30 Years of Leftist Indoctrination –

Yasser Arafat would be Proud

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Woke is where Common Sense goes to Die’. -Bill Maher

The following is one’s Commentary on ‘How’ and ‘Why’ one sees all the Pro-Palestinian University Protests occurring across the College and University Campuses in the USA. This will occur in Major Universities across Europe. This will be from the Perspective of a Political Scientist, holding a Faculty-Staff Position at a California State University. One was a Former Communist Youth and has served in the IDF, the Israel Defense Force. One is not representing the University, as a Disclaimer. What one will share, is one’s Personal Opinion and Assessment on the said Topic. However, this Assessment will be one that will be offered based on being on the Front Line of the Present Culture War that has now gone Amuck.

There is enough ‘Sin in the Camps’, on both sides to go around. One will touch upon the ‘Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ that has surfaced with this next ‘Round’ of Worldwide Protests. As a Libertarian, one is a staunch Advocate for Free Speech. But when a Cause takes over University Buildings, Vandalizes and Destroys Property? And then when there are Physical Threats to Students? That Cause has lost its ‘Righteous Right’ to do so. However, one will point out that as with such Orchestrated Events, one genuinely hurts and feels sorry for all these University Students that have been used as ‘Useful Idiots’. And why ‘This?’ And why ‘Now?’ It was because in the meanwhile, it was used to distract what the Federal Government has done in the Distraction. And what was that?

Biden has been instructed to Authorize and Expand the Wiretapping Authority of the Federal Government. President Biden signed Legislation to reauthorize Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Did you realize that? The Bill could greatly expand the ability of the Federal Government to conduct Warrantless Domestic Surveillance. Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon described the Bill as one of the most ‘Dramatic’ and ‘Terrifying’ Expansions of Government Surveillance Authority in History. Then Congress has Fast-Tracked a Bill that would make any Criticism of Israel equated to ‘Anti-Semitism’. This means that even quoting Isaiah 53 publicly to any Jews would be ‘Against the Law’ and a ‘Hate Crime’. One has serviced the People of California as a Public Servant for over 30 Years, working mainly in Education. One has worked at 3 California State University Campuses, at a Technical Community College, and has taught U.S. History and Social Studies at the 8th Grade Level, etc.

Useful Idiots

One has a Bachelor’s in Political Science and 2 Masters in Counseling and Organizational Leadership. One was in a Doctoral Program for Student Affairs but did not finish the Program, due to ‘Life’ happening, as they say. One has however served in many Staff Positions ranging for Teaching 1st Year Freshmen Transitional Courses to Coordinating the Admission of a Particular Program and Coordinating Testing Services, etc. With this Academic Experience, one has set the Background, highlighting one’s Credentials for what one will Assess, as to why the Pro-Palestinians Protests have taken on a Life of its Own, it would appear. One is not surprised.

One saw this coming down the Road, as they say, over the past 30 Years or so. One will be very critical of the Educational System in the USA. It has been Hijacked by such Forces that are now advocating the Pro-Palestinian Protests, supporting HAMAS. More so, they are Anti-Israel. And? You cannot separate Israel from its ‘Jewishness’. It is 1 Thing to Protest and voice one’s Opinion and/or Protests. One is a Libertarian and champions this Constitutional Right. But what the Pro-Palestinians are advocating is exactly what they are Protesting themselves, Genocide of the Jews.

They are essentially Gaslighting and using ‘Reverse Psychology’ to hijack the Narrative. It is just an Expected Outcome. It is a matter of ‘Reaping what one has Sown’. It is a matter of how the Left has so Indoctrinated the Generations of X, Y and Z, to the Point that the Powers-That-Be have unleashed their Frankenstein Monsters in the Making. So, why have all these ‘Woke’ Students at the most Prestigious Universities in the USA, gone Pro-Palestine? It is for the same Reason they all put on their Masks and took the Death Shots. And they still are Masking-Up. They are the Generations that now have been Brainwashed to ‘Love’ Socialism, own Nothing and be Happy, if they can.

