Countdown to the Gog-Magog War in Israel

  • What Conflict in the World will be called 'WW3'?
  • Will the Nazis still be involved in this World War 3?
  • How will this WW3 lead to the Gog-Magog War?

by Luis B. Vega
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As to the ‘Who, What, Where and When of World War 3 and the Gog-Magog War?’ If we only knew fully. Remember, the Bible states that one can only see in Part and thus can only Prophesy in Part. They are the most Difficult Questions that one cannot go beyond what one has already written about the Topic. Realize that the German Bundestag has asked to Activate 900,000 Military Reservists for Inevitable War with Russia. That is the Mentality in Europe. If one does an Online Search about ‘Scenarios of the Gog-Magog War’ or of ‘Scenarios of World War 3’, you will get 100s of Hits and Perspectives.

Not even the Best Political Science Minds in the Prestigious World Think Tanks know how it is all going to go down. As to the Ukraine Connection to the COVID-19 Plandemic? One will show Evidence that the Russians argue that they found 30 Bio-Labs that were working on Engineering Deadly Viruses and Pathogens. Of course, the USA, the West and the WHO, the World Health Organization are denying such Allegations. In fact, all the Evidence, with Citation one will present here is questioned, as was COVID-19 and anyone who dared Question the Official State Narrative.

This is 1 Reason why the West did not want Russia to discover the Labs, in one’s Opinion. The Reason why the War in Ukraine is of Biblical Significance, is that it will set-up Geographically an in-road that will eventually lead the Russians to invade Israel. And this is by Divine Doing in how it states in Ezekiel that it is YHVH who will ‘Turn’ the Prince of Russ by a ‘Hook in the Jaw’. Why? Israel has replaced Russia in providing Cheap Natural Gas to Germany and Europe.

Russia is losing Billions that were used to prop-up its Military, its Foreign Policy and Intervention in many other Nations. But allow one to expand on 1 of the Aspects of how it is true that the prior 2 World Wars centered on Germany. And what about the 3rd? It will involve Germany and the Nazi Spirit. Consider that the 2 Prior World Wars did not involve Germany at the start. World War 1 was over Bosnia in the Balkans. It was the Alliances that led to the all-out War with Germany being 1 of the Main Players.

In World War 2, it was based on the False Flag Attack by Poland that Germany entered the War. Now, in one’s Assessment, the 1st Stage of World War 3 is currently centered around the Ukraine. And then there is the 2nd Stage of the Israeli-Muslim Wars with HAMAS and then to be with Hezbollah. One is suggesting that it is Germany that is in the Fight, ‘Behind the Scenes’. Consider that the Nazis in Germany that had the major Corporation running throughout the War, like Beyer, come-out on the other side of World War 2 untouched. To this Day, Beyer is still a Corporate Force.

Revisionist History
But realize that Beyer was the one that manufactured and distributed the Siren Gas that killed Millions in their Concentration Camps. To this day, the Nazi Automobile is still being manufactured, the Volkswagen. The superimposition of the V and the W on their Logo configures a Triple V (VVV). In Hebrew, the Vav has a value of 6, thus the ‘666’ Mobile, for example. The Point is that the Spirit of Nazis is still ‘Alive and Well’. This is why one will emphasize this aspect of what will eventually lead to the Gog-Magog War, but after the Rapture, in one’s Estimation.

To that End, one will make a case that Germany did not lose World War 2. The study will be very long, longer than usual and Deep. If one is into History, Political Intrigue, and Tangents about Theological Precepts and Prophecy, it will be an interesting Read. History is not what is told or sold and written about. Just as Hitler did not commit Suicide in his Bunker in Berlin, one will argue that Germany and the Nazis only lost the War, Militarily. One will present Evidence, that is Cited, of how Germany’s Nazi Regime just ‘Morphed’ into the Agencies of the USA and Hitler escape by U-Boat to Argentina, etc.

