It is not an Election but Selection

  • What does the Biden Performance mean for the Left?
  • How is will the Debate affect the General Election?
  • What will the Radical Left do? Replace Biden?

 by Luis B. Vega
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‘A Nation can survive its Fools, and even the Ambitious. But it cannot survive Treason from within. An Enemy at the Gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his Banner openly. But the Traitor moves amongst those within the Gate freely, his sly Whispers rustling through all the Alleys, heard in the very Halls of Government itself’. -Attributed to Marcus Tullius Cicero

My Goodness. As to the Trump-Biden Debate? And who will replace Biden? Here goes one’s Rant. Since one does not have TV, one only saw some snippets of the Trump-Biden Debate Online. Wow. It was horrible for Biden, but the American Public saw what they had to choose from. As a Political Scientist, here is one’s Rant. As Political Conspiracy Truth goes, one is of the Camp that U.S. Presidents have been ‘Selected not Elected’. And it goes for both Parties. It is a matter of ‘Pick your Poison’, or the Lesser of 2 Evils. It is that Trump is a Populist in that sense, he truly Loves America.

And he stands for all that the Radicalized Left that have hijacked the Democratic Party is against. What one cannot stomach is how the Left and the Media are Gaslighting the American Public, as if Trump will somehow Destroy American Democracy and Tank the Nation. They intentionally leave out the Fact that Trump proved his Policies for 4 Years as the Former U.S. President. American know exactly what they will get. Now, one is not a Trump Supporter for various Reasons, mainly due to his Past Associations with the Left.

He was a Democrat and voted that way. And one does not get to be and do the Things he did without ‘Kissing the Ring’. He himself stated that he ‘Uses the System’, etc. But to the Far Left, that now is the Mainstream Democratic Party, he did not accomplish what the Insane Left would have liked him to pull-off. During Trump’s Presidency, the USA was an Oil Exporter. The Borders were relatively secured and Under Control. There was no Inflation. The USA was Respected in the World. Crime was down. There were no Wars during his Administration.

Peace broke-out in the Middle East. He went to North Korea and crossed the Demilitarized Zone Line. This alone should have won him the Nobel Peace Prize. No, the Luciferians that run the World, for now, would rather give that to Obama. He took-out Islamist Generals who attacked the U.S. Military Bases in Iraq. He ensured NATO Nations paid their Dues, etc. Yet, the Left in the USA are Demonizing him and trying to choke his Candidacy with ‘Trumped-Up’ Charges that are normally just Misdemeanors. For Trump to be chard with Felonies?

Mental State of Affairs
But here is where the Swamp that he did not Clean-Up, as promised has come back to bite his Donkey. For all the Jewish Lawyers, Advisors and Nephews, they have thrown him Under the Bus, as they say. In the End, the Luciferins want the USA so 3rd World that the People are reduced to Bread and Circus. Realize that Biden is not ‘Running’ nor Governing the Nation. One truly feels bad for him as an Elderly Man that has lost his Mind. It is he that needs to be removed from Office under Article 25, due to his Mental Deterioration.

All the Enemies of the USA, smell Blood and that is why the Chinese, the Russians, the Muslim are having their way with him. They know he is Weak and in one’s Estimation, Spiritually-Speaking, he is a Euphemism for the Spiritual and Mental State of the USA. Sadly. Like in the Churches of the USA that take the Name of Jesus, in both Houses, it is now about how the Clowns that are just entertaining the Sheep rule. You have in the USA, those making Public Policy that only represent a real Percentage, 4% of the Population.

These are the People that identify with the Rainbow and Alphabet that have basically dictated Moral and Judicial Law upon the USA. And that affects one’s Life and Work on a Daily Basis. Here now in California, the State is legally robbing and Kidnapping Sons and Daughters, under 18 Years of Age if the Parents object to them wanting Medical Procedures to appear like the opposite Gender. So, aside from this Rant, what is the Recourse for the Democratic Party after the Debacle of the Biden Non-Performance during the Presidential Debate with Trump?