Thanks to the Indoctrination of the Left that included a twisted Interpretation of Feminism, most Mid-Aged White Women in the USA are Single, Childless and Depressed. They have succeeded in Destroying Marriage, redefining it and are the most hateful People on Campus. All the while, the average American University Student on Campus, who cannot even locate Gaza on a Map, is speaking about ‘Divesting’. Who told them? Sorry, they are not that sophisticated Geo-Politically.

Most of these College Kids are just parroting that, ‘Israel is a Settler and Apartheid State’. They have no proper or correct Historical Context. For example, there was a Vietnamese Student at Stanford comparing the Student Protests of the 1960 on College Campuses to the Pro-Palestinian ones. Wrong. The issue then was not it was with a War that the USA was with another Nation. And the Issue was the Draft.  

But what has been the case, from an End Times Point of View, in one’s Opinion, is that one is seeing Bible Prophecy come to pass. This is seen in Genesis 6. The Condition and Circumstances of how the Last Generation, Generation ‘Z’ would be characterized was summed-up by Jesus. It would be as in the Days of Noah where Hamas would reign…The Spirit of Hamas would energize the Hearts and Minds of the Masses. It is really like COVID, a Mass Psychosis. Realize that in Hebrew, HAMAS means ‘Violence’.

Fool Me Once?
And the Youth on Campuses across the USA have fallen for it, again. Where were these same Mobs, Organized and Funded, when 2 Million Christians were killed by the Muslims in South Sudan? Where were they Protesting Assad of Syria when he had slaughtered nearly half a Million of his own People? Where are they as North Korea imprisons those that dare to Protest their Government and are sent to Concentration Camps? Where are they when the Communist Chinese Government has incarcerated 1000s of the Uyghurs Muslims for their Faith? That is a real Genocide. Or how in Myanmar, the Rohingya Violence is legitimately considered a True Genocide. Or what about the Ancient Armenians that were Ethnically Cleansed from Azerbaijan?

Yet, the Term ‘Genocide’ is used flippantly against Israel and it is not the case. It is actually HAMAS’ intent to do so against Israel. Genocide is when a Targeted Population and/or Racial Group is deliberately Murdered with the intent to exterminate them all. A Columbia Jewish Student studying to be a Lawyer stated straight-out, that the Pro-Palestine Protesters were calling for the ‘Genocide of Jews’. Genocide is the deliberate Eradication of a Race. This is the Stated Goal of the HAMAS. It is in their Charter. It is their Muslim Religious Duty to do so. And given the Chance, the Palestinians would eradicate Israel. But Israel could eradicate all of Gaza, if it wanted. But Israel won’t.

It is the Jews that are defending their Homeland. It was Attacked by not only HAMAS, the Military Wing of the Palestinian Elected Government, but Civilians were involved. That Attack was based on the Objectives of achieving the Genocide of the State of Israel. Although any Innocent Death is a Loss and Tragic, all the Mothers, Babies and Children killed by Israel are in the Hands of HAMAS. They use their Children as Human Shields. They are Sacrificially Dispensable. In proportion, the Death Rate that the IDF has had in Gaza cannot even compare to that of other Nations having to go to War.

For example, nearly 22,000 Americans were killed in the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. And? The USA responded by killing 3.5 Million Japanese in World War 2. In the 9-11 Attack of the Twin Towers in New York City, nearly 2,800 People were Killed. As a Consequence the USA decided to blame Saddam of Iraq and Afghanistan. Over 1 Million Iraqis and Afghans died. Was the USA accrued of Genocide? No. Yet to Israel, a Double Standard is applied. This is Satanic. This is where the Rage is coming from. One has not seen this level of Energy of Hate on Campus in 30 Years.