It has been documented that the Nazis’ Research into Biological and Chemical Warfare continued with help of the USA to continue their Work in the Laboratories and Research Agencies of the USA. Based on other’s Research, one is more convinced that Hitler did not commit ‘Suicide’ in his Bunker at the end of the War. The Skull Fragment that the Russians supposedly procured was that of a Female. There is a Movie made that attests that Hitler fled and lived in Argentina. As it is, the Vatican provided what was called the ‘Rat Line’ that funneled Nazis to South America.

Grey Wolf: Hitler's Escape To Argentina, Documentary
FW3 - Mysteries of History

Grey Wolf is a Historical Drama that tells the story of how Adolf Hitler, fled to Argentina aboard a German U-Boat Submarine. The Movie was directed by Gerrard Williams and Christian Wieck. The Filmmakers present a Compelling Argument for their Theory. It is backed-up by extensive Research and Interviews with Key Eyewitnesses. The Movie was released in 2016. It has not received any Reviews from Critics who have given it an IMDb Score of ‘Undefined’. One wonders why?

Of course the Luciferians in Control of the World and its Weapons, Military and Resources know exactly what is next as they plan and execute their Strategy. But also consider that they know they are Restrained, as the Rapture has not happened yet and their Full Execution of their Diabolical Plans have been hampered because the Body of Jesus is still on the Earth. Back in 2019-20, they sure thought that they could have gotten away with it and pulled their ‘Reset’ due to their COVID-19. But all this Time has given them the opportunity to perfect their Weaknesses and where they failed in their Plan, in not being able to implement their Protocols fully. The following is the Comprehensive List of Information arguing how the Spirit of Nazis is Alive and Well.

Russia accused the U.S. and the Ukraine of creating Pathogens of Dangerous Infections in 30 Laboratories across the Ukraine. The West denies it stating that these Bio-Labs received Financial and other Support from the U.S., the European Union and the World Health Organization (WHO). They cite that the USA set-up a Biological Threat Reduction Program in the 1990s following the Fall of the Soviet Union. It was to reduce the Risk from Biological Weapons that had been left behind in countries including Ukraine.

However, under this Program, the Bio-Labs continued to do Research on Virus Warfare, now just under the Auspices of the West’s Supervision. What one surmises is that the West is Gas-Lighting the World into thinking it was just Cooperating and making sure the Bio-Labs were doing Legitimate Research. What the West did not want the World to know and why they did not want Russia to Invade the Ukraine is that such Labs were discovered to actually be engaging in the Research of Biological Warfare.

And this included Deadly Pathogens like COVID-19, using the Gain of Function Research.  It was as in the Wuhan Lab in China that the Angel of Death, Fauci refused to acknowledge his Agency had a Direct Involvement with. It was no different in how the West and the USA pressured Israel and the IDF to not attack and Mop-Up the last remaining HAMAS Brigades cornered in Rafah. Why not? The Philadelphi Corridor that borders Egypt was found to have massive Tunnel Systems.

It was where Egypt funneled Supplies and Arms to HAMAS. Likewise, the Secret of the Labs was uncovered, literally. Evidence? It was reported that Russian General Igor Kirillov discovered Ukrainian Bio-Lab Documents attesting to their Bio-Chemical Pathogens research. What the Ukraine did was to completely destroy all the Bio-Agents in Laboratories so as to not get ‘Caught’. This is what the Russian General stated.

‘The Pentagon knows that if these Documents fall into the Hands of Russian Experts, then it is highly likely that Ukraine and the United States will be found to have violated the Convention on the Prohibition of Biological and Toxin Weapons’. 

To that Statement, the WHO responded that it had advised Ukraine to destroy their High-Threat Pathogens stored at the Country's ‘Public Health’ Labs. According to the WHO, it was to prevent any potential Spills that would spread Deadly Viruses among the Population. No. The Reason why the Ukraine had so many Biological Laboratories is that the Ukraine has Smart Scientists with the Aptitude for such Research.

