Phillip Barnett Visions of Nuclear War

  • What is the Azovmena Prophecies all about?
  • Do they predict a coming Nuclear War? With whom?
  • Whos is this Pastor Phillip Barnett?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Instead, you have exalted yourself against the LORD of Heaven. The Vessels from His House were brought to you, and as you drank Wine from them with your Nobles, Wives, and Concubines, you praised your Gods of Silver and Gold, Bronze and Iron, Wood and Stone, which cannot See or Hear or Understand. But you have failed to Glorify the GOD who holds in His hand your very Breath and all your Ways. Therefore He sent the Hand that wrote the Inscription. Now this is the Inscription that was written: MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PARSIN. And this is the Interpretation of the Message: MENE means that GOD has Numbered the Days of your Reign and brought it to an End. -Daniel 5:24-26 (Azovmena)

The purpose of this study is to give a Strong and Stern Word about the End Times and how a Nuclear War is coming This is based on the Dreams and Visions from an American Pastor named Phillip Barnett. He calls them the Azovmena Prophecies. It is Biblical. This study will also address the Timing as this the 1 Consolidation one would have as best understood.

The latest World War that will surely be Nuclear in some Scope will occur in tandem when or thereafter from when the Rapture Event is to occur, whenever that will be. As the Pastor JD Farag has said about it, ‘When it Blow-Up, We Go’s Up’. The Study will also suggest when the Gog-Magog war could occur based on some Clues other End Times Students of Prophecy have deduced from the Old Testament Book of Micah.

First of all, the Word, Azovmena is in reference to the Words written on the Palace Walls of King Belshazzar in Daniel 5:25 where it stated the following in Persian. ‘Your Kingdom has been Judged and found Wanting’. So, how is that Ancient Prophecy relevant to the End Times now, for the USA and the Ukraine? Consider that the Verse is preceded by the Circumstances or the Reason for the National Judgment, only on the King bug the Kingdom. It speaks of Blatant Apostasy and deliberate Irreverence to the Things, People, and Objects that are Holy and Consecrated.

One wishes to make a Corresponding Allegory of how the Last Iteration of the Once and Great Babylon Empire’s End will be as that of the USA. Like the Babylon under Belshazzar, the USA under Biden, as a Protégé of Obama and the Like, have exalted themselves against YHVH. They have used the ‘Vessels’ of the House of YHVH, to be the People, the Believers and Followers of Jesus for their Mundane Things. They have made a Mockery of all things Christian and of Jesus. How so? Consider how in 2024, Biden declared ‘Trans Day’ on Restitution Sunday. They have embolden and empowered the Perverse in idolizing it, they, them on a Pedestal of their Molock God of Abortion Sacrifices and Perverted Sexuality.

Of Dreams and Visions
Their Reprobate Minds are such that even in the Professing Church in America, Jesus has been escorted out of the House. The Congregations are run by Jezebels that stumble the Flock into Sexual Perversion and then you have on the other Hand, the Nicolaitans who Lord it over with Legalism, etc.

This is the Scriptural and Prophetic Connection of the Azovmena Prophecies as the next portion will be discussed. For those that may not be aware of, the Azovmena Prophecies have come from the Christian Camp of the Pentecostals, as the American Pastor, Phillip Barnett would identify himself as. One personally did not come across this Prophecy until 2023. Nonetheless, within the Pentecostal Circles, it has been an amazing Topic of Discussion.

Phillip Barnett

And where do the Azovmena Prophecies come from? According to Research, they came from an American Pastor named Phillip Burnette. He started many Churches in Ukraine. It was in 1999 that he reported having a Long Dream about Russia invading the Ukraine. And that the Invasion would, in Stages would lead to a World War that would go Nuclear. Then this same Dream repeated in 2007. The initial Dram was then followed by 2 more Visions, given further detail, etc.
He was told that there would be 2 major Evacuations of Kiev. The 1st Evacuation would occur when the Russian Army invaded Ukraine. This did happen. The next one is the most ‘Chilling’ and Frightful if True. The 2nd Evacuation would occur just before the Nuclear War begins between Russia and America. As of this Write-Up, the Stages are being set in place, it would appear as there is an inordinate amount of Nuclear Saber Rattling going on between the USA, NATO, France and Russia, etc.

