Rapture at the Golden Calf Time Marker​

  • What is the Sinai Pentecost Day Count all about?
  • Does the Timeline have any relevance to the Rapture?
  • Can the Timeline correlate to the Rapture Timing?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to consider why the Rapture Timing could be correlated to the Day Count based on when the Israelites left Egypt in the Exodus. If that would be the case, then the Rapture Timing would correspond to the Feast of New Wine. This is in the 4th Month of Tammuz when the Golden Calf Incident occurred, but not on the 9th of Av as some purported. See Chart at End-Notes. One also does not subscribe to the Notion that the Rapture Timing is to occur at a Spring Time, of a given Year. So, usually after Passover, the Rapture Timing Focus of the End Time Watchmen Community shifts to either the Traditional Church Dates of Ascension Day, and then to Shavuot, which is deemed Pentecost by the Christian Church, at least the Western Branch, etc.

Then when all those Rapture Dates come-and-go, there is a Lull throughout Summer. However, with the Fall Feasts of YHVH, the most Popular Rapture Date is then determined to be on the Feast of Trumpets or Yom Teruah. This Cycle of High Rapture Watch Days has been the ‘Main Staple’ of Failed Rapture Predictions, up to now so far. And one’s Point is that they will continue to be missed or ‘Come-and-Go’ because they are based on the Rabbinical Calendar. This is 1 Argument. But Time is running-out for a possible Rapture Timing as the Church Age is concluding.

One is more convinced that the Rapture Timing is a Summer Harvest of Wheat Typology and Prophetically. And that this Summer White Wheat Wedding Event has to do with the New Wine and the Leo Astrological New Year. One has written 3 Books about it. All that to say that one is revisiting the Notion of the Sinai Pentecost Timeline to show Proof of this specific Day that will dispel why the Feast of New Wine cannot ever be the 9th of Av. Now to begin with, the Summer officially begins on June 20th. That is called the Summer Solstice. In one’s Estimation, there is but 1 Month to consider then the Rapture Timing is to occur.

And that Month and Date has to do with a ‘723’ or a July 23 ‘White Wheat Wedding’ Harvest that will conclude the Church Age Commission. The issue is what Year. Although one appreciates many Efforts and Explanations, you all know that they all are basing it on the Rabbinical Calendar. You all know that this is where one differs with that Calculation. It is that the Day Count should be based on the Spring Equinox Counting, in one’s Estimates. This is how they are surmising the Date for the New Wine 2nd ‘Shavuot or Count of 50 Days. As it has now been revealed and understood, here are 3 50-Day Counts since Nisan 15 or the Day after Passover. But based on the Rabbinical Calendar, the New Wine is then always around the 9th of Av. That is the 1st Week of August, usually.

Which Morrow after the Sabbath?

One can see how Dr. Awe and Tyler at Generation 2434 arrive at the Pentecost New Wine being on the 9th of Av. No Problem. Realize though that both are practically the very few that are publicly teaching on this New Understanding about the Acts 2 Pentecost. So, Good for them. The Argument one has is which ‘Complete Sabbath’ Start Day? One does acknowledge that there is a Discrepancy of what is and when is the Start Day of what constituted the ‘Morrow after the Sabbath’. Which Sabbath? Is it the Weekly one and complete one after Passion Week as Dr. Awe and Tyler suggest?

Or is it the High Day Sabbath after Passover, i.e., Nisan 15? One need not ‘Split Hairs’ over it but one is more convinced that it is the Key and the Precise Reason why it should be rightly calibrated, as much as possible. This is because knowing that precise Start Day will determine the most appropriate Day for when the New Wine has occurred and will, and thus the Rapture Timing, etc. And of course it is all predicated that the Rapture Timing is to be correlated to this Acts 2 Pentecost New Wine Understanding in the 1st Place. But one would agree that the Typologies of Boaz and Ruth and the Song of Solomon are of a Summer Metaphor, nonetheless.

So, not that one is saying one is ‘Right’ or that Tyler at Generation 2434 and Dr. Awe are ‘Wrong’. One really appreciates their Support in mentioning one’s Work at Times when teaching on the Subject of the New Wine Understanding. So, a Big Thank You to them for that. Regardless of the quest for specificity, the New Wine Message, overall and of its Concept is being well-received and more Brethren are opening their Eyes to it because of Tyler and Dr. Awe’s Videos and Platform. Now as to the Sinai Pentecost Timeline?

As it is understood that there are a few Interpretations of when the Omer started and what is a Complete Sabbath Count, this is precisely the Reason why one used the actual Sinai Day Counts, to the Day, to determine the Timeline of when the actual New Wine Day occurred. These Day Counts are based on one’s own Findings and Observations. The Sinai Pentecost Timeline is also pegged to the important Time-Markers related to Jesus’ Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension, etc. Here are one’s Observations concerning the Sinai Pentecost Timeline.

