Center of 1 of Lucifer’s Religions

  • What is a Cydonia Mars Layout doing in Haifa?
  • How is this Pattern important to this Place?
  • What type of Globalist Religious is centeredt there?

 by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to consider how the Port City of Haifa in Modern-Day Israel is configured to the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Pattern found there. Although the Notion that there does exist Structures and Pyramid Cities on Mars has been denied and attempted to be ‘Debunked’, it has been reported that many Former NASA Staff had come forward to confirm such an existence of a once thriving Civilization of Unknown Beings to Richard C. Hoagland. Before one will delve into the Cydonia Triangulation found in Haifa, one will provide a bit of Biblical Narrative and Filters one seed through for Context.

It was the ground-breaking work and research of Mr. Hoagland that put the Face of Mars and the whole Ancient Civilization Theory on the Map. Sadly, the Powers-That-Be ordered a Character Assassination on his Person, Research and Theory. He was ridiculed and side-lined as a ‘Fringe Science Fiction’ Nut not to be taken seriously. The Powers-That-Be know full well that the Public must now know of this Narrative, as it is premature and has to be ‘Disclosed’ to synchronize, with what one and many other End Times Researchers assess will be the ‘Revealing’ of these Ancient Alien Saviors come to rescue Humanity. When? One conjectures that the Timing will be in Tandem, right after the Rapture Event. Unbeknownst to most, there is a Rescuer of Humanity coming.

But there is a Subset of that based on who are the Believers and Followers of Jesus. Jesus promised to return, in the Clouds to Extract this Body on Earth, called the Church before ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’. And that is when the ‘Martian Savior Beings’ will show. It will serve to quell the Worldwide Panic and Hysteria, no doubt will occur as many Loved Ones and Children will have Vanished into Thin Air, as they say. The Rapture will help to Unite the Nations of the World into a New World Order. For the initial Shock, the Nations of the World will gladly give-up their Sovereignty to have 1 Man lead the World, to safeguard them and protect them from such Peril.

Most that are ‘Left Behind’ will have no Clue that they have entered a Time and Place of Divine Judgment. Jesus warned that this 7-Year Period to conclude the Prophecy given to the Prophets Danile and John the Revelator, would be the worst since Time and Mankind began. All that to say, that the Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Complex, which is 1 of many scattered throughout the Planet is real. Although it is in a decimated condition due to the Atmosphere of Mars being Destroyed, it once had Oceans. To this Day, there is still a Polar Ice Cap. Let one repeat that. Mars has a Water Ice Cap. And? Where there is Water, there is Life.

Rebellious Reprobates
Now for some Unknown Reason, Mars suffered a Cataclysm. One conjectures that it could very well have been part of the Celestial Star-Wars that are going on in Heaven, the Heavenlies and on Earth. It has to do with the Rebellion integrated in a Conspiracy of the Anointed Cherub, Lucifer. And perhaps, Mars was just one of the Inhabited Planets where Angels and who knows what type of other Create Beings, YHVH, the Creator could have places there, stationed there, according to His Will. And that Mars had direct Connections and Communications with similar Life Forms or Beings on Earth.

This could have happened before Earth ‘Became Formless and Void’, the Bible teaches in Genesis. Now this Triangulation, in one’s Research, postulates that it is based on Sacred Gematria, Magic and Energies unknown or uncontrollable by Mankind. And that these Places served as ‘Airports’ or Portals, as in Star-Gates that facilitated the Transport or Teleportation of such Beings across the Universe, Heaven itself and places on Earth. This was and is done through Interdimensional piercing of the Fabric of Space, Time and Matter.

In these Dimensions, one cannot exist, naturally in such Realms, unless given the ‘Code’ or Keys to such knowledge that one can transcend one’s Flesh and Bones. This is what limits Humanity to reach such ‘Vibrations’ or Frequencies to be in-tunned to such Dimensions. However, through Ritual, Magic, Drugs and the like, many Humans have embarked on this ‘other side’ of the Veil. Such is the Notion of Astro-Travel, and ‘Out of Body Experiences’. After all, Humanity is a Triune Being wherein Spirit is 1 Composition of the Constitution of Humanity.

