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by Luis B. Vega
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‘Know and Understand this: From the Time the Word goes out to Restore and Rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One, the Ruler, comes, there will be 7 70s, and 62 7s. It will be Rebuilt with Streets and a Trench, but in Times of Trouble. After the 62 7s, the Anointed One will be put to Death and will have Nothing. The People of the Ruler who will come will Destroy the City and the Sanctuary. The End will come like a Flood: War will continue until the End, and Desolations have been Decreed. He will Confirm a Covenant with Many for one 7. In the Middle of the 7, he will put an End to Sacrifice and Offering. And at the Temple he will set-up an Abomination that causes Desolation, until the End that is decreed is poured out on him’. -Daniel 9:25-27

The following is one’s Critique of the Video Teaching that one was asked to consider and Respond to. One will be summarizing the Points that one agrees with and then those Points and/or Logic that one either does not agree with or would need to have more information as to how certain Statements made were derived from. One will be upfront to say that one does have one’s own Interpretation, Calculation and Timeline concern, ‘When does Daniel’s 70th Week Start?’ The Reference Articles delving into this Subject will be in the End-Notes. Here is the Link to the Video Teaching in Question.

Finding Daniel’s 70th Week and the Rapture

ByStander YouTube Video Teaching

Here are one’s Reactions. One found the Topic and Presentation Interesting and engaging enough to not lose Focus or Interest. One would agree that the Rapture is a Pre-Tribulation Event. Based on this Presenters way of calculating the 7-Year Tribulation, it suggests a 2025-2032 Timeline. One would again agree with this Timeline as that is how one presently is asserting the Year Count, as far as one has the Information to go off of.

The Presenter of the Video Teaching on Daniel claims that he has come-up with a ‘More Accurate’ Translation of Daniel 9:25-27, based on the Original Hebrew. Here is how he translates the Passages based on the Exegesis of the individual Words based on the Strongs, varied Translations and the Blue Letter Bible, etc. ‘Know and Understand this: From the Time the Order goes out to Restore and Rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One, Prince, Seventy (70) 7’s (490 Years) then Jubilee 60 and 2nd (Order with 490 Years to the Ruler).

Abomination of Desolations Event

They will come back and (Jerusalem) will be built with Plaza and Moat then in Tribulation the Times End’. It is interesting. Now, how he gets to the End Date is that he chooses the Ezra Date of the Decree to ‘Restore and Rebuilt’. And that Year is presumed to be -457 BC. Having this Start date, if one then adds the initial 490 Years, that will be then the Year 33 AD.

-457 BC + 490 Year Prophecy = 33 AD 

However, one must realize that there were 4 Major Royal Decrees made: Cyrus, Darius, ArtaXerxes I and then his Son, ArtaXerxes II. This Last Persian King was the Son of Esther and ArtaXerxes I. There is also the alternative Prophecy Year count that it is rather the 483 Years that should be used instead of the 490 Year Count. That is because it is the 2nd Portion of the Prophecy where Messiah, the Prince would be ‘Cut-Off’ or Killed. If one uses this 483 Year Factor, one has then shown how it was the Last Decree of Esther’s Son in -455 BC that determined Jesus’ Triumphal Entry.

-445 BC + (69 Years x 7 = 483 Years) = 39 AD – 7 Year Tribulation = 32 AD

The Presenter subscribes to the ever-increasing Theory that the 70th Week of Daniel actually started with Jesus’ Ministry, that being the 1st 3.5 Years of the Total 7-Years. There is some merit here in the Logic one is agreeable to a Point. One is more convinced that the Prophecy of Daniel is a ‘Prophetic Onion’ with Layers and Double-Entendres. It has to do with Single Verses and Texts. The Subject of the Dialog switches between Princes, 2 Messiah Figures, the Christ and then the AntiChrist. One is of the Interpretation that there is that 3.5 Year Ministry of Jesus that was Cut at the Middle as it was a Shemitah Cycle.

It is upon the Abomination of Desolations Event at the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation that nonetheless fulfills or Dove-Tails the Initial Shemitah of Jesus that then is concluded when it ‘Switches’ and is concluded with the AntiChrist being Cut-Off in the Midst and then the People of that Prince are Destroyed, etc. This speaks of the 2nd Half of the Tribulation Period, which is still 7 Years in totality, but it is the 3.5 Years 2nd half where Lucifer is given Total Authority, etc.

