Judgment begins in the House of the LORD

  • Is the USA somehow tied Prophetically to Israel?
  • How is the USA tied Biblically to Ancient Israel?
  • What was the Judgment then and now for the USA?

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‘The Messenger answered, Israel has fled before the Philistines, and there has been a Great Slaughter among the People. Your 2 Sons, Hophni and Phinehas, are both Dead, and the Ark of GOD has been captured. As soon as the Ark of GOD was mentioned, Eli fell backward from his Chair by the City Gate, and being Old and Heavy, he broke his Neck and Died. And Eli had judged Israel for 40 Years’. -1 Samuel 4:17-18

This is a Story of a ‘Once Upon a Time’. It is a Story of 2 Nations, 2 Leaders, and their Son’s Deplorable Activities. It is about how that which was most Precious within the Nation, taken from granted was taken from them, including, ultimately their very own Lives as they were Attacked. One will be comparing the USA to Ancient Israel and how they ‘Ended’ a Sad Chapter in their Amazing History. Ultimately it was about National, Political, Personal and Spiritual Judgment because Judgment begins in the House of GOD or YHVH, the GOD of both these Nations and was forgotten of both.

Once Upon a Time,
a Biblical Time, there was a Man called Eli. He was the High Priest, the Leader of a Nation of People called Israel. Israel was made-up of a peculiar People from 12 Tribes but ended-up with 13 Tribes because of Joseph’s 2 Sons. The Creator GOD, YHVH chose Israel, out of all the Peoples or Races in the entire World to give them His Name, Power and Authority. Was it because these Israelites were the Best, the Brights or Bad-Ass? No. On the contrary, they were the least, the ‘Tail’ and not the ‘Head’, etc.

YHVH wanted to show the World that through this People Group, being the lowest and worthless of Humans, He could transform Humanity to be the Head of the Nations. YHVH is in the Business of Redemption and Restoration. Israel was to be a Supernatural Nation and People who did Supernatural Feats because of who their GOD was and is. This was by their Faith in how they ‘Heard’, ‘Saw’ and ‘Listened’ to this GOD. YHVH then placed these People in a Land, at the Crossroads of Humanity.

They were to become a Beacon of Life and Light, of Bread and Living Water to the World, etc. They had the Protection and Blessing of GOD in their Midst. During this Time, the Symbol represented YHVH’s Presence and Power among them. It was the Ark of the Covenant, a Throne. It was a Replica of the actual Throne of YHVH found in Heaven. It contained the Tokens of their Supernatural Relationship with YHVH. There was a sample of the Bread of Angels, the Manna. There were the 2 Tablets of the Commandments and the Almond Tree Staff of Aaron that budded.

Sins of the Father and Sons

This ‘Box’, was then covered with a Gold Lid called the Mercy Seat. This Throne Chair represented Judgment but a Merciful Covering. This is what the King of Israel was to exemplify to Israel and the Nations. This Religious Relic led the Israelites into the Promised Land and it helped Israel win its Victories in Battles because it was Blessed. GOD ordered that a High Priest would be in charge of the Maintenance and Up-Keep of the Celestial Throne one Earth, as it is in Heaven. It was the most Precious Vessel in the midst of the Israelites, that was housed initially in a Tent or the movable Tabernacle.

At this Time, there was no King over the Tribes of Israel, so the High Priest was as close as one could get to that Office. So, Eli was, as a President, a King, a Prophet in those Days. But over the Years, he grew Old and Feeble. The Problem was not that, naturally as a Person gets old and grays, they lose the ability to Hear, to See, to Comprehend and above all to Lead. What occurred to Israel is that Eli not only became all of that physically, but it also corresponded Spiritually to him, his Sons and the Nation of Israel. Eli, his Sons and the Nation of GOD, came to a Point in their History that they could no longer Hear, See, or Listen to YHVH’s Voice and Commands. The lost the Blessing.

Worse is that because of Eli’s Contempt, Apathy and Complacency, he allowed his Sons to run amok in the Temple Service. His Sons got involved with all types of Sexual Perversions. They slept with the Young Girls and Women. They exported the Offerings of the Israelites and took Bribes. They took the best of the Meat Offerings and abused their Positions of Power and Influence. They engaged in Revelry and although the Nation saw this and heard about this, Eli, the Old man did nothing to discipline his Sons or to address the Spiritual Condition of Israel. Eli, would rather stick his Proverbial ‘Head in the Sand’ and just go to Sleep inside the Tent of Meeting or the Tabernacle, where the Ark of the Covenant was.

And although GOD, YHVH could See, Hear and Perceive what was going on in His Peculiar Nation, and of all the Complaints made by the People, Eli got to a Point in his Life that he could no longer function as the High Priest. He was supposed to be the Human Representative between YHVH and Humanity, but he could longer Hear, See or Listening to GOD anymore. This was a Problem. But within that Nation of Discontent, Eli as their Leader and his Sons ran the Nation with Total Impunity. However, during this Time, there were a few of YHVH’s People that sought to See, Hear and Listen to what YHVH wanted. There was a Woman named Hannah, who was barren. She prayed to YHVH for a Son.