Realize that when YHVH created and placed Mankind into Eden, there was no Original Sin and the Bodies of Adam and Eve were ‘Perfect’, Genetically and would not Die. Imagine that. Imagine the Brian Power they had in that Adam could name all the Constellations and the Animals. Image the Perception and Knowledge possible. And above all, they ‘Walked with YHVH, in the Cool of the Evening, in the Eden of Earth. But because Lucifer and his Fallen Angels instigated a Revolution, they duped Eve into joining their Cause.

And that is to Dethrone YHVH and take over the Universe, and actually destroy Humanity. Why? YHVH created Mankind to be above the Angelic Race of Beings. In fact, of all Creation. Lucifer did not and does not like that. Yet, Billions of Humans have fallen for his Deception and Lies, straight to the Lake of Fire where Lucifer and his Angels are to be sent to. And realize that ‘Hell’ was designed only for the Fallen Ones.

Imagine how it will be for Humans to be there with that Crowd, for all Eternity. This is where Jesus comes into the Picture or the Fight. He, as GOD the Son, incarnates to become Human, to Die as a Human in order to pay for the Sin Infraction that causes Humanity to Fall and suffer the same Judgment as Lucifer and all his Angels, Demons, and Hybridized Creations on Earth. So, since Adam and then after the Flood of Noah, only the ‘Initiated’ Class of Humans who had contact with Lucifer and this Kingdom of Fallen Angels divulged this Sacred Triangulation to keep guard over it.

These were the Gates to the Dimensions they Transverse to-and-from.

Thus, such a Cydonia, Mars Triangulation pattern was incorporated into the Ancient Sites. It was ideal as they were centers of Magic, Ritual, and Blood Sacrifices. All that combination energized the Portals or Star Gates to Open and/or Close for their Masters.

Humans were given Temporal Power and Authority of such places. As urbanization occurred, in many places the ‘Priestly Class’, just incorporated the Triangulation right into the City Grid and Layout, Hidden in Plain Sight’. That is the Language of Lucifer. The following is taken from the Wikipedia Page for Haifa. It is to provide a Historical Overview that is simplistic, with emphasis.

Haifa is the 3rd-largest City in Israel after Jerusalem and Tel Aviv with a population of 290,306 in 2022. It is home to the Baháʼí Faith's Baháʼí World Center and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a destination for Baháʼí Pilgrimage. It was built on the Slopes of Mount Carmel, the settlement has a history spanning more than 3,000 Years. The earliest known settlement in the vicinity was Tell Abu Hawam, a small Port City established in the Late Bronze Age (14th century BC). Over the Millennia, the Haifa area has been conquered and ruled by many Nations.

Haifa is situated about 90 KM (56 Miles) North of Tel Aviv and is the Major Regional Center of Northern Israel. The University of Haifa and the Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology are the oldest and top-ranked Universities in both Israel and the Middle East. The City plays an important role in Israel's Economy. It is home to Matam, a high-Tech Park. Haifa is the only City in Israel with an Underground Rapid Transit System. It is known as the Carmelit. The ultimate origin of the Name, Haifa, remains unclear. One Theory holds that it derives from the Name of the High Priest Caiaphas.

Some Christians believe it was named for Saint Peter, whose Aramaic name was Keipha. Haifa is home to the 2nd-largest Arab Christian Community in Israel. Another Theory holds it could be derived from the Hebrew Verb Root חפה (Hafa), from H-f-h Root (ח-פ-ה), meaning to cover or shield, i.e. Mount Carmel covers Haifa. The earliest named Settlement was known as Sycaminum. The remains of the ancient town can be found in a coastal tell, or archaeological mound, known in Hebrew as Tel Shikmona, which means ‘Mound of the Ficus Sycomorus’.

Others believe Haifa grew from a Town known today as Tell Abu Hawam. It was established during the Late Bronze Age (14th Century BC). Haifa is built against Mount Carmel and the Kishon River as mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. A Grotto on the top of Mount Carmel is known as the ‘Cave of Elijah’. In Arabic, the highest Peak of the Carmel Range is called the Muhraka. It means the ‘Place of Burning’. It harkens back to the Burnt Offerings and Baby Sacrifices the Canaanite practiced there.