What one is seeing, from a Biblical Point of View is how the Luciferians, Manly P. Hall and Albert Pike wrote about how in the Last Wars to usher-in their Luciferian World Order, the ‘Energies of Lucifer, the True God would be unleashed’. For example, at Columbia University, Jewish Students and Faculty were physically blocked from entering the Campus. At UCLA, a Jewish Student was prohibited from passing through to go to Class. Eli Tsives was attempting to gain entrance to his University when African-American or Blacks, Masked-Up in Palestinian Garb, stood in his way. What is ironic, is that if one compared the Images of such a Protest of the 1950s and 1960s in the USA, one would see White Men and Women block Blacks from entering Schools. Now, Blacks in Palestinian Headdresses block Jews from continuing to go to their Class on Campus.

Free Speech?

This is how ‘Sad’ the American University System has become. But as one will see and say, ‘They have Reaped what they have Sown’. For all the Education that is being spent on Worthless Degrees, all they have now learned is to Hate America, Hate being White and 'Death to America', ‘Mat bar Israel’. It is the Pro-Palestinian Protesters that have been Indoctrinated to chant, ‘We Don’t Want A 2 State, WE WANT 48’. This is where the Encampment Crossed the Line in being ‘Free Speech’. When the Pro-Palestinians chanted, ‘No Safe Place!’ ‘Death to the Jews and to the Zionist State!’ That became Unprotected Speech and Death Threats. Here are the Opportunities the Palestinians had for their State, the 2 State Solution. It is a Farce. It is a Stalling Tactic.

1936 Peel Commission
1947 U.N. Partition Plan
1967 6 Day War
1991 Madrid Conference
1993 Oslo Accords
2000 Camp David Clinton-Barak-Arafat
2005 All Jews evacuated from Gaza
2008 Olmert Proposal

Palestinians have the highest Per Capita Foreign Aid than any other People Group in Human History. The Problem is that HAMAS has taken all the International Aid and instead of building Schools, Hospitals, Resorts, Infrastructure? No, they built a Terror Tunnel larger than the New York Metro System. They used all the Finances to purchase Bombs and Rockets. All the while, the HAMAS Leaders live in Wealth and Luxury in the Oil Rich Gulf Nation of Qatar that sponsors them while they intentionally keep the Old, their Women and Children in Refugee Camps. That is their ‘Bread and Butter’.

And Generations of Unemployed Muslim Young Men are then Prime to be Recruited to be Suicide Bombers and Indoctrinated with Islam to ‘Kill the Jews’. For every Jew a Palestinian Kills, Qatar provides a Pension to their Family for Life. Look it up. But as one who works at an American University, the American Institutions of Higher Education are Out-of-Control. It has now become all about ‘Intersectionality’ and Moral Relativism. It is all about pretending to Listen to Conversations about Rights, but not enough Conversations about the Responsibilities that come with it.

For example, in the USA, the City of Chicago called for a ‘Gaza Ceasefire’ and passed a City Council Resolution. Maybe if they should focus instead on their own Ghetto Ceasefire as it is 1 of the Murder Capitals of the World for Blacks? Then the University Students across the USA chant, ‘Free, Free Palestine!’ They do not realize that it is a ‘White Colonizer’ Term. Palestine does not exist, never did. It was the Romans that renamed Israel that, in 70 AD. The Muslim Arabs never took on that Name. The Romans took the Ancient Name of Israel’s Enemies, the Philistines out of spite. There is not even a ‘P’ in the Arabic Language. It was really the Term capitalized during the Cold War with the USSR who sided with the Arab Muslims were encouraged to exploit against the West. It was the Age-Old Tactic of Divide and Conquer.

Divide and Conquer

The Soviets incentivized the Term to foster Division to lay claim on another Communist Liberation Movement to be involved with. And also, to sell their Inferior Weapons. And to that end, realize that when Israel accepted the U.N. 2 State Solution in 1947, 7 Muslim Arab Armies attacked Israel in 1948. And what type of Weapons did the Arabs have? All Soviet Made ones. And sadly, most American University Students do not know what River and Sea they are chanting about. Most do not even know why they Protesting. But the Muslims do. In Europe, they are calling for a Global Jihad against the West.

