A Call for a Separation of State and Sex

  • Why do those of the LGBT+ get a whole Month?
  • What does the Bible have to say about being Gay?
  • Why are Governments celebrating Sexual Preference?

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‘We live in a World where Homosexuals lecture us on Morals, Transvestites lecture us on Human Biology, Bably Killers lecture us on Human Rights and Socialists lecture us on Economics’. -Meme Unattributed

The following is the Trans-cription, Pun intended of a Response Dr. Jordan Peterson had regarding the Pride Month that is celebrated in June. It is taken from the Fox New YouTube Channel entitled, ‘Pride Month Grievances’, etc. It is rather ironic that the Rise to Fame of Jordan Peterson can be attributed to the Contention he received while Lecturing at his University in Canada.

It was precisely because of the Canadian Parliament that is so ‘Woke’, it sought to Criminalize a Person for Mis-Gendering: Them, He, She, It, They, Them, etc. The LGBT+ Movement has essentially hijacked all the Letters of the Western Alphabet and all the Shades of the Colors. It is also very ironic that they chose the Symbol or Sign of Noah as that the Rainbow was a Divine Promise. Promise of what and from whom? 

It was a Divine Promise from YHVH, the Creator of Sex, of Men and Women and Marriage that the World would not be ever Destroyed by Water. However, it will be again, but this Time it will be by Fire. Jesus, who the Bible attributes as being the Creator, was the one who Walked in the Cool of the Evening after Creating Adam and Eve. Jesus is the one then that ‘Gave the Bride Away’ to Adam in Eden. It was Jesus who reiterated that Marriage is between a Man and a Woman

As one who also works at a State University, one is perplexed at what is being allowed on Campus and being Taught, deliberately infused by Design into the Curriculum that teaches the Future Teachers of Primary and Secondary School Children and Students. It is an Indoctrination where ‘Gayness is sprinkled into the Salad of meaningless University Degrees’. It is a Sad Day when Higher Institutions of Leering infuse what type of Sex one has behind Closed Doors or not as the LGBT Parades are about expressing their Sexuality Preference and Genitalia out in the open, in front of Children.

Being Gay, based on pure Statistics, at least in the USA was hovering around 4% as of 2019. Now it is a Fade where approximately 40% of the Generation Z identify as Gender other than what they were born with. Interestingly, a 2020 Report also stated that about 40% of Generation Z sufferings from a Diagnosed Mental Illness. One would bet both circumstances are Directly Related.  In one’s Opinion, the State should separate itself from Sex and stop shoving down the People’s Throat all things Gay.

Having this interview in Pride Month? And so what are my Thoughts about Pride Month? Well the 1st thing I would say, is that you should be very careful what you name Things. And Pride is not a Virtue. And I have brought that up with People before. And their Objection always is, ‘Well they do not really mean Pride’. People are just trying to Affirm their own Identities and you know, fair enough I suppose to some Degree. But that was the Name that was chosen. And that is the Name that stuck and Pride is a Cardinal Sin. And there is a Reason for that.

And the Reason is that Pride means something, like stubborn, refusal to change when Evidence of Error is accruing. And it is not a Good Thing. There is a real tinge of Narcissism, Sexual Narcissism about the whole Pride Spectacle. And you know, do People have the Right to Express their Sexuality the way they see fit? To some Degree, if it is Consensual and among Adults. But generally, among Human Beings with any Degree of Civilized Comportment, whatsoever, it is, a pretty Damn Private Affair. We tend to be Private…in our Sexual Conduct as a Species

And so this is not exactly Private. And it is also the case that Identity is based on something, as narrow as Sexual Desire Let us say are not Identities at all. They are Pronouncements of Subjection to ‘Instinctual Whim’. And I also have a Real Problem with the idea of the LGBT ‘Plus’, etc., Community. Because it is not a Community. And it is especially not a Community right now because the Trans-Pushing, Gender-Affirming ‘Butchers’ and Liars, primarily Target Young People whose most likely outcome on the Sexual Front is Homosexuality.

So the Transgender-Affirming ‘Butchers’ and Liars are differentially destroying the Youthful Gay Community. And that is not a Community by any Stretch of the Imagination. And there is a famous Conservative Thinker, Chesterton. And Chesterton has a Concept. ‘The Fence’. And this Chesterton’s Fence is based on the Observation that if you are walking somewhere, you do not understand and you come across a Fence, you should probably not tear it down. Because you do not know what it keeps in or out. And the Pride Movement has torn down a lot of Fences. And maybe some of those Fences needed to go. But all of them did not need to go.

And there is plenty of Monsters ‘Coming-out to Play’ now. And I would say that is especially True on the Transgender-Affirming Side. And that is why we are seeing this Butchery in the Medical Community, abetted by Idiot Allies and driven by Greed. And those are not the worst Monsters that exist. And so, if you tear down enough Fences, you are going to find out what they were for. Now, I read recently, like this Week that Support for Gay Marriage is plummeting, right.