Baháʼí Shrine
In 1909, Haifa became important to the Baháʼí Faith when the remains of the Báb, founder of the Bábí Faith and forerunner of Baháʼu'lláh in the Baháʼí Faith, were moved from Acre, in Syria to Haifa. Its Founder is interred in the shrine built on Mount Carmel. Those of the Baháʼí  Faith consider the Shrine at Haifa to be their 2nd Holiest Place on Earth. The Baháʼí Faith in 1918 and today has its Administrative and Spiritual Center in the Environs of Haifa.

The Universal House of Justice, representing the Supreme Governing Body of the Baháʼí Faith, resides in Haifa. The Baháʼí World Centre is also a major Destination for Religious Tourism, and the current Destination for Baháʼí Pilgrimage, attracting about 1 Million Visitors a Year. The Location of the Administrative Center was a result of a successive number of Banishments and Imprisonments of Baháʼu'lláh, founder of the Baháʼí Faith. Baháʼu'lláh was banished from Persia.

A religious Agreement was signed in 1987 by then Vice-Premier and Foreign Minister, Shimon Peres and the Baháʼí Leadership. The Israeli Government formally acknowledged the Baháʼí Faith as a ‘Recognized Religious Community in Israel. However, the local Israelis and the Staff of the Baháʼí World Center have little contact with each other. Even the Staff Members who have lived in Israel for many Years usually do not speak Hebrew or Arabic.

This portion of the Study will now identify the 3 Main Structures in Haifa that correspond to the Cydonia, Mars Structural Complex. What one found-out is that the Triangulation at the Port, or Portal of Haifa entirely incorporates the Baha’i Religious Compound. Upon studying the Origins of the Religion, one can see why and will address it. It is very pertinent to the Secret Teachings and Knowledge of the Luciferians. This is why this Guarded Knowledge is kept from the Common People and only those Initiated in their Luciferian Secret Societies are privy to. This is why Researchers like Richard Hoagland were made sure to be excluded and marginalized.  

The Golden Domed Shrine of the Baha’i Religion corresponds to the D&M Giant Pentagon on Cydonia, Mars. Next, the Greek Building Replica that is called the International Archives corresponds to the Face of Mars, along with its circular and small oval Structure. Then, there is the Prominent Universal House of Justice. This Administrative Building corresponds to the Pleiades Star Cluster. What is fascinating, is that this is where the Council of 9 is situated. It makes sense in that the Pleiades is made-up of 7 Stars, called the 7 Sisters or the Flock, etc.

Then there is Atlas and Pleione. They would correspond to them being the Shepherd and Dog that lead and guide the ‘Little Flock’. This has Biblical Overtones and no wonder as such Celestial Beings have mimicked what they know to be True in Heaven from where they were banished. And perhaps they long for the Layout and Grid of such a Triangulation. And that astonishing, one has come to the confident Conclusion that is because the Triangulation is what Heaven is constructed with.

And that the 3 Structures, or Temples, Shrines are but a reflection of the Trinity.
Giant D&M Pentagon             = Father
Face of Mars                           = Son
Pleiades City                           = Spirit

Now to address the Religion of the Baha’i. It is no wonder why this Religion exists. It was considered an Apostate Sect of Islam. It is to this Day as their Writings are in Arabic. In fact, the Name given that is directly associated with who is the Face of Mars, is attributed to being the ‘Most Glorious Name’. And that Name is not Jesus. Why not? It is in the Bible that states that at the Name of Jesus, every Knee will bow, in Heaven, the Heavenlies, on Earth and below the Earth. This Being is none other than a Veiled Lucifer stealing Honor and Glory.

This Religion is Luciferian to the Core. It is based on the Principle of ‘Progressive Revelation’. It is the Notion that at every Age, ‘GOD’, revealed Knowledge or ‘Light’ to Humanity through these Prophets. And each Age had a Dominate Religion and Corresponding Prophet. For the Jews it was Moses. For the Christians, it was Jesus. For the Muslims, it was Mohammed. For the Hindus, it was Krishna, etc. They espouse the Deception of Lucifer in how all Religions lead to the Same God. All Forms of Religion are Equal, no Better, no Worse.