But in the West, like in ‘1984’ Orwellian England, the UK Police threatened to arrest a British White Man Holding Sign that read, ‘HAMAS is Terrorist’. Even a Qatari Official said that the October 7 Massacre was a 'Prelude to the Destruction of Israel', etc. Many Palestinians voiced how the Jewish Woman were Kidnapped and Raped, ‘To Avenge Palestine’. More so at Columbia University, Pro-Palestine Protests shouted to the Jews, ‘We'll do October 7th a thousand more Times! How is it that Israel is mentioned 40 Times in the Quran. Palestine? None. Jerusalem is mentioned 0 Times. Others were caught on Camera plainly stating that, ‘We are all HAMAS, Pig!’

Now realize that in the USA, HAMAS is considered and noted as a Terrorist Group. The Pro-Palestinian Protesters have barricaded themselves inside Hamilton Hall where they held at least 1 University Staff Member hostage, according to the Columbia Daily Spectator. Now is that not ironic. They are ‘Occupying’ the Campus and held Hostage a University Staff? Just like HAMAS they represent, no? One cannot stand the Double Standard and Hypocrisy. These Pro-Palestine Protesters are yelling, ‘We have a Right to be here!’ While at the same Time telling others, ‘You don't have the Right to be here!’ What occurred at Columbia University was very telling. The Pro-Palestine Protest Leader, Khymani James said that ‘Zionists don’t deserve to live’.

They are calling everyone a Nazi and Fascist, all the while waving Flags with ‘Final Solution’. As one who works at such an Institution of Higher Learning at the California State University System, one would agree with the following Observation. What one is seeing here emerge is the Decades of Indoctrination based on Cultural Marxism. This Indoctrination emerged from the Works of Scholars associated with the Frankfurt School, like Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer, and Herbert Marcuse. And? They expanded Marxist Theory to include Cultural Elements. They have Indoctrinated these latest Generations into believing that Capitalism maintains Control of not just Economic Means but also by shaping Culture and Ideology.

They argued that Institutions such as the Media, Education, and Popular Culture can perpetuate their Ideology, to shape People's Beliefs and Values to serve their interest. They also focus on issues of Identity, Race, Gender, and Sexuality, as Factors to force chance in Society. This is why one has seen the Droves of the Purple and Blue Colored Hair Brigades come out in full Riot Gear. Yet is it utterly amazing to see how such are so adamant in defending the Palestinians, who about 70% of them support HAMAS. The HAMAS Charter yet diametrically opposed all that the Left stands for or espouses and champions: Same Sex Marriage, Abortion, Feminism, Gender Roles, etc.

Progressive Social Movements

Amazingly, Gen Z is so Anti-Bible, Anti-Jesus. Yet, in many of the Encampments, the Days have ended with Muslim Clergy coming over to lead the Encampment in Muslim Worship and Prayer. Yet, Religion, especially Organized one is something the Gen Z loathes and has turned its back on Christianity in the USA. But Islam that throw Gays off their Buildings and is Misogynistic? Sure. This is the Outcome of the so many failed Parents of this ‘Participation Trophy’ Generation. Others blame it on Fatherless Behavior or of an Unemployed Behavior, etc. One would agree.

But Critics of ‘Cultural Marxism’ that is used to explain why what is happening across American University Campuses often see it as a Conspiracy Theory. The Left claims it is used to Demonize ‘Progressive Social Movements’ by portraying them as part of a Covert Marxist Agenda to undermine Western civilization. But one can tell you 1st Hand as a former Communist Youth that lived in the former USSR, it is True. The Encampments were Co-Opted by the True Communist Radicals that seek to Destroy the USA and its Christian Heritage and Institutions.

The Encampments were not Organic, they were Orchestrated. The USA and its Institutions are not perfect but if Communism is so Great, why not go live in Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea? Why is the USA so ‘Bad’ and Oppressive that Millions are dying, literally to cross the U.S.-Mexico Border to live in the USA? Realize that the Ivy League Elites who were Environmentalists, Socialists, Globalists and Population Control Advocates, Eugenicists a century ago. They were strongly influenced by these Totalitarian Ideologies that call for Tyranny and Mass Murder.