1. The Sinai Timeline starts on Nisan 15. It is the Day after Passover that is understood when the Israelites left Egypt. One is assuming a Wednesday, ‘Midst’ of the Passion Week.

2. One is of the Interpretation that the ‘High Day Sabbath’ spoken about in Scripture is the actual Day of the Passover, at the Sunset of the 14th to the Sunset of the 15th. This is why the Sanhedrin asked the Romans to make sure all those Crucified were taken down and buried so as not to Defile the Passover. This is also why the Women did not have Time to Embalm the Body of Jesus with the Ointments and Perfumes and had to come afterwards. Luke 23:55 - 24:1

For Research, see:

3. If the Crucifixion of Jesus was on a Wednesday, and He Died at 3pm, at the Time the Last of the Passover Lambs were Slaughtered at the Temple, then 3 Days later, as the Sign of Jonah dictated, 72 Hours exactly would be then the Resurrection Timing, Saturday at 3pm.

4. This means that on Nisan 17, a Saturday at 3pm is when Jesus arose. He is the LORD of the Sabbath, etc. It was then only at the Sunday Morning when the Women came that the Scriptures picked it up from that instance.

5. Now a whole Complete Sabbath after Passover, that being Nisan 25, one conjectures that this is the Time from when Jesus appeared for those 40 Days subsequently. From Nisan 15 to Nisan 25 was 10 Days. Thus, these 10 Days + the 40 Days of Witnessing = the 50 Day Count.

6. This 50 Day Count lands on what is called Shavuot by the Jews, the Feast of the First Fruits of the Wheat. This is the Ascension that you and Dr. Awe rightly point-out. One is in Total Agreement.

7. Now as to the Sinai Pentecost Timeline, note that it was a 2 Month or a 60 Day Journey from Egypt to the Foot of Mount Sinai. But on Day 40, that is when they had the Red Sea Moment and Crossed over on Dry Ground, etc.

8. Notice that it was not until the 60th Day, on the 15th Day of the 3rd Month, Sivan (Exodus 19:1) that Israel arrived at the Foot of Mount Sinai. This is the Crux, and the Key to the Timeline in one’s Assessment that will reconcile ‘What was the Count or When was the Count, After the Morrow’, etc.

9. Notice that there were 3 Days of Preparation to meet YHVH, Face-to-Face. On the 3rd Day, YHVH came down and spoke to the entire Camp. The Law was recited and Israel said ‘Yes’. However, they requested Moses to be the Mediator from that point forward because they were Terrified of the Presence of YHVH.

10. Then YHVH instructed Moses to wait 7 Day before ascending to the Mountain-Top. In that Time, the Banquet Hall Meal with the 70 Elders occurred, along with Moses and Joshua (72). This Body became the Nascent Sanhedrin to come. Then Moses went up.

11. These 3 Days + the 7 Days are all-inclusive of what constituted the 40 Days that Moses was on the Mountain. Thus, from the 15th of Sivan + the 3 Days + the 7 Day = 10 Days. When added to the already 10 Day from Shavuot to the Foot of Mount Sinai Arrival, it equals the 50 Days.

12. Thus, these 2 Counts of 50-Day correspond to Tammuz 23. This is when Moses then came down, on the 100th Day, and smashed the 2 Tablets on account of the ‘New’ Wine Revelry going in around the Golden Calf.

13. Also, one had shared, the determining when Nisan begins is based on the Solar Calendar. It is pegged to the Spring Equinox that Recalibrates the Year. Based on this Projection, the 49+50 Day Count from the Sinai Nisan 15 Start Date will be around a July 23. However, this Assertion is also in dispute as some argue for a Wednesday, as the fixed Start Date of the Spring Equinox Week. Others argue for the closest New Moon, etc. 

Solar Calendar based on Spring Equinox


When the Jews arrived at Mount Sinai

Note that it was then 15 Days from that 100th Day, the Day of the New Wine and Golden Calf Incident that then the 9th of Av occurs. This is why one argues or is more convinced that the 9th of Av cannot be the one-in-the same Golden Calf Incident Day. Again, this is solely based on the Sinai Pentecost Count Timeline that is precise to the Day. But of course, it is only one’s Interpretation. One could be wrong. One Point that one is emphatic about though, is that by using the current Rabbinical Calendar, one will be ‘Off’ for sure. Now, about the Discrepancy of when was the ‘Morrow of the Sabbath’? Which Sabbath?

