City of the Anakim Giants

  • Does Hebron have a Dimensinal Door to Heaven?
  • Why is Hebron connected to what is on Mars?
  • What is the Ancient Mythos of Hebron all about?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study will be to present the case that the Ancient City of Hebron is configured in a Triangulation that is patterned after the Cydonia, Mars one. One will identify the 3 Main Facets that constitute this Ancient ‘Star-Gate’ Hexagram. Then for context, a Synopsis of Hebron’s History will be given. It will be taken from the Hebron Wikipedia Page with Minor Edits and Italicized for emphasis. For those of you that like History, it will be rather integrating to delve into some Significant Events.

The History of Hebron will also serve to cast a Light on how the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is but an Effect and Outcome of this Martian or Luciferian Stronghold that seeks to battle against the Will and Objectives set-out by YHVH to accomplish in Humanity. It also sheds some Insights as to why the Gaza and the Judea and Samaria or what is called the West Bank will eventually lead the World into Nuclear World War.

Hebron is part of the Network of Spiritual Stronghold in which the Fallen Angels descended upon Earth and took over. They attempted to Hybridize Humanity to pollute the Genome of the Race of Adam. Why? Lucifer and his Rebellion seeks to thwart the Efforts of YHVH, the Creator of Humanity. It is the Plan to Redeem Mankind. This Redemption occurred, is occurring and will occur in Jesus, GOD the Son, etc.

What one seeks to show, in the History and Place of Ancient Hebron, is how to this Day, the continual Spiritual Contention is being played-out between the Sons of Abraham, the Arabs and the Jews. The Battle is over the Birth-Right. Why? Winner Takes All. The Brith-Right is about ruling the World, eventually. Thus, the Earthly Contention is only a mere Reflection of the Spiritual War that is the present case in Heaven.

As Awesome as that may sound, that is the case. One would think that Heaven is a Place of Peace, Tranquility, Sunshine and Flowers. It is, but there is currently a State of War in place. The Arch-Angel Anointed Cherub, Lucifer has been leading a Rebellion and Attack against YHVH and His Earthly People. Lucifer seeks to usurp the Throne of Heaven. And this War is taking place, by Proxy on Earth as it is in Heaven.

How there is a Mars Connection to Cydonia, is that the Triangulation of what one is convinced are the Pyramids of Mars, are defined by the 3 Main Structures, there and on Earth’ Sacred Sites. These 3 Structures are the Giant Pentagon Pyramid, the 7 Pleiades City and the Face of Mars. One will show how those 3 Motifs are replicated on Earth, at this precise Ancient Location of what is now called Hebron. The following is what one attributes the Holy Sites of Hebron to the 3 Main Cydonia, Mars Structures, etc.

Triangulation Tombs
The Plaza Area just to the Southwest of the entrance to the Cave of Machpelah Environ corresponds to the Giant Pentagon Pyramid on Mars. The Tel Rumeida corresponds to the 7-Pleiades Star or Pyramid City of Cydonia. Lastly, the Tel or Mount that is then Triangulated to the South, in-between the Tel Rumeida and the Machpelah Plaza Pentagon Outline, corresponds to the Face of Mars. Now, of the 3 Abrahamic Patriarchs, those being Abraham-Sarah, Isaac-Rebekah, and Jacob or Israel-Rachel, there are believed to be also the Bodies of Adam and Eve buried there in the Cave.

Then in the Tel Rumeida, the Great-Grandparents of King David, those being Jesse and Ruth are said to be buried there. Hebron is very Special in a Biblical and Prophetic sense because it ties back to the Re-Creation with the Garden of Eden. According to Jewish Tradition, Hebron is where it is the Entrance or 1 of the Main Entrances to the Garden of Eden. One is more convinced that it is in Jerusalem, but such Conjecture is interesting, nonetheless. The following is Hebron’s Historical Highlights for Context.

Hebron חֶבְרוֹן Ḥevrōn, is an Ancient City in the Southern Region of Israel called Judea. It is 30 Kilometers or 19 Miles South of Jerusalem. It is nestled in the Judaean Mountains. [One finds it rather ironic that in most Online Definitions of the City, it is called a Palestinian City, even though the Mountains are named after its Ancient Topographical Description.] It includes the Cave of the Patriarchs, which Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Traditions all designate as the Burial Site of 3 Key Patriarchal/Matriarchal Couples. The City is often considered one of the 4 Holy Cities in Judaism.

Some Jewish Traditions regarding Adam, place him in Hebron after his Expulsion from Eden. Another has Cain killing Abel there. Another Tradition has Adam and Eve buried in the cave of Machpelah. A Jewish-Christian Tradition had it that Adam was formed from the Red Clay of the Field of Damascus, near Hebron. A tradition arose in Medieval Jewish Texts that the Cave of the Patriarchs itself was the very Entrance to the Garden of Eden.