So, in this regard, the Timeline the Presenter displays is how he used then the Decree of the Muslim 'Solomon' or Suleiman the Magnificent to determine the Timeline of when, then the 70th Week is to begin. He uses the 1535 AD Decree of the Ottoman Sultan to rebuild the Wall of Jerusalem. One would agree with this, but not sure why he chose him or what is the Rationale behind that decision. Nonetheless, astonishing, that Prophetic Template of Daniel is the following, when using the 490 Year Count.

1535 Suleiman Decree + 490 Years of Daniel = 2025 

Who is the Ruler?

However, in the Presenter’s Timeline, he has it as being 2024 as the End Year, not 2025. He does, perhaps inadvertently, place the 7-Year Tribulation as being a 2025-2031 Time-Spans, which again is off by 1 Year. It should be 2025-2032. In this regard, one too has come up with this same Calculation in previous Articles. It shows that, perhaps 2024 could imply the ‘End’ of the Gentile Age or specifically, that of the Church Age in 2024.

This would then lead to conclude, based on such a Logic, that the Rapture of the Bride of Christ is to take place in 2024, whatever remains of it. This will need to be seen, if the Calculations and Assertions are to be correct.  At this point in the Video Teaching the Presenter further Translates the following Portion Daniel 9. And after the Jubilee 60 and 2nd (Group of Weeks) Messiah will cut a Covenant and Rapture to Himself and the City and he will sanctify (Everyone in the City).

He will destroy the People of the Ruler to come, and the End thereof with a Flood (Army), unto the End of the War, Desolations are Decreed. One can accept this Interpretation as it is dealing with the Messiah, that being Jesus that Established the New Covenant and will return to Destroy the People of the False Messiah, the AntiChrist, etc. In that Text, it is that other ‘Prince’ or Ruler, the Anti-Prince. From this point in the Presentation, there is a Definition explained of what is the 7 and the 70 = 490. Agree. No Problem.

The following is how the Presenter breaks-down the subsequent Verses. What one has seen in this World Study of Daniel 9 is now the Notion of the Rapture is truly encoded, hidden in the Verse. If that is the case, this insight would be extremely significant. One has to study this Word, ‘To Disappear, Vanish, Make Nothing, Was Gone, Shall Not Be’, more in line with the Context and not perhaps interpose one’s own Personal Interproton. One is not saying that is what the Presenter has intended to do. The Presenter does state that he is inserting his own Interpretation.

The Presenter then interjects the Verse from Jeremiah 50 and 51 to assert that this is a Confirming Witness and Verse pertaining to his Translation of Daniel 9 as Delineated above. The Last Portion of his Presentation if about the other Reference to a Covenant. One has also researched the Original Hebrew concerning who are the ‘Many’. One is more convinced that this ‘Many’, the L'Rabbim, are pertaining to the Elders of the Many that make-up the Sanhedrin.

Essentially, they are the Religious Teachers or the Elders of Zion that will be in Power and calling the Shots in Israel after the Rapture. The Article discussing this Interpretation will be linked in the End-Notes. This is where he also displays another Timeline. It is very interesting as it begins with the Conception and then Passover Birth of John the Baptist. How does he know this? What is his source? If this is the case, as he determines it to be in -4 BC, it would confirm a -3 BC Birth of Jesus.

Tribulation Timeline

Recall how there was a 6 Month Overlap of Time when the 2 Mothers of John and Jesus met in person and John leaped in the Womb of Elizabeth at the Encounter of Jesus, in Mary’s Womb still. However, this 6 Month Overlap of Gestations would mean that John the Baptist was conceived 6 Months prior to September 11, -3 BC. That would put the Conception of John in the Month of March 11. This would be well before any possible Passover Conception or Birth.