It is like, well keep pushing, keep pushing… You are going to lose everything you have gained. And I am not Celebrating that, at all. That is not the Point at all. But like I am just done with it. I do not like the Flag. I think it is a Piece of Idiocy. I do not understand why it changes every Bloody Week. I do not know who makes those Decisions. I do not like the Acronym and all the Mystery surrounding it. I do not like the Fact that the LGBT Agenda, whatever that is, increasingly dominates the School System.

I do not like the Fact that it is targeted at Young People. And I think the Surgery, the Gender-Affirming Care Movement, I think it is Nazi-Auschwitz Level awful. That it should not only stop. And now as they have decided to do in the UK, and in most Places in Europe. But I think all the People that were involved in the Surgical Transition of Miners should be imprisoned. So, there is a lot of House Cleaning to do on the Pride Side of Things.

And I do not believe that a Celebration of an Identity that encapsulates something like 3% of the Population before it became a Fad is inclusive in any manner whatsoever. So, I think all of it is pretty much all of it. It is a Lie and it is a Dangerous Lie. And it is a Lie with Real Monsters hovering on the Edges. And so and like enough, as far as I am concerned. Enough Pride in the Churches. Enough Pride in the Bloody Banks. I do not want to walk into the Bank of Nova Scotia and be ‘Celebrating Pride’.

It is like, I want to go and put my Money in or take my Money out, without any Political Idiocy. And certainly without any Celebration of Sexuality. I do not know what the Hell the Banks think they are doing. And the Churches? Well that is just for the Churches to be flying Pride Flags? It is like Pride is the Cardinal Christian Sin, right? So what the Hell? What is going on with the Flags exactly? What exactly are you Celebrating here? Tolerance? It is like yeah, Tolerance of Vice is not a Virtue and Pride is a Vice .


It is one thing that the World is involved with Depraved Sexual Practices and Celebrates them. But it is a Prophecy coming True in how the LGBT+ only ‘Pride’ themselves of their Sexuality, but now expect, and demand the Children be allowed to participate. This Last Generation is as Jesus exactly defined it. It is now the Day of Lot and Noah. In the Days of Lot, he was Pained by the Perversion sounding him. And although in a position of being a Judge at the City Gate, his Testimony and Witness had no Effect.

The Society of Sodom was that from the Youngest to the Oldest, they sounded the House of Lot to demand Sexual Intercourse with the Angelic Men, no doubt extremely Good Looking. Notice that the ‘Escape’ or the Snatching as a Type of Rapture took place in the Dead of Night when the Sodomites surrounded the House of the Innocent Ones. What is exactly what will occur and when the Rapture Event will occur. It will be at Time when the Bride of Christ, the Innocent Ones are likewise, Metaphorically Speaking, Surrounded by the Sodomites in Society.

Then during the Times of Noah, pre-Flood. The World reached a saturation Point that the Earth was full of Violence, Murder and Giving into Marriages. What was that? If one does a Word Study, it alludes to People in that World given over to other Types of Marriages. And the only other Type was Same Sex Marriages, then as they are now. But it is another when supposed Churches belonging to Jesus take-up the same Pride of Sexual Sin by accepting it and Celebrating it.

‘Although they know GOD’s Righteous Decree that those who do such Things are worthy of Death, they not only continue to do these things, but also Approve of those who Practice them’. -Romans 1:32

Jesus warned that the Sign of His pending Return would be a World saturated with Sexuality of the Homosexual and Lesbian Times. This has occurred since Recorded History. But it is more Sad when the Professing Church that bears the Name of Jesus likewise Participates and Preaches that it is not a Sexual Sin. They go on to Marry and Bless Same Sex Marriages, etc. And? Jesus warned in the Book of Revelation as it closes-out the present Church Age, that if the Jezebels in the Church did not stop stumbling His Flock with Sex in the Bed, He would come and personally remove them for defiling the Marriage Bed. It is that Serious.

Sadly the ‘Woke’ Church does not see that. Why not? It is Blind, Naked, Poor and Miserably in the Eyes of its Husband and Judge, Jesus. One is not coming from a ‘Holier than Thou’ Attitude as all are Sinners and many struggle with Sexual Sin and Lust. The Point is that for the Believer and Follower of Jesus, there is Repentance and the Power to Resist while one has the chance in this Age of Grace that is fast coming to its Conclusion of its Divine Commission.

'I know your Deeds—your Love, your Faith, your Service, your Perseverance—and your Latter Deeds are greater than your 1st. But I have this against you: You tolerate that Woman Jezebel, who calls herself a Prophetess. By her Teaching she misleads My Servants to be Sexually Immoral and to eat Food sacrificed to Idols. Even though I have given her Time to Repent of her Immorality, she is unwilling. Behold, I will cast her onto a Bed of Sickness, and those who commit Adultery with her will suffer Great Tribulation unless they Repent of her Deeds’. -Revelation 2:19-21


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