Miraculously, GOD saw and heard her. YHVH granted her Petition and she had a Son. She called him Samuel, which means ‘GOD Heard’. She dedicated his Baby, by helping Eli in the Service of the Tabernacle. But since Eli could no longer See, Hear or Listen to what YHVH would have Eli and Israel to do, YHVH spoke to Samuel instead as Samuel grew into a Young Boy. And what YHVH told Samuel was not good for Eli, his Sons and the Nation as a whole. It was about Pending Judgment. You see, YHVH will not leave Sin Un-Judged and Un-Punished. Eli eventually realized that YHVH had been speaking to Young Samuel, only a Boy. Eli told Samual what YHVH had told Him.

Pride before the Fall
Essentially, Samuel told Eli that because he did not Hear, See or Listen to YHVH anymore and for not restraining the Evil, Extortion and Sexual Sins of his Sons, or leading Israel in Righteousness, there were going to be Consequences. Because they allowed ‘Sin in the Camp’ and were involved with, Eli and his Sons were to be held Accountable and pay for their Pride, Insubordination, and Insolence, etc. And worse, is that they would bring down their Judgment upon the whole Nation as a Consequence.

And moreover, that because of their Contempt to not follow YHVH’s Protocols, the precious Vessel of YHVH’s Presence, Covering and Blessing would be taken from them. They would be attacked by their Enemies as the very Glory and Presence of the Protection Israel enjoyed over the Nations would depart from Israel, etc. Then, 1 Day, it came to pass that the ‘Palestinians’ or rather, the Philistines attacked Israel.

In their Pride, the Military Leaders of Israel decided to take the Ark of the Covenant, as some ‘Lucky Charm’ into their Battlefield. After all, all prior Battles were won by donning that Vessel, that as Instructed by YHVH, would secure Israel Victores over their Enemies. Case in Point was the Victory of Joshua over the City of Jericho, etc.

So, the Israelites did that. And what happened? The Palestinians attacked Israel and took hostage the Ark of the Covenant. It was the very Glory and Presence of what was Divine and Precious. It was a Vessel given to Israel and no other Nation. Upon hearing the News, Eli who was sitting when he heard the News, slipped and fell Dead.

Then Once Upon a Time,

in a Modern Time, an American Time, there was the USA. One will now compare it to Ancient Israel. One can argue Historically, that the USA was a ‘Chosen People’, made-up of 13 Colonies that then became a Republic. Like Israel, the USA split into the Northern and a Southern Nation but survived its Civil War. The Nation became, as a ‘Promised Land’ to those fleeing Tyranny and Oppression. Despite America's many Sins, at its Beginning, it was made-up of People of Faith, Hearing, Seeing and Listening to the same GOD of the Ancient Israelites.

The Nation became as a Bacon, a Light, a Life-Line to the World. The Land was truly one of Milk and Honey, of Wheat, Wine, and Oil. It was so, because it was full of People that were as Precious Vessels, like the Ark of the Covenant itself and what that truly represented. But over time, just like Ancient Israel. Its Religious and Political Leaders and People ceased to Hear, See and Listen to what GOD had to say anymore.

The Churches became Social Clubs and worse, full of Sexual Perversion, Extortion and Abuse of the People. This went Hand-in-Hand with the Leaders of the Nation. And in the case of Eli, during a Sad End of that Chapter of Israel’s History and Relationship with YHVH, so too, America is ending a Sad Chapter with its President. And like an Eli, not only deteriorated Physically, but Spiritually, along with its Churches and People. And it is a reflection of what the Nation, as a House and the Houses of Worship have become.

Jesus has Exited the Building
Moreover this U.S. President had Sons, but 1 in particular, like the Sons of Eli was documented being involved in Illicit Sex with Girls, consuming Illegal Drugs and Extorting Money for Political Favors with America’s Enemies, etc. But even as Modern Israel had their Hostages taken by HAMAS, the Modern-Day ‘Philistines’, so too will the most Precious Vessels the USA has presently will be taken from her. One is insinuating the Rapture Event. But sadly, as with Eli, his Sons and the Nation, YHVH will judge the USA also. Why?

It is because Judgement begins in the House of the LORD. One is convinced that Divine Justice is coming to the USA or has as it did with Ancient Israel. It is GOD that is exposing, allowing the Nation and the World to Hear, See and Listen to what the President and its People have become. And sadly, it is what the Leaders of both Houses of Congress, the White House, and in the Churches have allowed it to become. And as a Parallel Prophetic Pattern, one cannot help but see how Judgment is befalling the U.S. President for his Life of Arrogance and Pride.

It is also for not addressing the Allegations of his Son and leading America into Sexual Perversion and Corruption. The American Leaders, and his Son as well as the Church Leaders and the Military Leaders have been exposed just like in Ancient Israel. And the Enemies of the USA, which are many, like even the Modern-Day Philistines are seeing the Corruption of the Leading Family. They are also seeing the Spiritual, Economic, Military Condition of its People and Nations. But what is worse, is the Spiritual Condition of those that claim to bear and Call on the Name of Jesus. They lost their Authority.

