The USA based on George Washington
or Damascus based on Isaiah 17

  • When will World War 3 Begin? Has it started?
  • Who will be the 1st World Leader to go Nuclear?
  • Is it about the USA or Israel in the End Times?

by Luis B. Vega
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 Question as to who is Nuked 1st, the USA or Damascus? The following Response will be more so, based on one’s Political Science Studies and limited Military Training. There will be a hint of how one sees the possible Nuclear Strike Scenario, but that too, only limited in Understanded based on the Gog-Magog War of Ezekiel. One is more convinced that the USA will not be Nuked, just yet and that the Israeli IDF Nuclear Strike on Damascus will occur 1st. Realize that in all 3 Stages of what is considered presently World War 3, one would surmise as the following.

The Russo-Ukraine War, the Israeli-HAMAS War and the coming IDF-Damascus Nuclear Strike, all have to do with Israel. It is or will keep True to the Protocols set forth by the Luciferians in the Letters written by Albert Pike. It is that the 3rd World War would be exclusively having to do with the Jews and Israel. Thus, this Calculation is why one is not so much convinced that any Nuclear Strike will occur in the USA, for now. Why not? It will not need to be so.

One is convinced that the Rapture Event will so devastate the USA, that it will be incapacitated in retaliating or functioning as a State, much less the ‘Leader of the Former Free World’. Those Days are essentially over. It will also be True to Form, as the Luciferians see the Transition of World Orders as ‘Phoenixes’. It is about the Cannibalization of the Old Phoenix to feed-off, to enable the New Phoenix to rise. In other words, the USA will be cannibalized for its Farmland and Natural Resources to feed the Luciferian Elites of the New World Order. It is to be plundered as it has plundered other Nations. This is where the United Nations will be called in to ‘Maintain Order’, out of all the Chaos of Lawlessness, Looting and Mayhem.

This is when the Chinese and the Russians and even the Central Americans are to come in, under the U.N. to Keep the Peace but really led by the Russians and Chinese. This would correspond to the Dreams many Watchmen have had over the Decades about it, etc. Realize that World War 3 is focused in the Middle East, Israel as it has to be because the New Luciferian World Order will be about setting-up that Worldwide Peace, guaranteed for 7 Years after the Nuclear Strike on Damascus.

It will be enough so, for Israel to be fooled into thinking this Man of Peace, the Solomon 2.0 is the Messiah, to the point that it lowers its Guard and dismantles all of its Walls even. Israel will be so sure of its ‘False’ Messiah, that they believe ‘Nothing’ will be able to touch them. It will be so wrong as they will get Betrayed. Now, no one is sure when the Gog-Magog War is to occur.

Who are the ‘Coastlines?’

Some say it is at the Beginning or Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation. However, regardless of when it starts, the Clue of when the USA is to be hit by a Nuclear Strike comes into play here. It is one’s best guess. How so? Consider that in reading the Judgment, it is YHVH who personally intervenes to make it come about. It is when the Russian led Outer-Ring of Muslim Nation, to include Iran and Turkey, attacks Israel. The Prophecy states that, not only will the Armies of Gog fall on the Mountains of Israel, it will be that close, but YHVH will send Fire to ‘Those dwelling Safely in the Coastlands’.

The Question becomes, where are the ‘Coastlands’ and who are they?’ Consider that the Longitude of where Israel is at on the Globe only allows for the Atlantic Coastline of Western Europe initially. That would mainly then be Portugal, part of Spain, France, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. What is more Dramatic and convincing in one’s Interpretation is the Coastline of the all the Eastern Seaboard of the USA, all the way from Florida to Nova Scotia.

If this will be the case and Scenario, then it would be the Time that the USA would be Nuked. Now the next Question would be, will it be by Conventional Nuclear Weaponry or Divine Fire? Or it will by Divine Decree but allowed to be carried-out as a Conventional Nuclear Strike by Russia at that Time and Place. Also have in Mind, that during this Time-Span of the Tribulation Period, regardless of when the Gog-Magog Invasion of Israel is to occur, it is a General Time where Peace is taken from the Earth.