And more importantly, that the Cost of Doing such Research was much cheaper in the Ukraine to conduct than in the West. Thus, the Ukraine had an organized and Digitized Health System. It became a Key Center to run Clinical Trials for such Reasons. The following are Online Links that discuss the Controversy. But note that the ‘Controversy’ is only found in the West. In doing an Online Search, one will quickly find that the Information is heavily Censored and Bias toward being a Russian Conspiracy.

Follow the Money
It is the same Platforms that sought to dispel any Credibility of all those Doctors and Scientists that dared to Question the COVID-19 Plandemic Narrative, with the Forced Lock-Downs, Face Masking and Shot Mandates. It turned out that all that they warned about was actually True.






It was based in the City of Mariupol in South-East Ukraine as a Private Militia terrorizing Russian-Speakers. In 2014, once Zelenski was installed, after the Russian Invasion, the Azov Battalion was forced to integrate into the Ukrainian ‘National Guard’. The Leftists in the West have attempted to ‘White-Wash’ their Nazi Roots. But Putin framed the Russian invasion of the Ukraine as a Special Mission to ‘Protect Russian Speakers from Genocide at the Hands of ​Neo-Nazis’. In fact, this was the case since before 2014. begore Zelenski, a Jew was installed that the Azov Battalion led the Attacks and Bombardments of Eastern Ukraine. This is the Region of the Brake-Away Russian-Speaking Republics.

Then the Russian Aleksey Kochetkov stated that ‘All of the Azov Members are Anti-Christians’. He called-out Germany in how their Neo-Nazis had direct Connections and Communications with those in the Ukraine. He exposed how the Ukrainian Nazis of the Azov Battalion fuse Germanic Paganism and Occultism. It has been reported that even Satanist Rituals, including Human Sacrifice are performed. It was and is a Cult of Blood as was the Former SS of Germany with Torch Marches and the like, etc.

Congress bans Arms to Ukraine Militia linked to Neo-Nazis


Germany announced it would provide Leopard 2 Tanks to the Ukraine. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz authorized the call for Berlin to step-up its Military Support and commit to sending their Weapons against Russia. These are highly sophisticated but maintenance-heavy Vehicles. The influx of Western Tanks to include U.S. Abram Tanks into the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict has nonetheless changed the outcome of the War.

Ukraine War: Germany sends much-awaited Leopard Tanks



Gerhard Schrader was a Jew who is called the ‘Father of the Nerve Agents’. It is believed that he created the 1st Organophosphorus Nerve Agents in 1936. Schrader’s Discovery came inadvertently while developing Pesticides. Marrying the Element of  Phosphorus with Cyanide Derivatives resulted in a Poison so deadly it was named ‘Tabun’ by the Nazis, derived from the German Word for ‘Taboo’. Even though Germany signed the Geneva Protocol in 1929, prohibiting the use of Poison Gases, the Nazis used it for the Jewish ‘Final Solution’.

The Nazis Developed Sarin Gas During WWII


Under the Auspices of the Coca-Cola infrastructure in Nazi Germany, their Main Representative, Max Keith manufactured Fanta as Raw Ingredients for making Coca-Cola were block from reaching Nazi Germany during World War 2. Coca-Cola inadvertently funded the Nazis. Basically, Coca-Cola was profiting from both Sides.

How Fanta Was Created for Nazi Germany


Before World War 2 broke-out, all the major U.S. Companies such as IBM operated in Nazi Germany, as it rose to Power. Their entanglement allowed for the Companies to still do ‘Business’ at the outbreak of World War 2. Such was the case with IBM International Business Machines. Their ‘Computers’ were used to Catalog and ‘Mark’ all Concentration Camp Detainees. Basically, IBM was profiting from both Sides.

IBM Technology Helped Facilitate the Holocaust


It has been reported that there was a Nazi Secret Antarctica Base, and perhaps still is. It is surrounded in a Fog of UFO and Alien Experimentation and Ancient Alien Pyramids, etc. The Point is the U.S. Navy ordered a Fleet of Navy Ships under the Command of Admiral Byrd. Accounts of their early Retreat speak of Mysterious Flying Crafts that damaged and there were missing U.S. Servicemen as a result.

