Ezekiel 38-39 Prophecy

  • What will be the Outcome of the War, Biblcially?
  • Will this War lead to the Gog-Magog War?
  • Why is World War 3 now on the Horizon?

by Luis B. Vega
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Is the War in the Ukraine 1 of the Steps to the Gog-Magog War? And when? How can it be? One cannot know for sure, 100% but as a Political Scientist and know a bit about History and living in Russia during one’s College Year, one can only present one’s Perspective and attempt to tie it into Biblical Prophecy. One truly feels sorry for the Ukrainian People who have a Right to Defend themselves and have their own Identity and Sovereign Country, as well as a separate Orthodox Denomination. But the Ukraine, ironically being the wealthiest in all of Europe in terms of it being the Bread Basket, is 1 the Poorest in Europe.

For that Reason, among others, the Ukraine is split down the Middle and even Topographically as the River Dnieper cuts the Nation in 2 Halves. The Western Portion wants to side with Europe and NATO. The Eastern Half has sided with Russia. Not many realize that 14 Years ago, the Revolution had the Ukraine clearly within the Russian Sphere. But according to Research, the ‘Usual Suspects’, the CIA, MI6, MOSSAD installed Zelensky into Office.

He was a Variety Show Regular who dressed in Drags and Stilettos and played the Piano with his Member on TV. He, like George Bush Jr., are the Types that either are Born with Greatness, Take hold of Greatness, or Greatness is thrown at them. Both are of the Latter. He is an ‘Actor’ playing his Part as Andrew Cuomo did during COVID in New York. And for his Efforts, he even received an Academy Award. True Account, look it up.

All that to say, in one’s Political Science Evaluation and based on Prophecy of the Bible, some way, somehow, Russia will come-out on Top or prevail. The Ukraine will be in shambles, as it is already. But it will be the Stepping-Stone, or the Stepping-Country whereby the Russian-Led Coalition of what one has called the Outer-Ring of Muslim Nations will attack Israel. First, just some commentary of why one believes the War in the Ukraine is being allowed to fester. One is not a ‘Fan’ of Putin, in that, according to some estimates, he is 1 of the Wealthiest Men alive on the Planet. And unlike Musk, Gates, or Soros, he has his Finger on the 5000-6000 Nuclear Warheads at his Command.

1. It is a Wealth Transfer Ploy of the U.S., mainly Tax-Payer Dollars. It is decimating the Middle Class, on purpose. The Money in Billions is not going to the Ukrainian People, but to the Globalist Luciferian Oligarchs.

2. The Ukraine is being used as a Testing Ground for all the latest Weapons Systems. Realize that with each Major Regional War, it is fought with the last War’s Technology.

3. The Ukraine is a ‘Test Run’ for what War that is coming. And that will be, most likely the Gog-Magog War..

4. Realize also, the Prophetically and Spiritually, there is a Prince Gog Fallen Angel Spirit that has dominion over that Region. It is like the Princes of Persia, Greece, etc.

5. The Gog-Magog War that is coming will be Part 1. There is also a Gog-Magog War II as the End of the 1000 Year Kingdom. Lucifer, that will be Bound in the Pit will be released to gather 1 last Rebellion and gathering of the Nations against the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple, where Jesus will at.

6. The War in the Ukraine is about Population Control and the Reduction of the White Race. It is designed to Foster Mass Migration, as that is used to control People. Women and Children are being Sex-Trafficked as they are in the Mexican Border and in the USA.

7. The Western Luciferian Globalist want to destabilize Russia because it still has some semblance of Morality and Civility, at least in terms of placating to Family Values, Patriotism, Manhood and Womanhood.

When will this Gog-Magog War occur? The Bible is not specific or clear. One can only conjecture with the limited Clues provided. But based on what one sees, perceives and interprets, one has come to believe that the War occurs sometime during the Tribulation Period. For sure, after the Rapture Event that will close-out the Church Age. The Main Reason why one believes Russia will prevail eventually over the Ukraine, is that after the Rapture, the USA, which is Bank-Rolling the War, will collapse Economically.

In the Political, Economic and Military Vacuum created, Europe will not be ready to take on Russia, head-on. This will give Russia, liberty to roll-over the Ukraine in-route to the Promised Land as it makes that Alliance Promise with the Muslims a Reality. And it is because YHVH will draw them down as it states in the Bible, by the ‘Hook’ in the Jaw of the Prince of Gog and Magog. YHVH will lead them down there and the Ukraine is in the way but leveled so as to not be impeded. Then it is a Time when Israel will be living in Un-Walled Villages.