According to the Dreams and Visions given to Pastor Barnett, anyone left behind after the 2nd Evacuation would Die in what he describes as a Nuclear Holocaust. He went on to describe who various Cities in the Ukraine, Russia and the USA would be hit with a Nuclear Missile Strike. Among those would hit Kiev. In the End-Notes of this study, there will be 2 Charts that show the Cities specifically listed to be Annihilated, according to Pastor Barnett. Now since 2007, Pastor Barnett did make Videos about these Horrific Azovmena Prophecies and he preached the Message and Warning in many Churches throughout the Ukraine.  

When Russia invaded Crimea, Pastor Barnett was contacted by people all over the world about this coming Nuclear Holocaust. According to the Dreams and Visions Barnett had, all of Eastern Ukraine, from the Dnieper River to the Russian Border will be destroyed. By whom? It will be by at least 8 Nuclear Missiles, coming from the U.S. and NATO. Also, Moscow, parts of central and Eastern Russia and the Caucasus would be destroyed. Barnett is stated as saying that when he was traveling in a Bus through Central Ukraine, he saw 8 Mountains in the shape of ICBM 8 Missiles but much taller. Timing of the Tempests
He then asked a Women on the Bus what these Mountains are called.

The Woman said that these 8 Mountains were called, ‘Azovmena’. Realize that he had put these Dreams and Visions aside initially since 1999. But around 2007 is when he had the urgency to speak-out about them. Realize that since 2007, exactly 7 Years Later or a Sabbath of Year, in 2014 is when the Revolution in the Ukraine occurred, funded and incited by the CIA, MOSSAD, etc. The toppling of the Elected Former President, Viktor Yanukovych. If one uses the Prophetic Principle of the Number 7 to determine a probable Timing of the Next or 2nd Evacuation, then consider the following Year Relationships.

2024+ (?) 2nd Evacuation? Nuclear Strikes?

Now consider also that the Dreams and Visions, according to Pastor Barnett are to occur after the Rapture. Let one Repeat that. This Azovmena Prophecy is to occur after the Rapture Event. It would make sense in that the Rapture Event itself is described in terms of a Sudden Destruction to come to those that are exclaiming ‘Peace and Security’. And this does not account for the other possible Nuclear Strike on Damascus that is also to be Nuclear, based on the Description given in Isaiah, that the City would be ‘No More’, overnight and done by the ‘Sons of Jacob’, etc.

So, now as to when will the Gog-Magog War start? One does not know but the following Information and Insight could be suggesting a particular Season. The Year still would remain a Mystery, at this point and on this side of the Rapture to ascertain. One can only provide Aspects or limited Items of Interest that could be ‘Clues’ or Factors that contribute to the Theory of the Timing of when the Gog-Magog War will begin. Some End Times Students of Prophecy are suggesting a Prophetic Clue from Micah 7:4.

The Timing of the Gog-Magog War could very well be tied to the Harvest Seasons. For example, in Micah 7:2, it states that the ‘Good Men have Perished from the Earth'. Other Translations put the Word as Vanished, in the Hebrew, being ‘Abad’ as to ‘Vanish’ in thin Air, as it were. Is this, 1st of all, a valid Rapture Inference? But the Prophetic Key is the ‘Summer Fruit’ that Micah goes on to search for and ‘There is None’. Thus, one surmises that the Gog-Magog War will occur sometime in the Harvest of the Summer Wheat. Perhaps. But it is in Micah 7:4 that a ‘Visitation’ or Invasion is to come from the North. One thing is for sure, the Nuclear War Drums are beating louder by the Day. Consider the following News Headline coming out of Germany. Those that seek War speak to its manifestation, it would appear.

German Bundestag (Parliament)
Asked to Activate 900,000 Military Reservists for war with Russia

War Rhetoric Preparations
The following Section shows what one would categorize as the real Sentiment of those that have been put in place of Power to initiate the Launch ‘Code’ of World War, as it were. It is reminiscent of the Star Wars ‘Order 66’ that the Evil Palpatine gave to initiate his New Galactic Order. Here is what Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann had to say. She is of the Free Democratic Party (FDP) in Germany's Legislature, the Bundestag. She is calling for the Activation of 900,000 German Military Reservists. Why?