What a Horrible Time it will be where there is Mass Death of Billions, and Inflation is so high, that if one even manages to find a Job, it will take 1 whole Day just to make 1 Loaf of Bread. One has now just seen the Initial Stages of this Worldwide Hyper-Inflation now set in motion. Since COVID, 1 of the Desired Effects was to inflate the Cost of Food. Why? This is the way the Marxist-Communist Tactic works to subjugate the Masses.

The Masses will have to deplete any Savings or Assets to maintain the Living Standard. It is through Food, used as a Weapon that is sure to impoverish a Society, to the point the Government will then more easily control it. When the Store Shelves are empty, People will have to rely on the Government. It can then Mandate any Injection to monitor you, Biometrically. The Government or World Government with their Mark will be seen as the Saviors, not realizing it is they that have instigated the Circumstances. It is a pure Hegelian Dialectic of Crisis, Response, Solution. Now, as to Nuclear Strikes?

One was recently watching a Free YouTube Channel Movie, called K-19. It is about a True Story of how the 1st Soviet Submarine was built and commissioned to launch a Nescient version of an ICBM Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile from the Arctic Circle. It was specifically called an SLBM for Submarine Launched, to threaten the Coastline of the USA, mainly New York and Washington D.C. It was a response to how the USA was launching Nuclear Submarines of their own in the Cold War Arms Race, etc.



‘Savior of the World’

However, the Soviets hastily constructed the Submarine and it cut corners in its Production and Assembly. This would spell disaster in its Maiden Voyage. This was because of the Negligence and Incompetence of how True Communism works. Sure enough the Submarine suffered a Nuclear Emergency and many Sailors lost their lives in heroically managing to avert a Nuclear Explosion at Sea. What was interesting was that Vasily Arkhipov was the Executive Officer.

He was later 1 of the Political Officers in the Soviet Submarine, the B-59 involved directly in the 1963 Cuban Missile Crisis. The B-59 was armed with Nuclear Torpedoes. The U.S. Navy sent Depth Charges in International Waters to force surface the Submarine. As B-59 lost Communication with Soviet Russia, the Captain presumed the War had started over the Kennedy Naval Blockade of Soviet Ships from docking in Cuba.

He wanted to launch their Nuclear Torpedoes at the various U.S. Naval Bases along the Southern Coastline of the USA, from Virginia to Florida. It was Arkhipov who persuaded the Captain and the other Political Officer to avert the Launches. He single-handedly saved the USA and the World from a Nuclear War starting. One has mentioned him before but will in any opportunity as he is an Un-Sung Hero that the World needs more of right now.


Soviet Naval Officer

Various U.S. Naval Bases would be vaporized along with severe amounts of surrounding Civilian Casualties. The USA would then have launched their B-52 Bombers to obliterate Leningrad, Moscow and the various Air Force Bases and Naval Bases such as in Murmansk, Vladivostok, Odessa, etc. The USA, at that Time would have come on Top but with limited but permanent Nuclear Radiation Dead Zones only in the South and Coastline. It would be the USSR that would have been totally destroyed and no longer a Threat to the West. One’s Point is that the Soviets were in agreement and supported the Decision to Launch a Nuclear Strike on America’s Coastland.

Repeat. The Soviets wanted and supported a Nuclear Strike against the USA Coastlands. The B-59 Captain gave the Order to Launch a Nuclear Strike against the USA, if not for the Courage and Stance of Vasily Arkhipov. He truly was the ‘Savior of the World’, in the Context of the Cold War. Fast-Forward to the Present Day. What has become very Dangerous, is that Russia pulled-out of the Treaty it had with the USA and Europe that both NATO and Russia pledged not to ever initiate a 1st Nuclear Strike on each other. Here below is the Free YouTube Movie about the Soviet Submarine K-19, if you are into that sort of Genre.