The other Quandary is what others have brought-up also in that the Presenter then goes to demonstrate how the ‘Week’ and the ‘Half’, then ‘One’ and then ‘Week’ is really 73.5 Years. One does not agree with this Interpretation or Extrapolation of the Numbers, correlated to the Years. It Is clear that the Time given in insinuating 7 Year Sabbath of Time. This is later corroborated in how the Scripture reiterates this Time-Frame in the Terms of ‘Time, Times and Half a Time’. This is clearly 1 Year, 2 Years and 1/2 Year or 3.5 Years. Then in other Reiterations, it is even made more clear by the actual Day Count, that being 1260 Days or 48 Months.

3.5 Years = 1260 Days or 48 Months (Not 73.5 Years as the Presenter asserts.)

One can see who the Presenters attempt to decipher the Original Hebrew. But in so doing, it is one’s Opinion that he has discombobulated the Meaning, altogether. Now from the Timeline presented, the Point of the Crucifixion would be correlated to 30 AD. And the Timeline shows that from there, the 40 Year Time-Frame leads to 70 AD. And that is when the Temple was Destroyed. One would agree with this Timeline, but realizing that based on one’s own Year Calculations, it was in the Year 29 AD.

That is the Year Jesus Started His Public Ministry, on Yom Kippur to be exact, in one's Calculations. It is when Jesus read the Fulfilment of the Jubilee at the Synagogue of Nazareth. And 40 Years from then was August of 70 AD when the 2nd Temple was Destroyed on the same Day Solomon’s Temple as too, on the 9th of Av, etc. The Presenter finishes by asserting that Jesus’ 1st Coming was about the ‘Marriage Proposal’. One can accept this. He then asserts that at Jesus’ 2nd Coming is when the ‘Marriage Feast’ will be concluded and consummated, etc. However, in his next Statements, one does not agree and one sincerely believes he is now ‘Off Base’ in this sense.

He states, ‘That is when we become the Bride and that is when our Sins are forgiven’. No, one becomes the Bride the Moment one Calls Upon the Name of Jesus in a sincere Heart to be Saved and Adopted as the Sons of the Promise. The Sins of all Adam’s Fallen Race were Forgiven at the Point of Jesus Death as His Blood is what had the Life Force and was shed to Pay or Atone or Cover for one’s Debt of Sins. At the Cross, Jesus’ Last Words were, ‘It Is Paid For’. That Appropriation is Accredited to each Sinner at the point that one comes to Jesus. From that Point forward, one is a New Creation and Positionally in Jesus, one is Seated already in Glory, in Jesus. One is just working-out one’s Degree of Sanctification or going ‘Holy’ or Separated from the World, Sin and Satan. In the Future, one’s Body, that is still under the Curse of Sin, will be Transformed with a New Body of Glory and Indestructible Light and Eternal Life.

Daily Sacrifices

He then states that if his Conclusion is correct, and he believes it is, then the Whole Church has been ‘Looking at the Wrong Signs of the Times’. Now in this aspect, one can respect this Audacity as one has done the same with one’s New Wine Pentecost Rapture Date and Leo New Year Rapture Theory. One has said the same thing, in that the Church Tradition for nearly 2000 Years has been ‘Wrong’. One can be Wrong and that is why one can only present the Circumstantial Evidence as a Theory that has to be Tested by Time.

But no, the Covenant with the Many has not been Confirmed. Yes, there will be a 3rd Temple. There is an Abomination of Desolation that essentially Defiles it rather than Destroys it as he conceives, erroneously, in one’s Opinion. Yes, it is the AntiChrist that does indeed Stop the Daily Sacrifices. It is because he started them. And that has been also one’s other Theory in that this coming Solomon 2.0 or Suleiman the Great to the Muslims will be dedicating the 3rd Temple by them. This is of course, one’s personal Conjecture.

Yes, the Church Age Believer does not need to ‘Wait’ for the Daily Sacrifices to Begin. If one sees them, you have just missed the Pre-Tribulation Rapture. How so? It is that the New Testament clearly teaches that one will not even see who the AntiChrist will be, at least from Earth’s Point of View. One will from the ‘Heavenly Balcony’. But the Tribulation Period, in one’s Estimation and Interpretation is precisely depending on when the 3rd Temple is to be Dedicated. It is because that is when the Daily Sacrifices are Initiated. And from that Point in Time, the Mid-Point will be and can be then determined. And from the Mid-Point, one can then calculate the Return of Jesus, to the Day, precisely 1260 Days later.


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