So, like in Ancient Israel, America’s Enemies have now become embolden, because of the Spiritual State of Jesus’ People on 1 Hand. They have, collectively as a whole, no more Mercy, Grace, Blessing and Coving. It is as though Jesus, the King on the Mercy Seat Throne has ‘Departed’ them. So, America’s Enemies will likewise attack the USA, 1 Day as they did with Ancient Israel. Consider that when the Philistines looked upon the Ark of the Covenant being introduced into the Battlefield, Terror grasped their Hearts. It was because they knew the Power, Authority and Blessing it was for Israel.

They recited the History of how Israel’s Enemies were defeated by the Divine Presence of YHVH in the midst of the Israelite Camp. It was because there was ‘A Shout of a King’ amongst them. However seeing the Condition of Israel at the Time, lacking Divine Power, Authority, Blessing or Protection, they Attacked Israel and won. And that is how, now in the USA, GOD's People, likewise, are lacking Divine Power, Authority, Blessing or Protection to avert Nation Judgment and an eventual ‘Attack’. And?

America's Enemies realize that as they did of Ancient Israel and they will Attack. It has already begun. Jesus is no longer King or amongst the Churches and the USA. No, in this Sad Chapter of America's End, in both Houses, Jesus has 'Left the Building'. The Laodiceans have shown Him the Door. Now the Ark, as alluded to, represents the multifaceted Dimensions of what Jesus is and has accomplished. But consider that the Philistines took Courage and still defied the GOD of the Israelites. And what happened?

YHVH did not protect Israel in that Spiritual Condition as exemplified in the life of Eli and his Sons. Thus, the Philistines could only then undertook a Great Slaughter of Israel. Why? It was because YHVH’s People were already living in Defeat and out of YHVH’s Protection, Mercy and Blessing. However, in this ‘Modern Israel’ of the USA, in comparison, there are still those Hannah’s that are Hearing, Seeing and Listening to the Will of Jesus in these Last Days or Chapter of America’s Supernatural History, just as much. They are like the individual walking ‘Arks of the Covenants’ because they have Jesus inside them, Metaphorically, but in reality, Theologically.

And it will be at the Rapture Event that Jesus will ‘Capture’ them or snatch them away before the Battle ensues against the USA, the Nations and the World, full-scale. But not before taking what is the most Precious Vessels the USA has and does not realize it. Why? As mentioned, Jesus People are what are like the Ark of the Covenant, in this Modern Case. Such are those who profess Faith in who the Ark represents, Jesus. Consider that because of what Jesus accomplished at the Cross of Calvary, the Divine Presence and Glory is no longer just relegated to a ‘Box’, but a Living Vessel.

The End.


This Power and Authority has been bestowed by Jesus. It is now interwoven in the Soul’s Constitution, in which GOD the Holy Spirit indwells the Believer and Follower of Jesus. It is as if a Christian who takes the Name of Jesus is a walking ‘Ark of the Covenant’. And? That is why, now all Power, Authority and Blessing resides in such Vessels. They are the Samuel’s who provide the Covering and Mercy to a Society in Free-Fall, then and now. They are restraining the Divine Judgment for Sin that has to be punished. But 1 Day, those Hannah’s and Samuel’s will be set-aside, taken ‘Captive’ but in a Good Way, i.e., by Jesus at the Rapture and it will not be by the Philistines.

It will be by Jesus who will remove them from Earth. And this coming Time will be a most Dreadful Time for not only America’s Leaders, Church Leaders, but for the entire World. It will be a Time of ‘Ichabod’. It is when the Covering, Blessings, Mercy and Grace will have been removed from the Planet, i.e., the 7-Year Tribulation Period. It will be a Time where the Glory of YHVH, that is Jesus will have departed from the Land, as it did with Ancient Israel. It will be thereafter that Jesus will Judge. It is about a President, a Son, a Nation and a Church who chose to no longer Hear Jesus, See Jesus, or Listen to Jesus.

One is not wishing any ‘Death Wish’ on America’s President, but in making such Prophetic Parallels of the 2 Circumstances of the USA with Ancient Israel, it is not beyond the realm of Possibility. It Could happen as it did for Eli in Ancient Israel. Notice how long Eli was High Priest and Judged the Affairs of Israel, 40 Years. That Number is a Biblical Number of Testing, Judgment. It is a Time Period of a Completed Evolution. Coincidence? No. In the case of the USA, the Year 2024 is exactly 40 Years from 1984, obviously. And? Was there not a Book called 1984? What did it say?

‘Now Eli’s Daughter-in-Law, the Wife of Phinehas, was Pregnant and about to give Birth. When she heard the News of the capture of GOD’s Ark and the Deaths of her Father-in-Law and her Husband, she collapsed and gave Birth, for her Labor Pains overtook her. As she was dying, the Women attending to her said.

Do not be Afraid, for you have given birth to a Son! But she did not respond or pay any heed. And she named the Boy Ichabod, saying, The Glory has Departed from Israel, because the Ark of God had been Captured and her Father-In-Law and her Husband had been Killed’.-1 Samuel 4:19-21



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