Day Count Differences

  • What should be the Attitude when Brethren dissagree?
  • Will every Doctrine and/or Teaching be believed?
  • Why is it so important to maintain Unity of the Body?

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One was asked concerning one’s Pentecost New Wine Theory, why others who are not teaching it like Dr. Awe and Brother Tyler at Generation 2434 do not see Eye-to-Eye’ when it comes to agreeing on the same Date. For Context, one uses the Solar Calendar, approximation. And in so doing, the Day Count arrives at a July 23 Date. Those that use the Rabbinical or Chabad Lunar Calendar are arriving at an August 12 or Av 9 Day Count. That is the main Difference.

But the Pentecost New Wine Theory is that Shavuot is not Pentecost. One presented this New Understanding several Years ago about there being a ‘Double-Count’. Meaning that there is 49 Days + 1 Day and then a subsequent 50 Day Count. So, Good Question to go over. One would have the same Sentiment about how wonderful it would be if all the Brethren could be in Agreement. But unfortunately since the Body of Jesus on Earth is so diverse, you will not have Unanimity about certain Topics or Theology, etc. There is Unity in Jesus, but that is as Good as it gets. There is Freedom in that. So, as to the Pentecost New Wine Theory now being more accepted or considered?

Now one personally thinks that as the Day of the Rapture approaches, for example, the Holy Spirit will allow many who are looking and studying into this Topic to come to the same Conclusion or Understanding, perhaps but not counting on it. Realize that, at this Point in Time, one wholeheartedly believes the New Understanding of the Shavuot not being the Pentecost of Acts 2 and it being the New Wine and the Astrological Leo New is being revealed to be understood.

One 1st Introduced the Leviticus 23:16 ‘Double-Count’ as one called to the Revelation 12 Daily Blog only about 4 Years Ago. They can attest that one was the 1st to connect the Double Count of 100 Days is what the Acts 2 Pentecost was. Meaning that Shavuot is not the Pentecost of Acts 2. And that it was on the Feast of New Wine, etc. Then based on later Research, one also surmised that the New Wine occurred at the End of the Summer Wheat Harvest called in Ancient Times, the Astrological Leo New Year.

Further ‘Confirmation’ came about due to an Open Vision or Dream one had about seeing a Number back in 2020, being painted across a Canas. And that Number was ‘723’. One reported this also to the Online Revelation 12 Daily Blog Members. One has come to the conclusion that it is a possible reference to the 7th Month and the 23rd Day, which matches the Double-Count of 100 Days, using the Solar Calendar of a Spring Equinox, etc.

Maintaining the Unity of the Fellowship
But even then, those of us that have been studying the Topic of the Acts 2 Pentecost being the New Wine for several Years, have been allowed to see this, but are coming to different conclusions, as to the Day Counts. So, ‘Yes’, as Brother Tyler stated in one’s Email Discussions, if it is a matter of only a few Days of a Difference, in one’s Case in comparison to his and Dr. Awe’s, it is a matter of 25 Days for 2024, that can be acceptable. One would agree to that and ‘Keep the Peace’. After all, the Rapture Timing Debate is not a Salvation Issue. Even so, one’s lingering Question is what Year? Will it be 2024?

Or will it be 2025 as the Essenes say the Tribulation Period is to begin? Here are one’s Thoughts about Dr. Awe and Tyer’s Version of the Pentecost New Wine Theory. Dr. Awe’s Calculations will be right, could be right, if the Rabbinical-Chabad Calendar he is going by is the ‘Correct’ one. One disagrees. And if you have read one’s Research and Articles over the Years, one is more convinced that the True Callender is the Creation one, based on the Spring Equinox. Now one has sent them both one’s 3 Books on the Pentecost New Wine Theory.

One also uses the Sinai Day Count as a Direct Reference. But it is just that they both have a preconceived Notion of how Dr. Awe, especially, is mis-counting the Sabbaths based on his Interpretation of how to Count the Sabbaths. And that is fine. One is not saying one is ‘Right’. One is just presenting an Alternative Day Count and arguing one’s Position, as they do. We are in Unity and the Fellowship in Christ is not broken. Sure, Dr. Awe explains his Version well and is convinced about it and convinces a lot of People.