Legend also tells that Noah planted his Vineyard on Mount Hebron. In Medieval Christian Tradition, Hebron was one of the 3 Cities where Elizabeth was said to live, the Legend implying that it might have been the Birthplace of John the Baptist. Hebron is considered one of the Oldest Cities in the Levant or Near East. According to the Bible, Abraham settled in Hebron and bought the Cave of the Patriarchs as a Burial Place for his Wife Sarah. [This is Biblical Evidence that the Title Deed of the Land belongs to the Jews.] Hebron is also recognized in the Bible as the place where David was anointed King of Israel.

Following the Babylonian Captivity, the Edomites settled in Hebron. During the 1st Century BC, Herod the Great built the Wall which still surrounds the Cave of the Patriarchs. With the exception of a brief Crusader Control, successive Muslim Dynasties ruled Hebron from the 6th Century until the Ottoman Empire was defeated following World War I. the City became part of British Mandatory Palestine. The 1948 Arab–Israeli War saw the entire West Bank, including Hebron, Occupied and Annexed by Jordan. Since the Six-Day War in1967, the City has been under Israeli Military Administration. Jews have reestablished themselves in the City, but since the 1997 Hebron Protocol, most of Hebron has been governed by the Palestinian National Authority. Hebron is often described as a ‘Microcosm’ of the Israeli–Palestinian Conflict. [It is really a Spiritual Battle for the Biblical Birth-Right.]

Hebron was considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site on July 7, 2017. Hebron is an Ancient City. Archaeological Excavations reveal Settlements dating back to the Early Bronze Age. It centered around the Tel Rumeida. [It is a Triangulation that has the Caves of Machpelah as a Point in Canaan. The Word, Canaan comes from Canis or Dog. Abrahamic.] Hebron was originally a Canaanite Royal City. Legend associates the city with the Hittites. This area of Ancient Canaan was ruled by the 3 Sons of Anak at 1 Time. [Anak is a Clan of Giants that were the Product of the Fallen Angels attempting to Hybridize the Human Race.]

In Joshua 21:3–12 and in 1 Chronicles 6:54–56), it gives the Account of how Caleb expelled the 3 Giants who ruled Hebron, Sheshai, Ahiman, and Talmai. The Book of Genesis mentions that Hebron was formerly called Kirjath-arba, or ‘City of 4’. It is possibly referring to the 4 Pairs or Couples who were buried there, or 4 Tribes, or the 4 Quarters, or the 4 Hills, or the Confederated Settlement of the 4 Families, etc. The account of Abraham's purchase of the Cave of the Patriarchs from the Hittites becomes the Jewish Attachment to the Land. It is the 1st ‘Real Estate’ purchase of the Promised Land of Israel. In settling here, Abraham is described as making his 1st Covenant.

[Then during the Exodus of the Jews, Joshua was instructed by YHVH to evict the Natural Inhabitants of the Land as a Judgment for their Wickedness. This part of what was to be known as the Judean Mountains was given to the Tribe of Judah. In particular Caleb took Possession of it as 1 of the 2 only Spies from the original 12, of whom 10 brought back a ‘Bad Report’ to Moses.] It became one of the principal Centers of the Tribe of Judah and was classified as one of the 6 Traditional Cities of Refuge. King David was made King of the Tribe of Judah and ruled from Hebron for 7 Years. 2 Samuel 2:1–3. It is there that the Elders of Israel come to him to make a Covenant before YHVH and anoint him King over all of Israel.  

Hebron was one of the last Cities of Palestine to fall to the Islamic Invasion in the 7th Century. This is why Hebron is not mentioned in any Traditions of the Arab Conquest. The Caliphate lasted in the area until 1099, when the Christian Crusader Godfrey de Bouillon took Hebron and renamed it ‘Castellion Saint Abraham’. In 985, Jerusalemite Geographer al-Muqaddasi, ascribed Hebron to its Jewish Roots.

‘Habra (Hebron) is the Village of Abraham al-Khalil (the Friend of God)...Within it is a Strong Fortress...being of enormous Squared Stones. In the middle of this stands a Dome of Stone, built in Islamic Times, over the Sepulcher of Abraham. The Tomb of Isaac lies forward, in the Main Building of the Mosque, the Tomb of Jacob to the rear; facing each Prophet lies his Wife’.
The Kurdish Muslim, Saladin retook Hebron in 1187 – again with Jewish assistance according to one late Tradition, in exchange for a Letter of Security allowing them to return to the City and build a Synagogue there. The Name of the City was changed back to Al-Khalil. Richard the Lionheart retook the City soon after. In 1260, after Mamluk Sultan Baibars defeated the Mongol Army, the Minarets were built onto the Sanctuary. 6 Years later, while on Pilgrimage to Hebron, Baibars promulgated an Edict forbidding Christians and Jews from entering the Sanctuary.

In 1478, Spain ended the Centuries of the Iberian Convivencia (Coexistence). The ensuing Expulsions of the Jews drove many Sephardi Jews into the Ottoman Provinces, and a slow influx of Jews to the Holy Land took place. Some notable Sephardi Kabbalists settled in Hebron. In 1540, renowned Kabbalist Malkiel Ashkenazi bought a Courtyard from the small Karaite Community, in which he established the Sephardic Abraham Avinu Synagogue.

