Determining the Timing of the Rapture Event

  • Is the Theory that Acts 2 Pentecost was/is New Wine?
  • What is the True Date of the New Wine if True?
  • What did the Essenes have to say about the Date?

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The purpose of this study is to present a Chart that will factor-in the 4 Months, from Passover, based on a Model one has calculated, is tied to the True Year and Date  of the Crucifixion. That in turn would or could help in determining the True Day Count of when the Acts 2 Pentecost occurred. There have been many Good Efforts by man End Times Students of Prophecy and the Rapture of attempting to know this. The Major Obstacle has been, which Jewish or other Calendar is there?

There are at least 8 Major Jewish one that are to be considered. For example, there is the Torah Calendar. Here is their Site: https://torahcalendar.com. Of course, many End Times Students argue that this Calendar is also ‘off’, although it does a better Job than the current Rabbinical one, that is solely based on the Moon Cycles. As it is for the Year 2024, the Gregorian and the Rabbinical Calendars are off by 1 Month. One finds it interesting that on the Last Day of the Summer Wheat Harvest, being July 22nd, according to the Torah Calendar, for 2024, it coincides with the Minor Feast of Tu B’Av.

It is the Valentine’s Day of Israel. It is when they Commemorate of the Jewish Maidens being instructed to go-out and Dance in the Vineyards of Shiloh to find a Husband. That is based on the tragic account of how the Tribe of Benjamin went all Gay and there was an all-out Jewish Civil War against the unrepentant Tribe of Benjamin. As they were Decimated of Men, to ensure the Tribe’s Posterity, the Elder of Zion came-up with this Ploy, if you can call it that. The Next Day, for the Year 2024, is then the Start of the Astrological Leo New Year.

That Date is July 23 (723). It celebrates the End of the Summer Wheat Harvest, but also the First Fruits of the New Wine Harvest that begins. To correctly determine when this Pentecost New Wine Day is to occur, it is partially based on the ‘Counting of the Omer’. One’s Understanding comes from reading the Ultra-Conservative Chabad Website, in 1 instance. According to their Interpretation of Leviticus, the Omer Count starts the Day after Passover. So, that Day would always be on Nisan 15.

This Interpretation would corroborate with the Exodus Day Count Timeline Theory one goes by also, of when the Jews left Egypt, etc. It is also consistent with one’s 32 AD Crucifixion Year Theory that is based on the Birth of Jesus, being September 11, -3 BC (9-11). One is not saying, one is ‘Correct’ or Right, but just sharing the Understanding and Research as others do. Only Time will Tell, as they are only Working Theories that have to be Proven or Tested. The following is the Sinai Pentecost New Wine Month and Day Count, that is translated into a Gregorian Calendar.

Omer Count

And what is most important, is that it is synchronized to the Year 32 AD, that one is more convinced was and is the True Crucifixion Year. Why? Realize that for that Year, both the Julian Calendar and the Jewish Calendar, which was not the current Rabbinical One, were exactly the same. Not only was Nisan 14 the same as April 14 then, but so was Tamuz 23 the same Day as July 23 (723), etc. One is aware of the differing Interpretation of when the Omer Count is to start. For example, the Essenes chose the Omer Count to begin 1 Sabbath of 7 Days ‘After the (Weekly) Sabbath of the Passion Week.

If one still uses one’s 32 AD Calendar Month, which by the way, are set to 30 Days per Month, then the Sunday being Nisan 18th is when the 7-Day Count would begin. But it is True, the Essenes count their Omer Start Day on Nisan 19, the Day after the Passion Week’s Sabbath. Thus, this would mean that it is from Nisan 25 that the 1st Day Count of the 7 Sabbaths and the 1 Day could lead to Shavuot. Then the Subsequent 50 Days would be the Feast of New Wine, etc.

As mentioned, the Essenes, then celebrate the New Wine on the 1st Sunday of the Month of Av, that being the 3rd Day, etc. To be fair, one is not sure of the Spring Equinox Factor. Some Research suggests it was the 1st Day of the New Year, precisely, so that would be Nisan 1. Others? It depends on when the New Moon was occurring, and that determined the 1st Day of the 1st Month, Nisan and so on. What one also finds rather interesting is that for the Year 2024, the HebCal Calendar is off by 1 Week or 7 Days in how Tamuz 23 is July 27, 2024. See Online Calculator: 


The Point is that although one is of the Persuasion of being as exact as possible and precise, one can accept a Day Tolerance of a Week or so, if the Year 2024 is to be the ‘Year of the Rapture’. Even though one has worked on this Pentecost Timeline Triangulation or about a Decade, there are certain Truths one still holds on to.

1-True Pentecost is not Shavuot, there is a 49+1 Count and then a 50 Day Count.
2-True Pentecost is the Anniversary of the First Fruits of the New Wine of Acts 2.
3-True Pentecost is predicated on End of Wheat Harvest and the Astrological Leo New Year.