And one has shared one’s Arguments with both of them and we just ‘Agree to Disagree’. And that how it should be. On 1 Hand, one is glad to see that due to his Platform, Dr. Awe, like Scottie Clarke is broadcasting the Theory. But do realize that in both their cases, they were not the Originators of the Theory. If anything, on the other Hand, one would be concerned, like it was with the Revelation 12 Sign, that the Brethren propagated the Theory and Teaching took over their Ego and then declared they were the ‘Discoverers’ of it.

This same Scenario occurred with the Revelation 12 Sign. Again, one was the 1st to present the Astronomical Debate about it on a Rapture Forum of which Scottie Clarke, back then was a Member and Contributor. But he then took the Concept and attributed it to how the Rapture was going to take place there and then. One disagreed back then also, as one does now with the Pentecost New Wine Theory, but to no avail. One is not insinuating that Dr. Awe will do that same as Scottie Clarke did, and as of this Write-Up, one is in support and in fellowship with Him in his efforts to teach what he believes is the Correct Day Count to determine when the Pentecost New Wine is to occur.

History of the Research Journey in 'Discovering' the Revelation 12 Sign.
Evidence of Authorship.

All is Vanity
It is that later on, Scottie Clarke attributed one’s Research to himself having ‘Discovered’ it’ One was received for going against his Rapture Narrative and one was side-lined because one was ‘Raining on their Parade’, as they say. Realize that one’s Audience Reach is only a few 100 People per Day visiting one’s Website, on a Good Day. Ones’ Work and Research is only known to a Few. But that is alright and if the Holy Spirit pleases to expand one's Work and Research beyond that, then He will as He sees fit.

The Issue one does have is about Attribution. As one who works at a State University, attributing Research and Publication is paramount. So, one is a bit concerned about it in that one feels that Pentecost New Wien is being ‘Hijacked’ a bit in this regard. Although the Understand and Teaching is being disseminated because they all have a YouTube Platform, along with Bro Cooch now and one does not have that type of Platform.

But also realize that the Holy Spirit is disseminating this Pentecost New Wine Theory to other, not a lot, but growing. So, one is not saying ‘Everyone has to Acknowledge’ me’. The best one can do is to have the Online Webpage, Articles and Books published already about one’s Theories. And there are many more Theories that one has besides the Revelation 12 Sign and the Pentecost New Wine Theories. And why is the Pentecost New Wine Theory such a Big Deal?

It is because of that Prophetic Synchronization, in one’s Study of Typologies, the Rapture Timing could be coinciding with the Summer Wheat Harvest and New Wine Timing of Acts 2, etc. So, that aspect about the Theory being Broadcasted out is good, but they will be sorely disappointed when their Av Timing comes and goes. One has presented why that is the case.

But one will see if one’s Theory of a July 23 Date, adjusted to ‘0’ Hour Jerusalem and accounting for Time Zones will pan-out for current Year. In one’s Case, it is a Once-in-a-Year Observation. One hopes one will have to wait another Year to put the Theory and Day Count to the Test again. But perhaps that is what it will take to have the Body of Christ come to the Correct Date. After all, did not the School of the Prophets know and tell Elisha the Day Elijah was to be Raptured? And Elisha knew also the Day and the Hour?




Rendezvous at the Lion's Gate
People often say the following when asked about, ‘When is the Rapture to occur?’ They say, ‘No One Knows the Day or the Hour’? Does that Verse in the Bible really pertain to the Rapture Timing? The purpose of this Book is to delve deep into this Question that has been Contemplated, Contested and Consternated for nearly 2000 Years, since the Church Age began or was Initiated with ‘Power from on High’ in Acts 2.

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Summer White Wheat Wedding
The purpose of this Book is to provide a Compilation of Articles over several Years of ‘Discovery into the Journey of Identifying where and when the True Count of Leviticus 23:15-16 occurred, i.e., the Feast of New Wine, precisely at a 99th Day Count. The challenge that his Book tackles is what is the Start Date? Why? This initial Start Date will determine the exact Day in which the Feast of New Wine, on a July 23 Date.

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​Conclusion of the Commission
A study of the Astronomical and Mathematical Patterns heralding the End of the Church Age and the coming Transference of Testimony and the witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The 7-year Sabbatical Cycle of time suggests that the Church Age is about to conclude and transfer the Gospel Witness back to the Dispensation of Israel to finish the 70th Week of Years. This specific time is predicated on the Convergence of several Prophetic Timelines will be presented to highlight this time of the Synchronization of Biblical prophecy.

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