Free Book
Hitler's Antarctic Base: The Myth and the Reality
January 2007
C. P. Summerhayes
University of Cambridge

BUSH FAMILY (Originally German Ancestry)
George Bush's Grand-Father, the late U.S. Senator Prescott Bush, was a Director and Shareholder of Companies that profited from their Support of Hitler. He worked for a Bank in New York that procured the Financial Backing of Nazi Germany. These International Business Partnerships also extended, all the way to the Saudi Royals. The Bush’s Zapata Oil Company made Billions with Saudi Contracts with the Bin-Laden Family to build all the U.S. Military Bases in Arabia, for example. Basically, the Bush Family was profiting from both Sides.

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power


Henry Ford, the Automaker was a Nazi Sympathizer and received a Medal from the Nazis. For what? He provided Trucks for the Nazi Military who were fighting and killing U.S. Soldiers. Basically, the FORD Corporation was profiting from both Sides.

How FORD supported Nazi Germany and Hitler before and during World War II


Germany has a Pedophilia Problem. It is a Society notorious for the Sex Trade and Exploitation of Young Boys and Girls. It is documented that many Men go to Thailand on exclusive Sex Chartered Planes. They go to the Border Towns of Poland or Czechia to engage in Sex with Minors. On May 16, 2024, the Bundestag, Germany's Federal Parliament, passed a Law that adjusted the Minimum Sentence for Possession, Acquisition and Distribution of Child Pornography.

Previously, Child Porn Possession was punishable by a Minimum of 1 Year in Prison. The New Legislation reclassified it as Misdemeanor only. The point is that the Ukrainian War displaced Children and many of them ended-up in Germany’s Sex Trade. This includes Single Mothers who also had to flee as War Refugees. It is no different than what is occurring at the Mexican Border Crossing with the Exploits against Unaccompanied Minors.

The Dark Legacy of Sexual Liberation in Germany



This was a Secret United States Intelligence Program where eventually more than 10,00 Nazi Party German Scientists, Engineers, and Technicians were taken from the former Nazi Germany to the USA to work for the Government Secret Operations of its own. Many were stationed in Los Alamos to work on the Atomic Bomb, the Super-Soldier Projects and DARPA. For example Nazi Wernher von Braun led NASA. 

Project Paper Clip


Trinity was the Code Name of the 1st Detonation of a Nuclear Weapon, conducted by the United States Army in 1945, It was part of the Manhattan Project that was rationalized at the Luciferian Bohemian Grove in Sonoma County, California. The Test was done in the New Mexico Desert, that based on one’s Observation, configured to one’s Theory of a Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Pattern. The Code Name was assigned Oppenheimer, a Jew Physicist and the Director of the Los Alamos Laboratory.

Oppenheimer Movie Correlations and Critique


This Agreement was made between the Rich German Jews and the Nazis. These Jews were called Zionists whom a lot were Right Wing and supported Hitler. For the most part, these Jews that made the ‘Pact with Satan’ were the Oligarchs of Old Money and who were the Industrialists that Supported Hitler rise to Power. They were the Wealthy and the Powerful who sought to emigrate and ‘Escape’ what they knew was coming. It is argued that like a Judas with Jesus and the Brethren with Joseph, they Sold-Out their Fellow Jews that could not emigrate to the British Mandate at that Time.

The Transfer of Agreement


These same Nazi Jews, all Ashkenazi were the Scientists and Politicians that established and led the New State of Israel after the Holocaust they helped to Create. They continued in their Medical Experiments on Sephardic Jewish Children in dosing them with high levels of Radiation because they were ‘Dark Skinned’. It was in the Pretext of receiving Medical Care. Most of the Children Died of Cancer.