If the nearly 2000 Year Old Church Age is about to come to the Conclusion of its Commission, a Few Days can be acceptable, no? Nonetheless, one is still more convinced that the True Acts 2 Pentecost occurred during the End of the Summer Wheat Harvest, just like it was with Boaz and Ruth. And then they got Married. The Call to the Marriage Covenant came at Midnight when Ruth was at Boaz’s Feet.

Then for the entire Church Age, has it not been the Elements of the Bread and Wine that are the Tokens of when Jesus is to ‘Seal the Deal’ regarding the Timing of when He would be concluding the ‘Room’ and return to take her there to His Father’s House? To address the Complexity and Confusion over the various Calendar Overlays, here is one’s Chart that attempts to ‘Rectify’ all of them as mentioned.

Based on Jesus’ Birth Day
It is based on a Chart, entitled the ‘Pentecost New Wine Calendar Months. The Months are based off of the Ancient Hebrew Months, that were made-up of a 30-Day Count. The Months and Days are synchronized to the Gregorian Day Correspondence. The Months are calibrated to one’s Theory of a 32 AD Crucifixion Year and Date of April 14, 32 AD with the Counting of the Omer on Nisan 15, following the High-Day Sabbath that was the Passover itself.

The Timeline is to 32 AD is Triangulated to one’s other Theory of when Jesus was Born, on September 11, -3 BC. This is corroborated by the Conjunctions of these 3 Celestial Witnesses. 

1-There was the Christ Star Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in Leo on August 11, -3 BC, 1 Month from the Birth.

2-Then there was the King Planet Jupiter that Retrograded 3 Times with the King Star of Regulus in the Sign of Leo to end on September 11, -3 BC.

3. The 3rd Witness was when the 3 Magi from Persia came 15 Months later from September 11, -3 BC to present the 3 Gifts to Jesus as a Toddler. Jupiter’s Retrograde Motion, as if to ‘Stand Still’ over Bethlehem occurred on the Visitation Day of the Magi, on December 25, -2 BC.

September 11, -3 BC + 33rd Year of Jesus = 32 AD Crucifixion Year


If one calculates the specific Day Counts using Online Calculator, then from Jesus’ Birth on September 11, -3 BC, to His Death on Jesus’ 33rd Year, that would be precisely on the Year 32 AD. This means that Jesus started His Public Ministry on November 1, 28 AD by Declaring the Jubilee on Yom Kippur. And exactly 1260 Days later was His Crucifixion.

November 1, 28 AD (Yom Kippur Jubilee Proclamation) + 1260 Days = April 14, 32 AD

The following Day Counts will attempt to itemize the Month and Days pertaining to Jesus’ Death. And from there, based on one’s Understanding and Interpretation, when the True Day of Pentecost occurred, on July 23, or Tamuz 23 Day of the New Wine, 100 Days later from Nisan 15, being the Count of the Omer.

Nisan 1
New Moon after the Spring Equinox.

Nisan 14
High Day Sabbath.
Blood Moon.

Nisan 15
Counting of Omer Next Day.

Nisan 17
Resurrection of Jesus.
Sign of Jonah being 3 Days or 72 Hour Period of Time.

(Intermission )
8 Day Gap of Time.
Start of a 40 Day Witness to Multitudes on the Sabbath of Nisan 24.

Shavuot is the 1st 50 Day Count.
Ascension of Jesus.

Tamuz 22
Last Day of Summer Wheat Harvest.

Tamuz 23
723 or July 23 is Astrological Leo New Year.
Acts 2 Pentecost.
2nd 50 Day Count.
Feast of New Wine.
Golden Calf Incident.

(Pentecost New Wine Theory)
Will the Start of the Church Age Anniversary also serve to conclude the Commission of the Church that will End with the Resurrection and the Rapture Event?

When the Essenes celebrated New Wine
1st Sunday of New Month

Av 9
9th of Av is 15 Days from Acts 2 Pentecost New Wine.

Moon Phases
It takes approximately 15 Days from a New Moon to a Full Moon. In the Ancient  reckoning of Time, not all the Months started off with a New Moon. But based on a 15 Day Moon Cycle, and an Ancient Jewish Lunar Calendar based on 30 Days, did approximate this Cycle of New Moons starting the Months. But in the case of one’s 32 AD Crucifixion Year Theory, the Notable Blood Moon near Midnight corresponded to the Passover Feast.

Olivet Discourse
One conjectures, that it was at Jesus’ Halfway Point of His 1260 Day Ministry (3.5 Years), in the Year 30 AD that as Israel rejected the Call to Repent and Believe the Gospel, a 40 Year Curse was proclaimed by Jesus, essentially at the Olivet Discourse This resulted in the Destruction of the Temple, City and Nation.

30 AD + 40 Year Judgment = 70 AD

‘O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who kills the Prophets and stones those sent to her, how often I have longed to gather your Children together, as a Hen gathers her Chicks under her Wings, but you were unwilling! Look, your House is left to you Desolate. For I tell you that you will not see Me again until you say, Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the LORD’. -Matthew 23:37-39




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Lifespan of Jesus


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