What one suspects happened in part, is that Students are Mad. Gen Z is Mad that COVID robbed them of their High School Experience, their Proms and Graduations. They are Mad but still wear their Face Masks. It is a Last and Lost Generation that seeks a Leader, a Cause. Gaza was it. It was a Fade to be seen in an Encampment. To wear a Keffiyeh is now a Fashion Symbol on an American College Campus. It is just a ‘Hipster Swastika’. In one’s Truthful Opinion, they have been Used, just like it was allowed for Black Lives Matter, COVID and now Gaza.

They are an example of how to use ‘Useful Idiots’ or 'Useful Fool’ for one’s Religious Cause in this case. Arafat would be so Proud. But they have also been allowed to be used for a Cause without fully comprehending the Cause's Goals, and who are being used by the Cause's Leaders. In this case, HAMAS. When asked about the Reason for Protesting against Israel, the Students respond with an astonishing ‘I don’t know.’

But one was and is Leary of just how and when the Police was ordered to dismantle the Pro-Palestinian Encampments. In some cases and on many Campuses, there were actual Peaceful Protests. That is a 1st Amendment Right. The issue is in the Logistics. One can understand that although most State Universities are in a Public Space, certain Qualifiers have to be adhered to. Like, no Tents or Overnight Stays are allowed unless by Permission. No Vandalizing. No taking Hostages. No making Verbal and Physical Threats, etc. They blew it. And what did the U.S. Government do in the Distraction?

In the Meanwhile…
The U.S. Congress passed Billions of Citizen’s Money to pay for other Nation’s Wars, the Ukraine and Israel. The House voted 366-58 to send $9.1 Billion to Gaza, and that means $9.1 Billion to HAMAS. That Money is just being used to build and fund more Weapons to kill more People. Israel does not need more of the U.S. Taxpayer Money that is being Devalued Day-By-Day. Israel owns the Banks and the Federal Reserve. They can print all the Money in the World. Now on the other Hand, The Jews are trying to pass a Law that would Criminalize any Criticism of them, in any Form. This is not Right. They are not above the Law or any other Racial and/or Religious Group.

Many People are genuinely apprehensive of this Move in that you cannot Protest the Jews, under any Circumstance. One is not allowed to protest Israel or that will be automatically considered Anti-Semitic. So, when a Christian preaches from the New Testament, where it states that the Jews plotted to ‘Kill’ Jesus, thus blaming the Jews, that will now be Criminalized. Great. The Jews fail to acknowledge that in Context, it is only blaming the Sanhedrin, the Elders of Zion, not the whole Nation of Israel. And the Writers of the Gospels were Jews. It does not matter. They want no part in such Culpability. Now the following statement is attributed to Voltaire, but it is debatable.

‘To Learn Who Rules Over You, Simply Find Out Who You Are Not Allowed To Criticize’. It appears to have originated with a Writer Kevin Alfred Strom. So, that is what one thinks about all these Pro-Palestine University Encampments. Israel is Samson. The Palestinians and those American Students supporting HAMAS are the Delilah. And the American Congress is the Jaw-Bone of an Ass with all that Money in the Billions to Fund the killing of all those HAMAS Palestinians. At one’s State University, it all started with an 'Artists Potluck for Palestine' Event on a Friday Night.

That turned out to be an Encampment in the Main Quad of the Campus. A Message was sent initially over the Weekend by the University President alerting the Campus about this and talked about being Civil and Respectful. Well, would you expect this in the U.S. College Campus? No. On Monday, a subsequent Memo came out from the University President condemning Anti-Semitic Rhetoric that was being said during the Weekend Rally. Surprise, Surprise. In the following Week, one put on one’s Israeli Military Jacket, as one usually does that has all of one's IDF Patches, Israeli Flag and took one’s Camera as one took the Daily Walk about the Campus.

