all know that one is very Critical of others who Rapture Date, only if it is based on Notions that to one, seem illogical and unreasonable. Like?

A Light in the Darkness

Like Space Rocks named ‘Child’ and basing it on a passing AstraZeneca Commercial on a Treadmill at the Gym. Perhaps that Article written back in 2015 is a Good Reminder of how, one has to ‘Possibly’ go on for 1 more Year, if need be. If one read the Article, you can sense how Brethren were ‘Sure’ of themselves on a 2015 Rapture Date back then. And there were other Reasons, like the Tetrad of those Years of 2014-15, etc. Sure, one does not want to wait another whole Year, perhaps if this Year is a No-Go. So? It just becomes a Rehearsal.


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Is that not what Wedding Ceremonies also consist of, at least most? Do they not perform a Rehearsal of the Ceremony, and perhaps repeat it several Times to ‘Get it Right’? So, that is how one sees the various High Watch Rapture Days, which one’s July 23 is thrown in the Mix, as they say. They really should help the Bride, ‘Keep Going’. If one’s July 23 Date comes and goes, then we consider the ‘Evidence’ of those other High Watch Days as they too will be put to the Test.

And only Time can and will prove them Right or Wrong. This is one’s Attitude about it and it give one Peace about it. If one does not have Peace, there is a Problem. If 1 more Year? Then it is just 1 more Year of opportunity to still be Laboring in the Field, the Wheat Field of the World. There is still then Work to be done, all you Ruths’.  In one’s case, waiting for the Rapture, and knowing how it is 1 Year closer encourages one to strive to Live Holy, tell others of Jesus and why one has this Blessed Hope in us. It gives us Great Comfort, an Expectation to look forward to and strive for in the Midst of Darkness.

Remember, as a Metaphor, the Menorah, as in any Lamp, was fed by Pure Olive Oil and the Wicks had to be Trimmed Daily. If not, the Light would go out and the Soot on the Wick diminished the Light Capacity. The Soot is analogous to tolerating Sin in one’s Life and not being Feed the Oil of the Holy Spirit on a Daily Basis tarnishes one ‘Brightness’ or Testimony of Jesus. Realize that this Indwelling of GOD the Holy Spirit in our Earthen Vessels is what only gives us Intrinsic Value and Purpose in this Luciferian Kingdom of Darkness. One can guarantee you this, as it is Scriptural.

That if one has a Clean Wick and a Pure Oil flowing Daily in one’s Spiritual Life with the Father, Jesus and by the Holy Spirit, it does not matter when the Rapture is to take place. As Darkness is increasing by the Day, one’s Light should be all that more Pure and Burning Bright. But Watching for the Blessed Hope goes contrary to those Opponents of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Timing. They argue that because of the Doctrine of Imminency, Christians are so ‘Heavenly Minded that they are no Earthly Good’ and do ‘Nothing’ to change Earthly Circumstances because of this Escapism Mentality and Disposition. On the contrary, at least in one’s Disposition. Most that have that mentality that Christians do nothing, to a degree have a Point.

Hope of the Blessed One
If the Church only know the Real Spiritual Power and Authority it has on Earth, the Earth would be as Restored Paradise Garden of Eden on this side of the Rapture. But no Measure of a Political Leader or Legislation will turn the Hearts of Men and Women. It is only the Gospel that can Transform a Person, Nation. But because we still dwell in a Body of Fallen Flesh, we struggle with Sin, until the Final Portion of one’s Redemption of the Body occurs. And all that by Design. Salvation is a 3 Fold-Package and the Bride awaits its final Redemption, that of the Body.

That is what the Resurrection-Rapture Event is about also. So, also realize then, that all those Dead in Christ that have gone before us are also eagerly waiting for their Glorified Bodies. Perhaps even more than one can imagine. So, we continue to Walk by Faith, not by Sight, resting on all the Prior Promises, and Prophecy Patterns that should be enough to carry us through to the End.

And that we need to ‘Discipline’ our Minds to be at Peace, while Watching, as Commanded by the Groom. Jesus is also waiting patiently for His Expectant Bride to be Married. So, we have No Choice but to Trust in the Father’s Timing. It is just that it depends on that Last Brick in the Bride’s Wall that we all are waiting on. Until then, it just means that more Living Stones are yet to be placed in the Building of the Bride, but hopefully she is almost done. ‘Here comes the Bride, all dressed in White’…

Here comes the Bride dressed all in Light
Radiant and Lovely she Shines in his Sight
Gently she glides Graceful as a Dove
Meeting her Bridegroom her Eyes full of Love.

Love have they Waited long have they Planned
Life goes before them opening her Hand.

Asking GOD's Blessing as they Begin
Life with new Meaning, Life shared as One
Entering GOD's Union, bowed before His Throne
Promise each other to have and to Hold.







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