‘Putin is trimming his People for War and positioning them against the West. Therefore, we must become capable of defending ourselves as quickly as possible. Russia only produces Weapons. Textbooks are printed that portray Germany as the Aggressor. Primary school Children are trained on Weapons. All this is frightening’. The Russian Attack against us has already begun. (Referring to Cyber Attacks, Espionage and deliberately triggered the Refugee Movements.) We must be aware that the War in Ukraine affects us directly. If Putin is successful, he will continue his Raids. He will also attack the Baltic States’.

It seems World War is coming Down as a possible Nuclear Confrontation. Now, some End Times Students of Prophecy see that the Gog-Magog Invasion is the same as Armageddon? They both would appear to be as they become blurred, as such. The only Reservation one has, which is minor is, True, the Nations are gathered at the Ezekiel War and Armageddon. But the Major Difference one sees, is the Scope of the Gathering. One Defines the Scope, based on Scripture that the Gog-Magog is only the 'Outer-Ring' of the Russian-led Muslim Confederation.

Notice the main emphasis is the Prince of Russ and the Muslim Coalition is like an Accompaniment or afterthought. But at Armageddon, the Scope is the Entire World. It is those 3 Frog Demonic Spirit that go beyond just the Outer-Ring of the Muslim Nations. And if Armageddon War is when Jesus and the Bride return to Earth, then the entirety of the 7-Year burning of the Weapons would occur totally within the Millennial Kingdom. The other Factor that suggests a Delineation of both, is based on the Tribulation Period. It is understood, based on the Book of Revelation and Daniel.

It is the King of the North that makes its Move on the 'Beautiful Land', i.e., Israel. Then the AntiChrist sets-up his 'Encampment' there. Then, it is the Kings of the East that are perturbed and are drawn-in to come over as the Hordes of the 200 Million+ Armies that will engage against the AntiChrist, so it would appear. This is based on one's Estimation and one could be wrong about the Scenario. Well, at least these are some of the items one has about the Gog-Magog War and even the Armageddon War. Of course, it is all based on limited Biblical Intel on this Side of the Rapture. But now, regardless, it is a matter of Months if not 1 or 2 Years to find out.

And what about the ‘King of the North? Is that not Turkey, rather than Russia? Turkey is also correctly North of Israel. But in Ezekiel and Micah 7:4, they insinuate it is specifically from the Extreme North, etc. That cannot be said of Turkey. And one has heard about the Islamic AntiChrist Debate. As it is, the Eastern Half of the Present Day Roman 2 Legs of Daniels Golden Statute of Nations is 'Islamic' or under its Dominion, for now, i.e., Istanbul or Turkey, etc. To the Muslims, that is why they claim 'Preeminence' over Christianity. It is because they 'Conquered' Christ and His 'Rome', etc. One is not convinced because of the Prophecy in Daniel. It states in Chapter 9 that the ‘Coming Prince’ that Destroyed the Temple will be who will be the AntiChrist. And that Prince was Titus, whose Father, Vespasian was born in Italy, thus a Latin or Italian, not Turkish.

Turkey as well as Iran will be for sure the main Agents of the Outer-Ring of those Muslim Nations attacking Israel, that one does see could very well be the Gog-Magog War of Ezekiel. But it is true that it is foremost a Principality of Power as there is yet a Gog-Magog War 2 at the end of the 1000 Year Kingdom. Eventually, the Source of this Principality and Power is Lucifer himself as it is at that Time and Place that Jesus throws him to the Lake of Fire.

So, yes, one has heard that the Gog-Magog Prince will not be Russia. Not one to Die on that Hill, as they say but other End Times Students do make a compelling Argument from Michah 7:4 that the Ezekiel Invasion comes directly from the Utter-Most North. Perhaps. One just finds it hard to accept that Israel, after having gone through the Trauma of the HAMAS War and essentially every War up until the coming AntiChrist has been Muslim, will miraculously accept and submit to a Muslim Messiah. 

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