One stopped by the Pro-Palestinian Encampment or 'Occupation' and proceeded to take Pictures for one's Personal Documentation Purposes. They all looked away and at the end, 1 Student came up where one was at, as they then had realized who one was ‘Representing’, by seeing all my IDF Patches and Israeli Flag Shoulder Patch, that they got freaked-out. They 'Informed' me that they had put-up a Sign that said, 'No Video or Picture taking without Student's Consent'. One responded, politely, that they are Misinformed in that either they failed their Civics Course or had not taken POLS 200 yet to know their Constitutional 1st Amendment Right. Or that they had not been taught that this is a Public University. And that they are engaged in a Public Function, that the University is sustained by Public Taxes and has no Gates, etc.

The Public Square
People from the Community come onto Campus to walk their Dogs, ride their Bikes or visit the Ponds, etc. There is no Expectation of Privacy as one did not need their Consent to take Pictures or Video of me, etc. They had no response other than to inform all the Students there, 'Cover your Faces!' One was thinking, 'What?' You got to be kidding. What kind of Cowardice is this that they are taking-up HAMAS' Cause and their Charter that essentially is all that they are really opposed to, being ‘All Woke’ and all?

Then one of them came out to where one was at, as one was leaving and also was photographing the Chalk Write-Ups on the Walkway. The Person said he was from the ‘Press’, as an ‘Independent Journalist’. Great! As he started to pull out his 'Credential' that said 'PRESS', one told him, ‘Sure, let me see your Credentials and let me take a Picture of it as Proof’. He immediately pulled it away and turned back without saying a Word. Such Hypocrisy. They expected to Identify myself but not themselves?
They did not see this coming...an actual Faculty/Staff Member that was in the IDF and taking pictures of all of them as they covered their Faces. ‘MOSSAD will be seeing you now. Anyway, this Movement across the USA, is now the 'New' BLM ‘Call to Action’ that will sweep across the USA this Summer, perhaps. It is just now being Primed for just that. As mentioned, if one knows Bible Prophecy, this is a Demonic Spirit behind this Energy and Effort. It is about a Planet full of Violence, full of HAMAS as in the Days of Noah. It is rather amazing to see all this unfold before one's very own Eyes. 

So, in the People’s Republic of Kalifornia, there are actually 2 Public University Systems. There is the California State and then the University of California. It is the California State University System that is the largest in the World, combined. For the most part, the Pro-Palestinian Encampments have been relatively Peaceful. However, the Site in Humboldt did have a Police Confrontation as Classes were reverted to Online, for the Time being. Evidently, Generation Z is just a Violent as any prior. Here is a Video of the Confrontation as Pro-Palestinian Students on the Campus took over a University Building. They spray-painted the halls with Graffiti, ‘The Intifada Wall’.

Humboldt Freelance Reporting

You will notice that during the Clash with the School Police, a Water Jug was even deployed! Ah, but if only such Students, wearing Face Masks still for fear of COVID would be just as passionate, vocal and Defiant in resisting getting their COVID Mandated Death Shots. Or protested ever-increasing Tuition Hikes or finding a Job for all that Money their Parents or the Tax-Payers provided for. Where are they Protesting the 1/2 Million of Arab murdered by Assad in Syria? Where are they Protesting the 1 Million South Sudanese slaughtered by the Muslim Government of Khartoum? Where are they in Protesting the abduction of Girls in the Sub-Sahara by the Muslim Boko-Haram that are selling the Girls as Sex-Slaves, Forced Conversion to Islam and married-off?

Free Expression
Where were they when in Nagorno-Karabakh, the Ethnic Ancient Armenian Community was forced to leave Azerbaijan, in an Ethnic Cleansing of them? But when Israel fights back for being Attacked and Slaughtered? Apparently, the Rule does not apply to the Jewish Sovereignty of defending their only Jewish State. Sure, there is enough Sin to go around and one does fervently believe in the Free Expression of one’s Protest. But when that Protest crosses over the Line to become Violent and calling for the Genocide of others? It is all Gaslighting and as far as what is occurring across the USA in University Campuses? It is 30 Years of Indoctrination boiling to the Surface. They have Reaped what has been Sown.

