Spiritual Warfare, on Earth as it is in Heaven

  • Is there a Spiritual Force behind the Attacks on Israel?
  • Does the Bible speack about such Powers or Forces?
  • What does this Spiritual Warfare look like?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘However, the Prince of the Kingdom of Persia opposed me for 21 Days. Then Michael, 1 of the Chief Princes, came to help me, for I had been left there with the Kings of Persia. Now I have come to explain to you what will happen to your People in the Latter Days, for the Vision concerns those Days’. -Daniel 10:13-14

When Iran acted on its own to send all those Missiles in their Attack against Israel on the 13th of April, that was the Prince of Persia. This is one of the most Powerful Principles and of the Powers of the Unseen Realm here on Earth that is just real and dangerous of those Armies from Persia that one can see and Perceive. These Princes of the Powers of the Air will join-up to encircle Israel. They seek to destroy the Earthly Witness that YHVH has called-out and Established on Earth through a Race, a Land, a city and a Temple. YHVH put the Descendants of Abraham, through Isaac and Jacob at the Crossroads of the World.

Israel was to be a Nation of Priest, Prophets and Kings to convey and teach the Gospel of the Messiah It was and is that Salvation or Redemption of a Fallen Human Race has been procured. This calling is tremendous and with a lot of Responsibility and Contention. It is because the ‘God of this World’, Lucifer does not want that to happen. Lucifer, a Prince in his own Right, and far worse, a ‘Christ’ as in the 'Anointed Cherub' is of the 4-Wing Class of Created Angels that has instigated a full-blown Rebellion and Galactic War against the Creator of all that was, is and will be. Realize that although the Earth was created by YHVH and all that is in it is of YHVH, He only lent-out the Deed of a certain Land Grant to a certain People.

In reality, all but the Descendants of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob have Rights to a particular Land. This is called the Promised Land. And it is YHVH who said, that ‘From the River to the River, Israel will be Free’, Genesis 15. Thus, Israel is a Natural and National Witness of what had been, is and will still be the Plan of Redemption of all the Nations. This was accomplished by the Messiah that was sprung-out from that Tribe, Judah in particular, that would put into motion the Redemption of not only Israel, but the entire World.

However, National Israel failed on several occasions. In fact, 3 major ones. And for that Reason of not being Faithful to the ‘Deal’, YHVH had to Evict Israel off the Land. But this 3rd Time, aside from the Assyrian, Babylonian one, the Roman one will be the 3rd and final one. So, all that is what is being Contested in the Middle East. It is about a Spiritual War, foremost in that if National Israel is Destroyed, so will its National Witness be to the nations. Then Lucifer can keep the Stranglehold on Humanity Under Foot. To this Sad End, Lucifer is using Islam, primary, but now apparently, your Average White Middle Class American College Student to make sure the Nation of Israel is no more. HAMAS and Lucifer could not be more happy with such Students.

Useful Idiots
These Naïve American Students are being used as nothing more than Useful Idiots to help accomplish this feat. This is why Biblical Prophecy is so crucial. One of the main Reasons why the American Generation Z is so Pro-Palestine, Hamas and all things Lucifer, like the Pronouns and ‘Fluidity’ is that they were not taught Biblical History or Prophecy to come. They are acting in a Vacuum of Ignorance. But realize that this Generation Z are the Nephews of the Last Generation that had gone to Church and when Prophecy was taught. However, gradually over the Generations, their Sons and Daughters stopped being taught Prophecy and going to Church.

In the 3rd Generation, being Generation Z, this Generation is not only not Christian or Biblical Literate, they are Illiterate of American History and are in fact Indoctrinated to be not only Anti-Bible, Anti-Christina but anti-American. Case in point how the Prophet Daniel, much like a Teenager found in American Campus was seeking the Will of GOD for his Life, his Calling and for Intercession on behalf of his People, Israel, the Land, the City and the Temple. Daniel wanted to know the Future and what would come about the Covenant that his Fathers made with YHVH, the God of Creation and of Israel.

