Automatic Enrollment

  • What is the U.S. Selective Service all about?
  • Why is it being Mandated now and about of Girls?
  • Will there be an National Draft that will soon follow?

 by Luis B. Vega
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Is it True that Young Men between the Ages of 18 and 26 will be forced to Enlist in the Army in the USA? It is a matter of being Forced to Register, in the case there is a War and then they would be forced or drafted into the U.S. Military? How it is being interpreted is not entirely correct. It was a Piece of Legislation, coming from Democrats but with Bipartisan support. It moved through the U.S. Senate but now has become Law again. The Law does not mean that the U.S. Federal Government will be forcing all Young Men ages 18-26 to be Drafted, to then Unconditionally force them to fight for America’s Corporate Wars. But it is a necessary Step needed for when it does become just that. It has been done in the past.

The Legislation, that needs to be approved by Congress, stipulates that the current process to Self-Register with the Government Selective Service Registry, would be done Automatically upon turning 18 Years Old for all Young Men in the USA. As it is, Men do not have to Register. It is only a ‘Mandate’ much like it was for the COVID Mandated Kill-Shots. A Person did not and does not need to Consent. But by not Registering, Young Men going off to College, primarily will now not be eligible for Student Loans, for example. The real Reasons behind the Push to have this Registration become Automatic is 3-Fold, in one’s Assessment.

1. Less Young Men are attending College because they are now beginning to see how ‘Woke’ they really and useless. Thus, they are not taking-out Federal Loans.

2. Less Young Men are wanting to Sign-Up for the U.S. Military because it has gone ‘Woke’ and Gay.

3. The U.S. Federal Government has now the High Tech ability to Identify and Locate Young Men. In essence, since most have a Cell Phone nowadays, it is harder to ‘Hide’ or become Anonymous.

So, at this Point in Time, all Young Men are not being forced to Fight or Enlist in the U.S. Military by a National Draft, like it was during the Vietnam War. However, in the case the U.S. does go to War again, this Time, they want to make sure they can tap into the Human Resource or the Cannon Fodder, like it has been for the Young Men and Women in the Ukraine and Russia, sadly. Realize that since the Vietnam War and its Debacle of having it be a deliberate Protracted War for Corporate Profit, as War makes Money, the U.S. Citizenry legislated-away the Draft Lottery, as being Unlawful and was dismissed. Since then, all of the U.S. Service Branches have been based on a ‘Voluntary Enlistment’, as they should be. But is has been implemented since also.

Cannon Fodder

No Federal Government should have the Power to Draft and send others Young Men to die for them, in one’s Opinion. And also realize that there are ‘Exemptions’ even if a National Draft would be implemented, much like it was for the Mandated COVID Kill-Shots, at least in the USA. And not all Circumstances were honored, like the Medical and Religious Reasons for wanting to be Exempt, etc. One suspects, like many others who have a Pulse on the issue of Global War, is that the USA is taking Steps to revert back to a Mandatory Draft type of Enlistment as it was prior to the Vietnam War, because Global War is coming.

And with the Rapture depleting ‘Young Men’ of Fighting Age, the Governments of the World will become disparate to Draft any and all such People to wage their End-Times War. As one has stated before, the Elites that rule the U.S Government from ‘Behind the Curtain’ will not readily send their Best and Brightest Sons and Daughters to war. No, they will send other’s. Consider, for example, the Son of Netanyahu, although it is in Israel, it shows how the Son, named Yair, being of Prime Military Age is not fighting in Gaza with the IDF.

But rather, he was sent to Miami on a Religious Exemption, the same that the Ultra-Orthodox Jews have. Go figure. One suspects that the Mandatory Auto-Enroll Feature Legislation to Register all U.S. Young Men between the Ages of 18 and 26 will eventually pass. This would be one’s Best Guess based on the current War Drums that the Elites are beating and rallying-up the Nations for World War.

So, on June 15, 2024, the U.S. Congress passed the Bill to Auto-Enroll the Young Men ages 18-26. Now this has happened several Times in the Past. But if one considers the Pattern of when Congress has done this, it has been because War was Imminent or there was a ‘Perceived Threat’. See Articles by Fox News.


Now when the Draft does come, there has also been a Provision, not respected and frowned upon, called a ‘Conscientious Objection’. It is when, because of one’s Conscience and/or Religion, one does not want to take up Arms. In a lot of cases, many Men come under this Category, like the Quakers and Mennonites, and Amish, for example. They are Pacifists, by their Interpretation of the Bible. They do not hold to the ‘Just War Doctrine’ that convinces Christian Men and Women that War is justifiable.

Now even though one is a Pacifist, because one’s Mennonite Background, Self-Defense is a whole other issue. And if an Invading Army is coming over the Hills? Sure. Defense of one’ Person, Family, and Property is a Human Right and Obligation. But it is why, for example, when one joined the IDF, Israel Defense Force, it was on a Volunteer Participation Basis. The Duties and Assignment was purely Logistical, ‘Behind the Scenes’ in a Military Base.

For the U.S. Army, one joined the California National Guard but was thereafter Medically Discharged. It is like the Army of the State. One did not want to potentially take another Human’s Life for Corporate Oil and Resources that benefit the Globalist Elites. But back in those Days, although it was under the Department of the Army, the National Guard was not to be deployed overseas for Combat Operations.

All that changed after the U.S. Invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. Precisely because of the need for Men and Women, they now deploy the National Guard regularly overseas, etc. So, with the Selective Registry in place, and now having all the Males 18-26 Auto-Enrolled and on the Registry, it will be all that easier for the Pentagon to call them up, not if but when the next National Draft will be enacted to have them go to War. But one can guarantee you that it will not be in defense of one’s Constitutional Rights, or ‘Democracy’.



Lawmakers move to automate Selective Service Registration for all men

House Passes Bill to Automatically Register Young Men for the Draft


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