But this Pro-Palestine Encampment Episode is serious. It shows that Radical Campus Groups like Students for Justice in Palestine who call for the genocide of the Jews and cheer the Terrorists of Hamas, are Alive and Well and very Organized. What has received less Attention—but should in fact, rank as the Universities’ Worst Offense—is the Jew Hatred promoted by Official Departments and Institutes of the Universities themselves. And most of them have traditionally been taught by Jews themselves. Not in all cases, of course, but especially in the Ivy League Universities. In the case of many Campuses, Jew Hatred is the ‘Sin inside the Camp’.

For example, the top 10 Jew-Hating Academic Departments are the Department of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. They demonize Israel, condone Hamas Terrorism, and delegitimize the World’s only Jewish State. Instead of condemning HAMAS for its brutal and Unprovoked Attack on Israeli Civilians or excoriating their use of Rape as a Weapon of War, Departments like the Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies whitewashed the Terrorist Group’s Action. And? They reply to the Criticism by arguing that the HAMAS Attack on Israel was not made ‘In a Vacuum.

 They view in the Context of decades of illegal Israeli Military Occupation and Systemic Violent Campaigns. But no Jew has been in Gaza since 2005. It is not ‘Occupied’ by Israel. The Palestinians were ‘Free’ to have Elections. They did and voted in HAMAS, who then suspended Free Elections. This is, by the way, how Terrorists gain and sustain Power. They use ‘Democracy’ to then Destroy it. What is rather ironic, that like the Issue of Abortion or Trans-Gender Rights in Women's Sports, there is again, a Double Standard and Hypocrisy going on here. They say they are Feminists, who recognize that Violence and War often inflict Gendered and Sexualized Harms on Women and Queer, Trans and Non-Binary People.

But when HAMAS came and Massacred the Group of Young, mostly Liberal-Left leaning Youngsters gathering to foster ‘Peace with the Palestinians’? The HAMAS Paragliders came down and machine-gunned them all down. They raped the Dead Girls before then going off to the Kibbutzim to slaughter entire Families and take Hostages. In one’s Opinion who is on the Frontline of this American Cultural War, this is ‘1984’. The Faculty Participation in the Pro-Hamas Demonstrations was a ‘Wake-Up Call’ for Americans. One thinks it is too late though. One is cynical. After working for over 30 Years in Higher Education and seeing what is being Indoctrinated into these Generations?

A Mental Disorder?

It is all going Mental, sadly and one genially feels for this Last and Lost Generation. But what do you expect them to do and become when they were indoctrinated since Kindergarten that they are Meaningless, Worthless, Replaceable, Unlovable, Gender Confused. This is the Outcome where Moral Relativism reigns. Here are some of the Chants that came from the Encampments.

-‘Resistance is justified when People are occupied!’
-‘Antifade Revolution! There is only 1 Solution’
-‘Total Victory is the Destruction of Israel’.
-‘We don’t have Saviors!’
-‘We are fighting for everyone's right to Exist…Their State is Illegal!’
-‘We are all HAMAS, Pigs!’
-‘Shout out to the Drones and Rocket Launchers!’
-‘We need more October 7s every Day!’
-‘Death to Israel!’

 At the Stanford University Campus, a Student was wearing a headband worn by Hamas terrorist fighters. They are specifically the Members of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the Military Wing of HAMAS. Here is where the Peaceful Demonstrations went wrong. They directly interfered with Class Instruction. They blocked Faculty and Students from Entrance to Campus. There was Violence, Hate Speech and Threats toward a Race, the Jews, etc. They took over the Public Building and vandalized them. They fostered an Atmosphere of Hostility. Their Demonstrations led to Cancelation of Classes and Graduation Ceremonies.

‘I am not here to judge what People do in the Name of Civil Disobedience…they are preventing Students from getting an Education, which they are paying for it. and if you're preventing students from feeling Safe. And it is no longer civil disobedience. I am a social Worker. I know about Civil Disobedience. That is not Civil Disobedience’. -Renzo Diaz, Professor UCLA



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