This is why such a False and Luciferian Religion is very popular with the World Leaders and Captains of Industry and Finance. Take for example, the Former U.S. Vice President, Al Gore. He is of the Baha’i Faith. To him, Jesus and Mohammed are the Same and offer an equal Path to the Redemption of Sins and Eternal Life? No, just to get more ‘Light’, more Enlightenment. Is that not what Lucifer offered Eve. One finds it rather ironic, that the Baha’i Religious Compound is set on a rather Beautiful Garden. It is, in one’s Mind a throwback to Eden.

Lastly, one wants to mention also that Haifa, and this Luciferian Religion is situated on Mount Carmel. Need one go over what occurred there with the Challenge of the Priests of Ba’al and Elijah? It was on Mount Carmel, during the 3.5 Year Drought, when Israel was in full Rebellion under the Wicked King Ahab and his Ba’al Worshiping Wife, Jezebel. YHVH took Israel to this place to have a Contest of ‘Who was the Real GOD’, YHVH or Ba’al. They are not the same. So, this was the occasion that Elijah called down Fire and the People of Israel repented. And? This same Prophetic Scenario will be repeating itself during the coming 7-Year Tribulation.

And there will be a 3.5 Year Drought in the World. And again, YHVH will call Israel to Repent as there will be another Evil Leader, the King that the False Jews that will rule the reconstituted Sanhedrin will Crown as ‘King of Israel’ and the Messiah. Amazingly, if one’s interpretation is sound, it will also be Elijah that will be returning and Contending with the Biblical AntiChrist. This will obviously occur after the Rapture, where Jesus Extracts and Rescues His Bride from this Hour of Testing or Time of Contesting with Israel. It is because YHVH is called Israel, who has been like a Cheating Wife, Unfaithful to Repent and Return to her Husband, etc.

This will happen as the Book of Zechariah teaches, but not before much Sorrow and Pain will befall the Jewish Nation that keeps looking for Saviors in the World that is not Jesus. And Lucifer will be providing his Seed, his Hybridized Human Savior instead. Initially Israel will ecstatically accept him. But at the Mid-Point of the Tribulation Trails, this King of the Jews, the Son of Satan will be Possessed by Lucifer and will carry-out a Campaign of Terror, a Real Genocide of the Jews and all those that come to Faith in Jesus as the True Messiah. It will not be until the Last Day of the Battle of Armageddon that Jesus is to Return, as Promised, along with this Bride and Holy Angles that will put to shame the Marvel Universe Final Battle.




Baháʼí Faith


Possessing the Portals
This Book will show how such Martian Motif Triangulations served and served as ‘Gates’ and/or ‘Portals’ on 1 Level and Luciferian ‘Spiritual Strongholds’ in another. As a type of Jesus to come, Joshua conquered such ‘Gates’ of the Guardians as they entered the Promised Land. This Book suggests that the Triangulations were points of Contention as a Euphemism for the Spiritual Warfare over the Strongholds that are in the World, in general but specifically in the Promised Land, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

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Unmasking of the Rebel King Ala-Lu
The purpose of this Book is to present a case for ‘Unmasking’ who is behind the ‘Face of Mars’ from a Biblical Point of View. The Book will incorporate a Comprehensive Array of Astro-Archeological Studies compiled using Motifs of the Pyramid on Mars that are replicated on Earth’s Sacred Sites. This study will hopefully help explain what the coming Deception that the Bible speaks about will be in part, the ‘Return of the Martian Saviors’.

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When Martians Ruled on Earth
The purpose of this Book is to ascertain the Cosmic Motifs of the Pleiades and Orion as they pertain to the Pyramid Designs of the Ancient Sacred Sites on Earth, Past, Present and Future. The various illustrations will attempt to demonstrate that there is an on-going Cosmic Conspiracy regarding what is the True Narrative of the Interpretation of such Sacred Designs that are Aligned to the Stars.

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