Danile had a Heart and Head for Prophecy and YHVH distanced an Arch-Angel, Gabriel, to answer Daniel’s Prayer. But in the Answer, there was Luciferian Demonic Interference. Lucifer did not want Daniel to know about Prophecy or what would come of it in the End for the Promised Land, Jerusalem or the Temple. And it is in Prayer that the War rages on and is either Lost or Won. However, as Followers of Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, the War is Won. Although national Israel has been set-aside, it is not ‘Down and Out’. In fact, since 1947, YHVH has been gradually Restoring and Redeeming National Israel, in much Opposition.

Lucifer seeks to usurp the Throne of Heaven and that of Earth. For some amazing Reason, Earth is the Chosen Planet. It is where YHVH, as GOD the Father chose to send GOD the Son, Jesus to be Incarnate, be Born as a Man to be the Willing Offering to pay for Adam’s failure to keep himself from Sin. All that is happening now is the Staging Ground in Preparation. Now the Bible does not say explicitly that ‘Gog of the Land of Magog, the Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal, is a Fallen Angelic Power or Principality, outright. But given the Correlation, especially seen in the Book of Daniel, one would not be off, if one asserted that.

It is really now in the Book of Daniel, these Angelic Beings engaged in Battle in the Spiritual Realm, unseen to the Human Eye. For example, amazingly, the Arch-Angel Gabriel who was sent to deliver the Reply to Daniel’s Prayer was held-up. He needed Reinforcements and called on the Arch-Angel, Michael, to come and help him. The Prince of Persia is that powerful.  So, in a future Day and Time, the Prince of Persia will likewise Team-Up with the Prince of Gog to encircle Israel. This will be the Ezekiel 38-39 War. And that is why as Armies of the Outer-Ring of the Muslim Confederation of Nations are led by Russia or Gog and Magog, of the Prince of Meshech and Tubal, Iran is with them, the Persians and others. It will be a 4-Wind Force coming for Israel, from the North, the South, the East and the West.

A National Witness

In tandem, it will be also these Corresponding Celestial Beings that will also be fighting. The Bible also gives the Reader a glimpse of this Celestial Battle occurring in Tandem with what is occurring on Earth. When Joshua was ordered by YHVH to take Jericho, as he was in preparation to encircle the City, the Theophany of Jesus, the Greater Joshua showed up and met His ‘Mirror’ or Early Counterpart, in a sense. Apparently Jesus, as the ‘Captain of our Salvation’ was engaged in a similar or parallel Battle in the Heavenlies. This is incredible to consider.

The Prince of Persia will conjoin with the Prince of Moscow and Tobolsk or the Russian Federation. The Psalm 83:3, the War is even described as a Conspiracy, ‘They Conspire against your People’...Then in the Battle of Armageddon, the whole World will Conspire in a similar way. They will surround Jerusalem and nearly achieve their objective in attempting to withstand the Return of Jesus with His Armies, etc.  But one is convinced that the ever-increasing Attacks on National Israel will be intensifying up until the Return of Jesus.

With each successive War against National Israel, it will be 1 Step closer and also stop their National Redemption. In the History of National Israel, YHVH has had to show Himself to be True and Faithful to Israel. Remember that to the National People of YHVH, it is a Nation of Signs and Wonders and require or demand Signs and Wonders. And only such Signs and Wonders throughout the Tribulation Period will National Israel come to Jesus.

They will, finally say, ‘Blessed is He that comes in the Name of the LORD’. Until that Day, as one has written, there are several Major World Wars Israel still needs to fight in. And to that End, the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount will be the Focal Point, Attention and Obsession of the Nations. They will all be about a Conspiracy to gather, not only the Earthly Armies of the World, but behind the Scenes, in the Heavenlies, it will be about the joining-up of such Principles and Powers.



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