Jupiter-Mars Conjunction in Taurus

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The following is a Discussion over at the Online Blog, Revelation 12 Daily. In the Conversation and Topics about the End Times and the Rapture, a Member, by the Name of Bob asked the following Question. One will share this as it is very interesting and how one will then itemize the Day Count of how one is more convinced the True Calendar Months and Days should be pegged to the Solstices. Here is the Question posed.

‘Just curious, do you know if there will be any rare or unusual Astronomical Signs around the 9th of Av/August 13-14th (Dr. Barry +Tyler's High Watch Rapture Date)?’  

Good Question. One had a look. See Chart for an Illustration at the End-Notes. The only Significant Alignment that could be a Sign, is how there is a Conjunction of the Planets Jupiter, the Planet of the Messiah with Mars, the God of War. It occurs right in the Midst of the 2 Horns of Taurus, the Bull. Remember that the Bull, according to Bullinger is the Sign of Judgment and Wrath.

9th of Av, 5784 = 13 August 2024
Tish’a B’Av
Parashat Vaetchanan

So, perhaps one could argue that this is a Valid Celestial Sign. But as the 9th of Av goes, it would be appropriate for a Day or Time-Frame of a coming Calamity for Israel. Now here is the case where the Sign, has to be the Event. So, look to a major War Offensive or Breakthrough dealing specifically with Israel that will be a determent to it instead. We will have to see for this Year.

Now Dr. Awe posted a Synopsis of his Argument for a 9th of Av New Wine Date, that is then the Pentecost and possible Rapture Timing. One does not agree based on how and when he courts the Sabbats, but that is just me. It is also found on Bro Chooch and Tyler’s YouTube Channels under the Community Posting, etc.

What is coming next, Astronomically is the Summer Solstice on June 20. This will be the Longest Day of the Year and the Apex of the Summer. The Sun will be entering the Silver Gate above the Torch of Orion. And from there, it will be exactly 33 Days to July 23. So, one’s July 23 (723) Number will be coming up to see if it correlates with the Rapture’s Timing, if it is to be in this current Year. The following is the Reply.

It sure looks like it has more to do with Israel including the possible start of War. Which seems appropriate considering what happened historically to Israel on the 9th of Av (Destruction of the Temples).  Could it be that the Bride gets Raptured on 7/23, then 21 Days later the Psalm 83 War starts or something far worse?   
Here is one’s Reply. One did not realize that from July 23, 2024 (723) to the 9th of Av, August 13, 2024 is exactly 21 Days or a 7-7-7. Nice Work. Now Stephan, another Rev12Daily Blog Member, reminded us of this Year has a very rare and unique Astronomical Occurrence of 2 Total Solar Eclipses happening on the 2 Jewish New Years. What are the Odds of that?

One wrote about this Astronomical Phenomena a while back. But, since one has started looking into the Astronomical Signs in the Sky, a few Decades now, one cannot recall this Combination of there being 2 Total Solar Eclipse in 1 Year, both occurring on the Jewish Religious Year, April 8, 2024 and the Civil New Year of October 2, 2024, exactly 178 Days apart.

It is like the Biblical ‘Beginning is like the End, and the End is like the Beginning’. Now here below is precisely why one is more convinced of how the True Calendar is Pegged to the Equinoxes or should be. That is the Spring Equinox on March 20 and the Fall Equinox on September 20. They ‘Prove’ the True Calendar, in one’s Opinion. Here is the Breakdown.

1. March 20, 2024 = Spring Equinox

2. Sight the 1st Full Moon thereafter? That is March 25, 2024. This is your 1st Day of the 1st Month, Nisan.

3. Count 14 Days = April 8, 2024. This was Passover and Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces.

4. Now if one uses the Interpretation of the ‘Morrow after the Sabbath’ being the Weekly Sabbath of that Passion Week, then is the Day of April 12, 2024, which would be Nisan 18, the Day after the Resurrection Saturday, not Sunday, etc.

5. Then Count the 1st Set of 7 Sabbaths or 49 Days + 1 Day = Shavuot. This Feast of the First Fruit of the New Grain was June 1, 2024. The Day after is when the Planets Aligned.

6. Then from June 2, 2024 count the 2nd set of 50 Days and that takes you to July 22, 2024. This is the End of the Summer Wheat Harvest. It is then celebrated the next Day, July 23 (723) as that Feast of New Wine that begins the Wine Harvest. And this is the Astrological Leo New Year.

7. This July 23, 2024 (723) is the Day one argues is the True Pentecost and New Wine Day coinciding with Acts 2. And? This could be when the Rapture occurs if the ‘Beginning is like the End and the End is like the Beginning’. The Church Age Days are Numbered, no?

8. Then as Bob stated, 21 Days later from July 23, 2024 or a 7-7-7 Factor is when the 9th of Av occurs.


And all this is why one is more convinced of the Sighting of either the Full Moon at the Spring Equinox, March 20, and the Sighting of the 1st New Moon after the Fall Equinox of September 20, will be October 2, 2024. And that will be when the Complementary or Mirror New Year's Total Solar Eclipse occurs. Coincidence? One is convinced it is a Double-Witness in the Sky. And to stress, that in all of my Sky Observations, no 2 New Year Total Solar Eclipses have combined to do this, ever. Unless someone can correct me on this Point? 

Here is a Chart to give a visual about how it will look like on the 9th of Av for 2024. The Conjunction of Jupiter the King Planet and the Planet of War, Mars will ‘Kiss’ in the Day of Dread for the Jewish Nation. In Astrology, whenever there is 1 of the 2 Giant Gas Planets involved with another Planet conjoined, it speaks to the Magnification to the X Degree in severity. Meaning that the Factor of War pertaining to Israel will be magnified more so than Average, if that can be believed.


Jupiter-Mars Conjunction in Taurus on 9th of Av.


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