Yemenite Children Affair

It is a Spiritual Warfare

As one alluded to, the coming Gog-Magog War that will invade Israel is really a Spirit. It is a Force that is powered by the Fallen Angels and Principalities of the Air. Consider that there are really 2 Wars involving Gog-Magog. Why? It is because it is a Fallen Angel Spirit. It is like the Prince of Persia, the Prince of Greece in the Book of Daniel. Realize that in the ‘End’ of the 1000 Year Millennial Kingdom on Earth where Jesus is directly ruling on Earth after His Return, there will be another Gog-Magog War.

One calls this the Gog-Magog World War 2. Why? It is because it is the same Spirit or Prince that is behind it that rallies the World against King Jesus for that last Luciferian Push and Effort. Lucifer will rally many Humans in an attempt to dethrone Jesus and having Lucifer take over Heaven on Earth, literally. The Gog-Magog War 2 will fail as that is the Time and Place that Jesus then commands Lucifer to be thrown alive into the Lake of Fire. It is where his AntiChrist Son, Seed of the Serpent and the False Prophet were thrown Alive at the Time Jesus returned to the Earth. And that was at the End of another World War, called Armageddon that occurs after the initial Gog-Magog War 1.

This is why one believes that whoever is the AntiChrist False Messiah that Israel will accept will be, he will be a Human Hybrid. He will have Nephilim Blood or a 3rd DNA Helix whereby his Genetics is mixed with that of the Fallen Angels. But in this case, the very Angel DNA of Lucifer himself. This will fulfill the 1st Prophecy given to Humanity back in Eden. The literal Seed of the Serpent would contend with that of the Seed of the Woman. That Seed of the Woman is Jesus. In this Biological Context, consider that Jesus was more than Human, but in His case, only had 1 Chromosome that was not Human on the Father’s side. And this Contention of the Seed War was fulfilled when Jesus was Crucified.

As it is known and stated in the Bible, the Fight between the Boy David, a Type and Shadow of the Messiah King, Priest and Prophet confronted and Decapitated Goliath the Giant of Gath. Using his own Sword, it was how Jesus destroyed Lucifer with Death. As it was what Lucifer possessed by Deceit in slaying every Human Being born on Earth with. But it is recorded that David brought back the Sword and the Head or Skull of Goliath back to Jerusalem. It is conjectured that David buried that Skull of the Hybrid Angel-Human Being, just outside of Jeremiah’s Grotto. That is the Place of the Skull that is currently a Bus Terminal. That the Place that Jesus was Crucified, in-between the Place of the Skull Façade and the Garden Tomb was where the Skull was buried.

This then gives one the Literal Imagery of how the Genesis 3:15 Promise of the Seed of the Woman crushing the Skull of Seed of Lucifer did occur and at a Garden. But not before, at that very Spot and Time, the Seed of Lucifer, by the Sword of Death, put Jesus to Death. It is how in the Strike and Sting of Death Lucifer inflicted on the Heel of Jesus. It is how Jesus, being holly Pure and Sinless took the Death Blow on His Body but rose from the Dead 3 Days later from that Garden Tomb. The Point is that Modern Tarans-Humanism is here due to the Scientific Ingenuity of what is known now from the Intelligence given to Mankind by the Fallen Angels. The Hybridization of Humanity that began with the Days of Enoch and then in Genesis 6 did not go away. It never did.

The Black Hand of History
And this is, in fact what the Hybrid AntiChrist Human will likewise Promise all of Humanity. All one will have to do is to receive his Mark, Name or Number. It will be the Lie of the False Promise of Lucifer given to Eve in Eden all over again. This Mass Hybridization will now be offered worldwide upon the Penalty of Death. Thus, to this End, the following has been a Comprehensive Summary that argued why Germany did not lose the World War and in fact, their Nazis just Changed its Colors as do Chameleons.

The Nazis of Germany just interfaced with various Research and Spy Agencies of the USA, primarily. In part, the various pieces of Information presented, argued how the Spirit of the Nazis, is still operative in the West. It still has a Hand in the Policial, Military and Biological Development that pertain and involve the Ukraine. And its Effects will affect Israel in its Countdown to the Gog-Magog War, just as it did during World War 1 and 2.



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