For Context, the Democratic Party was once the Beacon and Bastian of the American Working Class and Middle Class. They stood-up for the Working Man and Women, the Mom-and-Pop Business against Republican Corporate Greed, etc. It was largely based on Economic Status and Upward-Mobility. Now, the Democratic Party has been taken over by Marxist, Feminists, the People that have commandeered nearly all the Colors of the Rainbow and Letters of the Alphabet. This Indoctrination has occurred over the last 30 Years, with successive Generations going through the Public Educational System and Universities.

One can personally attest to this that it is no longer about who is the Best Qualified, Experienced or Credentialed. No, it is about lowering the Standards, the Quality and about ‘Feelings’. It is about a version now interpreted as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion DEI. It is Nonsense that favors and picks those that are precisely not. This is spelling disaster in the Educational System, in the Corporate World, and in Science and Innovation. Below is the Link to the Online Page about the Line of Succession for the U.S. President.



Sins of the Fathers
It is pretty straightforward. In the case the U.S. President is Murdered, like John Kennedy, or Dies, Resigns or is deemed Mentally Unfit to carry-out the Duties of the Office, the Vice President becomes the President. Now, as to an Election Year? Since Biden is the Democratic Nominee of his Party, along with Cackle Harris, Biden has to formally withdraw from the Ticket. That is so his Name does not appear on the Computer Screens of the Election Boxes that will probably still cast the Electronic Vote for him, as it occurred in the Last ‘Selection’.

At this Point, the Democratic Party has to decide what to and who to Replace Biden with. Cackle Harris can still remain in the VP Slot and Biden’s Replacement can be then determined by someone else. One would doubt the Democratic Party would switch-up Cackle Harris to be on the Presidential Slot. As it has been discussed, it can be a possibility, but there are Contenders that have been discussed: Micheal, I mean Michelle Obama, (This is of course if the Statement made by the Late Joan Rivers is True, for which she Died the following Day in an apparent Throat Procedure.) and Gavin Newsom of California.

If Gain Newsom replaces Biden as the Presidential Slot, the USA is surely doomed. It will be the ‘Last Nail in the Coffin’, as they say. He has turned the once ‘Golden State’ to a 3rd World State. One example, in Oakland, California an Elder Man living in his Home was Robbed in a Home Invasion. A car pulled-up, a Male and Female came out and burst through the Homeowners Door. The Homeowner, being Armed and fearing for his Life, shot the Male Dead and kept the Female at bay until the Oakland Police Arrived. Guess who they Arrested for Murder? One will leave that for you to think that out. And that is exactly what the Luciferians want of the USA.

They want to tear it all down. That is why they are rewarding the Criminals and punishing the Law-Abiding Citizens. Granted, all Nations have Cultural and Moral Issues to deal with and National Sins. But instead of Building on what works, enhancing what is Right, and making the Institutions stronger and more Accountable, the Left, as the Bible States in the Last Generation, are given over totally to a Reprobate Mind. The USA is a Society of Victimization, Narcissism, and Hedonism. Yet, they want no Consequences, no Borders, no Prosecution of Criminals, no Bail, etc. Fee Abortions as a ‘Human Right’ and as part of Health Care, Free Sex Changes and on and on.

From a Biblical Perspective, one is sadly more convinced that as a National People of the USA, it has passed the ‘Point of No Return’. Although some localized Christian Revivals are occurring and the Gospel Message is still being Preached, it is soon going to be Outlawed like Canada is currently undertaking. The present Generations are now openly Hostile to the Message of Jesus. The Sin of the USA is so egregious, that it now pales in comparison to the Perversion, Violence, Murder, Thievery that was occurring in the Days of Noah and Lot. The Solution for the USA? It is the Individual Solution for every Person, to turn to Jesus and turn from one’s Sins. The Leaders of a Nation are only a Reflection of what the People want.

But if the USA ‘Elects’ a Democrat, be it Biden, which one doubts or another Puppet Replacement, then one will know that the prior Presidential Election was robbed or rigged for sure, as they are in all other 3rd World Nations.




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