This will only happen as this Hamas War will lead to the Psalm 83 War, of the Inner-Ring of Muslim Nations that will attack Israel Simultaneously. If one also sees the Horror of War in Gaza, one will understand how the Muslims are preparing for an All-Out War against Israel, on all Fronts, at the same Time. But this is where it will get Biblical. Israel will defeat this Conspiracy and that is when their Messiah will come on-the-scene to guarantee their Peace and Security for 7 Years. The Jews will blindly believe that the Messianic Age will have arrived and having their Geo-Political Savior will make them so Proud that they tear-down their Walls.

Financial Aid to the Ukraine

Not realizing nor prepared that the Gog-Magog War is to come thereafter. And that will be led by Russia but it will be an Act of GOD or YHVH that will decimate them in the Mountains of Israel. That is Judea and Samaria. They will get that far in. But that is when YHVH calls Israel, His People once again and will start to Fight for them as He did in Biblical Times. It will be to show Israel who is GOD, etc.

Now to be fair, there is the Discrepancy of how the Weapons are used, evidently some types of High Tech Types will be used for Energy. And that will last for 7 Years. So, some assert that the War starts at Year 1 of the Tribulation Period because then that is the length of the Tribulation. One is not so sure. It can be the case that the Burning of these Weapons used will still be made or occur even into the Millennial Kingdom.

But then, if Jesus returns and ‘Cleans-Up’ the Planet, why would there be still a need to Burn them? But Jesus could just as much use them as a free Energy Source, just as much. Here below are some Articles one wrote a while back about the Russo-Ukrainian War. Now let us consider just how much Financial Aid the American Tax-Payers are giving to the Ukraine by the U.S. Congress.

Out of 177 Nations counted in this Matrix for 2024 by WorldoMeters, from the List starting with Hungary at $179 Billion Dollars USD at Position 57, it a Daunting Perspective to compare of just how only 58 Nations make more Money in 1 Year than what the USA has given to the Ukraine for War. In other words, 120 Nations, more than 3/4 of the World, just make that amount in 1 Year. Blinken in the State Department and Biden in the White House justify the ‘Financial Aid’ in that the ‘Contracts’ will be given to American Companies and Corporations.

War is a Business and it is profitable for those that Rule the World from Behind the Curtain. They barter the Lives, Souls and Bodies of the Youth to discard them in the Battlefield of Blood. The World is preparing for War and according to Jesus, Billions will die. Biden approves and has stated that the Ukraine needs their Borders secured and that they need to be Armed.

Yet, in the USA, ever-increasing Legislation is making it a Crime to own Arms and the Border is intentionally left unprotected. The Plan is to turn the USA into a 3rd World Nation. It is working. The Rapture, one believes, is what will be the ‘Nail in the Coffin’ as they say. All Institutions will collapse when the Millions ‘Vanish’. Is it no wonder why the Luciferians want to mitigate this Effect by flooding the U.S. Border? Think about it. They know the Rapture Event is near.

There are many YouTube Channels that document the Urban Decay and crumbling Infrastructure of the USA. Yet, 100s of Billions of Borrowed Dollars are being lent-out on the behalf of 2-3 Future Generation of Americans to be used to ‘Kill, Steal, and Destroy’ other Nations. They are creating perpetual Debt Slaves of what is left of the Working Middle Class in the USA. But once the ‘Golden Goose’ is Killed, there will be no more ‘Golden Eggs’ to steal from and give to those that have not earned nor deserve them.

One such YouTuber that makes Commentaries on the State of the USA is Nick Johnson. His Videos come-up in one’s Feed, but not a Follower other than one sees his ‘Exploration’ of the USA from his Point of View. One such place that he shows the Urban Decay is in Gary, Indiana. But this Scene of Dilapidation can be found in any City across the USA. One’s Point is, imagine if $175 Billion Dollars would be rather invested in the USA. Nope. All the Industry went to China and now China is importing Fentanyl as a Weapon to weaken the Population out of its Mind. It is working.



GDP, or Gross Domestic Product, is the Total Monetary Value of all Goods and Services produced and sold within a Country during a Specific Time Period, typically 1 Year. 

Sources: World Bank (World Development Indicators, July 25, 2023)



May 9, 2024
U.S. Financial Aid to the Ukraine. A Total $175 Billion in U.S. Spending.
https://www.cfr.org › article › how-much-us-aid-going-ukraine



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