Infinity Theory Tied to the Rapture’s Timing

  • Was the Cana Wedding a Foreshadowing of New Wine?
  • How is the Filling of the 6 Stone Vessels Prophetic?
  • Does Cana Wedding provide a Rapture Timing Clue?

 by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to present an Argument that the Wedding of Cana that Jesus attend and turned the 6 Stone Empty Water Jars is or could be related or connected, Prophetically with the Rapture’s Timing. One cannot prove this following Association, but one conjectures that the Wedding at Cana, precisely occurred on the 100th Day after Nisan 15 of a Given Year. And that it correlated to the Acts 2 Pentecost that one theorizes was and is the Feast of New Wine.

The Account of the Wedding at Cana is about a Transformation, a Metamorphizes about changing plain water that was poured int Empty Stone Vessels and was changed to the Best New Wine ever. It is a Metaphor for what is precisely to occur at the Resurrection-rapture Event. It is about the Transformation of the Deposit Jesus left in part, being the Holy Spriit. And how at His Calling, at the End of the Church Age, one will ‘Turn into the New Wine’ as one’s Bodies will be Transformed and Transfigured into Incorruptibility, etc. On the subject of Wine. Here is some Math about the New Wine at Cana as it is known from Scripture.

- There were 6 Purification Stone Water Jars.
- Each Jar is said to have held 20 Gallons for a total of 120 Gallons. 454 Liters.
- 6 Stone Jars x 20 Gallons = 120 (Other Calculations arrive at 180 Gallons, etc.)

The number 120 is Prophetic. It is also the Duration of Time for a Harvest. And again, it is the basis of how Jesus inferred the Time of there being 4 Months and then the Harvest.

4 Months x 30 Day/Month = 120

This is why one is more convinced that the Rapture Event, when one’s Bodies of Stone, as it were will be filled and turned to New Wine, as in the Transformation or Metaphorize of the New Body, which is to occur at the Resurrection and Rapture Event, will coincide with a Harvest. One is also of the Interpretation that this Cana Wedding was precisely on a July 23 Summer White Wedding Time-Frame.

One cannot prove this, but it would appear to then coincide with a Pentecost New Wine Wedding. And that it foreshadowing the Resurrection-Rapture to come. Not only because of the Metaphor of the 6 Stone Jars that are empty of Life of Water, as 6 is the Number of Man, but that the 6 Empty Jars also represent the 6000 Years of Human History that has been devoid of the Wine Jesus intended the Human Creation to enjoy.

It is about the Number 120
This is just 4 Days out from the Spring Equinox and when the Summer Wheat is planted. For all of you that are Mathematically Inclined or Aficionados, one highly recommends a Free YouTube Movie about the Indian Mathematician named Srinivasa Ramanujan. It is an inspiring Movie of a Man moved by Mathematics and seeking to Quantify, Mathematically, ‘Infinity’.

A July 23 Date – 120 Days = March 24

Why one is interested in this Mathematician is that in trying to ‘Crack’ the Code to Infinity and what that looks like on paper, as a Model, it was shockingly similar to one’s Rapture 120 Degree Chart made and shared a while back. One surmised that the Number 120 or at the 120th Degree, based on the 360 Degree Circle and superimposed with the Jewish Months of the Year, the Approximation of Infinity occurs around the July 23/Tammuz Month.

One cannot prove this Mathematical Model of Infinity by Ramanujan is equal or approximate to when the Timing of the Rapture is to occur, on a given Year, but it is interesting to contemplate the Possibility. So, one wishes to present that the Mathematical Number of 120, that is also Biblically associated with the Number of Core Disciples, is somehow also connected to the Timing of the Rapture. One does not have all the Details other than to superficially suggest it. And again, this is based on the Mathematical Model of Infinity that the Charts will illustrate.

The Link will be in the End-Notes. As to the 120 Gallons of New Wine at the Wedding of Cana? Remember that what Believers and Followers of Jesus only have now is a Down Payment. What one has presently as the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit, is but a Deposit of what is Promised by Jesus and to come at the Rapture. And notice that at this Wedding at Cana was the 1st Miracle that Jesus performed.

In Truth, when the Rapture Event occurs, the Metamorphosis that is to occur will be a Miracle. Imagine the Supernatural Energy required to Transform the Fallen Flesh of a Believer to that which will be Flesh, still but indestructible. The Point of this Context, introducing the Mathematical Model of Infinity is that one will enter Infinity at the Time and Place of the Rapture Event. So, in a comparison of the Infinity of Ramanujan and the Tammuz Month Acts 2 Pentecost Model, they appear to correspond, approximately. That is the best one can elaborate on, at this Point of the Learning Curve.

There is something about this Number 120 that is Prophetic, as noted and connected to the Rapture in some Mysterious or perhaps Mathematical way. Consider the Film to view as one highly recommends it. It is called ‘The Man who Knew Infinity’. It is about Srinivasa Ramanujan (22 December 1887 – 26 April 1920). He was an Indian Mathematician. Though he had almost no Formal Training in Pure Mathematics, he made substantial contributions to Mathematical Analysis, Number Theory, Infinite Series, and Continued Fractions, including Solutions to Mathematical Problems then considered Unsolvable, etc.


So, what one wishes to underscore is how in this Infinity Theory, and Visual Model was based on the Number 120. One cannot explain Mathematics as it is beyond one’s ability to comprehend it. But in one’s Studies and Calculations of the 4 Months Jesus alluded to about a Harvest, from a Period of the Jewish Months of Nisan to Tammuz, the Mathematical Factor comes out to 120th Day or at the 120 Degree. This is at the Point in Time that the Rapture occurs, based on a July 23 end of the Summer Harvest and beginning of the Leo Astronomical New Year Model.

What one is suggesting, is that it will be at the Time and Place of the Rapture where one’s Being, Life and Body will meet Eternity or ‘Go Eternity’. Literally, ‘To Infinity and Beyond’. See the Comparison of the Diagram Models showing the Theorized Timing of the Rapture to the Infinity Model of Ramanujan’ Calculation of when Eternity Starts, Mathematically. How is this done or shown?

If one takes the Theory of Infinity Model based on the Mathematics of Ramanujan, and then inverts it on its Horizontal Axis, the result will approximate the Timing of when the Rapture Timing could be corresponding. Why? That is the Time and Place that occurred and corresponded to the Acts 2 Pentecost Timing. And in turn, one’s Theory is that this was the New Wine that was poured-out, much like it was at the Wedding of Cana, with the 120 Gallons of New Wine that transformed the Water poured into the 6 Stone Jars, and Jesus transformed them into New Wine, etc.

This Infinity Model Theory Correlation is based then, if the Jewish Calendar is superimposed and Synchronized to the 120 Degree or Day. It is also presuming that the 0 Month or Day is equal to the 12th Month of Adar. Consider that at the Acts 2 Pentecost, which one surmises is the Feast of New Wine, the Core Disciples of 120+ were present when the Holy Spirit came down. Thus, one’s Pentecost New Wine Rapture Theory is that it will occur or could on its Anniversary, which also coincides with the Astronomical Leo New Year. And that is the Time one’s Body will reach Infinity or Immortality.




Based on the Ramanujan Infinity Model and Theory


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