As one has shown by the Sinai Pentecost Timeline, it would lend more so that the Sabbath, the ‘High Day Sabbath’ after Passover is how the Religious Jews precisely count the Omer. So, one’s Main Point is that by correlating the Sinai Day Timeline to Jesus’ Ministry and Days, one can bypass that ‘Sabbath’ Discrepancy and be assured, more so, by the Time Marker of when Israel arrived at the Foot of Mount Sinai. And it is from there that arrives, in one’s Assessment, to the more accurate rendering that the Feast of New Wine correlated to the Acts 2 Event corresponds to the 23rd Day of Tammuz, not the 9th of Av. One would love to hear your Thoughts about it…

Also, one can see how the Song of Solomon is usually used or taken to possibly infer to the Rapture Typology of when it is to happen, in ‘Spring’. It all sounds ‘Good’ and Logical as it states that the ‘Winter is Past and the Spring has come’. And the Call to ‘Come My Lovely One’, is given. However, the Typology is not taken to its Logical Conclusion or Context. How so? Realize that at that Spring Call of the King, the Solomon Type of the Messiah, the Shulamite, Mrs. Solomon is scared-away and Runs…She is basically a ‘Runaway Bride at that initial Calling! Aren't we all? One’s Point is that it is not in the Spring that the Couple come together.

There is a lot of Maturing needing to occur on the part of the Bride. A lot of Introspection and ‘Ironing-Out’ the Wrinkles, sort of speak. Notice that it is not until the End of the Wheat Summer Harvest, when the Figs, Pomegranates and the Dates are enjoyed that they come together. It is at that Time, that Season of the Harvest Year, when the King of Peace, i.e., Solomon comes with his Royal Train of an Entourage to ‘Lift-Up’ the Bride unto the Cart and take her back to his Father’s House, that which David built, etc. That Chariot, come to gather the Bride, is the Rapture Type in that it is Reminiscent of the Chariot of Israel, of Elijah’s ‘Celestial Limousine’.

It is the Divine Merkavah that YHVH streaks across the Sky with, riding the Clouds and that one Daniel described, etc. So, one is just saying that we shall put one’s ‘723’ to the Test, if it is this Year, 2024. But one does also share the sentiment of all those that are Excited about our Blessed Hope. It is because one seeks Him who is the Blessing, Jesus. One could not help but see the End Times Prophetic Parallel of this Misunderstanding going on in the World and sadly in most Churches of those that seek the Greater Solomon. We are as the Shulamite Bride that arose from her Bed and went into the City to seek her Beloved, Solomon. Yet the Watchmen on the Wall mistook her as a Woman of the Night and they beat her up.

Summer Weddings

This is where the Last Days Church is at. Seems that the Bride of Christ gets ‘Beat-Up’ for just wanting to Seek Jesus, who is the Blessed Hope because the Bride longs to be with Him. So, can you all look at the Timeline and share your Thoughts or Points one has missed? One would appreciate that, as Iron Sharpening Iron. Thus, this is why one is just more ‘Convinced’ about that 723 Date, if it is that and if it is for 2024 after all. Not much more to go for 2024 to prove or disprove it though.

But here is the Deal and why one is ‘more convinced’ about the 723, being a July 23 Date for the possible Rapture Timing. It is really a ‘Double Witness’. It is not only that the Acts 2 Pentecost is on the Feast of New Wine. But it also corresponds to the Leo Astrological New Year, etc. What has convinced me more is the Sinai Pentecost Day Count that exactly shows that. One has presented the Timeline before. What one has done is that solely based on the Scriptural Day Count, to the Day, one has placed a Timeline from the Day the Israelites left Egypt. That Day was Nisan 15. And?

The Bible then tells when the Israelites arrived at the Foot of Mount Sinai. That Day was the 15th Day of the 3rd Month of Sivan. Thus, it was a 2 Month or 60 Day z Journey, etc. This, in one’s Estimation is the Key in knowing exactly what Day Moses came down and when was that Golden Calf Incident. With this Timeline, one can then Reverse Engineer what ‘Sabbath’ is the Morrow to be counted from. In Summary, the Sinai Pentecost Day Count dispels the Arguments of what the ‘Day after the Morrow of the Sabbath’ means and when it should begin. This is where the Discrepancy lies.

Solely based on the Day Counts given in Exodus, one can count the 10 Days from Shavuot from when the Israelites arrived at the Foot of Mount Sinai. Then there were 3 Days of Preparation once the Israelites arrived. Then there were 7 Days of Waiting until Moses ascended to the Top of Mount Sinai, etc. All those Days are inclusive of the 40 Day Count and along with the 3 Days + 7 Days to equal 10 Days, correspond to the 2nd Count of the 50 Days from the Feast of the First Fruits of the Wheat, or what the Jews call Shavuot. This would mean that Moses precisely came down on the 50th Day, when the Golden Calf Incident was occurring.

And that was the Feast of New Wine. It is then 15 Days from that 23rd Day of Tammuz Feast of New Wine, being the 4th Month that then the 9th of Av occurs. Of course, this is one’s own Interpretation. But one is concerned that both Dr. Awe and Tyler have this aspect of the New Wine Theory miscalculated, in one’s Humble Opinion. And the other miscalculation is that they keep using the Rabbinical Calendar. It is the Summer White Wheat Wedding as the Harvest ends on July 23, etc. It is solely based on the Sinai Pentecost Day Count, it is ‘Impossible’ for the New Wine Feast, i.e., Pentecost to have been and to be on a 9th of Av.



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