In 1659, Abraham Pereyra of Amsterdam founded the Hesed Le'Abraham Yeshiva in Hebron, which attracted many Students. In the early 18th Century, the Jewish Community suffered from heavy debts, almost quadrupling from 1717 to 1729. They were ‘almost crushed’ from the Extortion practiced by the Turkish Pashas. During the 1929 Hebron Massacre, Arab Rioters slaughtered some 64 to 67 Jewish Men, Women and Children and wounded 60. Jewish Homes and Synagogues were ransacked. Under the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine passed by the UN in 1947, Hebron was envisaged to become part of an Arab State.

While the Jewish Leaders accepted the Partition Plan, the Arab Leadership (the Arab Higher Committee in Palestine and the Arab League) rejected it, opposing any Partition. The aftermath of the 1948 War with the Jews, saw the City occupied and later unilaterally Annexed by the Kingdom of Jordan in a move supported by Local Hebron Officials. At the beginning of the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, Egypt took control of Hebron. David Ben-Gurion also considered that Hebron was the one sector of the conquered territories that should remain under Jewish Control and be open to Jewish Settlement.

Following the 6-Day War of 1967, Israel occupied Hebron. The Post-1967 Settlement in Hebron was driven by Theological Doctrines from the Mercaz HaRav Kook, which consider the Land of Israel and its people as Holy. They believe that the Messianic Age of Redemption has arrived. Hebron holds Special Significance in this Narrative, with Traditions linking it to Abraham, King David, and the Entrance to the Garden of Eden. Settling in Hebron is seen as a Right and Duty, a Favor to the World, and an Example of being ‘A Light unto the Nations’ (Or la-Goyim).

Over the period of the 1st Intifada and 2nd Intifada, the Jewish Community was subjected to Attacks by Palestinian Militants. Hebron is one of the 3 West Bank Towns from which the majority of Suicide Bombers originated. Following the 1995 Oslo Agreement and subsequent 1997 Hebron Agreement, Palestinian Cities were placed under the Exclusive Jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority, with the exception of Hebron, which was split into 2 Sectors.

H1 is controlled by the Palestinian Authority and H2 – which includes the Old City of Hebron – remained under the Military Control of Israel. The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) may not enter H1 unless under Palestinian Escort. Palestinians cannot approach areas where Settlers live without Special Permits from the IDF. The Jewish Settlement is widely considered to be illegal by the International Community, although the Israeli Government disputes this.


Now why are such Triangulations so noted and mirrored on Earth, as they are on Mars?  One has a Working Theory, that such a Triangulation is what is actually in Heaven, where YHVH has His Holy City, Zion. And that this Heavenly City has 3 Corresponding Structures or Temples that correspond to the GOD-Head or the Trinity. This would constitute a Structure for GOD the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Each is expressing a particular Size, Dimension and Attribute, perhaps.

And in terms of Sacred Gematria, such a Triangulation produces a Hexagram or a Tesseract if one can configure it in a 3-Dimensional Aspect. Thus, it becomes a Perfect Cube or Star Gate that functions as a Portal or Door into Realms beyond the Natural or on Earth. This is why such a Triangulation is found on Mars and on Earth’s Sacred Ley-Lines. The Sacred Sites on Earth harness the Energies of such places to help ‘Energize’ such Sites.

One conjectures that it powers the Transformation and/or Transportation of Beings, in and out of the Dimensions. This Notion can be thus alluded to what occurred to Jacob in his Dream of seeing Heaven open and a Ladder being extended from Earth to Heaven. And how Angels were traversing, in and out or up-and-down from this Heavenly Helix, of which the Ancient City of Hebron is one such Door, Portal or ‘Star-Gate.




Possessing the Portals
This book will show how such Martian Motif Triangulations served and served as ‘Gates’ and/or ‘Portals’ on one level and Luciferian ‘Spiritual Strongholds’ on another. As a type of Jesus to come, Joshua conquered such ‘Gates’ of the Guardians as they entered the Promised Land. This Book suggests that the Triangulations were Points of Contention as a Euphemism for the Spiritual Warfare over the Strongholds that are in the World in general but specifically in the Promised Land, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

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Unmasking of the Rebel King Ala-Lu
The purpose of this Book is to present a case for ‘unmasking’ who is behind the ‘Face of Mars’ from a Biblical point of view. The Book will incorporate a comprehensive array of Astro-Archeological studies compiled using motifs of the Pyramid on Mars that are replicated on Earth’s Sacred Sites, Past, Present and Future. This study will hopefully help explain what the coming Deception that the Bible speaks about will be in part, the ‘Return of the Martian Saviors’.

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Star Markers of a Prior Prophetic Time
The purpose of this Book is to ascertain the Cosmic Motifs of the Pleiades and Orion as they pertain to the Pyramid Designs of the Ancient Sacred Sites on Earth, Past, Present and Future. The various illustrations will attempt to demonstrate that there is an on-going Cosmic Conspiracy regarding what is the True Narrative of the Interpretation of such Sacred Designs on Earth that are aligned to the Stars. The study will involve a large degree of Astro-Archeology pertaining to the coming of the Celestial Gate Keepers and Guardians of the Galaxy.

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