Free YouTube Movie with Ads - PG-13

Mag-Magog War

It is the West and NATO, on all accounts, that have been provoking Russia in how it has reneged on its Pledge to not take-in Former Warsaw Pact Nations into NATO nor how it would not place Nuclear Missiles aimed at Russia in those Nations. Instead of de-escalating the Nuclear Threat in the World, NATO seems to be looking for a Fight with Russia. All the Maneuvering that NATO is doing with the Ukraine is a Text-Book case of how World War 1 started. So, this is one’s Political Science and Military Assessment as to who will get Nuked 1st, the USA or Damascus, from a Political Science and Military Perspective but with some Eschatological Interpretation.

The USA will not need to be Nuked, initially as it will serve to be Cannibalized to have its vast Farmlands and Resources feed the Chinese, Russian and European Luciferian Elites who will be ruling the World. Those in Power after the Rapture Event will serve only as Despots at the bequest of the False Jewish Messiah and False Prophet. The USA will be so devastated by the disappearance of Millions of Jesus Followers. It will be decommissioned as a Credible Threat to the New World Order.

Then on the other side of the Rapture, it will be the IDF Nuking of Damascus that will initiate the AntiChrist, now revealed to usher in this New Age of ‘Peace and Security’. It is then during the Gog-Magog War that Fire is unleashed on those living in the Security on the ‘Coastlands’ that one is more convinced will be the USA, at that Time and Place that will most likely fit the Interpretation, etc. Now many People have asked over the Decades, if the USA is in Prophecy, in the Bible.

Well, not directly but such a Scenario described above could be how it is or will be. Then consider that after the Rapture, the Chaos in the USA could then fulfill the Prophecy of George Washington. Based on his Personal Letters, he stated that he was visited by an Angelic Being who disclosed how the USA would have 3 Major Wars on its Soil. Perhaps the 3rd War, called the 2nd Civil War will be what will transpire after the Rapture Event.

1 Revolutionary War
2 Civil War
3 Civil War 2.0

Here is the Link to an Article about it that describes the Wars in Detail.

Coming 3rd Peril of the United States of America

The other Apocalyptic Glimpse of what the USA will look like comes from the former Romanian Preacher Dimitru Duduman, who in1984 came to the USA to warn the People of the pending Collapse of the USA in Apocalyptic Terms. Here is the Link where some of his Visions or Statements about the Fall of the USA are housed.


Hand of Help Ministries

China and Gates have been buying-up all the Farmland out West and many that edge-up against U.S. Military Bases even. It is the Russians that are not that interested as they will have the Ukraine and vast Sections of the Ural Steppes to Feed them. So, the issue of the ‘Coastlines’ becomes more significant as that is the portion of the USA that houses the core of Naval and Intelligence Infrastructure. If one takes a look at a Map of the USA, the Mississippi River bisects the Nation, topographically in a Phi Ratio, which is another application seen in Nature.

It means that 20% of the Land Mass is to the East of the River, while 80% of the Land Mass is to the West of the River. It is primarily ‘Open Country’. Conversely, in terms of Population, it is reversed. The USA has roughly 80% of the population East of the Mississippi, while only 20% of the Population lies to the West of the River. This means that the Chinese could feed it Population with minimal Human Capital, just enough to see the Operations workings.

Thus, it would leave 80% of the USA Population concentrated in the East, dead by the Nuclear Detonations the Russians could strike upon the Eastern Seaboard then. This American Apocalyptic Scenario would leave the USA out of the Fight in how the Prophetic Center would be focused in the Middle East, and specifically around Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple. It would be just as the Bible predicts to leave Russia a Free Hand to invade the ‘Beautiful Land’ in the Ezekiel Gog-Magog Invasion of Israel to come.




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